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Molly Ivins once wrote of President Bill Clinton: "I have wasted more time and space defending Clinton than I care to think about. If left to my own devices, I'd spend all my time pointing out that he's weaker than bus-station chili. But the man is so constantly subjected to such hideous and unfair abuse that I wind up standing up for him on the general principle that some fairness should be applied."

That's pretty much how we feel about Attorney General Kathleen Kane at this point.

We can't explain why she claimed to have an affidavit she didn't have. We can't defend it. But the fact remains that Agent Kevin Wevodau did claim in a unsworn memo that Agent Claude Thomas indicated the Philadelphia sting was tainted by racial targeting.

Regardless of what Thomas actually said, there's no denying that race was indeed a factor. Only one of the primary targets of the sting is white, and he has a very strong case that he was targeted because he's criticized the Attorney General's legislative corruption probe.

Certainly, Kane appears to have made a buffoon of herself. But that doesn't automatically mean the sting former Deputy AG Frank Fina's conducted was above-board and by the book. Three other Attorneys General refused to pull the trigger on the case. With no solid prospect of an actual prosecution, Fina rushed to cut a deal with informant Tyron Ali before Kane even was sworn into office.

The filing of charges by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, where Fina now is employed, is far from proof that Kane was wrong not to pursue the charges. So far, D.A. Seth Williams' efforts have yielded a single conviction of conflict of interest, with similar plea bargains likely for the other defendants. In glossing over Ali's credibility problems, Fina's defenders have made much of the "smoking gun" recordings of defendants accepting gifts. What's been ignored is that, while a prosecutor can throw any evidence he chooses before an investigative grand jury (with no objection from a defense attorney), no judge would admit those recordings in a trial without sworn testimony of identification. And the only one who can provide that testimony is Tyron Ali.

Furthermore, Ali handed out "sting" cash to at least one barmaid with whom he was friendly, for her Carribean vacation. That fact alone is solid evidence of how shoddily-supervised the operation was - evidence the grand jury certainly never got to hear.

Even Kane's harshest critics are aware Williams' crusade has noting to do with justice for small-time politicos and their petty grasping.  Williams' feud with Kane stems from her exposure of Fina's appallingly shoddy work in the Jerry Sandusky investigation and his dissemination of smutty and offensive emails.

Kane has fired staffers implicated in the email scandal. Former OAG employees who've been exposed - Department of Environmental Protection Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo, DEP Counsel Glenn Parno, Board of Probation and Parole member Randy Feathers, Lancaster County Assistant DA Rick Sheetz, - have been deemed unfit for public service. Supreme Courth Justice Seamus McCaffery retired in disgrace.  Chris Carusone, who also served in Gov. Tom Corbett's cabinet, was forced to resign from his private-sector law firm. 

Only Williams, who continues to employ Fina and two other prosecutors implicated - Patrick Blessington and Marc Costanzo - is content to allow men with spectacularly poor judgement to decide the fate of others. 


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Anonymous said...

In 2013, Frank Fina was protected by the investigation of two Special Prosecutors hired by then Supervisory Grand Jury Judge Barry Feudale to investigate leaks in the Sandusky and DeNaples Grand Juries. Both of the Special Prosecutors were former coworkers with Fina in the Office of Attorney General in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

It was reported that Frank Fina destroyed witness and proffer notes during the discovery portion of the Republican "Computergate" trial. How did Fina get away with this?

Anonymous said...

Fina is a master of the press. Are some of them involved in his pornographic email scandal?

Kane was blamed for passing on the Philly Five. Fina failed to prosecute them.

Will Kane be blamed for the acquittal of the PennState Three? Fina was assisting with the independent PSU study from his position in the Office of the Attorney General. The report was used to extract 100+ million dollar from a great University.

Will Fina be publicly exposed for his role in the pornographic email scandal? Fina charged legislators and staff with thief of service, will he walk free of these charges?

Fina, not Corbett according to a strictly legal viewpoint, delayed the Sandusky investigation until after Corbett's 2010 election as Governor. Did Fina delay the Philly Five indictments until after the Attorney General 2012 election in order to pass along a bad legal case to Kane? And then blame her for not prosecuting the cases?

The media report that Fina destroyed witness and proffer notes before the Republican "Computergatetrial." Fina got his convictions at the price of judicial justice.

Let's hope the truth comes out in 2015.

Anonymous said...

The Republican old boys network is out to destroy the new Democrat Attorney General. The fact that the AG is a Lady makes it even more personal in their assault.

The pornographic email scandal exposes the professional incompetence of a number of senior AG prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

Kane is adding staff. Looks like she is preparing for war.

Anonymous said...

The grand jury should not be secret, time to change the law due to Frank Fina's abuse of it.

If Kane was a Republican the Democrats would be screaming for her to resign. Let's see how they act since she is a Democrat. I'm sure the Republicans will have their say.

The secrecy is to protect witnesses, is now proven to be manipulated by Prosecutors for their own ends to protect themselves and Police and Judges.

If they are holding AG Kane for leaking Grand Jury information, they really need to go after Frank Fina that did the same things many times the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

The grand jury should not be secret, time to change the law due to Frank Fina's abuse of it.

If Kane was a Republican the Democrats would be screaming for her to resign. Let's see how they act since she is a Democrat. I'm sure the Republicans will have their say.

The secrecy is to protect witnesses, is now proven to be manipulated by Prosecutors for their own ends to protect themselves and Police and Judges.

If they are holding AG Kane for leaking Grand Jury information, they really need to go after Frank Fina that did the same things many times the last 10 years?

Anonymous said...

The general public does not understand the Grand Jury process. They have a false belief that it is an independent jury of peers who study all sides of an issue.

The reality is that the prosecutor controls everything and only one side of the story is told. Prosecutors write the Presentment, lying to the Grand Jurors and withhold exculpatory evidence.

Kane must fight this leaking Grand Jury and go after the corrupt. She will survive and be hailed for her courage to fight the good old boys network.

Anonymous said...

Who will charge Fina and former AG Linda Kelly for the prosecutorial misconduct with the GJP and leaks in the 2011 PSU/Sandusky case?

Anonymous said...

In 2013, Chief Justice Castille authorized Supervisory Grand Jury Judge Barry Feudale to name a Special Prosecutor to investigate the DeNaples and Sandusky Grand Jury leaks. Feudale named two former co-workers of Fina to serve as Special Prosecutors. Do you think they found any impropriety?

Anonymous said...

Simple logic and facts.....if Grand Jury leaks happen way before AG Kane's election and the Judges did nothing, how can AG Kane all of sudden be guilty of Grand Jury Leaks that are still happening?

Time to put Frank Fina, Blessington, Judge Feudale, and Costanzo under oath so they cannot later say they knew nothing as more evidence comes out on other Grand Jury Leaks way before AG Kane election to cleaning up the PAOAG office?

Anonymous said...

AG Kane's public criticism has a common connection, Frank Fina and company. Fina's work at OAG was highly tainted. He and his fellow prosecutors never dreamed that a Democrat could win the AG election and Corbett could be defeated for a second term. They felt safe and their porno secret was used to manipulate favors.

Now he is about to be exposed and is fighting for his freedom. I only hope the truth comes out and the public understands and appreciates the fact that everyone in the Commonwealth was threatened by Fina's abuse of the law.

Never again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem is. The US Attorney General picks and chooses which laws he will enforce, so why can't PA's attorney General?

Prosecutors decide every day decides what is important to investigate, why can't she?

So congress or our legislature pass laws. So what?

If they don't like the law they don't enforce it. What could be wrong with such a system?

I think many Newspapers Reporters that may have benefited from such Leaks as well and those Reporters should be called before a Grand Jury, after all what is there to fear in pursuing the truth, the full truth?

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to read about the Special Prosecutor's leak investigation of the Grand Jury leak investigation regarding AG Kane's alleged leak to the press.

Leaks are part of the secrecy of the Grand Jury process in PA. The only people associated with a Grand Jury who would feel safe leaking information are the prosecutors.

Witness can talk but do not know other vital information. The jurors are too scared to risk their freedom over leaking stories of no person interest to them.

Only the prosecutor benefits from leaks as they prepare to taint the potential jury pool.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is gone, but his legacy of corrupt prosecutions will fill the first term of Attorney General Kane.

Bonusgate, thief of service?

Computergate, destruction of notes

Stetler, destruction of notes

Sandusky, campaign contributions from The Second Mile supporters while protecting the organization from the investigation

PSU3, AOG relationship with Judge Freeh and the PSU Report, Judge Feudale and Judge Baldwin issue

Philly5, dropped over 200 counts against Mr. Ali, lack of legal oversight on Ali, failed to prosecute and then blamed AG Kane for botching the case

Influenced the firing of Paterno

Was Attorney General while his top staff was involved in a pornography ring in OAG. Prosecuted people for theft of service while his prosecutors were engaged in Porn in the office. And worst of all, nobody involved respected their Oath of Office, respect for the Office of the Attorney General and their boss, Tom Corbett. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Leaks and leaks and leaks.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the AG Kane accusations, looks like Fina started this whole Grand Jury mess with his friends in the DA's Office and the courts.

How many people were involved in the porno scandal?

Anonymous said...

The grand jury investigating Attorney General Kathleen Kane's alleged violation of grand jury secrecy rules has grossly overstepped its bounds – it has recommended the Legislature rip a huge hole in Pennsylvania's strong law that shields journalists from identifying confidential sources. So members of the media are free to violate the grand jury's secrecy rules? Talk of a sense of entitlement. Better to do away with the antiquated, dangerous grand jury system once and for all. The Media or any Journalists never looked into Grand Jury Leaks under Corbett, Kelly or Frank Fina, so why be upset now if protection is removed?

The truth is the truth, and Leaks are Illegal too, and that is Protection Of Private Citizens that should be protected from Media publishing Illegal Leaks?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Linda Kelly call a Grand Jury to find out who leaked the Presentment against Jerry Sandusky? She had plenty of time to do so?

I am really amazed at how many folks here, even today, just cannot grasp how corrupt Frank Fina.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that what is happening here is a laughing matter, but people lost their freedom, reputations, and pensions under this Frank Fina corruption.

Frankly, nobody should be leaking confidential information, especially Prosecutors to gain convictions for their career.

I don't care if it is GOP or Democrat or Independent. if its leaked, it should be prosecuted, and if prosecutors leaked it they should be put in Prison too.

Anonymous said...

See December 22 at 10:44 PM above:
Anonymous said...
In 2013, Frank Fina was protected by the investigation of two Special Prosecutors hired by then Supervisory Grand Jury Judge Barry Feudale to investigate leaks in the Sandusky and DeNaples Grand Juries. Both of the Special Prosecutors were former coworkers with Fina in the Office of Attorney General in Harrisburg.

December 22, 2014 at 10:44 PM

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of Tom Corbett continues. Now we have "Open Record Gate."

His threats to the media continue. He names a well known Republican political staffer to the job of Executive Director of the Open Records Office and then has the Senate claim that Wolf is being political for removing him. Sound familiar?

Walk away from the Philly 5 and blame Kane for not prosecuting?


Anonymous said...

It's a farce and tip of iceberg. It is like a huge stain hastily concealed The remnants of the past remain, tentacles still in place, and all that is left is a deep void of hopelessness and sense of regret for having walked through the door to the state not realizing the consequences would be so soul destroying. I wish I could disappear.

Anonymous said...

Fina legacy?
Pornography network inside Office of
the Attorney General. Theft of
service by state employees.
Bonusgate - leaks
Computergate - destruction of notes
Philly 5 - dropping 100's of charges
against Mr. ALI, character
assassination of AG Kane
Kane Grand Jury - character
assassination of the AG
Sandusky - leaks
PSU 3 - directing investigation away
from The Second Mile
Stetler - destruction of notes
Ramaley - OAG defeat
Selective prosecution


Anonymous said...

Shame on you for purposefully misleading your readers with false and inaccurate information simply because you have an issue with Fina.

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina was in the Attorney General Office far before AG Kane ever got elected, and under him Grand Jury Leaks came out on DeNaples Investigation, PACyber School, Bonus Gate, Computer Gate and Sandusky's Grand Jury Presentments details, and not one investigation of that office over those leaks during those entire 8 years?

In addition, the Children Molestation Unit was ignored to stop Sandusky, and State Prosecutors and State Judges (And Not Just A Few) were using State Computers on State Time to exchange Emails of Pornography of Women with degrading and racists remarks and these mails have been kept from the Public and Media?

This needs an Investigation by Federal Independent Prosecutors appointed by the Governor!

Anonymous said...

Great article, we now know what many people suspected. Please look into the "accidental leak" that recently incriminated Lanny Davis, Kathleen Kane's attorney. The modus operandi sounds all to familiar.

When PAOAG under Linda Kelly and Fina were about to arrest Sandusky, the county DA's Office accidentally posted the arrest announcement and then pulled it off the Internet or wire service. While it was public, a reporter copied the story and posted it on Friday evening November 4, 2011. During the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6 the story made national news. An investigation was unable to discover who performed the "leak."

A few days ago, a court employee posted a confidential document that a reporter copied and gave it to Lanny Davis. The document was withdrawn, however the Supreme Court is investigating Lanny Davis for releasing a court confidential document. Who did this leak?

You have identified Frank Fina as being associated with both events. Looks like Fina and his porno network are trying to cover for even more egregious actions

Anonymous said...

I really hope Kane gets to the bottom of this. When Fina and Williams are using their "muscle" to squelch Kane, you know something stinks.

Here is another question. It has been reported that it was Adrian King, Kane's former first deputy AG, who hand-delivered the subject grand jury material to the Inquirer reporter. Kane has all but publicly blamed her staff for releasing more of the protected grand jury material to the press than she had authorized. Said staff has given their own testimony to the grand jury. So did the recommended perjury charge for Kane result from contradictory testimony given by staff members?

"The Inquirer has learned that a number of former high-ranking officials in Kane's administration have testified, including her former first deputy, Philadelphia lawyer Adrian King, and her onetime chief operating officer, David Tyler. Howard Bruce Klein, the attorney for Linda Dale Hoffa, another former top Kane aide, declined comment."

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari, O Wise One:
When do you suspect Frank Fina will release the judiciary from his Order to restrict the Attorney General from using his name?

Isn't it amazing how a prosecutor involved in a pornography network can get judges to sit on their collective hands?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm enjoying the news of the Benedict Arnold discovery, as well as the Nuremberg files (they are violating the Federal Government's National Institute of Health'srules today!), taken from some trials conducted by Military Tribunal One, when doctors were hung (wasn't that a time), as those who weave strands or songs would say. See thing link.

But one surely knows the Patriot knews told us investigations were underway, and they meant Harrisburg, not the ones in another state or place in the US, like DC. Can't say what's going in those.
But Benedict Arnold's flagship and the Nuremberg files found in the same week. I do believe in coincidence but I also known lawyers and newsmen, and those symbolic items point to something coming down the pike. An old Carter intern told me about reading the newspaper and I watch for the fake news, not the real stuff. And those two items are fine pointers to Denmark, as in Hamlet. Holy Ghost, Bat..., I mean Benedictman.

toodley doo, de doo!

Anonymous said...

Really.... AG Kane is about as competent and prepared to be Attorney General as Tom Corbett was prepared and competent as Governor. As far as her "fumbling", she didn't fumble anything. She outright lied and has proven she is corrupt as all the idiots in Harrisburg. While you all worry over whether the Philly Legislative scandal was racially motivated, I can't believe that it matters. They took the money... That is what matters... They are guilty ....The rest is all nonsense.... I can't believe how stupid people can be....

Anonymous said...

There is a rule of law that must be respected. The lynch-mob mentality is no better than the illegal activities of some state prosecutors.

First, we need a full report on the pornography scandal that included at least one Supreme Court Judge and numerous staff in the Corbett Office of the Attorney General.

Who was involved and how much time did they steal from the state? What cases were delayed by their incompetent actions?

Anonymous said...

A must read:

Anonymous said...

Kane flat out to excuse playing party politics. Why would anyone ever believe another word that comes out of her mouth? And the fact you're still claiming racial targeting when Thomas has denied saying it is ludicrous.

Kane is the proven liar in this scenario and deserves to have every move she makes questioned.

BTW, Kane didn't just leak GJ information. She went looking for a case, any case, she could attack Fina on in order to get revenge. That's why she got nailed to the wall. There was a genuine need to prosecute the sting and get guilty parties out of their positions. Kane decided to carry out a vendetta with no basis for going back and reviewing the case. If you weren't blinded by hate you would see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Dear August 17, 2015,
Prosecutors have the power to indict anyone at anytime and destroy there lives. The fact people agree to plea deals could mean they did not have the money to defend themselves. The costs can approach $100,000 and certainly more based on the charges. The Philly Sting included Mr. Ali whom Fina dropped 2,000 counts against and who walked away with $400,000 of state money. And you thing Kane is to blame?

Prosecutions should mean more than news headlines and election points.

Money is the only thing that protects citizens from the prosecutors in PA. It takes money to equalize the power of the prosecutor and re-establish the law as the determining factor.

No Democrat Atorney General was going to escape Fina's prowess. The major legal challenges in the state today have a common connection, Frank Fina. Look at the long Sandusky investigation slowed down by Bonusgate concerns inside OAG, the charges against the PSU administrators, ignoring The Second Mile in the Sandusky investigation due to political donations from Board Members, Grand Jury leaks, Philly sting, Mr Ali's release. It goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

If you know Adrian King, Kane's former first deputy AG and Rendell sycophant, who hand-delivered the subject grand jury material to the Inquirer reporter, you know he's way to smart to let himself be used in this way. Adrian is a sharp lawyer and he wouldn't just run a errand without asking what was in the envelope, or look in the envelope himself, before giving it over to a reported. Especially since he had been in the discussions about releasing the information about the stale investigation in the first place. Seems like he had motive to once again finger the boss when he testified before the grand jury and David Tyler apparently has the same habit as Jonathan Duecker.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand your logic. Why would a smart first deputy AG hand deliver grand jury material if he knew it was illegal? It sounds to me like these former OAG employees were working in concert with Fina to destroy AG Kane. You can not have it both ways. Why would former OAG employees submit themselves to being an accomplice to criminal activity?

The old boys network is alive and well. Let's wait and see who was involved in the Porngate network that impacted work product at the level of the Supreme Court of PA and the Office of the Attorney General. How did the Porngate crowd view men and women when they questioning potectial jurors in court? Were they looking for "hot" women as jurors?

Fina was indicting people for "Theft of Service." Based on that charge, porn, jokes, political communications, family communications, online shopping are all the same, diversion from official work.

Anonymous said...

Williams will be dumping Frank Fina, Patrick Blessington and Marc Costanzo will be having the Commonwealth paying millions to Porno websites for violations of Copyright and Trademark Laws, $125,000 per Email sent by them to others. All 3 belong in Jail!

Even worse, they should be ashamed when their mothers, wives, daughters and children see the emails they sent and on State Time using State Computers. So far, they hide like cowards and have not even had the courage to admit they were wrong in making fun of women, children and breaking the law.

They are not Hypocrites anymore they are Criminals and never Walked Tall with the Law!

Anonymous said...

Timing is somewhat suspicious, eh? Fina's got friends in high places, but even they cannot help him anymore and will be cutting him loose. Even all their money can buy you anything...even the press, but looks like Philly Inq/ are giving HPN/PennLive a run for their money on who is the most embarrassing, biased, corrupt, POS newspaper in PA.

In fact, "Here come 20 "stories" in the Inky and the Patriot trying to mudslinging on Kane" PRAVDA was a source of higher journalistic integrity than either of those propaganda rags known today. Love Kane or hate Lane, I think it behooves all the people will be ignoring the Papers and will be SUPPORTING her, given the clear agenda we see and the forces that are in play working to sabotage her. Kane's gotta' be doing something right wrt exposing these Scumbags.

So just to be clear how the Newspapers keep it from the people, Kane supposed to use her own money (meaning its a personal matter) in defending herself from this nonsense, but she's supposed to use her government email address to discuss it with others????

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's people's duty to support her but I am glad it's going to court where it hopefully it gets settled fairly and accurately. At least each side can put up a fight there. That said, I do find it strange and certainly noteworthy to see the Philadelphia Inquirer's attacks on Kane and the timing.

Kane's a female Democrat (first ever) in the AG office. Generally she'd have to brutally murder 30 people in downtown Philly, at high noon in front of crowds of witnesses, and on live TV, before they'd ever say anything bad about that demographic.......and even then it would be 50/50. Being accurate more than sarcastic but you get the point.

The fact they've jumped pretty heavily against her (without the same level of aggressiveness toward Fina and company over their actions including with the Corbett/Fina PAOAG Porn Gate scandal) is odd????

Anonymous said...

"The Daily News" and Inquirer are not rivals; they are owned by the same company. . That being said there was a statement in the article that could explain the Inquirer's reason to hate Kane. Prosecutors say Kane arranged for King, her former top aide, to get the material to Josh Morrow, a political consultant. Morrow, in turn, gave it to a Daily News reporter.

I would guess that it burns the Newspapers Up that they no longer get exclusive Grand Jury Leaks from Corbett, Fina and Merry Band of Pornsters Prosecutors. Maybe they feel they are the superior class and should get what they want since their wives will not give it to them?

Anonymous said...

I hear what your saying....but - in following their behavior over the YEARS of this entire saga - their CONTINUING behavior here is neither odd or unexpected (in fact, it is pretty much a certified guarantee that they would attack - and will continue to attack - Kane). They had no problem with reporting Grand Jury Leaks on State Lawmakers using State computers on state Time......but all of a sudden they cannot accept exposing the same Prosecutors that used Porn on State computers on State Time during the prosecutions?

The Inquirer has been a propaganda machine for the Corbett OAG and Prosecutors office for the duration of this affair. I know that may break from the historical "Democratic Lean" of the Inquirer that also backed Ex-President Nixon.....but I think this is MUCH MORE about money and influence over the paper, than it is about political ideology (quite frankly, most of the true scumbags DON'T HAVE ANY political ideology - beyond the fanatical pursuit of "getting theirs").

Why the attacks and the propagandizing for Fina/Williams and the other scumbags? (I think we all know of one of our New/Old BOYS Leaders whom maintains a strong connection to the Inquirer...FWIW) Couple of ideas, but whatever the motivations, their actions have been clear and consistent working as Criminals to capture Criminals that do not follow their politics?

This recent article is such an unbelievable piece of propaganda (I may take the time to write up some of the nonsense in it....if I get time) that it CAN'T be written off as some Journalist's Legitimate Opinion or viewpoint...... IT IS PURE doubt. Meaning that SOMEONE is pulling those strings.

Anonymous said...

hear ya........but to say the Inquirer has a traditional 'Democrat lean' is the understatement of the year. Generally, the Inquirer treats anything Republican the way Auburn fans treat anything Alabama. (I'm in a really sarcastic mood tonight in case you can't tell). ;)

I do agree that the anomaly does make one think this is more about money and influence over the paper or some other overriding issue as you said. I think the problem in this mess is that neither side (Fina or Kane) are angels here and both have acted stupidly (and illegally??) allowing legitimate criticism.

'm guessing that Frank Fina has files on lots of people, not just politicians. The PA OAG has been run like Hoover's FBI for a long, long time. No doubt. That's why the CORBETT'S AND FINA'S PAOAG were like two peas in a pod. FINA ran his FBI similar CORBETT OAG. They're all Corrupt scumbags.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. More transparency please. SHED THE LIGHT. Glass houses. How many of you are downloading this stuff on your work computers so that you can bitch at others for having it on their work computers?'

The major criticism of the porndogs is they were swapping obscene emails on the public dime on government hardware. Is that a wise use of tax dollars?? If someone does the same thing while working for a private company I wouldn't care. The private company can deal with it as they see fit unless, of course, there was criminal activity involved. Wouldn't be surprised if there is a real snuff film or bestiality pictures in the trove. Debauchery at its finest.

ome of this stuff is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Lets assume for the sake of argument that the images were neither sent to nor seen by any woman, ever. It is nevertheless the case that women and African Americans and gays and other people who are the targets of this hateful BS also work in those offices. These are their bosses chuckling about this evil horseshit.

Oh, and by the way, PA has laws against rape and assault and domestic violence and all kinds of other things wherein black folk and women just MIGHT be victims.

These are the Prosecutors and top cops in charge of bringing the criminals to justice. I do not want a prosecutor who thinks I am a joke because of my race or gender or orientation prosecuting a felon who injured me or my family. Nobody does.

Of course these images were seen by women, you can be almost certain of that, but it does not matter

Seems most likely that someone is going to file an EEO or state human rights complaint. Just a guess but it seems more likely than any kind of criminal stuff. There are some special duties on prosecutors, though, which could cause Frankie some professional heartburn.

And there's also the issue that they should not be indulging their personal perversions on the people's dime and resources. These people are supposed to be "public servants" paid with taxpayer funds - they should not be indulging personal entertainment activities on the taxpayer's time, resources and dime.

They now know Prosecutors are chummy enough with Judges to send Copyrighted Porn using State Computers on State Time and that is Theft of State Services, Resources, and Judges oversaw Criminal Trials over other State Employees using State Computers for Campaigns and on State Time as Prosecutors did it too???

Time for a Clean Up in the Judiciary and Philadelphia District Attorney Office that misused terrible judgment in hiring Prosecutors like Fina, Blessington and Costanzo!

Anonymous said...

Lets assume for the sake of argument that the images were neither sent to nor seen by any woman, ever. It is nevertheless the case that women and African Americans and gays and other people who are the targets of this hateful BS also work in those offices. These are their bosses chuckling about this evil horseshit.

Oh, and by the way, PA has laws against rape and assault and domestic violence and all kinds of other things wherein black folk and women just MIGHT be victims.

These are the Prosecutors and top cops in charge of bringing the criminals to justice. I do not want a prosecutor who thinks I am a joke because of my race or gender or orientation prosecuting a felon who injured me or my family. Nobody does.

Of course these images were seen by women, you can be almost certain of that, but it does not matter

Seems most likely that someone is going to file an EEO or state human rights complaint. Just a guess but it seems more likely than any kind of criminal stuff. There are some special duties on prosecutors, though, which could cause Frankie some professional heartburn.

And there's also the issue that they should not be indulging their personal perversions on the people's dime and resources. These people are supposed to be "public servants" paid with taxpayer funds - they should not be indulging personal entertainment activities on the taxpayer's time, resources and dime.

They now know Prosecutors are chummy enough with Judges to send Copyrighted Porn using State Computers on State Time and that is Theft of State Services, Resources, and Judges oversaw Criminal Trials over other State Employees using State Computers for Campaigns and on State Time as Prosecutors did it too???

Time for a Clean Up in the Judiciary and Philadelphia District Attorney Office that misused terrible judgment in hiring Prosecutors like Fina, Blessington and Costanzo!

Anonymous said...

Lets assume for the sake of argument that the images were neither sent to nor seen by any woman, ever. It is nevertheless the case that women and African Americans and gays and other people who are the targets of this hateful BS also work in those offices. These are their bosses chuckling about this evil horseshit.

Oh, and by the way, PA has laws against rape and assault and domestic violence and all kinds of other things wherein black folk and women just MIGHT be victims.

These are the Prosecutors and top cops in charge of bringing the criminals to justice. I do not want a prosecutor who thinks I am a joke because of my race or gender or orientation prosecuting a felon who injured me or my family. Nobody does.

Of course these images were seen by women, you can be almost certain of that, but it does not matter

Seems most likely that someone is going to file an EEO or state human rights complaint. Just a guess but it seems more likely than any kind of criminal stuff. There are some special duties on prosecutors, though, which could cause Frankie some professional heartburn.

And there's also the issue that they should not be indulging their personal perversions on the people's dime and resources. These people are supposed to be "public servants" paid with taxpayer funds - they should not be indulging personal entertainment activities on the taxpayer's time, resources and dime.

They now know Prosecutors are chummy enough with Judges to send Copyrighted Porn using State Computers on State Time and that is Theft of State Services, Resources, and Judges oversaw Criminal Trials over other State Employees using State Computers for Campaigns and on State Time as Prosecutors did it too???

Time for a Clean Up in the Judiciary and Philadelphia District Attorney Office that misused terrible judgment in hiring Prosecutors like Fina, Blessington and Costanzo!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and it's funny how the media is only focusing on the salacious porn angle instead of the disgusting misogyny, blatant racism and xenophobia. IMO, the irony of all ironies is that the people involved were/are supposed to be the protectors of justice (our sacred laws and rights) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

How anyone involved in this could ever be allowed to serve in a public capacity in Pennsylvania is beyond belief. If you are a member of the media and you are not morally outraged by this filth and fail to decry this in your publication then you are just as culpable.

If they were on "company property" any female employee could see them accidentally or on purpose. Any minority could see the racist ones accidentally or on purpose.

And, one thing you need to know is that somebody almost always does see them, because these pukes have a tendency to make that happen. They think it is funny.

In my case, a female employee came to me after "accidentally" viewing an image that a male employee had up on his screen.

There's no excuse for it. Don't make yourself an apologist for these pukes.

Anonymous said...

My opinion: The whole issue to me is the workplace issue. By bringing it into the workplace, it impacts many other people, and there is no separation of a manager's personal and professional approach to right and wrong in the workplace. Trust is compromised and often gone for good and Prosecutors have to be fired.

A responsible professional Prosecutor and Judges must avoid the Appearance of Impropriety keeps his/her employer ir company out of trouble by adhering to policies and laws and therefore not creating unnecessary and unneeded distractions.

The fact that they were doing this on Govt/OAG computers speaks to how debased, arrogant and full of hubris their corruption and tyranny had made them. Like all criminals working from the "inside" via bribery, payoffs and extortion, they felt perfectly protected and above the law....they probably didn't want this stuff on their personal computers and felt safer with it on Govt work computers... Just goes to show you, "the cabal" never imagined in a million years that Corbett could be such a screw up that he could lose the GOP bastion known as the OAG.

BTW, how stupid and conflicted does Wolfe calling for Kane's Resignation that condones Porn use on State Time using State Computers and wants a Budget Tax Increase to pay for such Criminal Employees?

Anonymous said...

"If it doesn't have a copyright notice, it's not copyrighted."
This was true in the past, but today almost all major nations follow the Berne copyright convention. For example, in the USA, almost everything created privately and originally after April 1, 1989 is copyrighted and protected whether it has a notice or not. The default you should assume for other people's works is that they are copyrighted and may not be copied unless you know otherwise. There are some old works that lost protection without notice, but frankly you should not risk it unless you know for sure.

It is true that a notice strengthens the protection, by warning people, and by allowing one to get more and different damages, but it is not necessary. If it looks copyrighted, you should assume it is. This applies to pictures, too. You may not scan pictures from magazines and post them to the net, and if you come upon something unknown, you shouldn't post that either.

The correct form for a notice is:

"Copyright [dates] by [author/owner]"

You can use C in a circle © instead of "Copyright" but "(C)" has never been given legal force. The phrase "All Rights Reserved" used to be required in some nations but is now not legally needed most places. In some countries it may help preserve some of the "moral rights."

2) "If I don't charge for it, it's not a violation."
False. Whether you charge can affect the damages awarded in court, but that's main difference under the law. It's still a violation if you give it away -- and there can still be serious damages if you hurt the commercial value of the property. There is a USA exception for personal copying of music, which is not a violation, though courts seem to have said that doesn't include widescale anonymous personal copying as Napster. If the work has no commercial value, the violation is mostly technical and is unlikely to result in legal action. Fair use determinations (see below) do sometimes depend on the involvement of money.

Anonymous said...

"They can't get me, defendants in court have powerful rights!"
Copyright law is mostly civil law. If you violate copyright you would usually get sued, not be charged with a crime. "Innocent until proven guilty" is a principle of criminal law, as is "proof beyond a reasonable doubt." Sorry, but in copyright suits, these don't apply the same way or at all. It's mostly which side and set of evidence the judge or jury accepts or believes more, though the rules vary based on the type of infringement. In civil cases you can even be made to testify against your own interests.

Oh, so copyright violation isn't a crime or anything?"
Actually, in the 90s in the USA commercial copyright violation involving more than 10 copies and value over $2500 was made a felony. So watch out. (At least you get the protections of criminal law.) On the other hand, don't think you're going to get people thrown in jail for posting your E-mail. The courts have much better things to do. This is a fairly new, untested statute. In one case an operator of a pirate BBS that didn't charge was acquited because he didn't charge, but congress amended the law to cover that.

Anonymous said...

The corruption of the Corbett Administration is alive and well.
Now they want to silence Attorney General Kane so the judges,
prosecutors, and others can sleep at night.

The porno network must be extensive and threatens our judicial

This is a serious challenge for all Pennsylvanians.

Anonymous said...

Durham County DA was disbarred, in part, for misrepresenting evidence before the court in the Duke lacrosse case. Specifically, Nifong falsely represented to the Court that he had turned over the complete DNA reports and other evidence (when he had not). He was found to have made false statements of material fact or law to a tribunal in violation of Rule 3.3(a)(1), and engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation in violation of Rule 8.4(c) of the Revised Rules of Professional Conduct.

In this case, Fina and Costanzo likely made numerous misrepresentations and engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, and illegally using State Computers on State Time when they pretended that the email evidence related to Subpoena 109 and emails related to the pre-1997 order had yet to be gathered. It is also likely Fina fabricated the existence of a 1984 incident as a means to justify the search for pre-1997 emails. The duo of Fina and Baldwin also engaged in similar conduct at Baldwin's grand jury appearance when they talked their way around Baldwin's provision of Spanier's emails to Feudale on April 13, 2011.

Anonymous said...

he narrative of a Penn State cover-up was a very poorly executed deception that was attempted by a bunch of amateurs. Those amateurs included Tom Corbett, Linda Kelly, Frank Fina, Jonelle Eshbach, Cynthia Baldwin, and a cub reporter at the Harrisburg Patriot News.

The flaws in the November 4th 2011 grand jury presentment and in the Patriot News' subsequent Pulitzer Prize winning reporting were rather obvious from the outset. Those flaws were further exposed by the evidence contained in the Freeh Report (and subsequent legal proceedings).

The Freeh Report was expected to be the definitive account on Penn State's role in the Sandusky case and the emails were supposed to be the evidence proving a cover-up by top PSU officials -- including Joe Paterno.

Instead, the Freeh Report provided the critical piece of evidence that helped to unveil the Commonwealth's and Fina's email deception.

It's clear that Frank Fina's problems with email aren't just with "Porngate."

Anonymous said...

The Corbett legacy continues.

Anonymous said...

Matt Haverstick is to bonus gate what Cynthia Baldwin was to Sandusky … ethically challenged … Rule 1.6 & 1.7, Disciplinary Board where are you?

Anonymous said...

You may despise DeWeese, like allot of us, but the timeline of Eachus serving up Rep. DeWeese to Frank Fina is the same as when he was serving up Rep. Waters, Rep. Brown, Rep. James to Fina. If you think Eachus attorney just stumble upon a random box of material you are mistaken. Eachus had his attorneys take over 25 oversized boxes out of the capitol and had a team of lawyers dig through the boxes for any documents that could be used against DeWeese. Eachus had his lawyer personally walk the documents over to Fina. Eachus traded 5 sitting member of the House of Representatives in exchange for Fina not indicting him. It seems Eachus and company
made a deal with Frank Fina that they would give up these other members in order to keep Eachus from getting indicted even though he received a target letter. This is all going to come out if all the Fina eamils are made public.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain the years between the Eachus days and the Philly Five?

Anonymous said...

Oh Wise One.
Whyatt Mondesire passed away in Philadelphia today. Does that fact have any impact on the secrecy laws regarding the 2009 Mondesire Grand Jury impacting AG Kane?

Is the secrecy now lifted?

Can Kane expose the reason why Corbett and Fina failed to prosecute Mondesire?

Can the case against Kane be dropped since the subject of the Grand Jury is no longer alive?

Anonymous said...

No impact on Kane.

Anonymous said...

This going to blow the lid off the Judiciary and Lead right back Corbett and take Williams down with a number Judges, Prosecutors, and People well established in the Commonwealth!

Feudale Confirms Sham Case vs. PSU 3
Feudale appears to confirm OAG wasn't going to prosecute the case against Spanier, Curley, and Schultz and that he is part of the Conspiracy of Silence that endangers children.

Ray Blehar

A July 14, 2013 email from Barry Feudale to the Inky's "corruption defenders" - Angela Couloumbis and Craig McCoy - appears to confirm that the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (OAG) prosecutors had no intention of trying former Penn State University (PSU) officials.

During the Sandusky trial, prosecutor Joseph McGettigan told Judge Cleland that "we're not going to try that case." Feudale's emails shows he also got word that the prosecution of the PSU 3 was unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Feudale's pretending that his leaks to the Inky about his removal would have some impact on that sham of a case not being prosecuted was huge mistake. Just a casual opinion, I would say the price being too high would be being exposed with the gravy train coming to a screeching halt. Careers will be over, reputations ruined, criminal charges.. Those are some pretty expensive items to lose.

I firmly feel that there are a lot of people that didn't sleep well last night. Today was a big day at the office for everyone involved. The prosecutors were not only nefarious enough to commit the types of misconduct he's alleging, but also stupid enough to admit to it openly on the record to a judge.

And yet, every few months, it makes another appearance. With all respect, it doesn't matter if Fina and McGettigan were going to personally take part in the CSS cases or not. They were part of the AG office which (supposedly) was/ is going to try the CSS cases? Fina and McGettigan were self absorbed bastards only concerned about their own case and were willing to throw other cases in their own OAG office under the bus?.

I don't know the whole truth here but 'those transcripts (and emails) say what they say'.

I wonder what is on Tom Corbetts mind today. I doubt it has anything to do with gas drilling.

Anonymous said...

Nothing that you have cited to directly refutes the conventional wisdom that Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno he witnessed a tape, and all old Joe did was tell the AD. But even Fina said Joe was not Guilty of anything? So, this part of the problem Fina has been deciding Whom will be prosecuted and Whom that did the same Crimes will not even be investigated?

Fina was Corbett Political Prosecution Robot And he them used his same Tactics and Lies on not Political Leadership but Penn State Leadership but allowed special favorites to escape. This is why as they continue to go after AG Kane something is coming out they cannot hide and Ray Blehar knows it too!

Anonymous said...

Feudale left a trail of criminal evidence on a government computer system - but Kane has the ethics problem? Get this without a shred of proof. Kept key to his office where anyone could find it. Will Feudale ever be held accountable?

What does he expect when he leaves his password on a Post-It at his desk for anyone to see? Talk about burying the lede! a) password on Post-It @ his desk b) "conspiracy" to leak grand jury info. Sounds just like Absence of Malice so Grand Jury could be leaked by anyone? Does that excuse the slimy behavior of the judges & prosecutors she exposed? "Prosecutors sending [judges] private emails...indicates that there's a relationship that should not be." …

Kane needs to file action against Feudale to the Judicial Conduct Board and they will bee exposed for much of covering up Judges messes? Does that excuse the slimy behavior of the judges & prosecutors she exposed? To be precise, Supreme Court is "disturbed" to have been caught overlooking Eakin's emails to focus on McCaffrey?

Focus on when @PaAttorneyGen turned over Eaken's #filthmail obscures Eaken's #pornucopia of misdeeds: @yardbirdcom If it's legal for her to release some emails, it must be legal for her to release all the emails, court order be damned, right????

Anonymous said...

Yes and let's recall how the judge who was sending these emails got to vote her license suspension. talk about a Violation of Ethical Standards, Judicial Conduct Board Conflict of Interests and Disciplinary Board complicity?

If one can question Pa Attorney General's handling emails embarrassing to Fina, why can't anyone consider the order preventing AG Kane from embarrassing Fina? Can anyone explain how Judge Carpenter's order protecting Frank Fina's crimes might affect AG Kane's release of emails? If the Press dares question AG Kane's handling emails embarrassing to Fina, consider the order preventing her from embarrassing Fina? Just doesn't make sense they are after AG Kane but not Frank Fina?

It is just so awful how that meanie AG Kane forced those judges and prosecutors to email all that filth, isn't it, but the Philly Inquirer won't investigate the Judges? When Mike_Veon complained of selectivity, The Press all mocked his complaint, but somehow life's not fair unless everyone who shared Porn Mails is not exposed?

Looks like the courts protecting a prosecutor who was chuckling over porno emails when he should instead have been going after Jerry Sandusky? So, the guy Fina sent pornmail loses his job but Fina doesn't? Claims of racial bias in the Philly Sting case don't seem so far-fetched now that Fina's disgusting racist emails have come to light.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If JVP had to know because he was the CEO of the football program it seems to reason that Heim/Raycovitz had to know what was going on at the 2M because were they not the CEO's of that organization? I still would like to know who were the FIVE investigative agencies that thoroughly cleared the 2m of any wrong doing?

Rackovic admitted the Second Mile broke its own procedures by failing to suspend Sandusky's contact with minors until they completed their own investigation, which they also never did. I have to wonder whether or not what there was to know hasn't been completely overblown by an OAG desperate for a political win. I don't think they investigated 2001 at all.

Anonymous said...

Seth Williams says they don't need to be fired because he already 'punished' them. Cracks starting to form now as people start to pay attention. Seth totally misses the point. It's not whether they have been punished or not; it's whether the emails revealed that these people have attitudes that are incompatible with the proper prosecution of crimes against women.

The Pennsylvania College Campuses are going to demonstrate like in when the Mizzou president and Chancellor forced to resign because they weren't proactive enough to control 15,000 undergrad students from making occasional racist and anti Jewish comments.

Soon in Pennsylvania the folks DOING the stuff just need sensitivity training but at Mizzou president and Chancellor are booted because of some racist Anti-Jewish students and these Prosecutors just violated Work Rules. It is not going to stand and Women Groups will demand Women Judges replace them and those Judges will resign and the Prosecutors must go to jail.

Anonymous said...

The Caucus Room Press Conference was packed with citizens of Philadelphia, of all sizes, shapes and color. Men and Women. As the DA of Philadelphia, Seth cannot ignore the calls of those citizens to do something about it.

The Councilwomen and Philadelphia Chapter of NOW will soon be joined by national Groups like Women Against Porn are not letting this go. Silence is not an option.

Curiously, it was Kathleen Kane that pry up the sewer cap in Harrisburg and step down into that tunnel. How far does that tunnel go, where does it branch off to and what exactly is it filled with?

Anonymous said...

Yep. It's the typical 'tinted glasses' approach that's too common in society now, but this will not be accepted by the decent people in p[arts of Pennsylvania. If it's someone else then throw the book at them. If it's 'your guy' then give a nice little token punishment, a wink and a nod, and let's "move on".

It's like the OAG office and Fina charging others with perjury, theft of state services using state computers on state time, yet not prosecuting the state police officers who admitted in court to perjury in the other cases. They were allowed to walk without any punishment (including from the ex state police commissioner- "Mr. Morality" himself, Noonan).

Well, Guardian Angels are gone now, and it is soon every Judge to save his Pension, by turning over against the Prosecutors!

Anonymous said...

Skull and Bones Seth has himself a little dilemma at Philly City Hall and it's getting hot, hot, hot, as Seth is now backed into a corner.

Frankie Fina is just about finished, and now Seth wants him to go away too. Fina is treading water and is in danger. He had to play the federal card. You see he has a few associates there. But, he is playing a losing hand. NOW will play another card soon sending the men running from their wives, sisters, daughters and mothers?

Never again is what you swore, The time before ... Judges, prosecutors and others are being exposed and ruined and soon another on on the Top Court will be going.

Calamity Kane will never give up. Wait until you see what else she has in her arsenal. It's too late to change events, It's time to face the consequences ... the Iceberg has been hit, and the Pumps at the Disciplinary Board, Judicial Conduct Board, and Ethics Commission cannot pump away the rising water that will drown some of them too?

Soon the fingers are going to be directed at your Former Governor who worked for our waste management division and hired Garbage Men that worked with Garbaged Judges. Read that again. And he wasn't the only one and chose those they selected now coming back on them?

Remember when Hurricane Agnes caused the Susquehanna River to flood in Wilkes-Barre?
I will never forget the bodies that washed out of the cemetery and floated downstream. It is a vision that haunts Corbett, in the coming days.

Corbett thought he could Hide what he had to hide, but smart people will figure out to start to tell what you have to tell ... to save their Pensions!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll settle for riddle-speaking prophets.. who ever thought Franky Fina a guy his age would be a Depeche Mode fan? There is only one out NOW..... to save Frank Soul so he can feel a tad rejuvenated. Others before him will shoiw him the way...... Like many that used to be able to paint a house in a short period of time.

Everything was meticulously planned. To be honest, and at that time it was just a duty and job, even when never really caring for painting, but it was done out of loyalty to the Boss and of course for the Dinero and Fame. There used to be a Code of Honor and was highly respected for the favors done for the Bosses.

Still, NOW Frank is not satisfied, With what you're being put through and no one is coming to his Aid and it is more Show. It's just time to pay the price, For not listening to advice ... as sated, Frank Fina is Finished. The sooner he goes away to Jail the sooner it all goes away and Corbett joins him to save Frank's Soul not just his Pension?

Anonymous said...

OMG..I am actually sweating...lets see how many people get tossed overboard in the next few months... The song is "Policy of Truth" I read that lyric and immediately I did a double take....Nice touch and more to come out, not less!

Policy Of Truth
By Depeche Mode

You had something to hide
Should have hidden it, shouldn't you
Now you're not satisfied
With what you're being put through
It's just time to pay the price
For not listening to advice
And deciding in your youth
On the policy of truth
Things could be so different now
It used to be so civilised
You will always wonder how
It could have been if you'd only lied
It's too late to change events
It's time to face the consequence
For delivering the proof
In the policy of truth
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before
Now you're standing there tongue tied
You'd better learn your lesson well
Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell
You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

Songwriters: Gore, Martin

Anonymous said...

The Hypocrite Super Hero Tom Corbett and his pink pig fight for truth, justice and the American way is going to end in a bad way he never dreamed of would happen to him, this is what happens when the day of Reckoning Arrives!

Anonymous said...

So let's move on from Kane. Because the porn at the center of scandal that brought down one Supreme Court justice, a few high-placed state officials and a handful of prosecutors from the Attorney General's Office deserves our full attention . . . sickening as that prospect is.....The whole feud, which stems from Kane's postgame review of former AG Tom Corbett's handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation, is so surreal that it's hard to believe it's unfolding in real time instead of the pages of some dime store pot-boiler.

For example: One featured an image of a naked female posterior with the words "A great butt: God's way of apologizing for a lack of a rack."

And that's one of the more sophisticated ones. Others are far more explicit and disturbing. They all add up to a culture of stupidity and misogyny that is chilling.

Most troubling is not just that these emails were exchanged in a taxpayer-supported workplace, but in a workplace that investigates and prosecutes crimes. Those crimes include child pornography, sex abuse and other heinous acts, including those against women. The shame in all of this? We seriously doubt the prosecutors who sent and received these emails had women's interests and legal rights in mind.

And where's the heat for Tom Corbett, who led the Attorney General's Office for five years before being elected governor? Kane had just taken office when her investigation into the office's handling of the Jerry Sandusky case led to the discovery of the emails.

How can Corbett think he can hide out a Catholic University and not be held accountable for presiding over a culture that would tolerate such stuff? His acclaimed ignorance that it was going on is no excuse. In fact, as a leader, his cluelessness constitutes a form of permission.

Meanwhile, two people involved in this scandal are now employed by District Attorney Seth Williams; one, Frank Fina, is at its center, and is the author of many of the emails released yesterday. Seth Williams reaction is laughable says he will investigate the materials before acting. It took us two minutes to review some of the emails being sent by Fina to want to vomit in disgust. It shouldn't take Williams much longer to send a message of zero tolerance.

These emails do accomplish one thing: They give credence to the idea that many men in the Attorney General's Office couldn't tolerate a woman being in charge . . . at least one who kept her clothes on.

We should all be outraged by this and soon more Federal Cases will be filed on issues the Commonwealth will be spending millions on due to Corbett and Fina!

Anonymous said...

Head of Judicial Conduct Board used to work for Eakin. eakin will have to resign too in the end. I can see some Republican Senators saying they don't see a conflict of interest. And . . . the spleens of Women Attorneys and Mothers will just burst trying to float that lie . . .!!!

It will not be Business as usual in the great Commonwealth of PA and the FBI will be forced to investigate wait and see what comes from NOW Women? The Smart Judges will resign and take their Pensions before they are Fired for Cause and can't do it!

Anonymous said...

The interwoven cesspool we call politics is ruining this country. Kane may be 100% wrong but she has a major...major point. This ranks up there with Feudale's sister and the senator????? When Philly.Com to have to print that portends worst things to come to the Judges and Prosecutors.

Fina and Eakin, can't run away from Young Women joined by Men and Boys that will demand Charges for using State Computers on State Time and Robbing from the People of Pennsylvania, Shame On Them and Shame on Anyone approving or calling it just Work rule Violations?

Anonymous said...

Yes. I imagine that comes as a shock to all of us and even the Newspapers. Go figger. LOL. Eakin got this filthy stuff for years with dirty demeaning comments and hate speech from people he knew as well as Prosecutors he should not be conversing with with anyway, and never once did he say, "Hey can you take me off this list? I don't really want to get this stuff."

It's ridiculous to pretend that he's innocent in this and remains on Pennsylvania's Highest Court while his Ex-Employee goes after Kane a Woman that exposed it? This is far worse than what happen to the Missouri President and Chancellor? These are violations of the Judicial Code and must be reported to the Judicial Conduct Board too.

Anonymous said...

The Del Sole report admits that “Justice Eakin forwarded multiple emails that were insensitive, chauvinistic and offensive toward women.” It singled out one “particularly insensitive” email containing a “joke” about a wife whose husband “beat her to a pulp” receiving advice to keep her mouth shut.
See page 11.

By Republican Senate, Judicial Conduct Board, and Disciplinary Board Logic.....If someone emails anyone inappropriate material, and they know it is inappropriate, as long as they don't forward it or send inappropriate material, even though they opened it, They as State Judicial Employees and State Employee Prosecutors are in the clear sending such Hate Speech to each other on State Time using State Equipment?

I might say okay once and I deleted it, but not if it was ongoing. Also, aren't you ignoring whom was on the list? As a judge, that might be important. Guess this explains Wishful Thinking or Wishing away reality. They held Court and oversaw others being prosecuted for misusing State Computers on State Time as Theft of Services, and those people were convicted by the Prosecutors and these Judges sentenced them as they were violating the same Laws by talking and doing the same thing among to one another?????

If anyone thinks that it's OK for a judge to spread a joke about a woman being beaten by her husband, then you need a new moral compass. This is not acceptable work place behavior by any Judge anywhere that is suppose to avoid the Appearance of Impropriety as well as discharge Justice For ALL!


Anonymous said...

How one behave is so more important than anything one says and this is not a message for society but for children on how to behave, not how to make excuses. Why Tell The Truth, Why Be Kind, Why Walk Tall, all rooted in Justice and Proper Behavior.

This is just shameful Behavior by Judges and Prosecutors and they need to be accountable above all when handing out and deciding Justice, now they want special privileges and keep out of jail cards, but put others in them? This is not even Good Community Standards and doing this type of stuff on work equipment, whether its on a personal email account, is still unacceptable. It is not OK for a Judge to joke about a woman being beaten by her husband. Absolutely 100% Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty easy to tell where the line of decency is min life and we learn that at the age of 7 and carry it with us or disobey it, depending on what we decide to do?

Looks like when the Republicans ran the Attorney Generals Office and Courts if a Republican Judges or Prosecutors used State Computers on State Time, it is pure as driven snow. If a Democrat does it, In their words they are "slimey".

Any Judge or Prosecutor that sail about with no moral compass and serve no decent purpose is wrong in both Party's and they need to resign or be prosecuted.

This goes for Senators too, and Not just any Senator at that. It's incredibly the webs that have been woven. And 99.9% of people have no idea, even Kane spokesman didn't know about the sister being head lawyer for majority senator. But to have campaign manager overseeing review board is just unbelievable. How much press/pressure deserves a greater investigation not just Kane? Another deflection probably on the way, but it won't work.

Precisely, why one's actions whether Senators, AGs, Judge or Prosecutors follow your beliefs. Similarly so did Eakin's. He damn well felt this was inappropriate activity for a Supreme Court Justice and he went ahead anyway trying to mask it with his setting up the "John Smith" email account, except he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. This attempt to mask it to me is most telling and it is Obstruction of Justice when covering it up, and using State Computers on State Time to do it?

JUSTICE FOR ALL NOW, NOW, NOW! Males Or FeMales! Judges Or Prosecutors! Senators or Judicial Conduct Board Members, Republicans or Democrats!

Anonymous said...

In early 2011, shortly after Corbett was inagurated as Governor, former acting Attorney General William Ryan ordered the destruction of 20,000,000 emails from the Office of the Attorney General. He is now a commissioner on the PA Gaming Control Board.

Anonymous said...

Look, having Eakin's former campaign manager being in charge of the JCB-JUDICIAL CONDUCT BOARD that is supposed to investigate and discipline judges is a HUUUGE conflict of interest no matter if they created the report themselves or had some law firm do it for them. The law firm is going to do as they are directed.

Graci is in charge of managing and supervising the JCB's investigators. Therefore with Graci at the helm no investigation of the JCB at all of Chief Justice Eakin, whether that investigation brings in outside sources to do it for them or not, can be done without a conflict of interest.

Of course you haven't heard any allegations of that sort, Graci is the JCB's leader/boss!! You really think if he did influence where to send the request for report that they would ever say that to the press or anyone else?? Come on man!

Why did it take the media pointing these connections out for them to finally admit their connection to Eakin? The problem is, these people have massive conflicts of interest, didn't disclose them initially, then tried go on with their jobs of investigating Eakin's conduct as if everything was A-OK. That is a major problem.

I guess it was just a coincidence that the initial report re: Eakin's emails that was issued last December said nothing to see here? And Graci, as the head of the JCB, had no influence over that report's outcome?? Riiiight!?!????

Eakin cannot possibly appear to be impartial due to the emails of his that have been exposed therefore isn't fit to be even a Judge anymore and they want blame AG Kane for their Emails Theft of Services on State Time other people were convicted for by them? If anything, this supports my arguments and contention using the facts, especially this part, which the JCB has finally admitted (after Kane forced their hand by publicly releasing the emails) that Eakins emails were quite offensive and not just mild porn that one can find in playboy?

The filed a Federal lawsuit, and soon a Federal Investigation will come from it, not protect them? They can't hide the Emails, Hate Speech, and their horrible behavior anymore?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In early 2011, shortly after Corbett was inagurated as Governor, former acting Attorney General William Ryan ordered the destruction of 20,000,000 emails from the Office of the Attorney General. He is now a commissioner on the PA Gaming Control Board. November 14, 2015 at 1:03 PM

This is what will close out as Obstruction of Justice and will break wide open and is what they fear the most, some will not cover for others, and others will plead to save Pensions. Corbett and Fina will be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I must say, the emails are much worse than described and cannot be just dismissed anymore. Curious omission on the part of JCB as the Media is now complaining about. Fina's Lawsuit and opinion on the severity of the content won't pass Public Opinion, because his opinion of the severity of the content is not germane anymore. They committed Illegal Acts they prosecuted others for and that is why they will go away.

Additionally, Eakin's Campaign Buddy was heavily involved in the "INVESTIGATIONS", and completely omit Eakin's email used a false name. Hey, those are no longer "MINOR" details, because whne one adds the FACTS ARE is ALL THE EMAILS were found on STATE SERVERS COMPUTERS ALL DURING STATE TIME WHEN THE PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES WERE SUPPOSE TO Be WORKING and no one had to hack any accounts to find them.

The NOW National Organization of Women will make this a National Issue and more Female & Minority Judges need to replace these Law Breaking Judges and Prosecutors that broke Laws not just their own Codes of Conducts.

Anonymous said...

Here's another fact, all and any Judge needs to maintain the Appearance of Impartiality at all times. These emails eviscerate that appearance and that is not even a judgment call just more JCB fodder violations. No way any case involving Domestic Abuse, Community Standards Pornography, or Appeals on Theft of Services by others convicted under the same crimes Eakin and Fina did, can be heard by Eakin now that his emails have been exposed. Eakin has been compromised and isn't fit to have the honor of being a Supreme Court Judge or any Judge for that matter anymore.

No one is saying this Eakin needs to be thrown in jail but the Public, Media, and Bar Females in Associations with NOW are saying Eakin isn't fit to be a judge anymore and if Eakin had any decency or integrity he would apologize to the public and step down and take his Pension. Instead he's trying to polish a turd and cling onto his position. It's disgraceful as a Man, Father, that has a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughters and Grand Children?

Frank Fina and his Merry band of Porn Prosecutors need to go to Jail and be made an example of as Deterrence for all other State Employees not to use State Computers on State Time as State Employees for Hate Speech and Violations of Obstruction of Justice! Corbett, Fina, and the Prosecutors caused this mes in Pennsylvania not Kane!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Eakin cannot possibly appear to be impartial due to the emails of his that have been exposed therefore isn't fit to be a judge anymore? The JCB has finally admitted (after Kane forced their hand by publicly releasing the emails) that Eakins emails were quite offensive and not just mild porn that one can find in playboy:".....But the JCB did TWO investigations re: Eakin's emails, the first was completed in early December 2014, which said nothing to see here no big deal, blah blah blah.

Kane has proof that the JCB had the emails she released a few weeks ago at the time the December report was issued. Oh yeah, and don't forget, that when the first investigation was being done, Graci NEVER told anyone about his MASSIVE Conflict Of Interests he just remember after the Media found out, Oopsies!!

Once Kane released the Eakin emails to the public a few weeks back, the JCB could not possibly still claim they were no big deal, so they claimed Kane didn't give them all the emails when they did their initial review (yeah right) and now that they have seen all of them they agree the are offensive, etc....they are trying to cover their asses for not doing their damned jobs the first time.

IOW, the JCB, headed by Eakins former campaign manager, was caught trying to whitewash this whole thing and Kane forced their hand to finally admit the emails were cause for concern, by releasing the emails to the public so they could judge for themselves. NOW that is all Public and with Ferguson, University of Missouri, and other Social Justice Issues bringing down Higher Ups insensitive to Justice, Eakin no longer has a chance?

The JCB tried to claim ignorance as the reason their first bullship partial fix insiders review and investigation determined nothing to see here, but anyone with a brain could see right through that claim. Nothing can stop it NOW! Eakin is gone or as more Investigations and Lawsuit Discoveries come out, he will be asked and required to resign.

The New Supreme Court will hold Investigations and clean up the Disciplinary Board, JCB, and Ethics Commissions and that will lead to more Judges and some Senate and Representative Resignations, and sooner or later, Frank Fina forced by others at AG will expose tom Corbett to save himself?

Anonymous said...

Grand Jury Supervisory Judge Barry Feudale ordered an investigation into the leaks of the DeNales and Sandusky Grand Juries. He named two former co-workers of Frank Fina to conduct the investigation. No results were reported.

Anonymous said...

HMMMnnnn.....The State Judicial Conduct Board reviewer of porn emails also was recipient??? Now that is Corruption going full circle and they think Calamity Kane is in trouble!!!!

Only in Pennsylvania can State Employees that are Prosecutors, Judges, and Judicial Conduct Board Appointees, are allow to use Steal from the State by using State Computers on State Time while not working on State Employment to send Emails that degrade, hate, and demean Women and Men, while they were prosecuting others for misusing the State Computers on State time and calling it Theft of Services???

How come the Philadelphia MEDIA never fully say who did what? They have the e mails.
Is the information in this article another example of leaking? Not by Kane considering her love of the Philadelphia Newspapers.

Release all the Emails. Clean this mess up. expose those involved and make them resign and some prosecuted to reimbursed the Taxpayers NOW before "NOW" does it!

Pennsylvania needs more Women as Judges and replace these Thieving Throbbing Prosecutors and Judges and Prosecutors! The Ethic commission and Judicial conduct Board needs to be headed up by Women too to get to the bottom of this mess.

Anonymous said...

The foxes are guarding the hen house. Awesome. No one just can't make this stuff up!

Where are the "hatchet-men" for the corrupt Judicial Conduct Board, Senate Committees, Prosecutors that love to claim that Kane is corrupt - pretty laughable that their masters are clearly tied into the GOP Apparatchik and are far more corrupt, UN-principled and morally-vacuous than Kane could ever hope to be. LOL. These are desperate times.

The proceedings of the JCB should NOT be private/confidential. We need to see everything in order to trust them.Eakin, Dooley, and Graci should all step down.

All three men had conflicts of interest which they never disclosed before voting on or being involved with issues/reviews. This shows a lack if morals and ethics which are imperative for them to be trusted to do their respective jobs.

I wouldn't be surprised to find others besides Dooley and Graci who sit on or are involved with the JCB who also had a Conflict was one of the porn dogs. What a disgrace Pennsylvania OAG & Courts have become and under Republicans? They're embarrassing all Republicans by holding onto to jobs they need to leave, and embarrassing fellow Republicans (like me). Stop justifying this behavior and time to expose the Leadership behind it.

Anonymous said...

Now one knows why the Democrats won all the Judicial races and State Row Offices and Governorship. Soon Re-Redistricting being Voided by Computers will remove majoritarians in the Senate and House too. None of these people that did such filthy actions deserve to be called Public Servants, they are "Pubic Servicing" themselves and abusing taxpayers of Pennsylvania with their own self-abuse.

Finally, this is just the latest layer of the corruption for Pa. courts. It's been going on for years, but for me it was highlighted, and accelerated, by the "Kids for Cash" scandal in Luzerne Co. When I heard the first rumblings, my first thoughts were troubling. When I read about it, it was clear these kids were railroaded. But you know what? The state Supreme Court decided UNANIMOUSLY not to hear about or investigate the case. Only, and ONLY, when presented with overwhelming evidence did they revisit and vacate all the bogus convictions.

However, even after the judges and major players were convicted, there are STILL unanswered questions: The state (Luzerne Co. prosecutors) KNEW that what was going on was wrong and against the law. How many of them were charged? That's right, none.

Why were the state employees in the Prosecutors Office and Judicial Offices given a pass? Because, and here's where I'm veering into opinion, the state can't admit fault lest it be on the hook for losing lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

How Prosecutors and Judges would not know that anything on a state server is the property of the state, and not the individual after prosecuting and reviewing Appeals of other State Employees on State Time using Personal Oorn to entertain themselves, is Theft of Services just like the people they prosecuted.

If they wanted them to stay private, they should not have sent them, and definitely not to a coworker. It is just bizarre to read some of how Newspapers and other Posts are just staring to reveal this scandal now that Public Interest groups are involved and starting to demand investigations further. Oh for god's sake.

Eakin and Fina and other all admitted that he viewed, made comments, and shared them on State Time and not doing State Work. They may apologized for it but it is still was illegal and evidence of Theft of Services. Any case against them NOW is slam dunk with such admissions, omission, and revelations of conflicts of interests, and they would make pleads to save their Pensions. Go to Trial and Jail or Cop a Plead and Resign!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Seth Williams has more problems coming his way too, whom will investigate him, FINA? Link!
Philadelphia DA Seth Williams target of federal probe over campaign spending

Anonymous said...

In an article on on November 15, 2015, regarding the ongoing judicial calamity in the Pennsylvania Court System, ethics expert Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr., an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, took aim at the Judicial Conduct Board’s (JCB), position that its proceedings are confidential.

“It is a little paradoxical that a board constituted to create greater transparency and trust in the judiciary is itself quite untransparent,” he said. Pennsylvania citizens did not need an Ivy League law professor to state the obvious, it has been evident to litigants for decades.

How the Judges and JCB and Disciplinary Board can put up with the Corbett & his Political PornGate Prosecutors that caused this unfolding scandal is beyond belief. It's been obvious for years. Kids for Cash brought it to wider view. Pardon the pun, but I hope every Judge and the JCB in the Commonwealth gets "Benched."

Anonymous said...

It is finally dawning on Frank Fina that he is slowly is being abandoned and distance is the rule of that day. Soon one of his own will flip? I can see the conversation now:

Who's gonna save me? Who's gonna save me?
Cash for Kids. Now that was a racket.
My boss would never have approved.
In fact, I would have been given an assignment.

And the "company" takes what the company wants
And nothing's as precious as a hole in the ground
We had weak leadership during the Cash for Kids era
You do know that Billy D. became an FBI informant, don't you?
In the end the rain comes down, in the end the rain comes down
Washes clean, the streets of the Luzerne County town

FBI guy Zubrod got his convictions of the scumbag judges
And just by happenstance, what might Zubrod be investigating these days?
There crossing their fingers, they pay the "truth makers",
They'll be money in your pocket tonight ...

Z-man has busted the Chinese triad in happy valley and
been quietly acquiring financial Intel on The Second Mile
In the end the rain comes down, in the end the rain comes down,
Washes clean the streets of the happy valley town ...

Frank met him in Washington
He took him to Harrisburg
His buddies thought that he was great
Frank's man is gone his dreams are done
His shoes were shined, his suit was neat
He couldn't see his broken mind
Behind the mask of being kind

Frank sleeps inside the iron bars of his mind
Frank's smile can't hide the scars
Family's grown, there's no one home
He cries all night, she's all alone
To tell the truth there's no end in sight

Frank had his ups, Now Frank had is going downs
Frank lost the truth, but truth was found
Frank is about to get get bruised, and burned


Anonymous said...

Having more than one-third of the justices in legal or ethical problems is pretty damning, and it was the Prosecutors and their Ex-Par te relationship that have created this mess not Kane. The New Court is going to clean up the Old Court and all Judges and Prosecutors involved, and it will be a race towards Pension Saving Time!

When three newly elected judges are sworn in, the court's political bent will swing to Democrat. The email scandal implicated Justice Michael Eakin, who has apologized for the content of emails he sent on a personal account to a friend in the Attorney General's Office. The Judicial Conduct Board dismissed a complaint against Eakin.

The board operates in secrecy, but the court is not bound by the same rules and allows a fuller airing of the facts before a dispassionate body, this is going to happen in ways no one wants to happen but can't stop it.

It should be abundantly clear that all of our commonwealth's judges are expected to conduct themselves, in both their personal and public lives, in a manner that promotes the public's trust and confidence in the judiciary. Our citizens deserve nothing less. The Judges and Prosecutors all will be replaced as mnay cases will be dismissed on Appeal!

More to come!

Anonymous said...

What about the 20 million emails destroyed by the acting AG?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone shocked that Porn/Racist-gate is helping defendants? Fina and Seth Williams are toxic and both need Disciplined as Prosecutors violating Ex Parte relationships with Judges.'s all Kane's fault like the great song......all they love to do is Put The Blame On Kane Boys!

When Male Prosecutors And Judges
Broke The Theft In Services Laws
With Ex Parte State Computers On State Time
For Private Personal Pornography Pleasure
As They Prosecuted Others For The Same Crimes
In Seth’s Philly Town They Looked Around
That Burned Disciplinary And Judicial Boards
Ex Parte Violations Conflicts Down?

That's The Story That Went Around
But Here's The Real Low-Down
Put The Blame On Kane, Boys
Put The Blame On Kane
Kane Missed The Message From Montgomery County
That Kiss Burned Ethics And Laws Down
So You Can Put The Blame On Kane, Boys
Put The Blame On Kane!

When They Had The Earthquake
At Penn State Second Mile Sex Gate
Back In 2008, Fina Put The Fix In
To Save Corbett From His Political His Old Tricks
That's The Story That Went Around
But Here's The Real Low-Down
Put The Blame On Kane, Boys
Put The Blame On Kane???

One Night Ryan Destroyed All Emails
To Stop Any Investigation Shimmy-Shake
That Brought On The Penn State Sex Quakes
So You Can Put The Blame On Kane, Boys
Put The Blame On Kane
But It Won’t Work NOW
Only Ex Parte Williams And Fina
Violations Obstructions of Justice
And That Is On Them NOW
Now More Judges Going down
So You Can Put The Blame On Kane, Boys
Put The Blame On Kane!!!

Anonymous said...

funny how more details have emerged that debunk the narrative Fina and Williams tried to push on gullible Kane haters. This, just another indicator of the rot that our political/judical system is.

illiams also announced that he hired former Pike County Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Martin to fill a newly created position of chief of staff, general counsel and chief integrity officer.

Martin is married to Robert Levant, a lawyer who represented infamous lobbyist Tyron B. Ali, whose name should be immediately familiar to anyone who has even paid brief attention to the never-ending political soap opera that stars Fina, Williams and state Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

And Levant's law firm, Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig, is representing Fina, Costanzo and several others in a defamation lawsuit filed earlier this month against Kane and the Daily News.

Chief Integrity Officer." Bwahahahahaha. I know I should be surprised at this rampant corruption and double standard on display in this mess, but then I remember that we are talking about Pennsylvania???

Anonymous said...

Why would Fina and Williams do something so horrible, then something so stupid to get caught? . . . this is how narcissists operate. they really don't think the world can touch them, that they have to play by any other rules other than what they feel is best for themselves. scary in a sick citizen, an outright threat to our basic principles of justice in a District Attorney & Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

Williams owes Fina for ending the investigation againt Wyatt Montesire, former head of the Philly NAACP. Montesire was Williams' mentor. Today, Williams is Fina's boss.

Anonymous said...

Supervisory Grand Jury Judge Barry Feudale was fired by the Supreme Court. Fina's PSU case will explode.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like some info is is unraveling for Fina, Williams, Blessington, Costanzo and Feudale and it bigins as some higher up start to cut the strings before the Dominos start to fall?

Ha, Feudale removed as senior judge. Can't sit on cases anymore? That dirt bag conspired with Fina to send people into the grand jury room without representation. He doesn't belong in a court room except as a defendant. Feudale said on Wednesday he purposely did not respond, and according to the law, it doesn’t matter if he was removed because he could come back if he wants when there is a new chief justice. What an arrogant, pompous shiat! So out of touch with reality.

It's interesting because this was posted on Facebook and this goes way deeper than what they see on the surface with this article. There's a ticking time bomb under the judiciary right now, given all that is happening. If a new Chief Justice put this guy back to work, he'd be a true idiot.

One day soon some FBI and State Investigators are going to be rounding up a collecting with Perp Walks a number of people not expecting it! The Star Chamber has a leak!

Anonymous said...

This will take the Federal Justice Department and the FBI to correct. I have no faith in the PA judicial system. The corruption appears to be top to bottom.

None of this would have happened if the good voters of PA had not elected Kathleen Kane to break the 32 year republican hold on the Office of the Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

When they tried to destroy the OAG Records and Emails claiming it saves money, was really Obstruction of Justice and a cover up. All involved with it need to be charged and they will flip because they won't go down for something ordered and did to cover for Fina, Blessington and Constanzo.

Judges talking to Prosecutors is not just wrong but illegal. Many convictions will have to overturned and Governor Corbett like many in Illinois will have to go to jail. Once Federal FBI Copyright Law that is punishable for 250,000 and Civil Penalties of $125,000 per Copyright sending without permission all will be bankrupted too?

Each individual in the Porn Pictures can also bring claims against those that sent them. It is out now, they can't stop the publishing and investigations. They may bring down Kane but what they did will bring them down too, and some Commonwealth Reps and Commonwealth Senators! Along with Seth Williams. At some point Seth Williams will turn on Fina for causing much of these problem and illegalities.

Anonymous said...

The most powerful person in the Commonwealth is Frank Fina. He is a "win-at-all-cost" prosecutor and a masterful politician.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time Legislators have been mentioned in the PornGate debacle. Is this speculation or based on observations? Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Doug Gansler, former Maryland Attorney General, is now a Special Prosecutor. Gonna be some fun now...Going to be like cockroaches scattering when the lights click on.... Going to be interesting if anyone has soccer ball size testicles to demand she call off the investigation. Will be interesting if anyone pushes to block it in the courts if she has the right to launch this investigation with her license suspended.... That person/group then takes on the chance of looking guilty and having something to hide... I just put a giant size helping of pop corn in the popper and going to sit back and watch it all unfold???

How many hard drives are attempted to be cleaned or switched out? Time to bet money that Fina is going to end up with charges against him for theft of service, child porn, etc. FBI Federal Criminal Copyright Violations, as well as leaking Grand Jury information after this investigation is all said and done. The Special Prosecutor said that if they find emails where OAG folks were leaking Grand Jury info they would pursue charges.

This investigation has subpoena powers and the ability to convene Grand Jury's. Definitely pop corn time folks!

Anonymous said...

Someone from outside of Pennsylvania? Excellent Choice! Mr. Gansler is a known "Climber" in the Maryland Democratic Party. He is not afraid to be on camera and a natural in front of a microphone. Special Prosecutor Gansler will make a big splash in the Media and on the Front Pages with a very high profile. You can count on it.

They will exhaust any means.......Hell, Gansler will expose exactly why they've been running their Kangaroo Courts in the Pennsylvania Senate and Judges part of Convictions that will have to be overturned. The New Supreme Court will allow him to do his job, and there will be more Judicial Vacancies by just revealing Fina and Corbett in-competencies and complicit in political malicious prosecutions.

Corbett and Fina's attempt to destroy the emails will be exposed for what it is, Obstruction of Justice and more will flip on them as witnesses exposing the entire operation of cover ups, exparte criminal violations, and Interim Attorney General Ryan will be the first to flip rather than be taking most of the blame. This was done in effort to hide the porn emails and God knows what else Corbett, Fina, and their cronies were emailing each other about.

However during Moulton's investigation the OAG was able to figure out a way to recover the deleted emails. Thus, Porn Gate was born and cannot be erased now. This will also encompass the Judicial Conduct Board allowed this to happen. They will uncover how the Senate Panel and JCB was stacked to blame it all on Hahaha as an IT guy I can assure you, Computer Data is never gone. Too bad Corbett with Fina's corrupt OAG were dumb enough to have faith in the "delete" button Kane!

Although Gansler lost the Democratic Primary for Governor of Maryland. This is his way of trying to stay relevant by doing a great job right away because losing a bid for Governor isn't a career end but re-starter. Look at President Nixon or even President Bush. Both lost several elections before eventually winning higher office.

Gansler will definitely be trying to raise his public profile in all of this mess of cover ups, copyright violations, judicial and attorney code violations with obstruction of justice to delet and cover it all up.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Calamity Kane has hires a Special Prosecutor with less morals than Corbett and Fina has...gonna be fun to watch it unfold. Kane knows where to look and can't do it herself, so she'll have this guy do it for her. As was said above, she will be a big-game guide and Blame it on Kane with work in her favor as the National Organization of Women and ACLU become involve with Social Media justice protests, revelations,and making sure the public knows what happen and how vulgar Prosecutors and Judges were towards women, mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. Fina is in bigger trouble and those that set him up will regret knowing him!

Anonymous said...

The IT Guy is right, that was fro the main email servers. Backup and archive copies are kept for years! Here's the Charging Document they handed out today:

Even worst, this is the kiond of Public Unveiling that won't pass the decency eye and smell tests by any voter or family. Only a disgusting pig would find nothing in those emails violating and don't raise flags and serious questions about the judges and their decisions...there was all kinds of filth, derogatory statements/pics, and pics of children.

The publication alone will end careers and cause some to flip as witnesses to save their pensions.

Anonymous said...

The crime is theft of services, not the sending or viewing of questionable e-mails per se that is a Federal Copyright Violation that carries both Federal Criminal and Civil penalties.

If one recalls, Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo brought charges in Bonusgate for theft of services under the theory that the defendants were being paid with taxpayer money while actually performing political work.

The same argument holds true here, they were doing this nonsense on taxpayer time stealing taxpayers dimes without doing their jobs but personal pleasures benefit. The Federal Copyright $250,000 per violation will easily go over the State Theft amounts needed to prove crimes were committed. By naming the special prosecutor in theory she is removed from the situation so her biases are not relevant.

Anonymous said...

Here's the part the Senate Panel and Governor are not understanding how this will fall back on them. Suppose, as they voted today in the Committee that Kane is the worst AG in history. Suppose she is simultaneously incompetent AND corrupt to the core. In over her head and bedded down with the Mob. Anything worst they wills say too???

None of that is admissible as proof that Frank Fina is NOT a porny racists bigot in today's social mediua going on in communities like Ferguson, Chicago and college campuses. None of that is admissible as proof that Eakin was really a good guy who received the emails to his "John Smith" email added by accident. So what does it get you?

The Boys are going down politically if not criminally, and the Women Groups will demand resignations and prosecutions to get some truth served up. The ACLU will be demanding of reversals in previous convictions. The public will demand Female Judges replace any Male Judge that is involved with Porn Gate.

The argument was made today in one of the Philly papers. They focused on the Bill DeWeese case and theft of services was one of the charges against him. If Fina and others culpability is limited to a handful of emails of course they will not normally have a problem, but that ship has sailed now.

Just as if DeWeese sent a few campaign related emails I doubt he would be charged. If it is widespread, it becomes more questionable and Fina has to be charged to demonstrate to society that what he did was wrong and criminal and be used as a Deterrence for others not to do it.

The Governor, Senate, Reps, and Judges will not save Fina in the face of this Public Outcry especially after seeing the remarks misused of state computers on state time while being state employees? Even Williams will fire him.

In an ironic way, everything Frank Fina did to prosecute others for Theft of Services actually caught himself doing the same thing at the exact time he was prosecuting others for the same crimes he was doing!

Anonymous said...

I think many are on point here. Kane being charged was directly related to Fina and Eakin's Porn Gate. The very people who set up the Grand Jury to investigate Kane where either porn dogs themselves or connected to the porn dogs politically.

Evidence will come out they were trying to silence and discredit her with the charges so she would have a harder time exposing them. Apparently their plan worked for a while but is now unraveling and no one is any longer missing the point.

The Special Prosecutor isn't looking at only Eakin, or Corbett, but he's looking at EVERYONE involved. Some of the people involved, namely Fina, received and SENT the racist misogynistic emails. These emails were sent during working hours on state computers.

If these porn dogs were only sending a handful of emails I'm sure the theft of services wouldn't be easy to prove but since there were tens of thousands of emails, then yes theft of services could very well come into play.

Fina is certainly done politically and charges are coming his way theft of services, conspiracy, child porn, federal copyright violations etc.!

Anonymous said...

No one should forget that Dr. Cyril Wecht was accused of Theft of Services by Corbett's Hired Mary Beth Buchanan when he was US Attorney General in Pittsburgh. She later filed Theft of Services against Dr. Wecht and he was not convicted, but was a victim of political vendetta by Republicans Prosecutors. This will be investigated as well.

In Illinois, Three Former Illinois Attorney Generals that became Governors were all later Indicted and convicted and put in Prison. The Courts had to overturn many convictions due to these Public Serpents misusing Prosecutors Selective Prosecutions and Maleficence. The same thing is going to happen in Pennsylvania that has just as many things in common with Illinois politically structured systems that are full of hypocritically self delusions they could h=get away with it.

Anonymous said...

This so displays the extent to which people simply don't get it. Making jokes about domestic violence, suggesting that a woman's place is to perform sexual favors for her boss, or showing racial bias are nothing like talking about a football game!

These were public servants, showing bias, and fraternizing in inappropriate ways that can compromise others rights. What the hell is so hard to understand about that??? It shows a breath-taking amount of either arrogance or clueless, or maybe both, to do what anyone in the private sector would be fired for. The fact some were judges, the very folks who pass judgement on others is just bizarre!!!

And that is what NOW and the ACLU will be doing with Social media Justice Groups?

Once New Taxes are put upon many Pennsylvanians by Democratic Governor Wolf and the Republicans Senate and Representatives they will be even more unpopular and lose credibility and targets of Recall!

They are in the Toaster right now and as soon as the New Taxes come out, the Conservative Tea Party will Toast them all overboard. The Liberals Women Groups will do to the same for Governor Wolf into the frying pan of political pain!

The ACLU will not allow the facts that Judges and Prosecutors were fraternizing over totally inappropriate content - THAT should cause them to recuse themselves from participating in cases in the same courtroom....did they? Apparently not since Judge Eakin, who was involved in these email chains voted to revoke Kane's law license.

Does anyone that is decent and law abiding think it's OK for a man who thinks it's funny that a woman is being subjected to domestic violence or a black person who has been charged with a crime is in court with a prosecutor who is biased against them or doesn't care if the law treats them fairly?

Anonymous said...

The Senate was elected like AG Kane and actually the best interest of the commonwealth is that she get removed from office by election, just like State Senators, which would be the will of the people who put her in office!

At the same time, everyone if the last one of the individuals, appointed employees involved in porngate be exposed for exactly what they sent and received and let the chips fall where they may.

If they removed Kane from Office so should be Judges and any other Elected Officials that used Porn on State Time!

Anonymous said...

Any argument that Kane started releasing the porn emails (minus Fina's attachment/involvement with them due to the protection order his judge buddy in Montgomery County issued) BEFORE she was indicted. Months before actually.

In fact there were several high ranking folks who resigned due to Kane's initial release of some of the porn dog emails WELL BEFORE she was charged by the corrupt Montgomery County District Attorney seeking to become a Judge.

At first Fina and his cronies tried to use their corrupt friends in the Philly rags to smear Kane and her goal of exposing the porn dog old boy club but then he realized that wasn't going to work and he needed to bring out the big guns -- hence the Montgomery County Grand Jury "investigation" and charges from the REPUBLICAN DA who just so happened to be up for re-election.

Anyone can do the political math. It's not that complicated to see how things played out. Fina has a lot of corrupt friends in Montgomery County.

Please do tell me, if the charges against Kane are legit then why aren't Fina et. al. clamoring for a formal impeachment process where evidence is presented and rules of due process/court are followed?

Instead they are trying to use the corrupt supreme court judge's (one of whom was directly implicated in porngate) decision to suspend her license in-conjunction with an obscure PA law that hasn't been used for 150 years to remove her WITHOUT due process, the charges against her being proven in court, etc. How convenient???

If the People want a duly elected official removed, get a corrupt Grand Jury process to indict them, then call for them to resign or be removed all without formal due process or having any of the charges actually proven in a court of law.

That sounds like a great system that couldn't possibly get abused huh??? Frank Fina caused these problems and no one else, and he should go down for the Dirtbag, and no one else except those helped him!

Anonymous said...

Great comments.

Anonymous said...

Any bets child porn shows up in the new Porngate investigation? It would be the ultimate irony if it was in the thousands of images being traded. Everything since the Sandusky Penn State Scandal has erupted has been kafkaesque. With that as the baseline, there seems no boundary to the cesspool that is Pennsylvania Politics and it would not surprise me one bit if it were in these emails.

I already know that Kane has walked back prior notions that there was child porn being traded. But I still suspect it's in there.

I suspect they haven't combed all of it yet, if in fact there are thousands to comb through. Man, I sure hope that is not the case. If it is, this will go from being pathetic to being sick and sinister. I don't know what to think anymore. But people should never forget that PA is the state where two judges were selling kids to a private prison operator.

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina, and other PornGate Philly DA that posted Porny Racists remarks in violation of US Copyright Laws & FBI Violations, transferred! HAA, Well that sure did not take long, did it Seth Williams?

The prosecutors at the center of the 'Porngate' email scandal are being transferred out of their units in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

"Frank Fina will be transferred from Special Investigations to Civil Litigation; Marc Costanzo will be transferred from Special Investigations to Appeals, and Patrick Blessington will be transferred from Insurance Fraud to the Post Conviction Relief Act Unit."

HAHAHAHAHA! It looks like someone in the Philly District Attorney Office is getting wind of that more investigations are on the way not less, and Kane won't go quietly into the Night?

These career changes for these hose-bags is just the start of more to come as new revelations will be emerging and some State Senators are about to find out how their Conservative Religious Voters in their own Districts will remove them from Leadership by voting them out usung tyranny without Due Process on a Woman that found out that Judges, Prosecutors and State Senators exchanged Porn in violation of FBI Investigation is a $250,000 Fine per Email Violation without permission?

Anonymous said...

Racism is not a crime, either. But having porny racists prosecute criminal cases in which the victims or the perps or both are women or minorities or both is very stupid, and even the slow-witted Seth Williams can now see it.

Why can't you Governor that will be targeted after he raises Taxes on many items once not taxable and wants Kane out without Due Process? This is all going to comeback on many in Power that got there by prosecuting others in Power and were framed by the prosecutors that were doing summarily crime while working with Judges to do it?

Smart Democrats unlike Wolf, know these cases will explodes even more with Gansler! Frankly, this move looks an awful lot like a PANIC REACTION to Gansler. What is more funny, is that HAHAHA! Well the people who Seth Williams wants to vote for him are going to find this kind of tough to take. Keep in mind that there are other lawyers just like Seth who do NOT employ Porn Racists. Some of them live in Philly and they can run against Seth.

Seth should have not hired Frank Fina and he would have been Governor, now he will be part of going down the tubes as this scandal unfolds beyond anyone's control. Same with Governor Wolf and Supreme Court Justice Eakins should retire before he loses his Pension!

Anonymous said...

Here is what is going to do them all in and no one can stop it as far more come out.

Look at the first 5 images from Frank Fina. What is wrong with you?

They think the Publi, Voters, and Taxpayers are too stupid to know that the "private email" was opened, viewed, sent, and received on a PUBLIC TAXPAYER owned computer while at work being paid by those same TAXPAYERS and in violation of US Copyright Laws that have to be investigated by the FBI! and could cost taxpayers $125,000 per violation, now that makes it no longer Private but a Public Theft of Services Matter?

Hint: you don't need your home computer to access your personal/private email. If I open my private email at work and something inappropriate is there I'm fired and literally no one at the company can save me. This what every citizen knows and what is easy to comprehend and why they won;t get away with it! The Voters don't give a crap , they just want to see those that did such vile things punished.

Anonymous said...

Fina & Future Perps and his buddies and that series of hundreds of disgusting emails was on state computers during working hours on the taxpayers' dime.

It's not humorous and it is harmful. There is nothing funny about domestic abuse and a person who thinks that it is funny should not be serving as a district attorney. Fina & Prosecutors sent them from his and their PA OAG account. PA taxpayers paid for his misogyny and racism. And why was he emailing Judges anyway?

Those emails reflect their attitudes. None of the recipients should be in the judiciary or in any public prosecutor's office.

Anonymous said...

Agree, With Eakin and Fina, there is another issue that renders which computer it was, and where it was accessed from, irrelevant. When your firm (or office in the case of a Prosecutor) is handling criminal cases or other matters in front of a court, whatever friendship you have with a judge on that court has to be suspended except for the basic civilities.

When a Supreme Court Justice sends or receives porny or racist or "DV is funny" emails from a high level State's attorney while appeals are pending before the court that touch in any way on any of the issues joked about, that may well be a matter of very serious concern for the Judicial Conduct Board. (Unless of course that Board has been whored out the way every state agency seems to be in PA.)

Eakin's fat is in the fire on this because of the unsavory association with Fina while the AG's office had domestic murders or black criminal defendants or ANY kind of women's issue before the court. That is true whatever email account was used or if they used the Pony Express or smoke signals or passenger pigeons to communicate.

Anonymous said...

There is a further question about this, too, which the Newspapers are no longer ignoring. Judges must not only BE impartial, they must have the APPEARANCE of being impartial.

So even if the laughable notion that a guy who tells racist jokes might, somehow, be impartial is TRUE, it does not matter because he APPEARS not to be impartial. Yikes what a fool. That ANY person of reasonable intelligence would have to have this explained to him is mind-boggling? OMG, Can anyone really be this dumb? But, the scary thing.....Fina just might believe what he wrote on his Racists Porn emails? And it is a fireable offense when you bring it into work.

Misogynists like Eakin, Frank Fina, Costanzo, and Blessington are about to find out that surely disappointed that women are so strong-minded that they will not tolerate this kind of abuse any more from public officials? It is a new dawn and men like them are in twilight of and sunset of their dark careers!

Anonymous said...

"And the wall came tumbling down."

Anonymous said...

In the last few days Frank Fina's career arc has altered dramatically. At least, it is only in the last few days we found out about it. The situation where he has to testify about whether he unfairly targeted black politicians has been simmering a while and just started to boil when the judge said yes. Once under Oath, this the Catch 22 for all of these Prosecutors.

The transfer may have been in the works since that motion was filed, since if he does have to testify it is better for legal reasons to have him outside the criminal division of Seth's office. With regard to both things though, they seems like a reaction to Gansler.

How many people here would loan Frankie money right now with out taking a security interest in his house and life insurance? He is about to be humbled fairly harshly and publicly. Narcissists and egomaniacs have a demonstrably poor track record in accepting such humbling when imposed by the government. If I were his wife I would be locking up the guns and the pills.

With a guy like Frankie Fina, there was probably a moment sometime ago when he saw some version of this coming. I can only hope he resigns before it gets uglier. Most are betting that is one thing Seth and others agree about.

Anonymous said...

There are many now in the Former Politically Corrupt Corbett OAG group that wish they stayed above the fray, but has to be equally corrupt in terms of knowing that the Commonwealth Corruption Cases had major flaws....but went along with tyranny and played a major prosecutor role....selecting targets for deterrence and now comes back on them.

Any thoughts as to why he has been able to stay out of Kane's crosshairs is now laughable as the Judiciary and Senate have enter the fray as ethically-challenged as any of "Corbett's Home-Boyzzzz?

Fina will resign soon and try do what all prosecutors do, he'll become a high price Defense Attorney. But that is getting tougher by the day. There is stuff hanging over his head that suggests he may have a tough time hanging onto his ticket to practice law and stay out of jail. In that case he is going to be a low-priced substitute teacher first in Prison then afterwards a Half-Way House.

Anonymous said...

Mnay will be happy to see Fina get his come-comeuppance (which has not yet really happened--he needs to be in jail for misconduct).

However, I am disappointed that Corbett has not been rolled up in this. All of these hooligans worked (and likely still work) for Corbett. I find it implausible that there are no direct ties to Corbett buried in the email trail. Corbett needs to go down with Fina and his boys. One will roll over to save his pension, watch and see, then tne Dam will break. In due time when the pressure starts to build against Fina he will start pointing fingers. One of those he will point Fingers at will be Corbett.

Interestingly, before working for the OAG he was Seth William's number two in the Philly DA's office. Apparently they had a big falling out in June 2011 just before McGettigan left. One defense attorney, Charles Peruto Jr., when asked about the falling out referred to McGettigan as honest and idealistic, which was probably inconsistent with Seth the politician.

"FRICTION BETWEEN Philadelphia's two top prosecutors has battered morale among many of the 300-plus assistant district attorneys and appears to be forcing the higher-paid, second-in-command out the door, multiple sources have told the Daily News."

Anonymous said...

Patience my friend. This is not the military. Justice sometimes like Water in certain places flows back Up Hill as a Blow-Back on Prosecutors that chose Political Hypocrisy and Power Building and breaking Laws to do it in the name of Justice corrupted by them. They lose sight why they became Lawyers and just try and please the Boss.

Unfortunately, in the cases that these Prosecutors and Judges thought they would be immune by n=even having a Democrat let alone a Woman, heading the OAG to uncover their crimes. One can take the term ‘uphill’ to mean the opposite of the spontaneous direction. If we see an instance where heat is flowing from a colder area to a hotter area we call that an ‘uphill’ process, because the spontaneous thing is for heat to flow the other way.

Similarly "Political Prosecutions" like in chemical reactions, If one burns hydrogen in air, and end up with water vapour as the combustion product, one has witnessed a ‘downhill’ reaction. But if once a Professional gets involved seeking the full Truth....want to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water many can see an ‘uphill’ reaction, which will not take place without a considerable amount of energy input.....meaning once the investigation begins there no hiding from basic laws of decency that uncovers their deeds of greed for power purposes.

Now, can a Full Investigation take place to discover all of the truth, that many thought went down the drain with intentional destroyed emails now flowing back like sludge from sewer now stuffed up by political plumbers mistakes?.

So filth mixed with water the ‘uphill’ process can occur spontaneously with a new election? Expressing this question in the simplest terms we might ask: ‘Can water flow uphill?’ The answer is undoubtedly ‘Yes’. There is a device called a hydraulic ram, which causes water to flow uphill with no outside influences except the actual flow of water. In the law, it is known as a Special Prosecutor, and Justice is coming right towards these corrupt Prosecutors, Judges, and Senators with a Former Governor and they will go into sewers of success built on lies and injustice.

Anonymous said...

More trouble Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Eakin disgraceful emails and that pesky concept of ethics, Headlines that will make him resign. Pennsylvanians now discussing the expectations of having disgust regarding the character and ethical behavior from a freaking Supreme Court Justice...someone that makes a living judging other people's behavior.

And secondly, as a PA taxpayer (one that lives by ALL the rules and pays a ridiculous tax burden), I 'm sick of paying these public serpents' salaries and pensions for Porn on State Time with State Computers.

Legal experts decry offensive Eakin emails

Anonymous said...

No amount of hand waving by the Senate and Governor Wolf can change the news of the last few days regarding Eakin, Saylor, the PSSC, JCB, Fina, Williams, and all your the other Pennsylvania Society pals. LOL. Anyone thinking otherwise are an odd bird, flying in an odd flock, for sure, and voters will vote them out next year, after they raise taxes and are emails are all released.

They talk about AG Kanes bad publicist. But Kane's his strategy is effective. She has not even come close to using the facts and best possible words in his thread titles.

There will be balance....and the smart voter can decide for them self. Religious Republicans believe in prayers and holding their political leaders accountable by refusing to come out and vote for them, and that is why they often do the right things, like visiting teh political fallen=n in prison.

The Democrats won't be so kind to Governor Wolf much longer but will use him to support their agenda and will let him fall at the right time too.

Eakin sent emails from work and and talked to Prosecutors that violated many laws and refused to charge him like others they chose for Corbett's Political Success. Fina going to jail for it too, not Kane!

Once Eakin resigns and others investigated, Fina will be dumped like Seth Williams just dumped him by transfer, next will be a resignation.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am aware, Fina should be fired for using OAG hardware to send workplace inappropriate e-mails repeatedly and should be indicted for Obstruction Of Justice along with others that destroyed their emails to cover up their crimes. This means those in Higher Places will see to it that Fina will be indicted soon, right?

There is noting to celebrate that when Eakin was used hard core pornography on state time and machines. Right now, Eakins fits in with a Pennsylvania Supreme Court since its is very corrupt Ok.

The smarter p[political class will compromise to find a point of agreement. I'm not backing Kane outright either. But I am supportive of her efforts to expose corruption throughout the judiciary, Corbett and Prosecutors that work with all them. There is A LOT of conflict of interest and bad behavior. They all should go. She can go to a speedy trial--after Spanier, Curley, Schultz get theirs. So maybe by 2030 may see them in jail like Fina before them?

Anonymous said...

It is truly interesting how the Republican Judiciary used a Republican Judge, Republican District Attorney running for Republican Judgeship in the largest Republican County in the Commonwealth to blame her for Grand Jury Leaks that happen under Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan OAG without investigating the Republican Run PAOAG?

How is OAG Kane"a criminal" until proven so but her Law Licensee has been removed by a Disciplinary Board that ignored similar complaints on Corbett, Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo?

Have you not learned anything from the whole rush to judgment? I am a pure independent. I see major flaws in everyone in the judiciary. They all need independent review and possibly trials.

Sending/Receiving porn on the commonwealth's equipment and/or network is a big deal from an IT security stand point. Poor decisions like that could compromise the network and could cause havoc with a breach. It's like hiding the key to your office in the base of a flag stand or like Judge Feudale left his Passwords so Leaks could happen without anyone investigating?

We know at this point that Eakin at the very least broke Ethics & Judicial Conduct Rules. Eakin's Campaign Appointed Judicial Conduct Board Chairman kept silent his relationship until exposed by the Newspapers? This deserves an Investigation and the Appearance of Impropriety is another violation of the Judicial Conduct Code and Eakin should at least resign, as they sift through evidence.

I expect Fina will be called before a Special Prosecutor and investigate how Fina built cases on proprietorial misconduct, selective politically and personally maliciously. It is beyond fair belief or any smell tests that these Prosecutors and Judges and Senators now claim that no crimes were committed on, Not during work. Not on state servers. Not during work hours. Not as state employees. Nope, nothing to see here people. No is buying that anymore and they need to come under investigation right now.

Let's all remember that this isn't just about porn emails. It's been said that the porn stuff is merely just the tip of a very large iceberg. How do you explain Eakin trying to rig the Judicial Conduct Board and Disciplinary Board if he doesn't have anything to hide?

Anonymous said...

No question about it, And while certain people might interpret Calamity Kane Conduct as suspicious, thank God we live in a America, where suspicion alone does not constitute a crime.

Yet, men like Judge Feudale, District Attorney Seth Williams, Governor & Former AG Corbett Prosecutors Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo, Supreme Court Justice Eakin and Eakin's Campaign Manager Personal Appointment of Judicial Conduct Board Chairperson Robert Graci, along with Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Chairperson Senate Majority Whip John Gordner, be investigated as well.

The very people all men I might add, don't even respect the rule of law they exempt themselves from, but hold accountable AG Kane in violation of the rule of law without any trial?

After all, how can these "Absence of evidence is a condition in which no valid conclusion can be inferred from the mere absence of detection, normally due to doubt in the detection method. Evidence of absence is the successful variation: a conclusion that relies on specific knowledge in conjunction with negative detection to deduce the absence of something. An example of evidence of absence is checking your pockets for spare change and finding nothing, but being confident that the search would have found it if it was there."


Anything less is Tyranny.

Anonymous said...

HHAHHAHA.......I love how you brought Disgraced and Dismissed Judge Feudale into your posting above regarding and now the Supreme Court has removed as a Senior Judge too fearful; to respond to inquires to the very Supreme Court that oversees Law Licenses? Grand Jory Leaks under his watch and non-investigations that Kane exposed.

Judge Feudale allow his Password to be on his Desk so anyone could go in and read the Grand Jury reports???? Kind of reminds me of the Abstinence Of Malice Movie Quotes below:

WELLS: Ms. Carter, you seem to know a lot about what's going on. I'd like to ask you where these stories came from.

CARTER'S LAWYER: Objection. My client is not...You save your objections, counselor.
This ain't a courtroom.

WELLS: Now, Ms. Carter, this story about Mr. Gallagher, the first one.

CARTER: I had reason to believe the strike force was investigating Mr. Gallagher.
I confirmed it. I wrote the story.

WELLS: How did you confirm?

CARTER LAWYER:Objection. You are asking...

CARTER: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I wanna answer this. I read the file.

WELLS: Did you, now? How did you come to read the file?

CARTER: I was talking with Assistant US Attorney Mr. Rosen. It was lying on his desk. When he left his office, I read it.

WELLS: Did you ask Mr. Rosen what in the name of Christ he was doing
leaving the file on his desk for you to read it?

CARTER: He intended me to read it.

WELLS: Why would that be?

CARTER: So I would write a story that made Mr. Gallagher look bad.

WELLS: This story. Did Mr. Rosen give you that one too?


WELLS: Go ahead, Ms. Carter.

CARTER: I'm sorry, I can't tell you.

WELLS: I think I know where we're headed here. Before we get there, I wanna say something to you. You know and I know that we can't tell you what to print or what not to. We hope people in the press will act responsibly. When you don't, there ain't a lot anybody can do about it.

WELLS: But we can't have people go around leaking stuff for their own reasons.
It ain't legal. And worse than that, by God, it ain't right. I can't stop you,
but I can damn well stop them. I wanna know where them stories come from.


Anonymous said...


CARTERS LAWYER:Under the First Amendment, my client is not required to reveal...

WELLS: That's all horsepucky. The First Amendment don't say that, and the privilege don't exist. Now, do you understand I can ask you these questions in front of a grand jury?


WELLS: And if you don't answer, you can go to jail?

CARTER: I know it's possible, yes.

WELLS: Oh, it's more than possible, Ms. Carter, it's damned likely. I ain't anxious to be locking up reporters. But I'm gonna tell you something. I don't like what's going on.

CARTER: May I say something, please?


CARTER: I don't wanna go to jail, but this has got to stop someplace. A lot of damage has been done. I'm responsible for a lot of it. I know that. I don't know. I keep thinking there must be some rules to tell me what I'm supposed to do now. But maybe not. The person who told me about the investigation of Mr. Quinn, they were not leaking it. They did not intend for it to be printed. I did that on my own. I'm scared to death of going to jail, but if I tell you who it was, you'll have to do something about it, and someone else will be hurt. So it's really very simple. I can hurt someone or not hurt someone. No rules.


Once the one Finger in the Dyke is exposed the Dam of Grand Jury Leaks will be a flood and not just under Kane's PAOGA, but Ryan, Kelly, Corbett and Zimmermans!


The Commonwealth, Governor, Senate, Representatives, Bar Associations, AG Kane, Unions, and Pennsylvania Society better start looking to replace all Prosecutors, Judges, Senators and Elected Officials resign with Pensions and others prosecuted lose Pensions upon Guilty Pleas, and appoint more Women and Minorities as Judges to the Courts to replace them.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on now. Everyone knows if you want to contact a friend on personal matters you send emails to their work addresses when they aren't there. What Eakin also did was send possibly virus infected porn to OAG email servers. If he did it during working hours it's even worse. When everyone knows the emails are the least of Eakins concerns.

The 2 bigger issues, which the Governor, Senate Pro Temp and JCB gleefully continue to not address, are Eakin showing a lack of ethics by not recusing himself from a vote where he had a conflict of interest and trying to manipulate the review of his conduct/emails by placing a friend of his on the judicial tribunal. Just like the other undisclosed conflict of interest, this latest gaffe wasn't disclosed to the public until the media called them out on it. This shows a complete lack of ethics, morals, and integrity and is a violation of law of the Appearance of Impropriety and he should resign or be removed... just like Justice Larsen and Orie-Melvin!

When you add all three issues together you get conduct unbecoming of a judge. Whatever Kane, Clinton or any other person did or didn't do in their lives won't change the above issues with Eakin.

Do you assume that anyone who defends Kane is a democrat or "liberal"? This a Bi-Partisan Problem and the Bi-Partisan solution to rid both Parties of all Judges, Prosecutors,and Senators! To save the Commonwealth from more corruptions of trying to cover up and save people that broke ethics, laws, and overturn the convictions by these same people that broke laws in the process of violating the same laws?

Anonymous said...

Here's what was said about the first batch of emails. It seems to indicate he was certainly accessing his personal email from work issued computers:

"Mildly pornographic." No worse than what "appears commonly in Playboy."

That was what a Pennsylvania board determined late last year when it cleared state Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin of misconduct even though he had received about 50 pornographic emails on state computers.

Now the story keeps changing but only put the blame on Kane, Boys! While Eakin escapes Ethical Violations and Crimes prosecuted by Fina on other others?

Soon, N.O.W and the ACLU and Good Men and Women of Goodwill, are now organize, and decision makers will gain more traction reaching out in person to such people demanding changes instead of covering up for Prosecutors and Judges that broke federal copyright laws, ethics, ex parte trails communications, and community standards so they can keep their jobs.

Replace these Judges and Prosecutors now before the voters replace them and those that defend them! Anyone wanting for Office next year just needs to run on saying he and she will introduce legislation and pass it on removing the Pensions of anyone involved with PornGate! Churches, Students, Universities, and the people will sponsor and support such legislation.

Anonymous said...

At the very least if Kane's Bar License has been suspended so should the Judges and Prosecutors until this entire mess is investigated and adjudicated! It is only fair for all and especially making it more transparent for all involved.

Anonymous said...

Seth Williams Bar License should be suspended as well, since Williams continues to employ Franky Fina, Patrick Blessington and Marc Costanzo, making mistakes in allowing them to prosecute while talking to Judges as violations of ExParte.

Meanwhile, Eakin Bar License and his position requires to be suspended immediately. He has cause the problems of making Kane a villain and Eakin the victim, but we nonetheless have to deal the mess these Public Employees Vipers have created not Kane. The hand was dealt! No matter how much they would like to, they cannot unwind this situation anymore? As the Investigations continue and more light shined on what they did and when, they have to be suspended like Kane!

Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Tuesday charged Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin with violating the state's rules of judicial conduct and the state Constitution by participating knowingly and routinely in chains of sexually suggestive and vulgar or offensive emails.

Too bad he did not come out earlier before being part of organizing a Grand Jury on Kane. This is just the beginning of the process and Eakin's comments now are too little and too late, Eakin needs to be suspended and brought before a Grand Jury to get him on the record.

I think he should have been reprimanded the first time around, but they chose another prosecution selective cover up now involving Judges. The Public apparently did not know what they did about these deviant communications!

Kathleen is Miss Demeaner at best but these fellows are now in felony territory. judges are and should be held to a higher standard.... as should D.A.'s or anyone swore to protect and serve and not cover up their crimes.

Anonymous said...

So the problem with the complaint on Eakin is this, but for the behavior of McCaffrey trying to threaten Eakin and THEN Kane searching out his emails none of this would have been public????? This guy as 7 years of an education but sent emails on state times and talked to prosecutors regularly before deciding appeal cases, and now claiming he is a victim of an attempted extortion and then Kane.

Sorry, folks, it is a little hard to have people seek to investigate you and humiliate you out of a job. This becomes public by arguably criminal behavior of others and Eakin and then having a Grand Jury on Kane and suspend her License but none for others?

Now that others and organizations are demanding accountability Eakin is just being exposed even more, and he should retire before he is indicted.

Anonymous said...

OMG...a Law School Graduate, Supreme Court Judge, and Male who boasted about Women's Boobs Jokes in his numerous emails, but on State Time with State Computers and Federal Copyright Violations, now says he is the VICTIM, OMG, OMG. NOW proclaims, "PLEASE QUICKLY REMOVE NARCISSISTIC, UNETHICAL KATHLEEN KANE FROM OFFICE!"

Every Judge that participated in these sad violations and Prosecutors need to be replace by ALL WOMEN, far more qualified to use their Commonwealth Employee Time by doing their jobs, not making fun of Blow Jobs?

Due to Eakin's own actions, NOW all of the dismissal of Protection From Abuse Orders and Domestic Violence charges against abusers that Judge Eakin ruled must be be reviewed costing the State even more money?

Anonymous said...

Dis anyone read Eakin's Statement??????

"Consideration of the ramifications of my private emails by the Court of Judicial Discipline, as indicated in my previous offer to expedite such consideration, brings the opportunity for transparency of process, based on the actual facts and not speculation and mischaracterization. As such, I welcome it. I have cooperated with candor and openness, and will continue to do so as the Constitutional process goes forward."

The written statement was issued by Eakin through the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts.

Apparently Eakin doesn't see any issue with the lack of ethics displayed by his failure to recuse himself from the vote to suspend Kane's license and attempt to manipulate the review process by voting to have his friend on the judicial tribunal.

WTF kind of response is that? What a ham fisted corrupt creepy old dude. Ya did it, you know ya did it, we know ya did it! Hit the bricks!

Anonymous said...

The oniun is being peeled one layer at a time. The effort to discredit AG Kane is disgusting.
We want the truth. The state Senate needs to end their investigation and the Supreme Court need to suspend Eakin's seat and reinstall the Attorney General.

Let her do her job and defend herself in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The recent Public Release of Eakin's Emails contain even more cruder replies that no Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Grandmother would not be proud of Eakin's content and outright disgusting jokes about African-Americans.

No Public Servant misusing Commonwealth Equipment on Taxpayer's Time as an Employee would survive such vile display of human indecency and would be fired for cause. No Company could withstand the Public Boycott or Shame and would be fired for it. Yet, Eakin still sits on Pennsylvania's Highest Court???

Another Email sent by Eakin, is a, Illegal Federal Copyright Violation Video called “what have we done” showing a black woman speaking about Barack Obama's election as president. Because of it, she says, black people won't have to pay bills and “they'll have to get jobs.”

Another Eakin's Email contains a list of “off-color jokes about Tiger Woods' failed marriage” and an “off-color joke” about Obama.

Another emails contain images of topless women, and many contain what some would consider obscene, grimy, and vulgar jokes. One called “Why I Failed Fourth Grade” shows a female elementary teacher teaching “Grammar 101.” She asks the kids to name an abstract noun “you can think of but can't touch. “Can you give me two examples?” she says. “Your (breasts),” a boy answers.

The emails were exchanged with Eakin's friends who went golfing and fishing together. Some were part of a fantasy football league. A Harrisburg defense attorney, a friend of Eakin's, sent “blast” emails, the complaint says, and all on State Time using State Computers while not doing their jobs nor reimbursing the Commonwealth and so far exempt from Federal Investigations on Copyright $250,000 Criminal Violations with Civil penalities to teh Owner of $125,000 per violation?

One email Eakin received shows a woman on all fours with a pig's snout under the subject line “How to tell when your house is infected with swine flu.”

Another called the “End of Civilization” shows a video clip of Eve in the Garden of Eden greeted by an “effeminate” Adam, the complaint says. Another from “B.M.,” a member of the golfing group, is called a “Real Man's Chain Letter.” It's a series of photos of women in a wet T-shirt contest and two photos of women's breasts.

Why Federal Authorities have not investigated Eakin and others is a mystery as well, and may come under why they have no acted, and many Women wonder why Males are being given such a pass on such illegalities?

Eakin needs to be prosecuted not just resign or retire!

Anonymous said...

This Supreme Court justice wants to take Kathleen Kane out? But Eakin, Fina, Blessington, Constanzo, and many more Judges want a pass saying ethical violations are not law breaking, but they prosecuted people misusing state computers on state time, for personal porn and think they are above the laws they all sworn to enforce?

Shame on them and their Mothers that did not raise them to be true men, and they need to resign and be prosecuted and save the Commonwealth money by pleading guilty. When do people get sick of supporting these idiots! Wake up and see the light.

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina, pretty sure he's toast. I vaguely remembered Greg Bucceroni Tweeting extensively this past summer about a Philly building collapse and some child porno mobster being involved. I didn't pay much attention at the time. Once again kiddie pornographer mobster Richie Basciano evades justice in deadly Philly building collapse #Justice?

So here is cover of Daily News:

Also don't forget that in the #blingsting case fina charged the black politicians but didn't charge any of the white ones who were snagged in the sting and 90% of the targets were black. Nothing to see here!

Anonymous said...

Nice...."New York's undisputed prince of porn made a fortune in the sleaze of old Times Square..."and of course, Fina didn't charge this guy. For the love of porn.

Porn king Richard Basciano survived Rudy Giuliani, but his plans are at risk Links:

Basciano sounds precisely like the type of guy Fina would be buddies with just liek Fina and Corbett with DeNaples. Jeezus.

Anonymous said...

It is getting worse for Fina and now Fina is about to take down Williams like he took down Corbett Governorship, as selective prosecution for Corbett's political enemies lists were Fina's primary job and ow coming back on Courts!

During the Corbett/Fina Era of Injustice, the PAOAG didn't snag any white politicians and the lead agent on the case was black. He actually sued Kane for her false claims regarding the sting.

Even though the Architect (one of the two white men on the front page) committed suicide days after the collapse. The other was insulated from charges under the law.

Fina and his merry ban of Porn Addicted Prosecutors with their Pocket Porn Judges, should've already been canned over the Porn Gate. Soon, a DOJ Sweep Investigation is coming to Philadelphia, Harrisburg,a nd Pittsburgh like was is happening in Chicago, Ferguson, and Baltimore.

Governor Wolf, DA Williams, and State Senators won't escape scrutiny either and will be tarnished by their support of Fina and Corbett. I would not be surprised if Fina finally finds Ray Gricar at the end of all of this. He probably needs to disappear quickly if Buccaroni is even half correct.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing just keeps rolling on, all beginning with Eakin and soon other Judges. The House of Cards is falling down built on a shaking foundation of Corbett Cover Ups, Fina's Selective Prosecutions, and Prosecutors with Judges conspiring to persecute other Races, Females Genders, and Political Targets in both Parties?

I predict that within a year, maybe less, that one of the high profile players will either roll over and start pointing fingers, or pull a Dwyer-Type move, unfortunately as good men that do nothing carry the sins of their tired dead bones.

Someone and many others bot Women, Minorities and the Law Professors, ACLU, and Social Justice Groups have to stand up and demand accountability as Corbett's OAG Porn Thugs tried to erased the History of Women in the Law.

Some Wishful People think and will tell you that a Prosecutors or Judge's personal racist, sexists, and private porn on state time tendencies are acceptable, as long as the written charges were signed off by their personal pen, not with a pen that the State purchased? But they wrong,

What I am reading here is just the start of a bigger Sinkholes that will engulf anyone that try to cover up what is so smelly now, no once can breathe based on the odors of dead scandals rising again.

Anonymous said...

Stand back.... This is gonna be ugly!

Anonymous said...

Five key points from the judicial conduct charges filed against Pa. Supreme Court Justice Eakin NOW:

The Commonwealth is just starting to investigate and have now charged Eakin. Fina and the Prosecutors will follow. This should be welcomed, just like Eakin does. So now the people of Pennsylvania and Eakin have that in common, which is nice.

The Patriot News and PENNLIVE were they major culprits of allowing Corbett/Fina selective prosecutions, benefited by Grand Jury Leaks and sloppy investigations. The operating assumption is that if there is any break they could give Eakin, they give it every time. In that light, read the linked story.

Here is a highlight that needs to be understood to see the future outcome:

"By this fall, when Attorney General Kathleen Kane rekindled the case, her office was able to present the Judicial Conduct Board with evidence suggesting that Eakin was a far more active participant in the email chains. This time, there were 943 additional files, including 157 that were in some way sent or forwarded by Eakin. Besides the third-party attachments, these emails shared with Eakin's golfing buddies also included a handful of personal references to woman who worked for Eakin."

And then there is this, buried in the story:
"At some point, the justice created a new personal email account under the alias John Smith "as a result of the content of McGowan's emails," and then continued to willingly receive them. He continued to receive McGowan's blasts filled with sexually-suggestive and stereotyping racial, ethnic and religious humor even after participating in a 2013 Supreme Court case that set out for all in-state judges that 'off-bench conduct is subject to discipline.'"

So, Eakin conceded by his conduct in creating the account that the emails were wrong, and that he knew they were wrong. The attempt to hide your conduct is relevant evidence of your knowledge of its wrongful nature.

Eakin also knew, if he was not asleep at the time of his participation in the 2013 case, that his off-bench conduct subjects him to discipline.

Now it is a well-settled that excessive masturbation can make one sleepy, so maybe he will claim his was asleep when the 2013 opinion with his name on it was issued. I welcome the chance to her is answer. Eakin will now slightly escalate the apologetic-like statements he has made to date.

Thus, Eakin's apology-like noises about this when it first came out, saying it did not reveal his true nature or some such crap. Now he will step it up and maybe even go so far as to tell the Judicial Discipline Court that he deserves the lightest of punishments.

This is rapidly becoming a painful time for state judiciary and senate and governor. because Eakin's behavior of craven, racist, misogynist, hateful sonofab!tch and his attempt to pretend to give a damn about the 10-course dinner of pain his conduct has served up to The Court and the people of Pennsylvania. Craven, racist, misogynist, hateful sonsab!tches have feelings, too, and kindness requires that we recognize that Wishy feels sorry for Eakin and Fina.

"Ten course dinner of pain and Eakin is toast."

Anonymous said...

If I do say so, it was quite a fast turnaround to charging him after the information came out that Graci was Eakin's buddy. I often try to imagine future headlines. Like this:

Eakin: Jack-fodder Emails "Unfortunate, but do not impact my role on the Supreme Court."

"Porny racist misogynist emails never influenced any case": Eakin

Eakin: "I suspend my porny racist misogyny when I come to court."

Anonymous said...

'm glad Eakin is committed to defend far he is playing a game that he isn't too good at, but he believes that he is. After all those years of being a judge sitting in power has skewed his perception that he can pull this off. I'd rather see mutual destruction than to see him slink away and for the threads of corruption to be unable to be tracked to ground.

The question I have is will Eakin's fellow justices suspend his law license? They have certainly set themselves up to look foolish.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of Porn, Penn State, Pervy Prosecutors & Well Thought Out Plans
Wendy Silverwood·Monday, December 7, 2015

n 2014 PA State Attorney General Kathleen Kane fulfilled a campaign promise she made to Pennsylvania voters upon taking office in 2013. "I was on the campaign trail almost two years; I didn't go a single place without somebody asking me why it took so long," she said.
She pledged to conduct a thorough review of the 33-month Sandusky investigation to answer lingering questions about why Sandusky wasn't arrested after the first credible witness came forward; why the case was turned over to a grand jury; and whether external factors like then-Attorney General Tom Corbett’s gubernatorial aspirations influenced its pacing.
Geoffrey Moulton was brought on shortly as a special investigator on the part of the Office of Attorney General to conduct this review. In the beginning, Moulton had to rely in large part on a paper trail and the cooperation and good will of the Sandusky investigators, many of whom had since retired or left the Attorney General's office during the transition. During the investigation, emails were recovered from OAG servers that showed a network of state prosecutors, judges, lawyers, US attorneys and others emailing pornographic, racist, derogatory and ex-parte communications over government servers and on government time.

These investigators, judges and prosecutors include Randy Feathers, Frank Fina, Marc Constanza, Barry Feudale, Frank Noonan, among others. These are a few key officials involved with the Sandusky case caught up in what we now know as #PornGate and #HateGate.

Rats In The Woodpile
Former US Attorney & Federal Prosecutor Peter Vaira writes:
“The facts are very simple and, from a lawyer's standpoint, very disturbing. A group of prosecutors in the Attorney General's Office has, for at least a year or more, sent a series of ex parte communications to members of the judiciary by email. This occurred before Kane took office and possibly continued thereafter. These emails were sent pursuant to a well-thought-out plan.”!/article/1756594793 - private

Close Relationships
Michael J. Engle, former president of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers comments:
"... what seems to be lost in this media frenzy is the fact that these email communications demonstrate the close relationships cultivated by law enforcement with judges who preside over grand jury investigations and criminal cases throughout our commonwealth.”

Pervy Prosecutors
Which brings us back to then Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina supervising the November 2011 Grand Jury Presentment, overseen by Judge Barry Feudale, charging Penn State Administrators Tim Curley & Gary Schultz with Perjury and Failure to Report. A grand jury presentment is crafted solely by prosecutors, in a well-thought out plan to justify charges. There is no defense counsel, no cross-examination nor is exculpatory information shared. In essence, what the prosecutor wants, it’s approved by common citizens and goes forward.

Remember, among the various disturbing images prosecutor Frank Fina culled, collected, cached and shared while at work in that very Office of the Attorney General - among a network of professional peers on a state server during state time - consisted of women being violated with various objects, photos of anal and oral sex, and photos of group sex.

Anonymous said...


Lather, Rinse, Repeat
In the past, grand juries and subsequent leaks have been used in a well-thought-out plan to take out political enemies. The method has been the same:

Leak to the media grand jury information targeting a political opponent.

Poison that person in the Court of Public Opinion.

Slowly take away their constitutional rights.

Bleed them of their financial, social and emotional resources.

Finally grind them down in the glacial pace of the court process.

NOW they have been caught by their own Plans? Thinking destroying the Emails would solve all cover ups, but they were wrong. Time for Republican Leadership clean up their own trash before someone sweeps them from Offices for them? Unfortunately, it may include some of them now running away, but too late now fellows! Just go and pension another day somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Frank Fina? Does anyone know where Linda Kelly slunk away to, she may be the first to flip to protect herself and participation she inherited and not created? The Time to stand up for women to be appointed Judges to replace these men of porn on state time and crimes is NOW!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is just one of many appointed or elected officials among the States band of filth. Yes, some sit in judgement and many still direct daily actions for Pa. for the Gov. He has not been able to weed out the corrupt, there are way too many. He can't even get a budget. Even the sleaze Rendell got late budgets.

Anonymous said...

There are many culprits in this mess, but i said on day one that Tom Corbett is the biggest culprit and nothing has changed my mind and probably never will. Yes, obviously, anyone doing such things SHOULD have charges filed against them, not COULD have charges filed.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if someone could get something on Carpenter. He's clearly in Fina's pocket. And Feudale. And...CORBETT.

Anonymous said...

I don't see either Fina or Seth surviving for very long. Making more sense all the time why the OAG under Corbett's hand-appointed AG changed the email retention policy from something like 5 years to 6 months before vaacating the office to the newly and duly-elected AG that was an outsider to the corrupt "Good 'Ole Boys NetworI" that existed between the Pennsylvania State-Level Judiciary and Law Enforcement.

One would think that the Pa media might perk up a little bit when they heard about the email policy change (by an interim AG nonetheless) from 5 years to 6 months. Talk about a red flag....but at the time the Media in PA couldn't care less. God knows what else is in those emails besides porn. What a joke the Media and Judiciary is in PA....smh.

Anonymous said...

It was a huge red makes no sense to reduce document retention policies for a law enforcement or prosecutorial agency to below five years.

By the time many cases wind there way through the investigation, prosecution, and trial, they have passed five years already. A six month retention policy is ludicrous on its face...a kindergarten teacher keeps records for longer than that.

And a 90% reduction in retention schedule does not pass anyone's sniff test...other than to telegraph the time period that they wished to push things under the rug, which was Tom Corbett's tenure.

He made his hay on political prosecutions but was lazy or ignorant enough to be sloppy because he thought it would never see the light of day...regardless of whether Kane is better, worse, or the same as Corbett, at least it was a transition of power that provided the insight into the lack of OAG oversight.

And now it looks like Fina, Eakin, and buddies will be the balls busted rather than the ball busters. They are reaping their just rewards for such shady service.... oh, by the way, NO WAY WILL THE VOTERS PASS INCREASING THE AGE OF JUDGES TO 75, NONE DESERVE IT, AND OTHERS NEED TO LEAVE AND RETIRE AND SOME PUT IN PRISON!

Anonymous said...

This Maryland dude is supposed to find out. And now, in a sudden about-face, our boy Seth is calling for Kane to release all the emails to the masses and admits sensitivity training was a mistake. One way or another we will know what's in that mess.

District Attorney Seth Williams says he made a mistake when he ordered "sensitivity training" for three top prosecutors ensnared in the "Porngate" email scandal.

Oh my....Williams must really think everyone is an idiot and not paying attention.

The quote is a gem:
"He says they contained "things that were repulsive," adding, "I am not defending them at all. But what I should have asked for then is what I am asking for today. I should have asked for the entire cache of emails." "

So, Seth is told about the emails that he thinks are repulsive back in August and only now he wants to see the full cache, since he's getting blasted left and it. One would think the first thing he would do is ask for the full cache of emails. He's only doing so now because his hand was forced by Kane/media/city council.

Also, why is there a need to see the full cache in order to fire Fina et. al.? He's already seen some of them and they are MORE than enough cause to remove these scumbags. Seth continues to drag his feet and further cement the end of his political career.

Fina must really have some good stuff on Seth.

There is big difference between Self-Esteem and Self Respect? Self-Respect is from Latin that means to Look Back and see what you could do or have done to improve the world and those around you?

Seth made excuses and mistakes and now his own Self-Esteem is marginal that he excused the disgusting racial/sexists emails and shows he lacks the Leadership for higher Public Office. His association with Fina will never go away now.

Anonymous said...

Fina owns Seth. They live or die together. Hell, that's about as pornographic as it can get. Turn off the visuals, PLEASE! What a joke the entire State of Pa. is, They never found the line between real and pretend....Well that is a situation that the Supreme Court itself got us into. Make no mistake about it!!!!! So if there are any repercussions, they should solve them.

Anonymous said...

Leave Kane alone she is Cleaning out the Supreme Court and Seth Williams and Many other Corrupt People in The Justice and Law Enforcement Worlds of Pennsylvania. More bad news for Frank Fina:

Why Doesn’t Frank Fina Quit?
The prosecutor at the center of “Porngate” would serve his boss — and justice — by leaving.For weeks now, and really longer, his boss — District Attorney Seth Williams — has been under pressure to fire Fina, as well as two other staff attorneys caught up in the “Porngate” controversy: Marc Costanzo and Pat Blessington. Williams, in turn, has done everything he can short of firing the trio: He’s put them through sensitivity training. He’s reassigned them to lower-profile jobs that lack prosecutorial powers. None of it has satisfied Williams’ critics, and the scandal doesn’t appear to be going away.

"He should just fire them," City Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez told the Inquirer this week. Seth Williams bears some responsibility for his troubles these days, for choosing to keep Fina on staff in the face of so much criticism. But the onus is also on Fina, to prove that he's worthy of public service, and to have the judgment to realize when his continued employment undermines both the man and the institution he works for — indeed, when it undermines the cause of seeking justice. So far, it looks like he's failing to meet the challenge


Anonymous said...

Looks like Seth Williams is finally waking up.

"I am personally saying mea culpa," Williams said in an Inquirer story published yesterday. "I needed all the evidence, and I didn't have it. And we need all of it, to restore the public's trust across this commonwealth."

Kane, in a letter she's expected to send Williams today, says she has "hundreds of offensive emails circulated in a network that includes" Fina, Costanzo and Blessington. She said she will "immediately release these emails to the public" - as long as Williams assures her that it would not violate a grand-jury protective order tied to a corruption case that Kane dismissed and Williams later prosecuted.

"Had you simply asked for these emails during your investigation, I assure you I would have provided them to you," Kane wrote in a draft of the letter obtained by the Daily News.

The batch of emails that was released in August included images that portrayed blacks as obsessed with fried chicken and a photo of a pants-less woman on her knees performing oral sex on a man, with the caption: "Making your boss happy is your only job."

The emails that have not yet been released are rumored to be quite lewd and include video.

Anonymous said...

This thing has the feel of being on the brink of exploding in a welter of fear, shame and embarrassment for everyone involved in the judicial system of the Commonwealth. Naturally, Seth is going to give her his assurances that the Grand Jury protective order will not be violated by the release, right?

The level of duplicity here is not sustainable. Somebody is going to look an awful lot like a hypocrite and a liar (not to mention a racist and a misogynist) very very soon. Who's it gonna be, Seth? You? or Frankie? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Turns out Ms. Kane is a pretty good poker player. She isn't going to jail. More and more, people are seeing that this is a set-up. Just read the comments to that article. Completely different than a month ago.

And not a moment too soon. These termites need exterminated, not allowed to slink off and then resurface later. A good dose of FSE is exactly what the bastards need.

Lincoln Steffens, who doubtless you heard of, wrote about this kind of stuff in Pennsylvania a hundred years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same. And unless things start getting blown up, it will be the same in another hundred years. Buh bye Seth!

Imagine what is goin on in Frank Fina's head right now. Clearly the boy always liked his porn, and if this was what he was trading in emails at work, then God Only Knows what his private emails look like. Virus laden websites got warning notices when they opened one of HIS links.

Strictly from Frank's POV, do you suppose that one of his biggest regrets is that he took his hobby to work with him?

A friend of mine always loved hunting and always wanted to be a cop. Went in the service and was an MP, then got out and worked as a cop for a while, then got a job as a game warden. He was miserable. Deer season to him had been one of the great joys of his life, and now it was a nightmare of 24/7 patrol and law enforcement and arresting people and filing reports. For 10 years he had to go to another state to hunt. He finally quit.

Clearly, Fina is in the same kind of sticky wicket--the great love of his life, his favorite hobby, got bollixed up with his work to the point where you just can't separate them out anymore. He is a sex-crimes prosecutor with a porn problem (unlike a folksinger friend of mine, who says he is a heavy drinker with a guitar problem), and now the whole sordid, tender, steamy business is about to appear on the front pages of the paper.

I predict that by the time we are done, investigators will be auditing and tracking the Kleenex and hand lotion usage in Seth's office.

I am imagining bales of facial tissues arriving at the Philly DA's office (the cheap stuff, not Kleenex, too expensive) and there being no way to track what happened to it.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kane got elected with a huge outpouring of support form PennStaters. She promised to investigate whether Corbett had slow-walked the JS case while he was running for governor. Fina was Corbett's assistant AG Even though Corbett's successor had deleted/tried to scrub all the emails, KK's investigator Moulton found them.

When that happened Frank Fina got VERY uptight and attacked Kane, because he knew she was holding his future in her hands. He then convinced a DA to indict Kane.

Apparently, the emails were considered part of grand jury testimony, so when the grand jury did absolutely NOTHING about it, she released them. Doubtful a conviction will be obtained.

Hang in there, Kane. these ol'boys deserve the whuppin'.

Anonymous said...

The women posing voluntarily with Copyright Protection and getting paid for it may well make a argument that she owed more money from thsoe that violated it?

Anyway, none of this material should be on a government computer and some fines and disciplinary letters should have been issued with a caution that a second offense would result in a dismissal and also put some security filters on the servers.

The guy at the top of the food chain in these e-mails is a Republican Supreme Court Justice, right? This isn't a Dem/Republican scandal---it's guys too long at the public trough, period. Eakin is a supreme court justice. He is one of seven in PA, and he is gainfully employed by the taxpayers TO MAKE LAWS.

Perhaps Seth Williams will save his drinking buddy's from the axe, but letting a supreme justice off the hook would really be ethically incorrect and cause for alarm for anyone who has to abide by laws made by what is most apparently a chauvinistic judge at BEST.

Honestly, the Public deserve better conduct from someone making 175K+ on Taxpayers' dime?

Anonymous said...

Virtuosity contests between lawyers never go well. Seth Williams is a self serving piece of junk. I would have rather used a different word instead of junk but trying to be civil here. And prosecutors feeding on prosecutors. I expect both of them to dredge up a death penalty case as a sop to the mob and to deflect attention from the fact that neither is qualified for the office they hold.

Uh! Oh! Every lawyer, prosecutor, investigator, politician, judge, city and state employee's will be going to the office today trembling. They will be saying "Am I in them". The law firms will be particularly waiting to see if one of theirs is on the list.

Why? Every case tried during those time frames and the future can and will reflect on those participating in e-mail stuff. After all, who wants a lawyer who looks at racial, children, the mid-fortunate and handicapped people of the U.S.A. Well Seth you really gave true meaning to "OPEN A PANDORA BOX"

Anonymous said...

There are no good guys in this mess. But I think Ms. Kane has a shovel and a can opener. Open that can of worms, Kathleen.

Well, Fina prosecuted other Pennsylvania officials for using their offices, equipment, and time for purposes other than their official purposes ("theft of services," he called it), so according to Fina himself it would be criminal for him to while away his taxpayer-funded hours trading porn on his PA government-issued PC.

Yes, the crime would be theft of know, that very same crime Fina and the rest of Corbett's cronies put folks (Corbett's political enemies) in jail for during bonusgate/computergate.

IOW Fina et al are HUGE hypocrites. At the same time they were putting folks in jail, the prosecutors themselves were doing the very crimes they put people in jail for.

Couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Anonymous said...

Wait this guy is the DA for Philadelphia and months later he's asking for ALL the evidence on a case!!! Omg this towns as corrupt as can be.....For example, they just nailed some judge for running a property investment business out of his chambers. Basically, if you're a government employee you're only supposed to be using government resources for government purposes.

If Williams is seeking more information about his employees NOW... You must wonder about the failure of the DA to run a background check. ESPECIALLY, WHEN HE LAUNCHED A MEDIA FUELED DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN AT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL. The thing is... Williams has a similar problem within his own office with his clients.

He, too, has an Attorney Client relationship which requires him to conceal the corruption within the District Attorneys office. Pot? Kettle? Seth Williams would do well to arrest Fina and his his Cohorts for hiding this from Seth himself and on Seth's Computers?

Perhaps the true story can be found in the handwriting on the wall. That wall being across the street from the OAG offices in Philadelphia, and also in similar proximity to the office where Fina was working. Down the escalator - below Market Street level - someone has written multiple times FINAs FUN SPOT on the walls of the Men's Room. Indeed. The handwriting is on the wall.

Justice is coming.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the racial emails are worse than the pornography. They show mind sets as bad perjury. When does Kathleen's perjury trial occur?Probably never---it's all been a setup.

Kane took on the good ol' lilly white boy network on marriage equality and they couldn't handle it. And now she has exposed them for the hypocritical scumbags they are. Can't blame this all on the BROTHAS and SISTAS.

Looking at porn! At work! Some "family values"! What does your imaginary friend jesus think of that??? I bet he says you're going to h-e-double-hockey-sticks!!!

Wait. Going to a training that every employee should take - to get information that every prosecutor working with sexual harassment victims should know - is a punishment?

I guess that makes paying for their continuing legal education is a punishment?

Whew....Mr Tough on Crime you ain't.

Anonymous said...

Kane should ask Williams how much evidence he needs, rather than turning over all of the Porn and Hate Speech with Federal Copyright Laws Violations that need investigated by the FBI at $250,000 per violation! This was not for Educational Purposes or Community Standards Obscenity?

But for Pure Personal Pleasure on Professional Prosecutor's Employee Time under Commonwealth Taxpayers! Time to clean house, PA. These people were collecting your tax dollars as salary while they were having ridicule sessions. They're ignorant, sexist, racist morons.

I can hear the Cross Examination now.....

You want Porn?
I want the Porn!
You can't handle the Porn!
Did you send the porn?
I sent the Porn I...
Did you send the Porn?
You're Goddamn right I did

It had to happen at some point..... all those badges..all those people with their little slices of power thinking they can do, say. take whatever and whenever finally bumped into each other and now it is Blue v Blue a fair fight at least....Oh Seth Seth Seth, what in the world have you gotten yourself into......You are in over your bald head on this one and backtracking to say you were unaware is a bad move. Good luck in your Post DA endeavors, what ever they may be....He could always get a job as a coat check attendant at the opulent known as "The League."

Anonymous said...



DePaulo said she's interested in the Kane saga because it's still unfolding. She also mentioned the gender implications of Kane's story.

"All my friends are saying to me, 'Don't let [Kane] be a disaster for women getting into politics.' I know Sam [Katz] isn't as into the gender thing, but I am. But we don't want our strong and smart, charismatic women to fail," said DePaulo, who like Kane hails from Scranton. "And she may not. She's endured a lot more than I thought she would.

"You can say whatever you want about Kathleen Kane, she is one tough broad."

The first woman and first Democrat elected state attorney general, Kane had a bright political future in front of her after taking office in 2013. There were even rumblings about a potential gubernatorial bid.

But after The Inquirer reported in 2014 that she had quashed a sting operation launched by her predecessors that had ensnared Democratic Philadelphia politicians, her fortunes took a dive:

She has been charged with leaking confidential grand jury information to a newspaper to embarrass a political rival; her law license has been suspended; Gov. Wolf and other top Democrats have called for her resignation; and the state Senate has formally begun a process that could end with her removal from office.

Kane has fought back, saying her troubles have been generated by angry Republican men who resent her crashing the old boys' network.

She has also released hundreds of emails containing racist, sexist, and misogynistic quotes and images that were circulated among judges, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials using government servers.

"Porngate," as the matter is called, led one state Supreme Court justice to retire early and has placed another in danger of losing his post.

Chuck Ardo, Kane's spokesman, said Thursday he does not believe Kane has heard about The Kane Mutiny.

"But I can tell you without equivocation that she hopes it has a happy ending," Ardo said.

Asked what that would be, he said:

"I think the happy ending would be that she was found to have been innocent of the charges she faces. And that she's given due credit for the problems she has exposed with the judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Soon a New Supreme Court Chief Justice will be named that is a Female and the New Supreme Court will move to investigate all of Porn-Gate together with Corbett's Governorship & OAG Corruption, and what the Republican Senate did in holding a Hearing, and what happen in Montgomery County as well as Destruction of Evidence and Emails by prior PA AG's at the OAG to hide their corruption and Theft of Services!

FBI Federal Copyright Violations will be investigated and Criminal Fines will apply to those that sent Emails on State Time and State Servers will be held accountable and Civil Penalties of $125,000 per Email or Video will go into the millions to be paid to Porno Companies and Stars by the Commonwealth and that is when Citizens will demand they be paid by the State Employees that did the violations.

The Republican Right, Evangelicals and Tea Party will demand not just resignations but prosecutions and no retirements. Those that did it will file for Bankruptcy!

All convictions earlier for Theft Of Services by this corrupt group of Prosecutors & Judges will be removed and replaced by just Well-Qualified Ethical Women and Minorities.

The National Organization of Women School and Civil Rights Citizen Groups will demand changes and strikes and marches and sit-ins from High Baltimore. Soon, some Governors and PA-AG's and County DA's wil be prosecuted like what happen in Illinois.

Someday soon going to happen, someday soon!

Anonymous said...

I can see Fina speaking a French Word in "J'ai Fini" as well as his Prosecutors, some Judges, and Senators!

I can also see some once promising Political Careers ending with French Words
"je suis fini!"

Unfortunately, to avoid this problem, think of the English as "I have finished" instead, and this will remind you that you need to use the passé composé, and that the auxiliary verb for finir is avoir, not être.

Either way, come the New Year in 16 Days, a New Dawn is approaching as some in Power that used Corrupt Prosecutions to oust others in power, will be seeking to cover themselves from the sunlight like cockroaches, and watch their careers and pensions go to dusk to dust due to their misuse of state computer disc!

Anonymous said...

Emails mocking Asians and one with a purported joke about domestic violence are among those received by Attorney General Kathleen Kane's twin Ellen Granahan, a top prosecutor in the office.

This si why one does not hire or promote family members once elected and should have had her transferred when assuming office. The urge to promote and protect a family member clouds ethics and judgment at the wrong time.

This does not excuse Fina, Eakin, Judges, Constanzo, or Blessintgton by no means, and if Kane goes it should only be after they leave first, and are replaced with better Women and Minorities to cleanse and reform the Judiciary, PAOAG, Judicial Conduct Board, Disciplinary Board?

THE NEW SUPREME COURT HAS JURISDICTION AND THE DUTY TO DO IT by hiring their Own Special Independent Prosecutor that will investigate these Illegal Criminal Prosecution Misconduct Abuses and Ethical Violations, and Judicial Nepotism from 1980 along with a Blue Ribbon Commission of Criminal Law Professors that will examine and overturn many Convictions!

As well as, an Federal FBI Investigation and Special Prosecutor that will cite the many Federal Copyright Law Criminal Violations that cost $250,00 in Fines and another $125,000 in Civil Damages caused by Frank Fina and the Judges.

The system is rotten and needs a cleaning along with a revisit with a SPOTLIGHT on the The Second Mile Investigation that Corbett and Fina passe don, and the Truth will only rise again!

AG Kane made mistakes of judgments but Frank Fina Justice Eakin and Prosecutors broke laws to convict others for what they were doing while judging and prosecuting people for Theft of Services they weer doing too!

Anonymous said...

How lomg can Fina escape the arm of the law?

Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad when Frank Fina career, life, and property is now endanger of catching himself in his own injustices just to please he Boss, Tom Corbett.

As a Prosecutor he should have act responsibly following ethical and legal boundary's but chose not to do it. Frank Fina and Blessington and Costanzo along with some Judges thought the Rules did not apply to them? They weer confident wit arrogance that no one could touch them there ain't a lot anybody can do about it.

Frank Fina and his Prosecutors were Criminals they day they chose to misuse Justice Powers leaking stuff for their own reasons. It ain't legal and worse than that, by God, it ain't right!

Frank Fina Gang of Prosecutors Misconduct did a lot of damage and are responsible for a lot of it. Now they keep thinking there must be some rules that stop AG Kane but that ship has sailed. They think they weer so smart, but I'll tell you something, there are smarter Prosecutors out there then them, just doing their jobs within ethics and rules.

The facts are there's no evidence suspecting AG Kane of anything. And it's gonna come out they were suckered by Mr. Fina and Williams who has some peculiar ideas
on how to do their jobs as Prosecutors and District Attorneys.

Moreover, the Pennsylvania Senate Committee and Supreme Court that removed AG Kane Bar License and held hearings to remove her from office, will go back on their actions as well.

They are going to be forced to conclude and come to the reality to say it was premature and real wrong that these investigations, rulings, and hearings ever got reported in the first place by how Frank Fina and his Prosecutors leaked Grand Jury Information all the time without recourse or even an investigation of any kind?.

It is really ironic, but going after AG Kane for Grand Jury Leaks that they all did under Tom Corbett by Frank Fina, Prosecutors, Seth Williams, and their Co-Hort Porn Gate Judges got them all, and in a strange twist got themselves.

The New Supreme Court will not go along with this charade and will prefer not to face lot of explaining to do. They will let it play out and soon as many face a Grand Jury a number of people will testify how they were used by Frank Fina and abused, and he and others will go to Jail.

Many prior convictions these Criminal Prosecutors Misconduct did to others will be overturned. The Voters will vote out Republican Politicians in the Senate and House that participated too in Porn Gate. The Christian Coalition Tea Party don't play that blame game, they just dump those that try to cover it up?

Anonymous said...

No one can stop the Press or Media from printing anything but Men and Women of Goodwill and that believe in Rules and follow the Laws can damn well stop them.

The New Supreme Court led by a Women Chief Justice will mandate a Special Prosecutor and once they bring many Staffers, Judges, and Investigators in front of a grand jury, and if you don't answer, some will can go and will to jail?

Brave people that were forced to participate will turn to the truth to escape losing their pensions, and it's more than possible, it's damned likely.

The bigger problem is Tom Corbett that may not be the smartest Pennsylvania Attorney General and now Seth Williams that clearly is not the smartest District Attorney by hiring these Criminal Prosecutors.

They and those participated in the Montgomery County Grand Jury run by Frank Fina's Republican County Judges and District Attorney Friends and now Accomplices are not the smartest professional either that Montgomery County ever had, they will have to accept they were used badly by Frank Fina and Chief Justice Eakin too.

Judge Eakin will come to realize he is in a bad place and can talk himself blue clearing trying to clear him, but nobody will believe him or even his Lawyer now.
Judge Eakin does not just have an Ethical Problem, he will soon have a Criminal Theft of Services problems and Copyright Right law violations Fines and Penalties that will bankrupt him.

In any event, he has a family, friends and community publicity problem that shows he has not acted like a Judge but participated in his own Appearance of Improprieties disgusting jokes bout women, and minorities and porn stars victims, set up by Frank Fina.

Eakin will be lucky if he gets away with just resigning if he continues to fight for staying in a job that public and more importantly fellow Judges losing respect for him. But if he has good Lawyer that should suggest it and that's really too bad. I'm sorry, Eakin's another nice guy but Eakin just forgot about the rules too and his associations with Fina has caught him with Theft of Services too.

The time has come to stop covering up for the Judiciary and Prosecutors Misconduct and just replace the Porn Gate Judges and Prosecutors and Employees, with more Women and Minorities that will believe in following the Rule of Law.

The Taxpayers will not be happy having to pay Porn Companies and Porn Stars for Copyright Violations and people that were wrongly convicted of crimes like Theft of Services. Duquense Law School will ask Tom Corbett to resign or move on to another job as well. Corbett's Political Minions Fallen Angels that were protecting him, will abandon him!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can hear it now.....A wonderful thing, subpoena to make one go before a Grand Jury? I can hear it now again....As it stands now, not even all Republican Senators are with the Republican Senate Committee that wants a Hearing on AG Kane? They don't think much of of the Montgomery County Grand Jury Investigation or Seth Williams penance and sensitivity training either anymore? No one does

When some start to talk about having meetings with Frank Fina, his Prosecutors, and some Judges and why they didn't report such Exparte Meetings? They will just tell Special Independent Counsel Investigators those were Frank Fina's rules and Fina said he wanted to deal only with just them.

They will claim then they had had a leak? They will try to convince Investigators and now Prosecutors looking at them calling what's going on around here a leak?
But no one is going believe it, the last time there was a leak like this, Noah built himself a boat!

When other Corbett and Williams Prosecutors Misconduct comes out like phony Judicial Authority to run wire taps? And then use feeble attempts to explain it the Judges that got Porn Gate Emails were just acting on Prosecutors Instructions????

The Supreme Court Investigators will report no one gets paid to act on Fina, Blessington and Costanzo instructions, the Judges gets paid to abide by and to enforce the law.

Once it also comes out that Fina & Misconduct Commonwealth OAG Prosecutors were investigating DA Williams with such Wire Taps without telling the department claiming it is it was just preliminary because they had cause bit no case, then Seth will turn too!

Once this gets all over the newspapers? even more will be caught in the web of Fina's Sins. Including the unmasking of Campaign Contributors to Corbett and Williams that were connected to The Second Mile, Pennsylvania Society, PA Cyber School, and some Casino Owners, and then it will get more interesting why many have been given passes on grand Jury conducted by Fina and Corbett, but never charged?

Anonymous said...

Discharged, disgraced and dismissed Judge Feudale that allow his Passwords to Grand Jury Presentments to be easily found on his desk may be the one Judge that will end up in jail without a pension too?

Do you know something, Fina and Feudale should get divorces and then get married so they can't testify against one another!

Like in the movie "Spotlight" some Newspaper People that were given confidential and illegal leaks on Grand Jury Presentments will come forward with Immunity and explain how they got it too.

All of sudden Feudale won't even respond to Supreme Court Inquiries and wants all the rules of ethics and Criminal Law to apply to defend his Constitutional Rights that he violated others on when he presided over grand Juries????

Anonymous said...

If there wasn’t an old boys network before, there certainly is one now, as politicians, Republicans and Democrats, from judges to DAs to the legislature have all banded together in one common cause, to remove the plague of Kathleen Kane from public office for good, but it is coming back on them.

This is great, the trainwreck that keeps on giving! Whooo Whooo!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Kane is nothing more than a Manchurian candidate, but even the Manchurian's would not removed her by now...too many people still need to resign or come out and apologize, once Copyright Investigations happen, it is all over anyway.

Fina now has little wonder that an attorney general who suppressed a political corruption investigation, found it convenient to investigate Theft of Services of his own Prosecutors and Judges using State Computers on State time, while prosecuting others, and Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo with Eaklin making sexism, racism, and a lack of moral hygiene on the part of those who unmasked all of them?

Victimhood requires solidarity and, these days, volunteers are in ample supply. But Fina is finish!

Anonymous said...

Given what I have seen in the last 4 years and the way the justice system in Pa. has been perverted in the cases against Kathleen Kane; I would hazard to guess that it is a lot more than we might have imagined.

I think the Public is waking up now, one is shocked how frequently this happens all over the country. Netflix has a pretty interesting new documentary miniseries a la Serial called "Making a Murderer". It will shock you the lengths some prosecutors will go to stick to a narrative that is clearly false, like Frank Fina has don4e to many victims!

Tom Corbett & Barry Feudale's names along with "Investigative Grand Jury" and I just gotta wonder anymore. So much smoke and where there is smoke that is the fire trying to burn Prosecutors Notes that will show they violated laws in their Prosecutions?

Anonymous said...

Fina and the Boys have a tremendous history with regard to their SLAM DUNK cases
(BTW - what other Fina cases have we seen categorized as "SLAM DUNKS"......anyone?)

The 82 year old Louise Bishop dropped her suit regarding racial targeting.....because the prosecution offered the following deal:
NO conviction for bribery (which they had charged her with earlier)
NO conviction for conspiracy (which they had charged her with earlier)
NO loss of pension
NO jail time
NO fine.

As her attorney said about dropping the racial targeting suit..."I have one horse in this race and that's Louise Bishop," Peruto (Bishop's defense attorney) said, as questions of Kane's influence dominated the press scrum. "When I'm given an offer like I was given this morning, I need to go out now and have a drink to celebrate."
Of knew that. Right? Seth Williams and Frank Fina have to Stop embarrassing themselves?

Of course, Fina's lead man, prosecutor Mark Gilson (he's the whakko at the PC yelling for Kane to release all of her "porno" e-mails), said this:
"I'm batting a thousand here," said Philadelphia Assistant DA Mark Gilson. "Do you understand that? This was not a half-assed, dead-on-arrival investigation . . . these people show up to this hearing and give up without a fight."

Gilson is right about one thing....SOMEONE "gave up without a fight".....but it wasn't the defendants. LMAO And, of course, he IS still "batting 1.000", because throughout this entire SLAM DUNK bribery case, Fina/Gilson/Williams have achieved the following:
- NO Bribery Convictions
- NO Criminal Conspiracy Convictions.
- NO loss of Pension.
- NO Jail time

Anonymous said...

BUT, Fina and the boys DID manage to provide immunity and absolve all charges against the guy who stole nearly 1/2 a million dollars - $430,000 - from a program to provide food to low income children and seniors. So, they got that going for them :)

THOSE CHARGED BY THE FINA BOYS (the gang who can't shoot - or talk - or behave - straight):
1 - Ron Waters: Charged with - Criminal Conspiracy and Bribery (among others)
Pled to - Conflict of Interest, Paid Court Costs and a $200 fine The plea allowed Waters - age 65 - to retire and keep his pension

2 - Harold James: Charged with - Criminal Conspiracy and Bribery (among others)
Pled to - Conflict of Interest, Paid Court Costs and a $100 fine? The plea allowed James - age 72 - to maintain his pension

3 - Vanessa Lowery Brown: Charged with - Criminal Conspiracy and Bribery (among others)? The case against Brown is still winding through a set of motions?

4 - Louise Bishop: Charged with - Criminal Conspiracy and Bribery (among others)
Pled to - Not reporting the $1,500 she received, and returned the $1,500 to the folks who ran the "sting". Paid $5,000 to help offset the costs of the prosecution (LOL). The plea allowed Bishop - age 82 - to maintain her pension?

5 - Michelle Brownlee: Charged with - Criminal Conspiracy and Bribery (among others)
The case against Brownlee (age 59, who resigned her state house seat) appeared to have been settled this summer....when She and Seth Williams agreed on a plea to "Conflict of Interest" - whereby Brownlee would have to pay court costs (no fine, no jail). But Brownlee had second thoughts, and withdrew her Conflict of Interest plea, and the case is winding its way through the courts (TTBOMK) Can anyone NOT notice a pattern here with regard to Fina's "SLAM DUNK" cases?


TOGETHER, the 5 were accused of taking $17,250 (Waters $9,000, James $750, Brown $4,000, Brownlee $2,000, and Bishop $1,500) of illegal contributions. The guy who got IMMUNITY from Seth and the boys - in return for his cooperation in the "sting"....Ali.....absconded with $430,000 of state funds intended to provide food for low-income children and seniors. You couldn't make this up if you tried.

But now:
We are supposed to put such faith in the Fina Boys' case against Kathleen Kane that we should:
1 - Usurp the tenure of the person who WE chose to represent us in the Attorney General's Office
2 - We should short circuit OUR right to either retain that person in the upcoming election....or select a new AG of our choosing
3 - We should have FAITH in the veracity of the Fina Boys' latest "Slam Dunk" case.

Certainly there could not be any OTHER reasons for the incredible lengths they have gone to in the efforts to muzzle Kane. Right?

Anonymous said...

LMAO indeed. LMAO!!!! I AM OUTRAGED! LOL......If you plead guilty to nothing, with penalties of it still a conviction?

LOL, Fina and the Boys still batting 1.000.....??? No one CAN be THAT stupid....which leaves only one alternative.....Fina, Williams, Blessington, Costanzo and Williams!

1. Bishop pleaded "no contest" to ONE COUNT of not reporting a gift. That's it. Seth Williams dropped all the other charges.
2. It's pretty hard to argue that there is nothing racial about a case that was called the "Black Caucus" investigation within the OAG.

Williams cut Bishop a sweet deal to save face for his office and she took it. The fact that the PA press refuses to acknowledge that demonstrates just how incompetent the PA political press is. Or how firmly their noses are jammed up Fina's you-know-what.

Anonymous said...

Thanks -- good advice. Reminds me of the old saying "I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you."

Anonymous said...

To me it really doesn't matter if Kane is guilty or innocent. She has exposed the corruption in the Commonwealth justice system and it now makes sense why Fina and prosecutors were getting away with some of the tactics they used in the BonusGate, Sandusky, and had his own PornGate Cases with Judges doing these Cases and in the 36 GJ proceedings that led to the charges against a few but never Indicted anyone that gave Campaign Donations to Corbett?.

I think anyone who thinks Feudale, Eakin, Fina etc. aren't getting a fair shake should go tell it to the crying janitor. Perhaps they wish to retain Cynthia Baldwin?

he Office of Attorney General has handed over 1 million emails to Gansler so that he can start his investigation. I hope he is able to get to the bottom of things and that those responsible will be held to account. If you look at the comments, you will see the Penn Live trolls are going wild and having a field day.

I wonder how many of them are getting paid and who is paying them.

Anonymous said...

IMO these breaking developments on Pornggate and the roles of Kathleen Kane, Frank Fina and others are related and consequently the damage that has been inflicted on the exposure of the Commonwealth Judicial System.

If you are not interested in this topic, you are free to ignore it. I hate to break it to you, but it is going to be in the news for some time to come and will likely be discussed and analyzed extensively over the next year and probably longer, an Independent Prosecutor appointed by the New Supreme Court cleans it all up from Corbett, Fina and Williams!

There's a huge difference between Fina getting taken by Ali and ending up with very little for a deal and a sting that was plagued by racial targeting. Fina did his bad deal and letting Ali slide. I've consistently and repeatedly said Fina and anyone that traded the workplace themed porn has to go, period. There's no place for that in a professional setting. The fact that it was in the OAG's office makes it even more egregious.

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