Friday, September 19, 2008

Partisan AG Corbett blasted for his "political timetable" for new indictments

A Captain Renualt post: Attorney General (and Space Cadet) Tom Corbett has recently said to reporters that unless he can indict more people (republicans?) by October 1st, there will be no indictments before the election.

He is being roundly criticized for this decision by editorial boards throughout the state. AG/SC Corbett goes on to explain to reporters that indictments after Oct 1 would appear to be "too political".

OH...and it wasn't "too political" to indict just DEMOCRATS in July of an election year? Give me a break. As one editorial board wrote..."Ask Rep. Sean Ramaley"...if the July indictments had any impact on the November elections.

So surprise, surprise, after 18 months only investigating House Democrats, AG/SC Corbett is running out of time to indict any Republicans before the election. I know, you are as surprised as I am.

In the meantime, House Republican candidates are running all over the state using Corbett's indictments of some House Democrat staff and current and former officials to beat Democrat candidates over the head with "Bonusgate" nonsense. I know, you are shocked about that too.

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