Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corbett AGAIN uses Bonusgate to Help Republicans. Gonzales Would Be Proud.

A Captain Renault Post: Yesterday, I was shocked --- shocked! --- to see and hear reports from the Corbett Campaign Courtroom that a testifying witness linked House Democratic Leader H. William DeWeese to politics on the public dime. How could this be, when the campaigning Corbett promised just one month ago not to do anything regarding Bonusgate that might affect the upcoming election? Just as the news stories were outlining possible wrongdoings by Republicans, Corbett calls a halt to any indictments before the election. His rationale? Indictments and news stories about the indictments could impact the election -- and that would be unfair (to Republicans). I am shocked --- shocked!

I have already posted many times on how shockingly absurd Corbett's rationale is for creating this arbitrary timetable. And editorial writers have blasted Corbett for this overtly partisan maneuver.

So what does Corbett do next? In a "shocking" move that would make Alberto Gonzales proud, Corbett schedules a show trial/campaign event/preliminary hearing for the Democrats indicted in Bonusgate just one month before the election. But, he figures, maybe that won't be enough. Maybe such a show trial won't generate enough headlines to be helpful to Republicans. So just to be sure, he brings in a surprise witness -- DeWeese's former chief of staff -- who now implicates DeWeese, the leader of the House Democrats, directly in the Bonusgate allegations.

So Corbett's excuse/explanation for no indictments before the election achieves a level of hypocrisy and cynicism unrivaled since my days at Rick's Cafe.

All of the news stories from Harrisburg will affect DeWeese’s bid for re-election in his home district, just as Corbett’s original indictments and his premeditated courtroom drama have affected all House Democrats in their runs for re-election. All of us in Casablanca on the Susquehanna are shocked --- shocked! --- but not surprised, as this has been the plan all along.

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