Friday, November 21, 2008


A Captain Renault post: My view is that Corbett feels safe and secure now that the election is over and he was comfortably re-elected. Within days of the election, Attorney General and Space Cadet Corbett started walking backwards from his promised oh-so-soon-just-not-before-the-election indictment of Republicans. We were amazed that more reporters and editorial boards didn't take him to task for his fancy dance backwards. Most of the MSM continue to disbelieve that Corbett has a partisan agenda and wants to use Bonusgate as his stepping tone to the Governor's office. This despite the fact that the AG and his crew have now spent almost 2 years investigating and indicting Democrats and pushes off "into the future" any day of reckoning for Republicans.

But the clock is ticking on Corbett and that clock chime will be louder and louder the longer Corbett tries to go without charging Republicans for conduct that is clearly the same or very similar to that of the indicted Democrats (read my previous posts on that subject).

But hope springs eternal and today the Pocono Record published an editorial that is the first post-election editorial that tries to hold Corbett accountable. Here is an interesting excerpt from the editorial:

"...Mr. Corbett says his investigators went after Democrats first because they got a tip that computer records with incriminating information were being destroyed by the Democratic caucus.

Similar campaign work on government time was performed by Republican staffers, many contend, but the Republicans were cunning enough to destroy their computer records (by converting to a new system) before they could be seized. Yet such alleged abuses by the GOP, including campaign materials on Republican officials' work servers, were widely documented and reported on in a 2007 Philadelphia newspaper story. There might be other paper trails, as well.

Democrats allege that Corbett has no incentive to investigate fellow Republicans, particularly as he mulls a possible 2010 run for governor and tries to strengthen his case for winning his party's nomination."

Kudos to the Pocono Record for keeping a very skeptical eye on Corbett. If only the rest of the MSM would be as observant. As I have said here many times, because the MSM media ignored the early warnings from bloggers and other sources, Alberto Gonzales and his staff were able to make the US Justice Department their own political operation to benefit Republicans.

You can't say we didn't warn you.

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