Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A Captain Renault post: Time to call a plumber for Attorney General and Space Cadet Tom Corbett -- or a real prosecutor. It looks like AG/SC Corbett and his crack staff are continuing to illegally leak stories to reporters in an effort to make Corbett look good, to further his political goals, and to cover his tracks when he fails to indict any Republicans.

It is of course illegal for the Attorney General or his staff to leak any information from a secret grand jury proceeding. But that doesn't appear to have stopped Corbett and his staff from doing just that since the beginning of this investigation. Time and time again articles appear in papers throughout the state outlining what the grand jury is investigating, and how smart Corbett is and how hard he is working to bring the corrupt legislature to justice. Corbett and his spokesman/political operator Kevin Harley always trot out the usual direct quotes in each article explaining that they "can't comment on an ongoing investigation" -- yada, yada, yada. In the meantime, each article has the kind of insight and details that only could come from inside the grand jury and the AG's office.

Last week Corbett and his crew were just a bit too cute by half because their leaks were reported in the state's two largest newspapers on the same day! What a coincidence that both papers would have the same story about secret grand jury proceedings on the exact same day. And what a coincidence that both stories made it look like Corbett was "getting tough" with the House Republicans because they are stonewalling his investigation.

Both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Philadelphia Inquirer published their stories about Corbett going to the Grand Jury Judge to force the House Republicans to comply with issued subpoenas. What are the odds that two reporters who have been covering the Bonusgate story for many months would just happen to come across the same information on the same day and write essentially the same story. Corbett continues to be a master hypocrite -- illegally leaking material to reporters while prosecuting alleged illegalities in the legislature.

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