Thursday, December 18, 2008


Secretary Steve Crawford Turns Down House Democratic Caucus Chief of Staff Job.

A Captain Renault post: Our sources On The Hill and inside the Capitol Bldg. tell us that Gov. Rendell's long-time Secretary of Legislative Affairs Steve Crawford was recently, officially, and formally offered the job of "Chief of Staff to the Democratic Caucus". The word from Caucus and Governor staff insiders is that Crawford said "no" to the job offer and is staying with Rendell.

We're not sure if Crawford's decision to turn the job down is a vote of "no confidence" in the House Democrat Caucus or a vote of "confidence" in lame duck Rendell and his last two year legislative session.

Our sources tell us Crawford met with the new House Democrat Triumvirate -- McCall, Eachus, and Evans -- and they asked him to take the job. He said no.

If Crawford serves out his two years with the Rendell administration he will be the longest serving Secretary of Legislative Affairs in anyone's recent memory.

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