Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A Captain Renault post: A published report today in the Tribune Review reveals that Attorney General and Space Cadet Tom Corbett has yet another State House Democrat under investigation by one of his grand juries. The Tribune Review reports that Democrat Rep. Tony Deluca of Penn Hills is being investigated by Corbett and various Penn Hills local officials and Boro employees have testified in front of a Pittsburgh based grand jury regarding alleged activities that, according to one witness, "could be construed as misuse of public office."

It's just another day in the office for Corbett. Another day, and another Democrat is under investigation. In the meantime, Corbett has yet to indict a single Republican in the Bonusgate investigation that has now gone on for at least two years. Corbett professes publicly to be "investigating all 4 caucuses" in the legislature. But from a review of the public record and any casual effort to listen to the chatter in the state Capitol, it's clear that Corbett is stalling a serious investigation of the State House Republicans and hasn't even begun a casual review of the activities of the Senate Republicans -- despite the fact the Senate Republicans gave out some of the largest bonuses to known political operatives. Keep in mind that at the current pace, the Bonusgate investigation will continue well past the election in 2010 -- the very election in which Tom Corbett plans to run for Governor. It's coincidental of course. It's also wrong, dangerous, and abuse of the justice system by a prosecutor for his own political gain.

So despite the fact that to date Corbett has devoted very limited time and resources to investigating the Republicans in the legislature over the last two years, he finds the time, the resources, and a grand jury that will investigate another Democrat -- now.


Anonymous said...

i don't know where you are listening but he is actively investgating republicans. just cause u ddidn't here does it make it not true...

Anonymous said...

He probably just wants to make sure you will have plenty of friends when you go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett is so stinkingly corrupt and so obviously in the pocket of pretty much anyone who will give him money, it's beyond disgusting.

Look at his deal with NCO Financial, a sleazy enterprise he aids and abets in illegal thievery.

Kaching, kaching....follow the money....Tom Corbett is a piece of stinking excrement. May he rot in hell forever.