Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A Captain Renault post: As new and serious questions arise every day about Bill DeWeese and the quality and motives of AG Corbett's Bonusgate investigation, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an editorial today that for the first time took some critical shots at Corbett and his investigation. Corbett's investigation is coming under increased scrutiny and criticism after going on for two long years and as Corbett announces his intention to run for Governor in 2010.

Sure, the editorial skewers DeWeese and the other leaders and members of the House Democrat Caucus -- calling them a "circular firing squad" and saying that DeWeese's position in the legal battle with Eachus is "ludicrous". But we know they always pound on the House Democrats and DeWeese. DeWeese gives the editorial writers in the state enough material in any one given week to last them all year.

What's noticeable about this Inquirer Editorial is that they criticize Corbett for his Bonusgate investigation for the first time since it started.

"Attorney General Tom Corbett launched a painfully slow investigation, which so far has resulted in charges against 12 current and former House Democratic officials."

"Corbett's probe is plodding into its second year; meanwhile the complex case of financier Bernard Madoff, who stole about $65 billion, took only three months to prosecute."

Describing the Bonusgate investigation as "painfully slow" and "plodding" is being easy on Corbett. This investigation is now two years old and published reports indicate that Corbett's investigation seems to now be focusing on the House Republicans. Corbett has promised to investigate all 4 caucuses. There has been no indication whatsoever that Corbett and his team have spent any time to date investigating the Senate Republicans. The Senate Republicans gave out some of the biggest bonuses to staff members who were widely known to be very active in Republican politics. At the current pace it will take more than two more years for Corbett to "complete" his investigation of all 4 caucuses.

The most damning part of today's Inquirer editorial? This:

"Republican Corbett says more charges are coming. He obviously hopes to use the drawn-out probe as a springboard into the governor's office in 2010."

Finally, a newspaper editorial in the main stream media in this state says that Corbett is using the Bonusgate investigation for his own political gain. This is a very serious matter. There is no other way to read these two sentences in this editorial. The editors even use the term "obviously" to describe Corbett's political motivations in the Bonusgate probe. The idea that a criminal prosecutor would use a criminal investigation and criminal prosecutions for his own political gain or for partisans reasons is frightening to most people in Pennsylvania.

We hope to see a stronger and more complete Inquirer editorial about Corbett on this specific and serious allegation of a politically motivated investigation. There should be an outcry from more editorialists, the self-proclaimed good government groups, political party leaders in both parties, other prosecutors, and legal and constitutional experts in our state. Where are they?

Of course we here at CasablancaPA, and many others all over the state, have "obviously" known for a long time that Corbett's Bonusgate investigation is corrupted and infested with politics and clear political motivations. We hope this Inquirer editorial does not go unnoticed and we hope the scrutiny increases on Corbett and his political investigation.


Anonymous said...

if Corbett's investigation is politically motivated, then how do you explain jury's decision to convict Veon of 14 felonies? your myopic stance on bonusgate does not resonate with pa taxpayers or voters.

Corbett is just doing his job.

Scott said...

someone getting ready to run for Governor gearing his work toward the election is absolutely expected by voters! I think most everyone understands thats how anyone smart would do it