Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A Captain Renault post: John Cole, the editorial cartoonist for the Times-Tribune published an on target cartoon today reflecting all of the recent stories implicating Bill DeWeese in the Bonusgate scandal. Check out the cartoon on Cole's Opinion Blog here.

Everyday more people are raising serious questions about AG Corbett's Bonusgate investigation. As more implicating evidence enters the public realm of DeWeese's clear involvement in many aspects of Bonusgate, more people, reporters, and even Republican political operatives are wondering if DeWeese and Corbett made some secret deal. No one, and I mean no one, that I have talked with in the State Capitol and in the PA political community over the last 6 months believes the absurd DeWeese explanations and rationale.

It seems the only person in PA who believes DeWeese's "Sgt. Schulzt" routine is AG Tom Corbett. That fact is very suspicious -- at best. Corbett has indicted 10 Democrat staff people, including what insiders have described as mid-level staff, and yet he has let off the hook the man who was responsible for the entire House Democrat caucus operation. We have looked at similar public corruption investigations and prosecutions in other states all over the country and we can't find another single investigation where the staff people were indicted and not the elected officials they worked for.

So we are now two years into the Bonusgate investigation with new and serious questions about the quality and motives of the investigation. And as we know, two years after the investigation started there has not been a single Republican indicted.

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Anonymous said...

Some in the capital say that DeWeese and Perzel are in on it together. If one gets off, so does the other. Perhaps someone should delve a little deeper into John Perzel and his dirty little secrets.