Sunday, June 7, 2009


As Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett's investigation of the legislature enters its 30th month(!), we here at CasablancaPa have noticed a not-so-subtle shift in Corbett's rhetoric.

When confronted with proof that he'd reviewed hundreds of pieces of evidence that other House members engaged in political activity using state resources, he didn't hint that those members might face charges, as he has done so often in the past. Instead, he defended his decision not to charge them.

Until now, it's been easy for Corbett to maintain his facade that all members of the legislature were facing equal scrutiny, because the compliant capitol news corps has never challenged him.

Much to our amusement and Corbett's amazement, Veon and his co-defendants appear not to be as compliant. The Post-Gazette last week revealed that a judge lifted a gag order in the case after Veon's lawyers pointed out there's “no longer any justification” for it. Corbett, never questioned on this point outside the courtroom, was forced by Veon's lawyers to admit his investigation of House Democrats is over.

Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review appears not to have noticed these two important admissions, smugly predicting that a DeWeese arrest will render Veon's argument moot. Perhaps Bumsted doesn't read the competition.


Anonymous said...

Once again, this investigation is going to continue no matter what anybody says, and it will spread as all fingers point in all directions.

The big problem now is not what legislators did or did not do, or their staffs.

It is clear there were practices in Harrisburg that were going on a long time and over time it became comfortable to keep practicing the old political ways until more lines were crossed and it was time to stop it.

Unfortunately, some very good people now have to defend themselves on something they never knew was illegal but more like normal to many that work in politics even on the lines of ethical conduct in the abyss.

Even more unfortunate is not what will be discovered in the future, it is what 4 Staffers have pleaded too, are revealing, and will testify to when Trials begin in earnest.

This is a snowball that has already started and cannot be stopped and will rollover on everyone eventually and few know the path it will take in totality.

Signor Ferrari said...

Those who have struck deals will say whatever Corbett wants them to say, and that will be whatever is most politically advantageous to Corbett. Don't look for truth to be revealed by desperate people who are being intimidated and threatened.

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

Neither is "everyone else was doing it".

Put these bums out.

Signor Ferrari said...

The point is not that "others did it.". The point is that Corbett determined that it wasn't a crime when others did it. Don't you think he should have to explain why?

Anonymous said...

Really? Because "others did it" seems to be Veon's entire defense, Signor. "Why weren't they charged" is just the same argument, wrapped up in martyr's clothes.

Maybe because Veon (according to the PG article) seems to have been running the illegal activities? Jail jail jail jail jail.

Signor Ferrari said...

No one's asking why they weren't charged; it's clear it's because Corbett determined they committed no crime. You completely misunderstand the argument. We expect keener minds (unfogged by an inexplicable crush on Bill DeWeese!) will prevail in court.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to investigate the other political party of wrongdoing, but it is harder to investigate your own political party for the same things. One must be fair, stoic, and let the evidence lead where paths are much worn.

Anything less and you can be accused of your own cover up. Once such injustice is seen, a future is never brighter than the truth it discovers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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