Thursday, June 11, 2009


Once again, Bill DeWeese abdicates responsibility. Today in a letter to Pittsburgh Tribune Review, he says lots of hinky activity was happening in the caucus, but it wasn't his responsibility:

"As more details become known -- such as the recent revelation that large magnets and hand drills were used to destroy House computer hard drives and backup tapes despite my directive to preserve evidence -- I believe that my team's cooperative efforts will ultimately lead fair-minded people to draw positive conclusions regarding my conduct."

Who was in the leader of the caucus in 2007 and 2008 when this supposed destruction of evidence occurred? Why, it was Bill DeWeese!

If this supposed destruction of evidence really happened or was illegal, wouldn't someone have been charged with a crime by Corbett by now?

Only Bill DeWeese could have ordered anyone to monkey around with hard drives and backup tapes...remember, DeWeese's scapegoat Veon was no longer a member of the caucus at that point.

Also keep in mind, the investigator notes mentioning the magnets and drilling were part of the investigation that resulted in the July 2008 charges against Veon and the Democratic staff. Among them Mike Manzo, the only staff person with authority to make that kind of call to the caucus computer geeks, and Steve Keefer, the head of the caucus computer department. Neither of them were charged for destroying evidence last July and Corbett certainly would have brought charges before now, nearly a year later.

The real question in this matter is why didn't Corbett charge anyone with a crime regarding this alleged destruction of evidence?

Perhaps because it is part of Corbett's wholesale disregard of mountains of evidence that implicates DeWeese. Last week, information provided to Veon's defense team by Corbett showed DeWeese and his staff, notably Kevin Sidella and Tom Andrews, did significant amounts of DeWeese campaign work on caucus time using caucus resources. Today's Patriot News has a great re-cap here.

And, don't forget that Mike Manzo, a key witness for Corbett, said under oath at the preliminary hearing in October 2008 that DeWeese knew about the allegedly illegal bonus program.

What kind of arrangement does Corbett have with DeWeese? How will this arrangement impact Corbett's campaign for Governor?

If Corbett does follow through on his promise to indict high ranking Republicans, how does he go back to the GOP faithful during his gubernatorial primary and tell them, "Hey, I indicted Jubelirer/Brightbill/Perzel but ignored obvious wrong doing by DeWeese"?


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you're still stuck on the O.J. Simpson defense of, "Someone else did it!" We're still waiting to find out who that killer was.
In fact, O.J.'s about the only person you haven't accused the attorney general of not going after.
Half of the defendants aren't interested in striking plea bargains, as is reportedly the case here,if the attorney general is on the wrong trail.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Jury Findings clearly show DeWeese Signature was forged, DeWeese Campaign Emails never went out from the secret account that paid for Computers in Michigan without DeWeese knowledge.

Furthermore, in the Grand Jury Findings on B.I.G. Veon's was so quiet about the B.I.G Office where Manzo put his girlfriend, Veon did not even tell the Lesser what funds will pay for the Rent and purpose of the Office showing even the guy that owned the place was kept in the dark by Veon?

Finally, after the Office was rented even a Veon's Staffer asked why they were paying for Cable TV where the women was hired to live and work for Veon by Manzo.

Manzo did not even tell his future wife about these things.

So, if all this was kept from many why and how did DeWeese know everything?

I am for fairness and that applies to everyone at anytime. Many campaign workers that worked for state did not know they were breaking a law that is a fair statement.

Neither did DeWeese on these other matters in my opinion, and that is unfair to say otherwise too.

Signor Ferrari said...

Odd that no one was charged with forging his signature, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Do you have evidence of who forged the signature? Because you need that to charge someone, don't you?

Enjoy Jail.

Signor Ferrari said...

Dude, it's the previous "Anonymous" who is claiming that the signature was forged. Are you having trouble following?

Anonymous said...

Read the Grand Jury Prsentments and Newspaper Acounts, there is no question DeWeese Signature was forged. This is clear he did not know!

At the same time, the AG Office will have to prove the person that forged or signed his signature and why, so it will all come out at Trial, unless an admission has been made in a plea deal.

In any event, there are many instances and many emails showing DeWeese was kept in the dark on many things.

I am only being fair, and it isfair to ask questions as this website attempts to do, but it is important to look at the Grand Jury allegations.

Defense Lawyers will handle the rests and the Prosecutors will present the evidence, but a Jury will decide if all parties cannot come together for setttlement agreement.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I have a difficult time reading the condemnation of Bill DeWesse on Bonusgate actions compared to other charged.

In the Fumo convictions it was clear he attempted to cover up the actions of his office, we know this from testimony of his employee’s actions to erase all evidence that failed, and their subsequent admission before sentencing.

Regarding the Veon Office allegations of State Grand Jury, there are charges showing that many events and acts were kept from others from knowing everything, not just staff, but many people.

Yet, Bill DeWesse did something different, once DeWesse found out about some dealings he was not aware of he acted far differentely from Fumo or Veon.

DeWesse hired a Republican Inspector General and Prosecutor to investigate his own office and the House Democratic Caucus, with instructions to work with the AG Office investigations. DeWesse then confronted the staffers or HDC employees that admitted they did things without his knowledge.

DeWesse did not act like Fumo or Veon, he did the right thing any person would do in light of allegations of wrongdoing, and he investigated the House Democratic Caucus and reported the findings.

This is what all lawmakers should do when confronted with allegations that need to be addressed and if we had such lawmakers do just that, the need for AG Office investigations would be diminished and any rumors of political deal making are clearly concocted for other purposes.

Anonymous said...

Once AG Corbett indict Republicans all of this nonsense will be gone from the blogs. None of this makes sense right now. The facts are someone is trying to confuse issues already not in dispute.

Once Veon either pleas or is convicted just like Fumo all of this can be figured out easily.

Corbett was honorable, DeWeese forthright to investigate the House Caucus, Chadwick reviewed everything and turned over what AG Office required, and Pennsylvania is better off for such actions.

None of these men enjoys watching others be accused of anything. Many of the Defendants got caught up with practices that need reform even while doing great deeds for the commonwealth citizens on long hours with short pay.

Chadwick actually placed new reforms in the HDC as adopted by the HDC Leadership.

DeWeese is pushing for even more reforms right now.

Corbett will do the right things for the good of the commonwealth, justice, and future of Pennsylvanians.

Anonymous said...

People known to Corbett believe that his staff members have handled campaign matters on state time. If Corbett builds his career on the prosecutorial equivalent of jay-walking, an independent counsel should be appointed to interview all of his staff members, pour through their emails, and interview his donors to determine who called his staff about campaign matters on state time. Alternatively, that work could be done through other means. Corbett will open the barn door, creating an aftermath in which he himself may get trampled.