Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"House Republicans received a subpoena for documents in the long-running investigation into bonuses for legislative employees...." Associated Press, Oct. 23, 2007

"Attorney General Tom Corbett's yearlong probe of legislative operations entered new turf this week when his investigators subpoenaed records from the state Senate's majority Republican caucus." Patriot News, Feb. 13, 2008

"In a widening investigation into allegations of government corruption, prosecutors have interviewed 20 to 30 House Republican staffers in the last two weeks..." Post-Gazette, Aug. 8, 2008

"The other shoe could drop as soon as this week. Look for Republicans wearing handcuffs like the 12 Democrats did at their arraignments in July." Tribune-Review, Sept. 14, 2008

"When the next criminal charges come in a public corruption investigation of the Legislature, they will 'shock the conscience of people' because of the staggering amount of tax money involved, Attorney General Tom Corbett said Thursday. 'You will be stunned,' he told the Tribune-Review. 'It's the amount of money involved.'" Tribune-Review, Feb. 20, 2009

"At this point even some Republicans and taxpayer watchdog groups are critical -- at least privately -- that nothing more has happened in a year." Patriot News, July 12, 2009

"...the fact that his investigation has yielded no Republicans and is now bumping into his own gubernatorial ambitions only further clouds a murky Harrisburg picture." Patriot News, July 15, 2009


Anonymous said...

“Seeing is Believing,” but in all reality, what a waste of time, as I stated there is a better way to conduct this Investigation, and quit making Martyrs out of good people that were doing there jobs and can pay back any miscues on electioneering.

One can do his job, in such ways, everybody is given a proper analysis, and true results can be created forevermore.

Anonymous said...

According to VEON'S motion - Attachment 3 and Wiedemer's Grand Jury testimony it is clearly outlines the TODD EACHUS role with the House Democratic Campaign Committee when he succeeded REP STETLER in August 2006.
The E-mails show that EACHUS was in charge of the Democratic Incumbent Protection Campaign for HDCC. This is alleged proof by VEON'S lawyers that EACHUS or his campaign all used STATE EMPLOYEES on STATE TIME and STATE RESOURCES before and after the summer of 2006.
PLEASE NOTE: Defendants have been charged by the ATTORNEY GENERAL for allegedly having similar actions to others on state time.

Anonymous said...

There isn't an elected official alive who hasn't in some way used government property on government time. Its the nature of the beast. And you are correct, senior ferrari, the publis doesn't care. As long as the masses get their occasional crumb and some freebie they are content until they see someone else who figured out how to get two crumbs. then the milk of human kindness (Greed) kicks in and they complain again. If there was a true search for justice out there there would not be anyone left inside.

Anonymous said...

It is now clear to me what the Attorney General is doing.

As we posts, I have seen State Workers protest over partial and no paychecks. Media especially radio shows condemn almost all legislators. In addition, many newspapers articles and editorials have written disapproval of the entire budget process.

While public libraries, parks, and recreation cut down their hours or close during the vacation season. These events, failure to compromise, and dwindling public patience is an ever-growing boiling pot of public opinion against all elected officials.

Add in the sideshow of the public’s distrusts of President Obama’s health care proposals, economic policies of a high deficit of possibly $2 Trillion, and increased national debt of $13 Trillion.

One can easily see we have a public caldron ready to blow. As the pressure grows ever so bigger, a final budget will be adopted with high denigration of everyone involved, no matter how well intended.

Just as the public scorn will be at the zenith of all these events, new indictments will be announced exposing even more bonus scandals.

The public, state workers and finger-pointing candidates for future office will be cheering even louder than it did when 12 Defendants were (Wrongly) perp walked 3 years ago.

As others join the defendants, I take no pleasure in either events or added allegations. This mess may be too large to clean up later and no way out.

bobguzzardi said...

Candidate Gerlach's campaign team is clever enough to figure out that AG Corbett's failure to indict Republicans will not be received without suspicion among Republican primary voters outside southeast.

Failing to indict Republicans will not help Candidate Corbett. The perception is, with some good reasons, that "everyone does it" and that includes Republicans. Perzel, Veon, How different are they?

Anonymous said...

Corbett can't bite the Republican hands that will feed him the governorship.

Anonymous said...

Todd Eachus actually ran one of the most superb campaigns for the Democrats in sometime. Todd warrants much acknowledgments not just condemnation.

Actually, maybe the Democrats that were hauled up actually are sufferers of their own triumphs. As a group, they were very effective and why I support and think highly of them.

I am not excusing anything either, just being realistic on what and how things happen with how campaigns in both parties worked at that time.

As well as advocate, proper rulings to the Grand Jury Findings that in fact will reimburse the commonwealth with criminal records that are later expunged.

Democrats should stick together not spew out at one another.

Anonymous said...

the The biggest moneymakers in politics are lawyers, printers, and the news media.

Everyone else involved in politics is nothing but cannon fodder sooner or later for dollars or soon to be the Yuan.

This whole mess is about changing of the guards in political leadership of both parties.

We are heading into a brave new world, with brave new weapons, and a reconstructed society based upon personalities cults of systems not people.

I am not a Farmer, but I know when I smell manure.

Anonymous said...

The only manure I smell is the posts that attack others here, so

I am spreading some perfume, to cover such a vile scent; I call it the truth of a reasonable person.