Wednesday, July 8, 2009


As we approach the one year anniversary of partisan Attorney General Tom Corbett's announcement of indictments against the 12 Democrats, here is a great post from our friends at

We're still anxiously waiting for the indictments of Republicans that Corbett has promised.

He told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in February his next indictments in his Bonusgate investigation will "shock the conscience of people...You will be stunned. It's the amount of money involved."

Although, Corbett has been teasing us for over a year we're not holding our breath.


Anonymous said...

It seems the House Democratic Caucus is building a Rat Ship in Harrisburg a vessel for seagoing snitches. Once you sung you will take your place on that long gray line of American Manhood and although you will not know it, you will be through. Manzo sang like a canary and so will others.

Most people seeking ambition, power, and influence stand up to everyone and everything because it makes them feel important.

But true leaders such as Bill DeWeese stand up and do the right thing because they mean it. It is what true Integrity is all about in one’s lifetime.

At least there are some in Harrisburg that will not sell out others to buy their future.

This is Integrity too and the stuff leaders are made of and make ones proud. Their souls are in tact, it is non-negotiable, and they avoid being affected with amputated spirit.

Anonymous said...

Seriously?!?!? We are now plagiarizing from the movie Scent of a Woman??? It's just like a DeWeese staffer to log onto this site and steal quotes from people that are much brighter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Do you not understand that is was DeWeese who built and fortified the Rat Ship? But, unlike good captains, he refuses to go down with it.

Signor Ferrari said...

For a while we thought maybe DeWeese has been outsourcing his PR needs to a non-English-speaking Third World country, but now we wonder if he isn't using some sort of bot program.

Anonymous said...

A Rat Ship has a companionway that are stairs from the upper deck to lower decks.

Bill DeWeese was working on the Political Agenda going around the state to evaluate Legislative needs as all Democratic Minority Leaders do in all Legislatures, Congress, and Senates, as his schedule proves.

The Democratic Minority Whip Mike Veon was assigned fundraising for candidate support along with Todd Eachus, the person that retired Mike Veon debt on his own without telling the HDC Leadership.

Mike Manzo from Beaver County was brought in by Bud George by the request of Mike Veon. Manzo rose quickly and was assigned to DeWeese but worked for Mike Veon far more and was privy of what was being conducted as proven in the Presentments and by his own admissions.

Foreman worked for Eachus and Lavelle for Veon, so the companionway was a Veon/Eachus operation.

Manzo admitted it publicly and apologized once DeWeese found out what was happening behind his back. Manzo has since turned on Veon, Cott, Peretta-Rosepink and many others to save his own wife and prison time.

There is no question the Rat Ship was built by a Veon/Manzo Axis not DeWeese. DeWeese clean the rats off the bow and stern by finding out what happen and saved the Caucus by refusing a cover up even at the cost of his Majority position, for the good of the caucus.

The blame goes to those that hired Manzo, Foreman, and Lavelle that have turned state witnesses and that was Mike Veon’s judgment not Bill DeWeese.

There is enough blame to go around and Senator Fumo did not help by his own behavior, hindsight is so unfair. Yet, Manzo, Foreman, and Lavelle along with Veon’s Lawyers are working to go after other Legislators with the AG Office Investigators.

Now when you add it all up, the Rat Ship has the scent of Veon, Beaver County, and Manzo more than anybody else, and pointing fingers at DeWeese for doing the right thing is not going to save anyone else from what they did on orders by Manzo.

Yet, to be fair, the Democrats are not all at fault if Republicans keep escaping the same investigations that happen in the HDC.

Signor Ferrari said...

Careful you don't make yourself dizzy.

Anonymous said...

I cannot ever become dizzy.

The reason why so many great politicians and staffs have loss elections, resigned, or are now indicted is that they flew to high where arrogance blinds them into ignorance.

I do not fly high where the air is so thin up there with the powerful and thus it becomes hard to breathe when one feels they are above the laws.

You take care and raise above all this nonsense, you, and some others, are by no means so guilty when only a few mistakes were made from a fairness point of view.

In my opinion, just taking this long as been punishment enough, but I am afriad more is coming and one day soon we will all be released to a higher source.