Thursday, July 16, 2009


It has been over a year since partisan Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett cuffed Democrats and paraded them in front of the statewide media. Now, everyone in Harrisburg is waiting for the long promised Republican indictments, but it appears that Corbett is looking for a day when his new arrests won't be crowded out by budget news.

Laura Vecsey who covers the state Capitol for the Harrisburg Patriot News gets straight to the point on her blog, pa.lotix, today:

"What are we supposed to think now?...Corbett has said that more people will be arrested, but no one has been arrested since last summer.

It's tough for Corbett to find the right time to bring government officials and workers up on charges, what with campaigns, elections and budget negotiations crowding the political calendar.

Even taking into account the idea that Corbett's massive and lengthy probe of lawmakers and legislative workers is politics-free, the fact that his investigation has yielded no Republicans and is now bumping into his own gubernatorial ambitions only further clouds a murky Harrisburg picture."


Anonymous said...

It is good the public, press, and people at this website are recognizing that this investigation is looking more unfair everyday for political gain. Especially in light of US Attorneys doing similar acts without investigations.

It is putting out to dry the very people that were once and still are enthusiastic employees trying to help their bosses do great public service for citizens.

Any prosecution that takes too long is simply a denial of justice and breaks the souls of those accused as well as their bank accounts and this affects real people from spouses, to children to parents to grandparents as well as running the government in times of crisis.

When Republican Prosecutors at the highest Federal Levels can break Ethical and Disciplinary Codes of Conduct in the pursuit of the other political party’s detriment, this is an Appearance of Impropriety by such Attorney’s under the Color of Law. These actions need to be addressed, as well as to preserve our Democracy not weaken it.

When they can walk away, keep their jobs, and have no repercussions except maybe a career ending towards the Federal Bench or higher office, it is simply wrong and playing dirty politics. It is these kinds of actions that hurt our Democracy and more important have turned superb public servants and dedicated staffers into common criminals they never were in all honesty.

No Question, there are levels of violations of archaic gotcha campaign laws that can grab any elected officials or staffers anytime and come back upon prosecutors as well. The AG Office need not prosecute these cases to the test the limits of old laws that are not relevant in light of today’s demands. We all can find ways to deal with all involved out of fairness in understanding that shoddy and careless habits are not always intentional criminal acts. Especially when they have been reformed and can be paid back with true contrition never to do it again.

Now Attorney General Corbett will be rushing to judgments that will forever affect the lives of many good people caught up with long-term routine procedures that have already been reformed.

We all respect the Attorney General and his own values, but to respond to a few fanatical cynical and outright government haters calling for the heads, homes, and lives of current and former governmental workers and public servants must be resisted even if it cost oneself a Governorship. Doing the right thing never results in regrets.

On the contrary hurting others needlessly when there are very sensible and hindsight methods of protecting the public trust, repaying the public treasury, and preventing more spending at a time when government resources are at their lowest is no longer right, in the face of all these controversies are being reaped upon our institutions.

As well as all of the two faced Democracy moral turpitude values and cultural arguments as stated above needs to come to end that we all can agree to together in the legislature, senate, political parties, and Attorney General participation and oversight.

DeWeese, Eachus, and all Democrats need to stand together and give up petty disputes, opinions, and agendas that in the end will only create more problems for others and our establishment. As well as calling for Veon and Ramley, to be treated fairly along with all staffers that has been caught up with this unfortunate episode.

The voters will decide the fates of Lawmakers up for re-election, and Governors in waiting seeking new ways to reform, govern, and establish trust not just in our system of government, but in our institutions, economic systems, and everyday lives of our citizens.

Anonymous said...

The Budget Crisis will be over by Wednesday. Harrisburg Political Elites will be burining if common sense on how to resolve this situation is not given its proper due.

These are people that devoted hours, days, months, and years to public service right with career prosecutors doing the same.

Fumo's conviction is now seen that one cannot hide from deeds the juries will find unacceptable, without understanding teh nature of the jobs.

A Judge may give light sentences but lives are still ruin, and that is not fair, in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that God exists but I am afraid of him.

I do believe in God and I am afraid of Corbett.

Corbett is doing the job his alleged gangsters want him to do, and the democRATS gangsters and all their minions are turning themselves in, like Rats on caSINos.

The Teamsters and Mob built Vegas but Howard Hughes bought it up, then the Republican Investment Banks bought them from Howard's Mormons, to make it family friendly.

Thank you democRATS we will take the PA CaSINos from here and make our dollars to keep our party in power.

I think those indicted are really Republicans sent in to destroy DemocRATS, nobody does it better.


Anonymous said...

Hell, this guy knows what he is talking about, Rendell's Boys from Chicago are behind this whole mess, all for the money.

Republicans and Democrats better
watch out.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was Taller!

This is my complaint!

But I never want to get so slow to attack my fellow party members.

Yoseph Stalin