Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On this week's "Politics as Usual" podcast, Capitol correspondents John Micek of the Morning Call, Alex Roarty of PoliticsPA.com and Tracie Mauriello of the Post-Gazette tossed off a few bon mots on the "Bonusgate" investigation and the gubernatorial race (which are now indistinguishable).

These three idealistic kids remain convinced that Corbett plans to follow through on his promise that more indictments are coming. While Mauriello admirably noted Corbett's recent "change in tone," she declines to draw the conclusion that Corbett is testing the public's reaction to letting Republicans off the hook.

Roarty claims that Corbett will "face questions" if he fails to charge Republicans, but we would remind Roarty that Corbett has failed to charge Republicans and so far has faced only one question from a small town newspaper. Not a single other news outlet picked up the story - hardly a firestorm of negative press.

What's most significant to us about this discussion is that all three acknowledge that the question of whether Republicans will be charged rests upon what's best for Corbett's gubernatorial campaign. There's not even a pretense that the question of actual wrongdoing will be considered. As Mauriello, who's taken a close look at Republican campaign expenditures, noted: "Corbett has seen what I've seen." In other words, the evidence is there. Whether Corbett acts upon it depends upon the political climate.

Give a listen, and tell us what you think:


Anonymous said...

The fact that you call them "three idealistic kids" shows that you lack a healthy respect for journalists.
Don't be so cocky and dismissive. These "kids" are way smarter than you think.

Anonymous said...

then they should start acting "way smarter"...

Anonymous said...

This is where I am supporting all the Defendants if.....CAPITOL IDEAS: INDICTMENTS REST ON POLITICAL CALCULATION.

All Indictments should be about the full totality of evidence, under the circumstances they happen, and with true intent to defraud the Commonwealth Taxpayers....NOT MISTAKES ALREADY ADMITTED IN PUBLIC.

They must also be about investigations of BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES....and I still find it patently unfair only 1 caucus of 4 have been waiting 3 years to go to Trial.

Finally, the PERP WALKS were just down right mean and unfair, and should have never been allowed, and someone should be BIG enough to admit to the Defendants without worrying about image.

We all make mistakes and that should tell you why we all need to be human when judging others.

There is a better way to resolve these mistakes and even if some rise to a level of an inadvertent crime, and a good AG Office can propose it, for the good of The Keystone State government, and let the people of Pennsylvania decide.

Never be afraid of what the public will decide, when given all the facts under tough circumstances.

Trust in the people, not just laws, never intended to be broken over old practices that got sloppy more than criminal.

Anonymous said...


We will satnd with you at the River, the mighty, mighty River,

Go Strawberry Square on Susquehanna, drown those DemocRATS and Pied Piper them into the Den on Inequity!

As they ponder in the abyss, may they weep forgiveness for what they did to the taxpayers and to their own kind.

May the will of the lord be done!