Thursday, August 27, 2009


Congressman and GOP gubernatorial primary hopeful Jim Gerlach continues to question partisan Republican Tom Corbett's handling of the bonusgate investigation.

On Tuesday while on a Western Pennsylvania campaign trip, Congressman Jim Gerlach sat down for an interview with KDKA's Jon Delano.

When asked by Delano if he thought Corbett has "botched" the bonusgate investigation, Gerlach replied he believed Corbett has an "inherent conflict of interest."

You can watch the interview here. The bonusgate questions and answers begin at 13:45.

Gerlach has probably seen the same campaign finance reports we've examined here at CasablancaPA and is just as skeptical of Corbett's ability to be impartial when Corbett has accepted millions of dollars from Republican legislators, party officials and committees.

The bonusgate investigation began 2 1/2 years ago. Democrats were arrested over a year ago. Still no Republican indictments.

Corbett promised "shocking" revelations to the Tribune Review in February. What is the hold up? Have all those campaign contributors been getting a return on their investment?


Anonymous said...

Corbett has botched more than just the bonusgate investigation... he has a history of partisanship... you have done a good job of outlining those examples... starting with Stan Rebert... why is no one connecting all the dots?

Anonymous said...

Gerlach is running against Corbett for the Republican nomination for governor. Just what do you EXPECT him to say?
This is Politics 101: Criticize your opponent, never praise him.
Maybe KDKA should ask Corbett what he thinks of Gerlach's job performance. I'm sure he'd be positively effusive in his response.

Anonymous said...

Attorney General Corbett can cause this all to go away and still serve justice.

To be fair to all Defendants and Guilty Pleaders, and State Witnesses, one could indict the entire legislature on the way sloppy campaigning came into being over the last 10 years in BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.

AG Corbett & His capable staffs, along with Former Prosecutors, a Judicial Panel and Citizens Contributions can come up with a way to go over all the evidence and propose how the Commonwealth can be reimbursed with having to go through tons of trails and Defendants can agree to certain penalties over becoming convicted felons.

After that, each elected official will be judged by the people on Election Primary and General Election day.

The Age of Fumo is gone along with practices that should never have evolved to such low levels.

Yet, many were only doing the jobs they were doing for over 10 years, which became worn, faded, and very hard to see by the most honest of workers.

It is not perfect justice but it is fair justice and Corbett can be proud of that along with compliments from all institutions, than having to defend himself through an election process in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Corbett is best served by keeping all state elected officials "on guard" that is why he hasn't gone after anyone else directly yet. Think about it, if you were running for statewide office, wouldn't you want the luxury of having all other elected officials, both R's and D's, afraid to publically criticize you with fear of prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Screw you, these people stole from, WE THE PEOPLE, they deserve to be put on trial, and this web site mocks the People.

WE THE PEOPLE will be heard and we will not stand for this to continue. Remember the people are not dumb. All over the nation and around the state, candidates will stand for office to stop corruption and waste in government.

I think Tom Corbett is a courageous public official and I salute him.

Keep up the good fight, Tom Corbett.

Stick to your convictions and the people will stand behind you.

I like what the Harrisburg Patriot says, too.

I hope he gets into the government, too. My prayers are with you. You are a true public servants.

Take out these Public Serpents that have poison our system of government with their personal venom.

God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

You are wrong, Corbett is not even thinking about the Governorship at this time.

Tom is just as upset that he has to do his duty and enforce the laws that these people abandoned for personal greed.

The people calling for compromises, resolutions, and plea agreements are bleeding heart liberals crying their boys and gals that were caught.

Let them do time for their crimes let others be warn, if you break laws, the system will break you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right...Corbett has the power to intimidate others from criticizing him or twist arms for political support. That point was made clear recently with the revelation, that despite his protestations that he had not taken any money from legislators while the investigation was going on, he was actively soliciting contributions from them at their legislative offices, as revealed by a few postings ago.

This blatantly illegal behavior is appalling, and clearly a conflict of interest. And, of course, hypocritical, but that is standard fare.

A cute note, by the way...that
campaign solicitation included a variety of suggested amounts, but specifically included $50, and sought $50, $75, or $100 on the conveniently included response form. Why, you might ask? Because the names of contributors who donate $50 or less do not appear on campaign finance reports. Hence, a legislator could have donated $50, and another $50 from their "spouse", and no one would ever know because it would not be itemized on the report. Very slick, Teflon Tommy!