Monday, August 17, 2009


We have just been informed that Signor Ferrari has attracted an imposter!

We would be most interested to hear from any of our readers who have received correspondence from someone claiming to be Signor Ferrari.

Che macello! We hope this is not the work of a sinister conspiracy!


Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari trick-or-treated in my neighborhood last Halloween. He was dressed as accused felon (and key Bonusgate figure) Brett Cott. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari was bigger in the movie than in real life. I suspect the same exists in this help me world, I cannot defend myself.

Anonymous said...

Let an indictement happen to you, see if you are so glib, shame on you!

Anonymous said...

It is Brent Caught not Brent cott anymore, new T-Shirts coming to Harrisburg, half-price if you buy them on state time, full price if HDC employees sell them.

It is for the BRENT CAUGHT Defense fund!

Corbett has the copyright and trademark filed under the AG Office name to raise funds to combat Agricultural Crimes, like putting oil on pigs, quieting rats, and laying eggs to sell swine flu immunity shots.

Let it be written, Let it be done!

Josuha the Stone Cutter.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Joshua the Stonecutter, you might need to check out some Ritalin. That was ridiculous. Are you sure you aren't Joshua the get stoned cutter?

Anonymous said...

Brent Cott might be passionate when doing his job, but he does not deserve all your comments from a cynic.

I agree with the other poster, get off the grass, get some good green tea, and drink it, do not smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Joshua the Stone Cutter makes more sense than Signor Ferrari. At least ole' Josh isn't blaming someone else for his problems.
I predict that six months from now, Signor Ferrari will be incarcerated at SCI-Casablanca, and his biggest problem will be a horny cell mate named Bubba. We'll see how much blogging he'll be doing then.

Anonymous said...

What? A conspiracy in Casablanca? Why would anyone think such a thing could happen. Not in Casablanca. Surely there are no imposters there. I did hear that there were a few transavites, but then you know they have been out trying to infiltrate the women's movement since the Middle Ages. How do you think we got do you think we got high heels?.