Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today, Congressman Jim Gerlach ratcheted up the heat on partisan Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett today by calling on Corbett to give up his gubernatorial effort if he intends to continue with his bonusgate investigation.

Remember, we're all waiting for the Republican charges Corbett has promised are going to "shock the conscience."

Here at CasablancaPa, we are really enjoying the spin that tax-payer funded Corbett political operative Brian Nutt is spouting today:

“We all expected better from Jim Gerlach. Clearly he is trying to take a page from John Morganelli’s unsuccessful playbook from last year, a tactic that voters clearly saw through when they re-elected Tom Corbett with more votes than any Republican candidate in Pennsylvania history. Pennsylvania families can be assured that Tom Corbett will continue to diligently fight corruption, fraud and waste no matter where it is found.” -- Capitolwire 8/19/09

There are two things that stick out in Nutt's spin.

First, Nutt is right that Gerlach is echoing Morganelli. And, yes, it would appear through the ballot box that voters were giving Corbett the benefit of the doubt when it came to his conduct of the bonusgate that time.

Now, over a year since Corbett arrested only Democrats, it is disingenous for Corbett to say he is above reproach even though he still hasn't indicted any Republicans. Everyone has been waiting for Corbett to drop the other proverbial (and "shocking") shoe.

Second, it is very important to note that up until this week, Corbett has said repeatedly that the investigation is on-going and that he expected to bring more charges. In his statement today, Nutt doesn't follow that line. Rather, Nutt doesn't promise indictments. Instead, Nutt is follwing Corbett's new (and troubling) bonusgate message from earlier this week when Corbett said to his guests at his fundraiser in Williamsport as reported by the Williamsport Gazette:

"Corbett, who has come under criticism for failing to prosecute Republicans while going after House Democrats in the so-called "Bonusgate Scandal," said he never promised to pursue members of his own party. "What I have vowed to do is complete the investigation," he said. "I'm not worrying about the issue of partisanship." -- 8/18/09

Corbett's investigation is off the rails and, in the words of Republican Senator Eichelberger, "a joke." At best, Corbett is likely to indict some low-hanging Republican fruit like former Rep. Matt Wright or former Rep. Brett Feese.

Here at CasablancaPa, we are still very skeptical that Corbett will live up to his promise of a "shocking" set of indictments...Perzel, Preski, Hanley, Jubelirer, Brightbill, Long, O'Berry, Crompton.


Anonymous said...

tee hee

bobguzzardi said...

Jim Gerlach is a far more competent campaigner and communicator than the feckless John Morganelli.

I think this message of partisan prosecution will resonate with Red Republicans who are candidate Gerlach's primary audience and who ousted Sen. Jubelirer and Sen. Brightbill.

Let us see what mid state talk radio and Bob Durgin do with this. Candidate Gerlach's comments have to be reported and this, I think, will raise the profile of issues the Casablancapa has so ably documented and analyzed.

We can hope.

Anonymous said...

I understand a new blog is putting out what legislators and their staffs have been named to workinh on campaigns on state time, plus providing evidence through emails and other documents.

News at Eleven for the Indicted Twelve.

Anonymous said...

Exhibit F
Attachment 8
Emails showing the use of House Democratice caucus resources for mailings, automatic phone calls and emails to promote the House Democratic Campaign Committee's cabinet secretary project.

Here one can read how State Representative Dante Santoni's Assistant Debra Schaffer on Monday, October 16, 2006, at 9:34AM is arranging with Rachel Manzo for PACE/PACENET training offerred by the caucus, targeting seniors list of mailings and providing light beverages/snacks because Seinors love that stuff. It talks about if Santoni has $ left in his House account he can pay for it and submit it to Leadership for reimbursement.

There are plenty of back and forth memos from Rachel Manzo to Debra Schaffer in this Attachment 8 on state time with state resources.

Looks like Debra Schaffer and Dante Santoni will have to be worried about an investigation too, if what Rachel was doing was illegal, since they did it with her on state time.

Anonymous said...

Attachment 1

PAGE 2: After Stetler's departure, EACHUS became a key member of the House Democratic Campaign Committee. He (EACHUS) was a member of the group WHO MADE FINAL DECISIONS regarding campaigns and resources to be used on campaigns, with a specific focus on directing the work done by caucus employees for incumbent members with difficult campaigns.(SEE ATTACHMENT 3)
THIS STATEMENT is in THE VEON PAPER SUBMITTED TO COURT AS EXHIBIT F Attachment 1 Pages 1-17 showing Eachus in charge of campaigns, yet NO INVESTIGATION ON EACHUS TO DATE???

Now how can only Veon be indicted along with others when Todd Eachus was running everything?

Anonymous said...

Repeatedly, based on another reading on Attachments, looks to me, anyone the Defendants were working with on state time can be brought in as working on campaigns on state time.

However, will someone tell me how having Department Heads of the Governor going to Districts to explain policies, talk to constituents, and meet citizens is something we now want to make illegal?

This is what government is all about, finding out what the people need, and trying to meet those expectations and needs. This is especially important to Legislator before an election.

Rachel Manzo was doing a public service just like many of the Defendants, and she and the people she worked with to arrange meeting FOR THE PEOPLE, should not be declared illegal.

If one is now saying Rep Santoni and his aides are in trouble based upon arranging meetings to talk to citizens, then indict the entire legislature. Santoni and his staffers are good and decent people just like many of the Defendants.

Give me a break!