Monday, September 14, 2009


1. Why haven't you indicted Bill DeWeese for his involvement in awarding bonuses for campaign work and using state resources for campaigning? Does he have an immunity deal?

2. Why were there regular and constant leaks to the media during the grand jury investigation of House Democrats, while the media has failed to report the name or position of a single witness to testify against House or Senate Republicans? Is this a result of some change of policy within your office, or simply a lack of witnesses testifying against House Republicans (like Brian Preski and John Hanley) or Senate Republicans (like Mike Long)?

3. Why was former HDCC Chairman and current Secretary of Revenue Steve Stetler allowed to ignore a subpoena to testify to the grand jury?

4. Are you investigating any non-profits linked to Republican legislators?

5. If your investigation still isn't complete after more than two-and-a-half years, how could you have known seven months ago how much money is involved in the next round of charges? How could your office have hinted more than a year ago that charges against Republicans were imminent?


Anonymous said...

All good questions. Not holding out hope that anyone will ask.

Anonymous said...

No one will have the cajones to ask, I could make a huge bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Even if they did, he wouldn't answer anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at five questions? Why not ask Corbett if he prefers to wear boxers or briefs?
That would make it an even half-dozen questions from a blogger whose stated mission is casting stones at the attorney general.
If they have any questions, Signore Ferrari or Ugarte should show up in person and ask them themselves. Nothing prohibits them from doing that.
But they won't, because that takes cajones.

Anonymous said...

There is old saying, if you want to negotiate to each others advantage one should be holding each others balls.

AG Corbett is holding all the cards and balls of anyone charged, current guilty pleas, and anyone being investigated yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yesterday the investigations began due to lower staffers discontent and anger at their Legislative Bosses that hired abusive and Greedy Staff Leadership that took care of them before others.

Today was an announcement for a Governor seeking Reforms and to stop the Culture of Corruption under Rendell's actions, free spending, and back room deals.

Tomorrow or next week more Indictements and more Guilty Pleas and this is what is known as holding one's balls.

For those in Swatera, Hazelton, and Beaver Falls, it is Corbett's Ball and his Backyard.

It is the Fourth Quarter whereby the Hail Mary Pass did not work on CasablancaPA.Com.

Now they switched to a Baseball Game where those that taunt the AG Office have 3 Strikes and NO BALLS!

The Grand People Of Pennsylvania will now decide the fate that these leading staffers put themselves over and above the masses.

There is but one hope, pray, forgivness, and renewal, and it will not be found at CASABLANCAPA by the way they spin, distort, and laugh at very serious matters.

Leadership That Does Not Listen To Its Membership Is Doomed To Failure!

Anonymous said...

It is not amazing to see such an announcement when CorBETt' all time money backers have already put his signs up for months in some of the shadiest street in towns. Moreover, I am not talking about Shadyside.

Now it will be interesting to see where other “CorBETt for Gov” signs rise up, it will speak volumes about the character or characters of his own backers.

We have just given you a great clue if you are smart enough to put them all together.

It is little "WONDER" this will reveal of the secrets of his Candidacy if those in the politico know how to connect the dots from the signs.

Recalling the “WONDERS” of NOSMO KING’ Generation is the place to start.

In addition, this gives “GerLACK” a very good reason to come to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania with his own Think Tank of the Best and Brightest, to figure out what we just said!

“The Fifth Columnist”

Anonymous said...

Signs in shady parts of towns, sound interesting to me, can you name some streets?

Anonymous said...

The Sixth Question?

Conservative or Liberal, Deist or Pagan, we're all in this mess together.

Let's talk. Let us do no harm.

"I don't want to send them to jail. I want to send them to school.” Adlai Stevenson