Thursday, September 17, 2009


During a campaign stop in Westmoreland County yesterday, partisan Republican Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett took a shot at the state legislature over their staffing levels.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports Corbett wagged his finger at the General Assembly when he chastised them on their staffing levels:

"He said voters should watch the budget process to see whether lawmakers make any cuts. He said some high-level staffers earn more than Rendell. 'See if they reduce their staff.'"

Clearly, Corbett is referring to all the extraneous Republican House staff that has enough spare time on their hands that they can work extensively (and illegally) on campaigns.

Without a doubt, Corbett was also referring to Republican Senate staffer Drew Crompton whom the Senate could spare for six months in 2006 to work full-time for the ill-fated Swann for Governor campaign...and who got a $20,000 bonus from the taxpayers.

Corbett didn't just chide the state legislature. He also said that if elected Governor, he would lead by example:

"I can do more as governor setting an example of how things should be done than investigating what needs to be done."

Here at CasablancaPA, we're glad that Corbett will start practicing what he preaches if elected Governor because as Attorney General he has plenty of room to cut himself.

We have a couple suggestions for him. Specifically regarding some of the most glaring examples of the campaign staff Corbett has parked in his offices so the taxpayers can pay their salaries until Corbett needs them to work on his campaign efforts.

The OAG directory lists three "executive assistants" on the payroll for Corbett. Yet, two of these assistants -- Joe Murzyn and Becky Myers -- leave the office for extensive periods of time to work on Corbett's campaigns. Does Corbett need three executive assitants as Attorney General or does he need a place to park Murzyn and Myers on the tax-payers' dime between their stints of working on his campaigns?

Does Corbett really need three people to man his Legislative Affairs office or is at least one of the slots a parking place for Andrew Paris? Paris is a well-known and documented Corbett campaign operative who apparently has left to campaign once again for his boss.

The biggest parking stall at the OAG has been filled by Brian Nutt. Ostensibly the Chief-of-Staff for the entire OAG, Nutt is Corbett's full-time campaign manager who in reality has been cooling his heels with a taxpayer-funded $110,000 salary that has tided him over while waiting to run Corbett's re-election effort and now his gubernatorial campaign.

If Corbett wins the GOP gubernatorial primary, in the 36 months between January 2008 (Corbett's AG re-election year) and December 2010 Nutt -- the person Corbett chose run the day-to-day operations of the entire OAG at a six-figure salary -- will have been at the helm for only 12 of those months.

What kind of legitimate Chief-of Staff can take leave 2/3 of the time?

Corbett is a hypocrite because you can be sure that if he doesn't win the 2010 primary, Nutt's sweet no-show gig will be waiting for him at the OAG (as well as Myers', Murzyn's and Paris' parking spots.)


bobguzzardi said...

Thanks for naming the names of the "professional" staff. More to come,I hope.

Anonymous said...

Corbett needs to resign now!

Anonymous said...

Pinstripe Patronage:
Part I: Ovulation Of Pinstripe Patronage

In the words of Abraham Lincoln on Patronage...”Too Many Pegs Not Enough Holes”!

Perhaps AG Corbett should investigate Tom Ridge and Former President Bush that actually built on Chicago’s Shakman Decrees when the Judicial Branch created a new form of employment for politicos.

The Department for Homeland Security and the Iraq War were put together on such guidelines. Well, grasp it will be coming to Pennsylvania big time under Governor Corbett.

For example, did you know there are 140,000 Troops in Iraq being supported by 170,000 Private Contractors by the taxpayers? Did you know the American Taxpayers pay more for Private Contractors than the Military?

What is worse the water supplied to the troops by private patronage contractors has been proven in some cases to be tainted along with moldy tents. Yet, in America, we stand by our Patriots that have to suffer to protect our Private Contractors.

After all, the “Culture of Corruption” only extends to the government as private businesses avoid oversight. All that ever happens is a rebuke and then another contractor replaces the other one that did not do the job.

Prosecutions are rare as reporting because by the time one finds out about it, too much time has passed to catch others.

This new form of Governmental Sponsorship for Money and Jobs is now termed “Pinstripe Patronage”.

What is happening is corporate and professional political preferential treatment is promising prosperity in place of the more conventional lawmaking sponsorship.

What is happening is to take power away from the Legislatures and place them in the Executive Branch via awarding of contracts to private contractors.

What is more revealing this all came about from the Judicial Branch of all places.

As in any change, one must destroy the old before they can introduce the new, and too bad some mighty fine people will become victims of this evolution coming to Pennsylvania via in stopping political scandals.

In Part II below you learn more about how Pinstripe Patronage is changing traditional Political Patronage as well as to remove the Civil Service over time. It will explain what the rudiments of this embryonic concept and how the investigations in the Commonwealth have a more defining rationale for a purposeful outcome.

Anonymous said...

Pinstripe Patronage
Part II: Origins and Adoption

“Of All Tyrannies A Tyranny Sincerely Exercised For The Good Of Its Victims May Be The Oppressive.” C.S. Lewis

It used to be, Patronage was a major mechanism of self-styled machine politics. Political patronage enabled “Political Bosses” to dominate governments from the 1900 to the 1970s.

In Chicago in particular in the late 1960s-80s, there develop a successful legal action targeting political patronage jobs by a series of judicial rulings known as the “Shakman Decrees”.

In 1969, one person prepared his rise in opposition to the Chicago political machine. Michael Shakman, an independent contender for delegate to the 1970 Illinois Constitutional Convention challenged Chicago's political patronage. With many behind-the-scenes powerful private supporters, Shakman's years of determination resulted in what became known as the “Shakman decrees”.

Shakman sued the Democratic Organization of Cook County, in contention that the patronage system put non-organized candidates and their supporters at an unlawful and unconstitutional disadvantage.

Political parties leadership could hire, fire, promote, transfer and reward or punish employees for not being behind certain politician. The lawsuit argued that political patronage wasted taxpayer money because public employees, while at work, would often be forced to campaign for political candidates.

Finally, in 1972, after much courtroom delays, theatrics and extensive court procedure as well as much negotiating, the parties reached an accord ruling out politically provoked firings, demotions, transfers, or other chastisement of government staffers.

In another 1979 decision, the court eventually order by 1983 the Decree that made it illegal to undertake any political aspect in hiring public employees with the exceptions for positions such as policy making.

Those judgments along with companion consent judgments became binding on more than 40 city and statewide offices amounting to 60,000 employees.

After “Shakman Decrees”, there became a need to find alternative ways to support candidates. Chicago political leaders shifted the emphasis of patronage to major accounting and law firms, banks, and corporations by steering public business to those who helped maintain the regime in power.

What actually happens is a clever way to transfer government workers to private contractors in the name that Business does it better, and government is too corrupt.

Part III below will now explain how the Shakman Decrees tactics will be used to shake down Harrisburg political leadership in the name of removing the “Culture of Corruption”.

Anonymous said...

Pinstripe Patronage
Part III: Culture of Corruption

In the words of any great hunter,…“An Archer Needs Great Aim Not More Arrows”!

What we all have been hearing lately is how the “Culture of Corruption” in Harrisburg and so far only “Democratic Party Institutions and Counties” must be investigated and abolished for the good of the people of Pennsylvania.

US Attorney General Gonzales and in particular in Pennsylvania US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan practiced this same kind of philosophy when conducting political prosecutions. By the way, AG Corbett supervised Mary Beth Buchanan when she was just an Assistant US Attorney.

In all fairness as I preach, all of them are good people but sometime good and decent professionals let their zeal of thinking they are doing the right thing being blinded of true reality. I know I once was a Zealot without knowing I was wrong.

Apparently, AG Corbett as Governor is going to follow in the footsteps of Ridge and Bush and claim he will reduce government as he adds public contractors that will provide jobs to his friends as well as provide money to campaigns.

Ok, we can accept his new philosophical poetical political agenda and fight back by informing the electorate. This is not the problem. These current investigations and indictments are just the means to his end to be elected as Governor.

In Part IV, I will outline the trouble is how Governor Corbett is going about installing such brave new societal systems for all of us. How is always more important than Why and What, as you learn.

Anonymous said...

Pinstripe Patronage
Part IV: Keystone State Style

“Tyrants Have Always Some Slight Shade Of Virtue; They Support The Laws Before Destroying Them.” Voltaire

Pinstripe Patronage will come to dominate all Pennsylvania Governments under the camouflage of the ending the “Culture of Corruption”.

Unfortunately, the Harrisburg 12 is just the first friendly fodder to be made an example of regardless of how little or how much they are accused of doing.

We know this because there has been no effort to seek out a better-quality approach of justice to resolve the charges to the benefit of Pennsylvania Treasury and Taxpayers.

What is being practice is damn the cost to the Commonwealth through endless investigations, indictments, and trials.

Rather discover what actually happen and how to fix it. All attempts to propose a Blue Ribbon Panel of Hearings to separate ethical violations from criminal, and recover money for taxpayers through thoughtful integrity with realistic reforms and guidelines for future generations are abandon into oblivion. Why, because there is a bigger hidden agenda coming for the HDC, HRC, SDC and SRC.

When you attach the apprehension of all legislators, senators, and staffers you see a Witch-Hunt is happening more than Justice is.

One can easily ascertain these people are in a state panic by political predators bent on removing them.

They have been waiting 3 years for more Indictments as the Investigations drum on and on, to build up unknown fears so they turn in others on matters inconsequential in totality and straightforwardly correctable.

Many are scared to death, willing to do anything to avoid indictments or investigations and will not hesitate to inform on anyone for anything even if it is untrue.

Alternatively, because very young neophyte staffers misunderstood the difference between crimes and ethics and panic under questioning.

It is also a great method to rid political opponents from speaking out for fairness.

Thus, “Pinstripe Patronage” will come of age in Pennsylvania.

The day is coming when only if you behave will you find a new job from your government related job that was eliminated in the name of efficiency to clean up the “Culture of Corruption”.

We can do so without excusing bad practices nor scapegoat the few that made mistakes. Along with fewer that to a lesser extent intentionally violated laws that protect public expenses, resources, and people from abuse or personal gain.

The important thing to remember is that Private Contractors employing Private Citizens under their rules and methods have so much to gain as they point the fingers at governmental abuses they term the “Culture of Corruption”.

Part V will explain what we can do as citizens, elected officials, or just people that demand justifiable fair-mindedness among these episodes of questionable electioneering chaos now termed the “Culture of Corruption”.

Anonymous said...

Pinstripe Patronage
Part V: Stand Up Fight Now

“This And No Other Is The Root From Which A Tyrant Springs; When He First Appears He Is A Protector. Plato

It is time to stand up to this Corporate Commercial Tyranny being preached by Political Puppets dependent on their own benefactors for private gain, under the masquerade of seeking governmental efficiency.

Contrary to what Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity preach every day, No Republican President or Governor ever reduced the size of government during any terms of their governance.

Go and check on what I just said, you will see no smaller budgets from any former President.

Sure, you will see growth to pay for deficits when President Clinton and Speaker of House Newt Gingrich made a pledge to pay for it before you propose it, but not even in the Reagan Era was there a reduction in government spending.

If you do not stand up today, you will be reemployed or a better way to say it, redeployed under new masters.

They will limit you to how or why you behave and all your employment rights will be subject to the approval of a Professional hired to oversee you in anyway they will demand.

Company Stores, Company Towns, and Company Jobs are back and AG Corbett will ride this new brave way to the Governors Mansion on the backs of the Harrisburg 12. Fear will keep you in place and wanting to hold onto what you have will make you compromise your values and ethics in the name of avoiding a criminal indictments.

Tyranny does not just come from despair and fear, but from preferential offers of velvet handcuffs when promising money and jobs to those those do as they are told. Oscar Schindler learned this when he became a wealthy Nazi Contractor and then learned how to become a Human Being later.

The question for all of us in the future is, do you want to become a wealthy Oscar Schindler before his Saint Paul Revelation, or will you become a servant working for others with political connections and the approval of the state?

This is why I advocate fairness to the Defendants, understanding the difference from ethical mistakes versus criminal intent, and why it begins with all of us calling for a better way.

By the way, remember, it is was in the Courts where the Shakman Decrees with the highest of purpose and noble thought started this corporate alternative to government under the semblance of stopping corruption.

Today there are still 60,000 employees in the City of Chicago, 30,000 works for the City and another 30,000 now work for Private Contractors.

If you are Judge, you must stand up now. If you an Elected Official you must stand up now. If you are a Lawyer, you must stand up now. If you are a powerful wealthy citizen, you must stand up now. If you are a Newspaper Editor, Radio Station owner, or Media Mogul you must stand up now.

Stand up and demand Legislative Hearings that offer all Defendants a way to resolve these accusations by testifying with Immunity and other conditions that will improve Pennsylvania Political Institutions, not make them Commercial Enterprises for Tyrants!

Even Tom Corbett may not know the true end result of his quest to end the "Culture Of Corruption".

In the end, we all can work together for a better Pennsylvania rather than work for a nameless, faceless, corporation using Fumo, Veon, Ramley and soon others as means to an end they will only benefit from than the citizens.

Anonymous said...


Mixed verdicts for Piroli, Sutter
By: Bill Vidonic - Beaver County Times

BEAVER — It was a mixed bag of verdicts for Rochester’s former borough manager and secretary, with a Beaver County jury Friday pronouncing Ed Piroli and Lois Sutter guilty of criminal conspiracy and conflict of interest.

Both were fired by the borough before they were charged by the state attorney general’s office in August 2008.

One of Sutter’s sons sobbed as the verdicts were read in Beaver County Judge Harry Knafelc’s courtroom Friday, ending the first western Pennsylvania trial in a public corruption probe conducted by state Attorney General Tom Corbett’s office.

Piroli and Sutter, 55, of Rochester, would not talk to a Times reporter after the verdicts, instead hugging family members and supporters.

A sentencing date hadn’t been set for them as of Friday evening.

Jurors could not be reached for comment Friday night.


Ed Piroli, former Rochester borough manager

— Misappropriation of entrusted property (for a state Department of Community and Economic Development grant), misdemeanor of the second degree — Guilty.

— ­Misappropriation of entrusted property (for using police pension money to pay bills), misdemeanor of the second degree — Not guilty.

— Theft (taking borough gasoline for personal vehicle), misdemeanor of the first degree — Not guilty.

— Theft (longevity pay), misdemeanor of the first degree — Not guilty.

— Criminal conspiracy, felony of the third degree — Guilty.

— Conflict of interest, felony — Guilty.

Lois Sutter, former Rochester borough secretary

— Theft (receiving longevity pay and pay raises), felony of the third degree — Not guilty.

— Criminal conspiracy, felony of the third degree — Guilty.

— Conflict of interest, felony — Guilty.


Anonymous said...

So you're saying these people took unpaid leave to work on a campaign, and you have a problem with that?

I know this probably makes very little sense to you, but the key word is UNPAID, as in NOT FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS.

It's like you are on the sidelines screaming "Hey ref, flag this guy - he's doing this the right way!"

Signor Ferrari said...

Our anonymous friend clearly has no idea with what the defendants are charged.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...So you're saying these people took unpaid leave to work on a campaign, and you have a problem with that? I know this probably makes very little sense to you, but the key word is UNPAID, as in NOT FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS. It's like you are on the sidelines screaming "Hey ref, flag this guy - he's doing this the right way!" September 19, 2009 10:19 AM"

No, I am saying there should be no flags at all, these are etical violations more than criminal.

I am saying these charges are being made to chnage Pennsylvania Patronage in the name of the Culture of Corruption.

If Corbett truly wanted to resolve these problems he could do it by working out a worthy solutions without ruining the lives of the defendants and coming defendants.

In my opinion, it is more about how the future will be about working for Private Contractors more than to change any Culture of Corruption.

Anonymous said...

"Signor Ferrari said...Our anonymous friend clearly has no idea with what the defendants are charged. September 19, 2009 10:52 AM"

It is not about what I think, but it is about what Jurors will think.

If you think you have not violated any laws, fight all charges, and let a Jury decide.

I am not so confidnet they will understand an doften will confuse the issues.

I hope I am wrong!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anonymous knows more being uninformed than you want to know as an accused. A jury is made up of people that are not always the most informed but they are able to sense when wrong has been done. It is your duty my friend to prove that rightfulness shall prevail over wrongfulness.
To quote a great Democrat of yesteryear: "The only thing to fear is fear itself" If the AG has abused his office and politicked at the expense of the taxpayer, the jury will be smart enough to see through it and rebuke him.
May God Bless Pennsylvania and may Justice stream down like water as in the words of Micah.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Maybe it is YOU who should look at what they are charged with. You don't think these are big deals? OK, let's play a game:

Staff members being paid with tax dollars to transport Veon's motorcycles out of state - defend it.

Dinners unrelated to state business, paid for by taxpayers and served by on-the-clock state employees. Defend it.

State funded "legislative researchers" being used for campaign opposition research. Defend it.

The South Side branch of Beaver Initiative for Growth. Defend it. (well, I suppose this one DID create jobs, although they were of the blow and hand variety)

Destroying hard drives to cover up activities. Defend it.

What's the defense? DeWeese knew? So did Todd? We're being singled out? Everyone does it? It should be legal because prosecuting it costs money? How do you defend it?

Anonymous said...

Carve Your Name On Your Heart Not Marble Walls For If One Can Change One’s Thoughts One Can Change The World!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...mmmmm
Maybe Anonymous knows more being uninformed than you want to know as an accused. A jury is made up of people that are not always the most informed but they are able to sense when wrong has been done. It is your duty my friend to prove that rightfulness shall prevail over wrongfulness.To quote a great Democrat of yesteryear: "The only thing to fear is fear itself" If the AG has abused his office and politicked at the expense of the taxpayer, the jury will be smart enough to see through it and rebuke him. May God Bless Pennsylvania and may Justice stream down like water as in the words of Micah. September 19, 2009 7:37 PM"

Amen Brother, but this is not always the case, and why I advocate a unified front for all to chnage Harrisburg by Blue Ribbon Panel of Experts that will find out what happen, and correct it, not prosecute what many thought was their jobs for years.

If AG Corbett wants to be Governor he can prove it by this way of finding new ways to lead by example as he suggested in the Newspapers.

This way will change Harrisburg far better than any Prison Bars on Staffers misled and mistaken, but not criminals.

Anonymous said...


The innocent at Salem Witch Trials thought the same thing, but the atmosphere of fear and betrayal were too much and did not stop the burning of some mighty fine people.

Why repeat it when we are so much more civilized today?

Anonymous said...

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

Signor Ferrari said...

Remind us; who is charged with destroying hard drives?

Anonymous said...

"Signor Ferrari said...Remind us; who is charged with destroying hard drives? September 20, 2009 4:33 AM"

No Defendants tried to destroyed Hard Drives based on anything I read.

Fumo tried to hide or remove his emails but that failed.

The Clintons' ordered the removal Hard Drives that were never found
and got away with it, but other scandals followed them that were intended to prevent them from being more effective.

Once again, the circle of accusations, alleged behavior, and endless investigations are part of the American Political Culture dating back to when our governments were formed.

In this new High Tech world, one has not seen anything yet.

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General Office should lead the way by example on Internet Reporting of employees’ activities such as Comp Time, Unpaid Leaves, and Employee Expenses.

This will effectively remove any rumor, innuendo, and accusations they are playing politics with the office of justice for every citizen, employee and official as well as AG Corbett’s aspirations.

The entire Department should put their entire Budget on the Internet and report every week all expenses, expenditures, and cost of investigations, trials, and other resources.

Along with the return of monies upon convictions from fines, capture ill-gotten gains, and
other good work that stopped crimes.

In this way, the public, media, and political opponents can monitor them anytime and it will go both ways regardless of what party is in power in such elected offices.

I am not talking about months of reporting either, I am talking a policy whereby one has to hand in their expenses every week, and they go up every week.

Attorney General Corbett can then show the public how he is leading by example now, not when he is Governor.

This can easily be done with current High Tech (IT) Employees and implemented within weeks if one brings in IT Consultants to set up such Websites immediately.

The Internet Age must now come to all aspects of government and is without question the Best Check and Balances for viewing by the Public ever created.

All dinners, hotels, travel and comp time can easily be placed on the Web for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches and other Commonwealth Elected and Appointed Offices.

Supreme Court Judges staying at Five Star Hotels can report their expenses.

Legislators and their Staffers will no longer escape scrutiny from expenses that come out later.

The Governor can set by example his own reporting of his expenses.

Why not every Elected Office do the same and lets start with the Attorney General entrusted to protect the citizens of the commonwealth.

If AG Corbett creates and implements it within weeks not months, he will be elected Governor easily.

In this way, he will be free from criticisms, investigations, and rumors and innuendo because all of us will see the Office Activities.

Some Legislators should just do it on their own right now and embarrass other legislators to do the same thing.

This will include proposed legislation, bills, and introductions of legislation as they change from committee to committee.

As well, as Lobbyists input, guidance and participation.

Same for Judges, Turnpike Commission, and other government appointees, employees, and private contractors.

Everything in government is the people’s ownership and everything related to taxes, taxpayer’s expenditures, and expenses by all government related, and private contractors business must be reported every week, not delayed for months or years.

In this way, the People truly have a window how and where their money is being spent, for what purpose and as a means for a self-reporting check nd balance for taxpayers.

God Bless these investigations and the AG Office that is conducting them and the Defendants that demand fair play and accounting for all, not just for a few scapegoats for political purposes.

All encompassing Internet Websites for the Public to see must be created to ensure government accountability, responsibility, and fairness, and it should begin at the Attorney General Office since such preaching can be put into political practice for the benefit of the people of the commonwealth befor the upcoming election.

Go Ahead Make Our Day, Do Not Talk About It Just Do It!

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with the above poster. What would be even more effective is that these Harrisburg 12 Defendants know how to conduct Political Campaigns.

They can start a consulting group and find alternative candidates to run against Incumbents that refuse to place their employees’ time, expenses, and office expenditures on the Internet. I would title this innovation as “Consultants Of Political Strategy”, (COPS) for short.

In this way, they gain the best reprisal by electing new candidates and office holders that practice true Public Disclosure and can rehabilitate their reputations on the backs of those that refuse to provide full public expenditures.

New Candidates will sign pledges that will agree to create Government Accountability Websites of their offices, employees, and related information.

Come Election Day, there will be new people in Harrisburg that will not just practice ethics, but cannot hide from what they spend, their behavior with tax dollars and provide checks and balances for an all to see every week.

Incumbents that embrace such new practices will lead this change and stay or go away. America is at the cross roads of rebellion at this very time, why not have those accused provide answers on how to prevent future abuse, confusion, and misinterpreted communications of are we a political outfit or public accommodating club, without being indicted.

Institutions must pay this price when they refuse to create instant public accountability from congress to presidents, judicial branches, the FED, and all Agencies.

In the case of a few such as the CIA and NSA can be exempt to certain public accounting. However, all others should be public accountable and after every investigation be reported on the costs and can be put up by all Police and Justice Agencies.

We can even propose new blogs whereby reporters and former reporters let go from their old news print jobs will check on and investigate these Internet Websites Of Governmental Accountability Reporting. Better known as IWOGAR. Get it, ‘I WO Guard” and the advertisement on such blogs will provide great incentives to earn a living by such Truth Squads with easy access to Public Everyday Expenditures.

Oh boy, what better way to reform government and once again, Pennsylvania can lead the way for another innovation that improves our society.

Once this system is in place and started by Maverick Lawmakers and Rehab Consultants that know how the current political game is played, watch expenditures go down and revenues go up, and there will be no need for budget talks every year.

This will put the fear of accounting to those elected officials living too high, agencies that pounce on others as they spend behind hidden agendas, and the reality of new candidates that observe the new reforms that Put The People First.

These “Partners For Progress” can actually be composed of Justice Department Employees and Former Employees, Convicted Felons Of Past Public Regressions, and Citizens For A Better Commonwealth.

Attorney General Corbett was right to speak out and instead of leading by example IF he becomes Governor, Righteous Tom Corbett can lead while in Public Office As Attorney General. Let it begin at the OAG by example and let it begin within weeks.

God Bless All That Believe In Accountable Government!

Anonymous said...

Gee, what a fantastic idea and I salute the author. I think The People’s Website Watch is a better name.

This is the solution President Obama is looking for to remove Medicare/Medicaid Fraud from our Health Care System. It can actually stop the Billions from being wasted on Fraud and helps all of the people that need good and accountable health care.

The Pentagon will no longer have the luxury of paying for $600 Toilet Seats. ACORN will no longer be able to misuse public money. The Commonwealth Fleet of 17,000 Taxpaying Cars will be answerable as public websites reveal their real need or abuse by just reporting who has them and what they are costing the taxpayers and for what purpose.

Even Rush Limbaugh and Conservatives Commentators will have to advocate this kind of public responsibility to reduce the size of government as public officials, employees, and contractors will be fearful to place expenses beyond the norm on the Internet, as required by this kind of new law. They will prefer to pay that expense rather being reimbursed by the taxpayer.

The Health Care Bill should have legislation attached that instead of making Taxpayers IRS Income Returns be looked at for every citizen before they are fined for not having Health Care, each Legislative Offices and Executive Agency and Judicial Offices report their own expenditures and what they spent and why.

This is a fair way to reduce over-spending and would cut down on Justice Department cost on investigations. Instead, they can have Assistant US Attorneys and staffs to monitor spending and report those that must payback or they will be prosecuted.

This is where we will uproot and prevent the waste and free spending and we should vote out any lawmaker that does not pass such legislation or puts up such a website before the 2009, 2010, and 2012 elections.

The Harrisburg 12 will actually become wealthy beyond their dreams as they go within the commonwealth changing the commonwealth forever better. Then State-by-State at the same time the Federal Government and the United Nations are subjected to doing it too.

Instead of Pennsylvania becoming STATE PENN it becomes the KEYSTONE for PRESIDENT OBAMA’ WORLDWIDE REFORMS on government spending, private contracting, banking, and worldwide trade. All seen on the Internet anytime anyone wants to look at it, investigate it, and report on it.

Why lead by example as a promise to the future when Tom Corbett can seize the day with real deeds today. I thank Tom Corbett for planting the seeds on bringing his complaints about government waste and spending to this concept that cannot be stopped now.

So, I urge all, go to the blogs, repeat such proposals, write your public officials and copy their political opponents, go to the radio waves of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glenn Beck an tell them the Republicans must act now and do something more than promises,, write letters to the editors.

A New Dawn Has Been Spawn By The Chosen Words Of OAG Corbett To Lead By Example, Let The Light Shine In On All Budgets, Expenditures, And Spending And Let It Begin With The OAG.

Do not limit it to government; make it a law for every Public Corporation to protect Shareholders Value and any Private Corporation and Non-Profit that is given Public Funding for any projects. Heck, the desire for me see Rush Limbaugh’s Lunch, Dinner, and Drug Expenses alone would be a treat.

If Corbett will not do it, Gerlach can with his own Campaign Website of Accountability, it may upset “Bar Taxed Onorato”, but “Auditor General Wagner” will love it. This can be the living legacy of “Senator Specter” too.

There is absolutely no excuse for this not to happen within weeks. It can easily be passed by law, and it can easily be implemented by Elected Officials of Goodwill that will do it without legislation. Why Be Satisfied As Public Servants When One Can Be A Hero With Deeds For The People!

Open Government Is Good Government And Good Government Is Good Politics!

Anonymous said...

People Of The Pennsylvania; We Must Return Our Government And All It’s Spending Back To The People For Accountability!

By The Grace Of Almighty God, Our Computers Can Stand Again And Lead The Way On Worldwide Soil Ready To Serve The People For Open Government Such As Never Before In World History!

Watchful Websites Can Be Created Today That Will Provide Prosperity For All Never Before Seen In The World!

The Hour Of Your Redemption Is Here. Rally To The Websites, As The Lines Of Budget Battles Roll Forward Make Sure They Bring To You The Zone Of Operations To Know How All Money Is Spent!

Therefore, Rise And Strike. Strike At Every Favorable Opportunity!

Demand Websites For The New Health Care Plans That Will Follow Every Expenditures To Prevent Fraud and Abuse, Strike!

For Your Homes And Hearths, Strike!

For Future Generations Of Your Sons And Daughters, Strike!

In The Name Of Your Sacred Dead, Strike!

Let Our Current Lawmakers And All Elected Officials Be The First To Set Up Public Accountability Websites That Reveal All Expenditures and Strike A Vote Against Anyone That Will Not Do It!

Let No Heart Be Faint!

Let Every Arm Be Steeled!

Let Every Vote Be Effective!

The Guidance Of Divine God Points The Way!

Follow In His Name To The Holy Grail Of Righteous Victory!

Anonymous said...

Onward Christian Soliders!

Anonymous said...

If DeWeese is indicted the OAG will have to implicate their own people.

No way one can be indicted for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Manzo has really did great damage to his old friends and guided by LaGrotta's Selfishness to save himself and his family.

For being the 4th smartest graduate of Monaca High Schjool, that does not say much about Monaca High, does it?

Anonymous said...

"What kind of legitimate Chief-of Staff can take leave 2/3 of the time?"

Every Chief Of Staff is working on constant re-elections every minute of every day, it is called constituents service, citizen responses, and the public agenda to improve citizens lives.

Elected Officials seeking re-election and becoming a candidate for higher office must have staffer work on campaigns in one way or another.

The People know it, the candidates know it, and the lawmakers know it.

Anything else is pure dishonesty, double standards, two-facedness, duplicity, and insincerity.

This is a good reason to unite behind the current Defendants and coming new ones joining a Defense against such hypocrisy.

It is also a good reason why someone is not qualified to be Governor when such opportunity is there to prove it now.

These are brave new crisis in our Commonwealth yet when the opportunity to address these problems in brave new ways is here, someone chooses old ways that will do nothing to enhance his own agenda as Governor in the future.

Anonymous said...

All the public business is fasten to scheme of such machinations created for grand hazards that can cause the full government to be reduced into a tussle among stool pigeons, guffaws, and do goobers of ill judgment too dumb to understand chaos for progress

Bear in mind, democratic systems never lasts long in world history. They become victims of their own propensity for waste and cause people working for it to exhaust themselves, and in due course democracy will murder it, commit suicide, or betray it to another system of corruption.

No citizens will meekly capitulate their freedoms but can remain unresponsive, when facts are dim and high merit are conserved.

On the Contrary, when citizens remain collectively badly informed, and morally wrong in their protocol, they will go under their own burden without the aid of any foes with such traitors within their red mists.

The independence of our Commonwealth, the freedom of our Pennsylvania Constitution, are significance when we must all avoid the vulnerability of not being able to protecting ourselves and all we associate with in this short life.

It is not just our duty but also our obligation to defend against all attacks of persons, misguided laws, and hurtful envy. The Defendants as those that became before them received a fair heritage from worthy ancestors.

All of them assumed such devotion to public service with slog and jeopardy and outflow of treasures that come with burdens sent out to them lacking care and diligence. These prosecutions if not challenged will bring the perpetual blotch of ill repute open-minded as it is.

This is why they all must squeeze with a struggle to inform the public of their innocence. Alternatively, they will be embittered by the ploy of bogus and crafty people of power. Dishonor on the people that invite exemption from current dilemmas and sacrifice the value of their individual posterity.

All the Defendants worked hard, but every time they form up into players, they would be reorganized. Now a tough life has taught them to meet any innovative state of affairs by reorganizing.

The big problem is this magnificent process is in actuality a diatribe of failure hidden within a well-designed enigma whose purpose was exactly to provide the illusion of progress while producing bewilderment, ineffectiveness, and discouragement.