Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Does anyone else think the Patriot-News is starting to sound like an exasperated parent scolding a recalcitrant teenager?

Would you please take the trash out, dear? ... Seriously, take out the trash now ... Young man, if you don't take out that trash, you are grounded ... I really mean it. Grounded ... If you don't take out that trash, you are in big trouble, mister...

And on and on it goes. More than two years after the Patriot-News first questioned his partisanship, it still is warning of dire consequenses for Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett if he doesn't conclude his Bonusgate investigation "soon."

While we admire the sentiment, the Patriot-News is well aware that the time has long passed for Corbett to demonstrate a non-partisan commitment to justice.

And, as the Patriot-News demonstrates, the political consequences for having failed to do so are virtually non-existent. Every few months, a half-hearted "tsk, tsk."  Eventually, he'll throw a few token charges at a Republican scapegoat or two, all will be forgiven and forgotten, and he knows it.

Corbett has a lot of valuable tools at his disposal in his quest for the governorship: the multi-million dollar budget, enormous staff and bully pulpit of the Office of Attorney General, the backing of the influential state Republican establishment, millions of dollars in campaign contributions - much of which came from the very legislators he purports to investigate.  But truly his most valuable asset is the disheartening complacency of the Capitol press corps.


Anonymous said...

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

All I know is if I was one of those Prosecutors at the AG Office, I would wait, be cautious, and cross off every t and dot and every i and let the investigation be the answer to all editorials, website blogs, deflected attacks on their performances.

Once ready, they will focus on the charges and CasablancaPA will be too busy defending themselves on an onslaught of allegations with few to no answers.

All claims of martyrdom, scapegoats, and victims of malicious prosecutions will be a waste of time, if one cannot provide true answers to the charges.

This is not an Election where spin can be used, these are Trials will charges have to be refuted, not blamed on others. No PR Media Campaign will erase misdeeds and no great lawyer can defend such behavior when common citizens judge alleged misuse of tax money for personal gain.

This is not the Monkey Trial and there is no Clarence Darrow at CasablancaPA. Reality is coming home and all of you better be working together with Democrats not trying to indict them

If Fumo could not do it, no one can do it! Find another way!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you. September 10, 2009 7:18 AM"

Joseph Goebbels ended up giving his children suicide pills as well as his wife, and he ended up not facing the reality of his own spin and crimes. Goebbels never had much to be proud of in his entire life

All the victims of the Third Reich did not just include gypsies, sons, and daughters of Abraham and political opponents, but often-political allies and the German people they thought they were helping.

As many in Power the "Pride Comes Before The Fall," and trying to run away from misdeeds and blaming others instead of admitting them to begin a new life to walk the road to recovery of one's reputation just delays the justice in one own life.

One can forgive misdeeds, mistakes, and even crimes, but no one ever forgives lying about them and pointing fingers at others that did not do what they claimed everyone did.

Anonymous said...

Your childish lashing out at the "complacent" press corps shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how those trained professionals operate.
Unlike you, they deal in facts presented in a balanced and unbiased way.
Unlike you, they don't target people and use a selective presentation of information to achieve a predetermined end.
Unlike you, they seek the truth, not some self-serving spin.
Any one of them is a more trusted and viable source of information than you are.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally post a comment here, although I read this blog all the time -- and many other state and national blogs and websites where you can get news about events and people that "the media" typically don't cover. But I couldn't stop myself given the comment from anonymous at 6:29pm.

I don't know if that person is naive, confused, foolish, or married to a reporter (i.e. a "trained professional"), on another planet, or one of Corbett's staff people. It's almost comical because it appears that the same few critics have to post a critical comment on every post. The authors of CasablancaPA should take it as a compliment that these readers actually have the need to read the blog regularly and then to comment or respond.

The commenter at 6:29pm must watch Fox News for his/her "balanced and unbiased" news from the"trusted and viable sources" that appear on that network.

Please. Give me a break. EVERY reporter and editor in almost EVERY story by definition uses "selective information to achieve a predetermined end".

And even the national press misses many of the big stories or gets them wrong.

The rationale for the Iraq war, Gonzales and Rove politicizing the US Justice Dept, the events leading to the near collapse of the banking system are just a few of the examples where the "trained professionals" in the national media now admit they missed the story or got it wrong. It happens all the time.

And the press is even worse at the state and local level. They miss more and get even more wrong.

Sure, this blog presents their own point of view and some editorial comment. They should because they can. But they also back up most of it with extensive facts or documents or links so the readers can check it out for themselves.

I am glad at least someone is being critical of Corbett and his investigation.

So this reader and fan of this blog says: Keep up the good work CasablancaPA!

Anonymous said...

These Investigations are just another example of how Politics have become too violent, too critical, and too cynical causing all of us to attack one another instead of working on real solutions for Pennsylvanians.

Democratic Liberals are in frenzy about Republican Right-Wing suspicion. These flare-ups make public the sour temperament of our political affairs.

Not just In Pennsylvania but also throughout the nation are even meaner scales of comebacks beyond the pale.

It is was shown on TV almost every night as multitudes came out for town hall meetings to oppose Obama's Agenda and were called Nazi’s, "hooligans," "fascists," "bigots" and "evil-mongers" by national elected Democrats in leadership positions of all places. Later they went on to say these protests were staged for make the news day.

The response by Republicans is that “ACORN” has been acting as the new “Brownshirts”, intimidating other voters, vocal activists, misusing censure funding, and developing ways and means to collected money from nay sources to carry out more intimidation at the polls and on the streets.

Even Democratic District Attorneys cannot hide their eyes from such misdeeds and are prosecuting ACORN across the country.

Now Congressman Joe Wilson screech, "You lie!" at the President Obama during his speech to a joint session of Lawmakers only to have even President Obama using the word “lie” about how some are describing his Health Plans.

The political parties are no longer just arguing with each other anymore. We are actually mutually despising one another. This is no longer on the political scene but now has spread to other fronts of societal surfaces including culture, age differences, religions, and racial silence no more.

Continued next post.....

Anonymous said...

Continued from above post....

Pennsylvanians in Harrisburg seem to be politically at each other necks seeking to rip into the veins as they stick out in anger and hate.

In what sense are we as Commonwealth Citizens one entity any longer? Now we seek to put in prison some lawmakers and staffers in the name restoring faith into a system others are calling a culture of corruption.

We are turning once Public Servants Heroes that share the equivalent floors in the legislator and senate, equal political parties adoration of the same God, as well as, treasure the identical history, as we rejoice the similar holidays and listen to the matching melodies, poems, fine arts and texts.

Where we used to treat each other with decency even when disagreeing we now seek designing strategies, uncouth tactics, and outright lying spin to subdivide, confuse, and hide from the truths among us.
Some political partisans’ loves their elected officials as one more condemns another as criminals to end up being genocidal for laughable deeds that mix politics, public service, and constituent service into some vile cauldron of incomplete truths.

Pennsylvanians leadership, politics, and citizens are now more alienated than ever on political affairs, faithfulness and principles, and the length of categories, professionals, and customs within our communities. No one is backing down anymore, taking steps back to reflect our next words, and consider the repercussions of calling our Capitol a Culture of Corruption.

People, Defendants, and those living in fear they will be Indicted are striking back with the same vile vocabulary, metaphors, and name-calling in the face of their accusers.

The Judeo-European-Christian nucleus of Pennsylvania where manners, respect, and live and let live, which once defined us is going away as we wait for more Bonusgate Indictments. The refusal to seek out mutual solutions for the betterment of the Commonwealth and our Citizens is fading, falling, and dissolving into dissonance as we lose the very bonds we need right now.

It is going to take brave leaders to stand up and stop this purposeless process of political suicide in the name of a justice that is going to be forgotten as soon as the ink is dry on any judgments, as other reload their own political accusations as blowback for the future of revenge not renegotiations for the people.

Say what you will, laugh at me as you must, but my words will one day resonate when you see the ashes of nothing blowing away before your eyes, when theses same words could resonate today in a fair and just resolution among Pennsylvanians best and brightest.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase another great Democrat...I knew Clarence Darrow...and you Signor Ferrari are not Clarence Darrow...

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymouse, in case you havent heard, many Pennsylvanians are proud of Joseph Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

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