Thursday, December 10, 2009


Members of the House Democratic Caucus should be very concerned.

According to today's editions of both the Tribune Review and the Patriot News, it appears former Democratic Leader Bill DeWeese may be holding up his end of his apparent deal with Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett.

Anyone who has ever crossed DeWeese is at risk, because DeWeese is in possession of a big box of incriminating material Bill Chadwick and Bill Sloane dug up on DeWeese's colleagues for just this occasion. (Post Gazette 3/14/09)

Josh Shapiro is probably on the top of his list. (Post Gazette 8/5/08) After all, Shapiro did have one of the largest district office staffs of any member, and according to the Veon pre-trial motions from July of 2009, Shapiro certainly put them to good use on his campaign.

DeWeese is likely to throw overboard every member of the House Democratic Campaign Committee leadership -- notably Steve Stetler, Dan Frankel, Jennifer Mann and Joe Preston. (Veon July pre-trial filings)

Even rank and file members may be fingered by DeWeese in his desperation. Is DeWeese selling out Dan Surra and Rich Grucela ? (Veon July pre-trial filings)

It goes without saying that DeWeese would spill the beans on the highest-ranking members of House Democratic leadership -- Speaker Keith McCall and Majority Leader Todd Eachus -- to avoid arrest.

DeWeese even may be so desperate to keep himself out of trouble that his ex-wife Holly Kinser and the Four Seasons concierge for whom she left him may need to be concerned.

Every member of the Democratic Caucus should be asking himself or herself, what did I ever tell DeWeese and what is in that box of material that DeWeese gathered?


Anonymous said...

If you work in the Capitol, it's as clear as it possibly can be that DeWeese is working overtime to sell out more of his own Democratic Caucus members and trying to finger even more staff he can serve up to Corbett. He is telling everyone he talks to that "he's not in trouble" because he's "cooperating" with Corbett. The guy is a scum-bag.

Implicating Eachus seems to be at the top of DeWeese's list. The rumor in the Capitol is that DeWeese has been meeting with Corbett and his team for many hours in the last week and providing everything he can to Corbett on Eachus and other members in return for Corbett continuing to not indict DeWeese.

Anonymous said...

Poppycock, first you claim DeWeese is a Secret Immunity Witness, guess your wrong and made that up.

Second, only scumbags cut, run, destroy evidence, DeWeese Walks Tall, and faced his accusers. DeWeese admitted mistake in public too, and apologized for them.

Third, he refused a cover up, after people Mike Veon and Todd Eachus hired, turned state witnesses against Veon and Defendants and Manzo betrayed DeWeese and admitted it.

Fourth, DeWeese was not in charge of the HDCC and was around the state working on the Democratic agenda as his schedules shows. If the HDCC is in trouble it is due to their participation as intended.

Finally, when you suspect wrongdoing, you find a Professional that goes through the evidence and finds the underlying cause of what happen like Bill Chadwick.

This post above seems to be written by someone feeling guilty and looking for a scapegoat or mobster upset he got caught, when you are attacked, you stand up and tell the truth before they lie about you.

DeWeese did the right thing for the Caucus members as their prior Leader. You know it too; just upset you did not have the guts to do it.

Anonymous said...

Sell out and incriminate? I thought nothing was illegal? isn't that what the Ramaley trial was about? What's to worry?

Anonymous said...

Those interested in DeWeese's culpability should get a copy of the transcript of Eric Webb's testimony in the Ramaley case.

Anonymous said...

Let's see -- you have been trying to shove it up DeWeese's ass for more than a year now. That's abundantly clear to anyone with more than a second-grade education.

On a weekly basis, you have challenged Cortbett to charge DeWeese, using speculation, rumor, innuendo, partial recitiation of select facts and all the tools of the talk-radio/tabloid trade.

You have given the man nothing but further reason to defend himself. He has cooperated all along because it is the right thing to do. Why does that worry you?

Anonymous said...

Refering to DeWeese's ex-wife in your post just shows the world who the real scumbags are.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps DeWeese had immunity and AG has now taken it from him for not upholding the agreement to tell the truth, etc. When his lawyer says he isn't seeking immunity I read that as he can"t get it, and now is working on a plea agreement. The idea he didn't know what was going on with payments in 2004 is ridiculous, and really outrageous after the hundreds of thank yous he would have gotten for payments in 04, 05 and again in 06. DeWeese cleaned up apparently in firing almost bno one (like those who testified in the Ramaley case) and then hiring multiple lawyers at state expense to keep him out of harm's way.

Anonymous said...

Maybe DeWeese is telling investigators everything he knows about Signor Ferrari and Ugarte.
If so, I can't think of a more perfect Christmas present for them.

Signor Ferrari said...

"Refering to DeWeese's ex-wife in your post just shows the world who the real scumbags are."

If speculating whether the famously vindictive DeWeese might throw his ex-wife under the bus makes one a "scumbag," what does his statewide fatwa to deny her employment and public tantrum over its failure make him?

DeWeese has only himself to blame for publicizing his personal life.

bobguzzardi said...

Isn't it Stephen Webb and not Eric Webb who testified in the Ramaley trial?

The Twitter reports from several sources seemed accurate and consistent with hard copy in Post Gazette and Tribune Review.

There did not seem to be much evidence that Ramaley did not show up for his state job which, as I understand it, was the State's case, i.e., Veon gave Ramaley a "no show" job. Did I get this right?

The mother's testimony, even in a Tweet, was compelling. Very hard to convict unless the evidence was overwhelming and I think the defense successfully demonstrated that Stephen Webb was not credible.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Ramaley's entire Defense was about his Personal Life!

Anonymous said...

Brett Cott will be serving time with Veon, too many witnesses without the baggage of a Steve Webb.

Anonymous said...

You have such a fixation on DeWeese that just I have to wonder: Is it penis envy?
As to the veracity of your "theories," you have trumpeted the position that DeWeese had "immunity" arising from a "secret" deal.
You prepared to write a correction/clarification on that, now that he has reportedly (and voluntarily) met with investigators?
He sure is not acting like someone who has something to hide.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...You have such a fixation on DeWeese that just I have to wonder: Is it penis envy?
As to the veracity of your "theories," you have trumpeted the position that DeWeese had "immunity" arising from a "secret" deal. You prepared to write a correction/clarification on that, now that he has reportedly (and voluntarily) met with investigators? He sure is not acting like someone who has something to hide. December 13, 2009 9:34 AM"

This has been my only argument with Team Casa; it seems they think they can spin their innocence by telling everyone to look elsewhere but not at them.

Yet, to be fair, even their Pre-Trial Motions said first and foremost, we present this evidence without making allegations or assumptions these other Lawmakers and Staffers did not break any laws.....yet over here they keep saying DeWeese, did and that just seems lame now.

Yet, they continue to repeat it even after being wrong about the Immunity Sealed Witness. This actually undermines Team Casa veracity, credibility, and honesty in my opinion.

I wish they would cut it out, after seeing how things are developing, but they do what they do. If they continuje to lie about others and not retract it after being proved wrong, why will they be upset if others tell the truth here about them, the same way.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think they're wrong about DeWeese's immunity deal?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...What makes you think they're wrong about DeWeese's immunity deal?
December 13, 2009 7:26 PM"

Immunity out: DeWeese lawyer
By Brad Bumsted
Friday, December 11, 2009

HARRISBURG -- Former House Speaker Bill DeWeese met three times with agents and lawyers of the Attorney General's Office and won't seek immunity from prosecution in an ongoing public corruption investigation, his attorney said Thursday.

DeWeese, the majority whip and third-ranking member of the House Democratic Caucus, met with the attorney general's team as late as Wednesday. He did so voluntarily after receiving a letter inviting him to testify before a grand jury, said his lawyer Walter Cohen.

"He is not seeking immunity," Cohen said in an e-mail.

The grand jury is investigating use of state tax dollars and resources for political purposes, as well as obstruction of justice. Authorities have not accused DeWeese of wrongdoing.

But invitations to testify typically are sent near the end of an investigation and sometimes mean the person who receives them will be charged with crimes.

DeWeese, 59, of Waynesburg repeatedly has maintained his innocence. His office refers questions to Cohen.

As of Wednesday, he had not appeared before the grand jury, according to Cohen. The grand jury meets again today.

DeWeese took legislative leave two days this week. He was excused on the master roll call Wednesday and missed three votes. He voted later in the day. On Monday, DeWeese was listed as present on the roll call but was excused on 14 subsequent votes. The House was not in session last Friday when he began meeting with investigators.

Attorney General Tom Corbett charged 12 Democrats in July 2008 with using state resources for political purposes, including DeWeese's former chief of staff, Mike Manzo, who has agreed to plead guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors.

Former House Democratic Whip Mike Veon of Beaver Falls and four co-defendants face trial Jan. 19 in Dauphin County Court on charges involving payment of bonuses to legislative staffers, allegedly for working on campaigns.

DeWeese, then the minority leader, has said he was unaware of the bonus program.

In 2006, House Democrats paid $1.8 million in secret bonuses, the year they recaptured the majority. Together, the four caucuses in the House and Senate spent $3.6 million on bonuses in 2005 and 2006, records show. Corbett began investigating in February 2007.

Last month, Corbett charged 10 Republicans, including former House Speaker John Perzel of Philadelphia. They're accused of diverting $10 million in tax money for computer equipment and programs to improve GOP odds in campaigns. The Republicans received letters to testify before the grand jury recommended charges, sources said.

Earl Mosely, a defendant in the Democrats' case, and his lawyer met with investigators yesterday. Mosely's attorney, Matthew Gover, said his client is working on a possible plea agreement.

Anonymous said...

CasablancaPA Owes DeWeese An Apology Based On Tribune Article.

Outright Lies About Secret Sealed Immunity For DeWeese.

What Else Are You Guys Spinning, Hiding, And Misleading About Others?

Who Are The Hypocrites Now?

Why Did CasablancaPA Practice, Post, And Blog Hypocrisy While Accusing Others Of It?

Shame On You!

Signor Ferrari said...

That article says DeWeese isn't currently seeking immunity; it does not say whether DeWeese previously struck some kind of deal which allowed him to escape indictment last year - a fact which is otherwise inexplicable. He may be charged in connection with activities outside the scope of a deal, or his double-dealing may invalidate whatever deal he has. But we've seen nothing yet that disproves our theory.

Anonymous said...

If you truly want and really demand to expose AG Corbett Hypocrisy, why are you by passing Former Senator Bob Jubelirer?

Yesterday, Corbett said in the Press conference the laws are on the books for everyone to see, and he go anywhere he is given evidence of wrongdoing on commonwealth mixing of campaigning on state time. It has been over 3 years and we still have not had one report on the investigations or Grand Jury Hearing on the Pennsylvania Senate for over 3 years now?

The Achilles Heel of Tom Corbett is in Altoona’s backyard and now Allentown! Surely, the public and media cannot be told only the Pennsylvania House of Representatives did campaigning on state time, can it? Perzel knows this is not true!

Why so long for Senate Investigations by the Grand Jury of Corbett’s close friends, by CasablancaPA?

Anonymous said...

Ex-Kennedy Aide In Fraud Bust
Feds: Senate office manager stole $75,000 in bonus payment scheme

DECEMBER 15--The former office manager for the late Senator Ted Kennedy was indicted today on federal theft and fraud charges for allegedly pocketing more than $75,000 in unauthorized bonus payments over five years.

Ngozi Pole, 39, was named today in a six-count felony indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. (a copy of the charging document can be found below).

According to prosecutors, Pole, pictured at right, was in charge of processing bonus payments approved by either Kennedy or his chief of staff.

These payments, according to the indictment, came in two forms: a "holiday bonus" paid in December or January, and an "end-of-the-fiscal-year bonus" paid after September 30.

The holiday bonuses ranged between $1000 and $2000, while the fiscal year bonuses "generally ranged from $3000 to $5000." These bonuses were not paid in lump sums, rather Kennedy employee salaries "were raised for a short period, after which employees' annual salaries were returned to their prior levels." Pole has been accused of keeping his salary at the inflated level for more than the prescribed period.

From 2002-2007 he illegally pocketed more than $75,000, according to the indictment, and hid these larger-than-authorized payouts by submitting falsified records to successive Kennedy chiefs of staff.

Anonymous said...

DeWeese got what he deserved! There is a god.