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Think the arrest of former House Democratic Leader H. William DeWeese puts to rest questions about a shady deal between DeWeese and Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett?

Think again.

Despite clear evidence of his involvement, DeWeese was not charged on suspicion of awarding bonuses for political work.

DeWeese was not charged with directing state contractor Eric Buxton to do political work, despte the revelation of 123 e-mails between Buxton and top DeWeese aide Kevin Sidella, 93 e-mails between Buxton and DeWeese press secretary Tom Andrews and even half-a-dozen e-mails between Buxton and DeWeese himself. Corbett's own grand jury presentment against Team Veon acknowledged that DeWeese "always communicated with Buxton through his campaign account."

And DeWeese was not charged with directing House Democratic Caucus staff in Harrisburg to work on campaigns around the state, despite ample evidence that he did so.

Corbett's presentment against DeWeese is based largely on the testimony of immunized witness Kevin Sidella, who began cooperating with prosecutors in the fall of 2007, more than two years ago, well before the grand jury returned indictments against Veon and 11 others.

DeWeese is acting shell-shocked, whining to anyone who will listen that he cooperated with Corbett - in other words, how dare he? There's no doubt DeWeese had a clear expectation that his cooperation would protect him from indictiment.

During yesterday's press conference, reporters asked Corbett point-blank whether DeWeese "has immunity," but the question did not address specific charges, or other arrangements, official or unofficial, between DeWeese and Corbett. Corbett simply said no, without being specific. What the reporters didn't ask is why none of the evidence DeWeese turned over in the fall of 2007 was used against him, even though it clearly implicated him. If Corbett is committed to following the evidence, why didn't he follow that portion of the evidence that led to DeWeese?

Questions unasked remain questions unanswered.


Anonymous said...

Hell with DeWeese, he has been caught and will have to defend himself, if he had a deal with Corbett it was a one-sided one!

DeWeese is history!

What I want from CasblancaPA is a listing of all 4 Caucus' Employees that are still being paid and their salaries that testified before the Grand Jury, and are State Witnesses and State Immunity Witnesses.

It looks to me, Corbett has the state paying for these Immunity Witnesses and State Witnesses while they are doing nothing else but testifying.

How can Corbett claim in all the Presentments against Ramaley, Veon, Cott, DeWeesee, Stetler, etc that he has charged that none of these Employees were doing State Legislative Work, but just campaigning, but they still have jobs for the Caucuses????

So are we to believe now all sudden they have been assigned work and is this work practicing with Prosecutors to testify against the Caucuses?????

Basically, the Taxpayers are paying people that admitted they did nothing but political work and do not even have any work to do now.

Has anyone asked Corbett if these people are working now, if not some Defense Lawyers should file a Motion that these are Paid Informants and Professional Testifiers?

I mean, here is the AG investigating the misuse of State employees for Campaigns but not the continued misuse of them being paid to just testify????

Corbett and the OAG are doing crimes with, for, and of State Employees, and I now asking for an investigation since Corbett invited any evidence of wrongdoing.

Please CasablancaPA put up all State Employees as Witnesses, Immunity Witnesses and their job title, salary, and place they are working now.

Let shine a light on what all of sudden are they are doing now, since investigators said they did nothing before.

Anonymous said...

Quit crying and whining about DeWeese, he has done a great job for the Taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

After all, it is no longer just about Bonusgate anymore, the entire investigation has expanded to anyone, officeholder, and any staffer that is doing political work in the state.

The DeWeese Indictments actually will clean up more state government and as Corbett's OAG Staffers are now after a far larger corp of violators.

Anonymous said...

Get off DeWeese’s back, he just proved to current and future people that it is better to hire a lawyer and fight the Office of Corbett’s AG Staffers and Investigators rather than cooperate with them.

More fool DeWeese!

Anonymous said...

Here is what Corbett must do now:

1. Todd Eachus took over for now Indicted Stetler and continued his campaign practices and alleged hid evidence. Eachus cannot escape a future Indictment unless Corbett made a deal with Bob Casey's Brothers.

2. Robert Jubelirer, Same Smith, Brightbill, LaValle, Mellow, and other former and current senators must go before a Grand Jury within weeks and it cannot be just about Bonusgate

3. Corbett's OAG needs to convene a Grand Jury to investigate if any Pennsylvania Judges. Many Judges are involved in political deal making, fundraising, and having their staffers work on campaigns. Where is this investigation? Jubelier wife Hanna Cohen Jubelier was helped by Bob Jubelier and it is time we investigate the Judges doing campaign work on state time.

4. Former Supremes Court Justice Stephen Zappalla needs to be investigated on his dealing with political campaigns and all non-profits connected with Gaming.

5. Corbett has to start an investigation of all Lobbyists and large Law Firms that have been benefiting from their Campaign Payments to Legislators now charged or have a relationship with convicted plead staffers and lawmakers like Fumo. This includes Dilworth Paxson Law Firm and all the Firms that gave money to Robert Jubelier, DeWeese, Eachus, Stetler, Ramaley, Veon and Fumo.

There are plenty of phone records, campaign records, and even retired state employees that help gather evidence of wrongdoing. Media outlets, Newspapers, and Bloggers need to start revealing the relationships of Corbett and all the people above. Why no investigations?

Corbett has to clean up the Commonwealth as he promised, and why has not the Newspapers ever asked him why he is so slow in investigating Jubelier, Zappalla and Dilworth Paxson?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

The legislature should at least suspend any employee being investigated, or is a state witness for admitting to doing crimes and then telling the AG Investigators, and all Immunity Witnesses that did crimes but were given immunity.

Why would the Legislature keep these employees of deceit on the payroll for all of suddenly coming clean?

If you were part of doing crimesa nd even being given a free out of jail card from AG Corbett, you should no longer being employed by teh legislature.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a detail blog article on Jubelier and another employees still being paid for doing nothing for the state.

You post we will add to it!

Anonymous said...

Corbett opens a whole can of worms heading straight towards him now and his buddies.
I mean how many Judges rent offices from Corbett’s Big Campaign Donors???
It is called running for judgeships to rent campaign donor offices and buildings, and Corbett never investigated it. Perzel Lawyers are doing it now.
Trust in Perzel!
Good for Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Where was Corbett in the Luzerne County corruption case? Where was Corbett in police corruption case in Shenandoah? In Shenandoah, the police covered up a murder - maybe too. Feds had to bring these cases.

Guess Corbett is too busy using his office for political gain.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath for Corbett to charge Eachus. Todd is helping GOP more by being an incompenent leader. How many times did the budget drag on until Christmas with DeWeese leading? The Caucus is crippled now with the last effective leader gone. Corbett will be happy to let Eachus bumble the Dem's back into the minority. If by some miracle Todd overcomes his ineptitude and becomes a threat, then look for Corbett to drop him.

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

Why is Tom Corbett handling these legal prosecutions with his staff, after all he ran on his ability to be a Law Enforcement Attorney Prosecutor, but he has not prosecuted one case since becoming Attorney General 6 years ago?

Maybe if he prosecuted the cases he would lose them like his Office lost the Ramaley case? Or is he that bad of a lawyer he does not how to prosecute any case?

Does anyone know his true Trial Record where he actually put on cases on his own, and I what is his record!

What kind of qualification is that for Governor?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Don't hold your breath for Corbett to charge Eachus. Todd is helping GOP more by being an incompenent leader. How many times did the budget drag on until Christmas with DeWeese leading? The Caucus is crippled now with the last effective leader gone. Corbett will be happy to let Eachus bumble the Dem's back into the minority. If by some miracle Todd overcomes his ineptitude and becomes a threat, then look for Corbett to drop him.

-- This might be the most logical argument I've heard as to why Eachus wasn't indicted YET.

Most of us watching the 1PM press conference on Tuesday were shocked when Todd's face didn't appear on the posterboard with DeWeese and Stetler. He certainly has enough to indict Eachus if he has John Paul Jones and Rachel Manzo in his grips already.
Throw in Dan Weidemer, Jessica Walls, Mike Veon, Mike Manzo and just about any of the other cast of characters he's talking to, and you have a solid case.
In fact, if and when he does go after Eachus, the counts will outnumber everyone but Veon if the OAG really did their homework.

Anonymous said...

DeWeese has had an outpouring of love and support for a reason. He has blessed thousands of people. He deserved the standing ovation he received. Corbett does not have a fraction of the goodness that is in Bill DeWeese.

Anonymous said...

Why did Tom Corbett bring up the fact that he is trying to stop all Operation Researchers in his Press Conference. Especially on Candidates wives and children?

Is there something in Tom Corbett's Wife’ Background he is afraid will come out?

Does anyone out there know bout Tom Corbett's wife and what she actually does or is qualified to do?

Please post anything you find out!

I thought this is an Attorney General that brags about how uncovering secret operations in government and making sure all of the people know about it, is his mission for justice.

Correct me if I am wrong, but did not the Republicans create Operation Research against opponents during the Reagan Years? Is Tommy Corbett Anti-Reagan Now?

As for Candidates trying, to keep the truth about their Spouses and Children from the Public before a campaign. It is Un-American in character and tradition based on our American Political History.

Any intelligent American Historian will quote from George Washington to John and Abigail Adams, to Thomas Jefferson, to Ben Franklin, to Andrew Jackson to Grover Cleveland Bachelor offspring’s and to Bill Clinton’s affairs, that it is a common place and a tradition to look at all candidates and their relationships with spouses, friends and colleagues in politics.

This is what the OAG did in every Grand Jury did they not?

So why would Tommy Corbett be afraid of a practice started by the Founding Fathers and followed by his own investigation teams?

What is he is hiding or afraid of regarding he wife? Does anyone know if she used state phones on state time to settle details on fundraising events or last minute invites? I’m not saying she did, but why did Tommy bring up similar subjects in his own Press Conference?

Corbett had better come clean now or it is going to get dirty later, if he is worried about his own background, this is fair fodder in any campaign. It shines lights on what the public needs to know before they vote. It is an American Political Tradition not evil in anyway and IT IS NOT ILLEGAL EITHER.

Remember Tommy Corbett brought it up, not us!

After all, Deputy Attorney General Krastek said, "Politics Is A Dirty Business", he ought to know, that is how he got his job. Krastek was not plucked from the Halls of MENSA!

We know that from his failed Prosecution of Ramaley that should have been a slam-dunk.

Nevertheless, Krastek did give money to Tom Corbett’s Campaigns, now did he do it on State Time AND IS THAT PART OF HIS JOB DESCRIPTION TO KEEP HIS JOB?

We may not know right now, but you and other Posters can help us find out!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...Don't hold your breath for Corbett to charge Eachus. Todd is helping GOP more by being an incompenent leader. How many times did the budget drag on until Christmas with DeWeese leading? The Caucus is crippled now with the last effective leader gone. Corbett will be happy to let Eachus bumble the Dem's back into the minority. If by some miracle Todd overcomes his ineptitude and becomes a threat, then look for Corbett to drop him. December 16, 2009 9:15 PM"

Here is an article from Sights On Pennsylvania:

"Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Steve(Not Tom) Corbett on Senator Mellow And House Majority Leader Todd Eachus

Back on October 2, 2009 famed WILK Talk Show Host Steve Corbett wrote the following editorial

"One Is As Bad As The Other". Here is it's content.

One Is As Bad As The Other

Steve Corbett Reporting

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hunger and pain is easy to overlook as long as you’re not hungry and in pain.

Sen. Bob Mellow is neither hungry nor hurting.

Rep. Todd Eachus is neither hungry nor hurting.

Mellow, the Pennsylvania Senate minority Democratic leader and Eachus, the majority House of Representatives Democratic Leader, are bloated plutocrats who have lost all connection to the real world of hunger and pain outside Harrisburg where they are paid handsomely to uphold the public trust.

Their failure to lead lawmakers into passing a long-overdue budget can no longer be excused or overlooked. Their self-absorbed impressions of themselves are hurting people. Their willingness to live the good life while their constituents are living no life at all can no longer be accepted.

Both men are powerful Democrats.

Other powerful Democrats should call them out.

Elected Democrats to local and state positions must focus on alerting Mellow and Eachus to the damage being done to our communities.

Mellow really should know better. As the state’s longest sitting senator, he knows the rules of the game as well as anyone. Or does he?

Mellow might have outlived his usefulness to anyone than himself and those campaign donors to whom he is indebted and wants to remain connected. That does little good to the process of good government that he supposedly understands and is paid to uphold.

Eachus also is no use to anyone but himself and those who created him as a monster manipulator who really isn’t even all that good at political wheeling-and-dealing.

When I visited Harrisburg recently, I spoke with a number of Capitol insiders who said that Eachus is not well respected among the rank-and-file lawmakers and definitely does not know how to negotiate or get things done.


Anonymous said...


In the old days, even in the midst of the corruption that sent legendary Sen. Vince Fumo to prison, where he now sits during the budget debacle, things got done. It took awhile but Fumo knew what strings to pull and pulled them. Fumo was a master at negotiation – by hook or by crook.

He was a criminal bully and a shameless intimidator but he got the job done.

Mellow doesn’t know how to put together a package that helps the people in Pennsylvania who desperately need help. Even if he wanted to help, Mellow never knew how to create connections and alliances that brought strength rather than weakness to progressive public policy.

Eachus doesn’t even have a clue.

This week the untested, unseasoned know-it-all even went so far as to criticize Gov. Ed Rendell, a brother Democrat who is as adept at politics as anybody in America. Eachus said he did not believe Rendell understood the rules of the House of Representatives.

If Eachus’ arrogance wasn’t so pathetic and counterproductive it would be funny.

But the budget impass is no laughing matter

And Eachus is digging us into a deeper hole rather than building ladders to help get us out.

How Eachus got to the position of power where he finds himself today is truly beyond me. State government was in such a state of disarray when Eachus arrived on the scene that I believe he just fell into the job.

He never impressed seasoned old-timers and today lacks the real behind-the-scenes support of the remaining political fixers who know how to get things done. If anything, he interferes in a way that causes resentment and makes life worse instead of better

I watched Eachus last Friday show up for the rededication of the Luzerne County Courthouse. He started shaking hands in the parking lot as soon as he arrived and graduated to handshakes and hugs throughout the morning – empty greetings to other empty suits.

Walking in the shadows of power and corruption with a lackey aid walking two steps behind him, Eachus struck me as a terribly insecure man who is working overtime not at passing a budget but at overcompensating for his inability by get the job done. Instead of hunkering down in Harrisburg, he wasted precious time and money at an event that only served to highlight the terrible state of despair in his own home county.

Yet Eachus did not seem embarrassed. Oblivious to his own failings, he merely further distanced himself from the life and death problems of the people he supposedly serves.

Mellow is a lost cause.

Eachus is a just a younger version.

Re-election might not be as easy as they think.

Even hungry people in pain can vote.

Anonymous said...

CASA BLOG SAID....WE'RE NOT BUYING IT: Think the arrest of former House Democratic Leader H. William DeWeese puts to rest questions about a shady deal between DeWeese and Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett? Think again."

Guys and Dolls, just because you were proven wrong on lying about DeWeese being a Sealed Immunity Witness, and lying about Tom Corbett having a secret deal not to charge DeWeese, and proven wrong on both account by the actions of Incitements.

You can no longer keep crying about lies you made up and now cannot prove.

You need an apology blog to DeWeese and one for Corbett.

If you do not do it, you are part of the UFO crowd of nuts and conspiracy theorists, and you are actually proving it was good you were removed from the Halls of Power.

Once beaten twice shy, so give it up!

DeWeese is indicted he is on your side of the fence, and Corbett put him there, so you all owe Corbett.

Be a Man not a Manzo!

Anonymous said...

National GOP Committeeman Bob Asher is the one person who Corbett owes his election as AG to.

Asher was key in securing the GOP State Committee endorsement for Corbett and raising tons of cash for his narrow 1.9% victory in November of 2004.

However, Asher, a convicted felon, has a shady past and is tied to many of the legislators (See Brightbill, Jubelirer, Perzel, Sam Smith, etc.) who dished out lavish bonuses to staffers and Corbett is afraid that pursuing "Bonusgate" and "Auditgate" for fear of uncovering piles of corruption amoung Asher's pals.

Since Corbett wants to be Governor in 2010 (And Asher wants Corbett to be Governor in 2010) Corbett is trying to do a public balancing act of making it look like he is going after corruption at the same time not really investigating "too hard" so he doesn't hurt his political pals.

After all, if more corruption comes out pointing toward Asher and his friends, Corbett would have a hard time raising cash for his campaign for Gov in 2010.
In fact, he might have a hard time getting reelected in 2008....stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

“Toxic Tom” Website to Educate Voters About Corbett’s Record of Defending Polluters:

Waste Management Fined Millions of Dollars When Corbett was Senior Executive.

PHILADELPHIA: Democratic Attorney General nominee Jim Eisenhower today announced the launch of a new campaign website detailing the record of his Republican opponent Tom Corbett defending Waste Management, Inc. (WMI), the largest importer of trash into Pennsylvania, during his tenure as a senior executive at the company.

The release of the new “Toxic Tom” website( ) comes days after Corbett began running negative ads attacking Eisenhower and distorting his record.

During Corbett’s time at WMI, the firm was repeatedly fined forenvironmental and safety violations – totaling millions of dollars --including the illegal dumping of hazardous medical waste.

Corbett has also received contributions from the trash giant in his Attorney General’scampaign.

The new website allows voters to see exactly where WMI was caught polluting while Corbett was there.

Violations occurred across the commonwealth. Voters can click on a garbage pail to see the details of the violation and the fine WMI paid.

The highlights of Corbett’s tenure at WMI – and his record ofvociferously defending them against infractions – include:

Waste Management racked up at least $3.7 million in fines whileCorbett was there.

During Corbett’s four year tenure at Waste Management,the company and its subsidiaries were fined more than $3.7 million forvarious violations at its landfills.

Waste Management found to have the most unsafe trucks of any companyon the road in “Operation Clean Sweep”.

In May 2001, the Pennsylvania StatePolice and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) ran aweek-long campaign to crack down on unsafe and environmentally unsound trashtrucks.

Of more than 40,000 inspected trucks, the state found more than11,000 safety and environmental violations.

The biggest violator -- and theregion’s biggest waste hauler --was Waste Management Inc., with 339environmental violations and 554 safety violations.

The DEP said as much as 65 percent of the Waste Management truck fleet was put off the road forrepairs.

Waste Management caught illegally dumping medical waste.

On the first day of “Operation Clean Sweep’, a trailer truck owned by Kephart Trucking was stopped for a safety inspection by state police at the Mifflinville rest area on Interstate 80 in Columbia County.

Police noticeda reddish substance leaking from the trailer, opened it and discovered medical waste hidden under a thin layer of municipal waste.

The hospital waste -- which included syringes, bedpans and wound dressings -- had beenpicked up by Kephart at a Waste Management Inc. transfer station in theBronx and was headed to Shade Landfill in Central City, Somerset County.

That landfill was not permitted to accept raw, unprocessed medical waste.

Corbett tried to fight Republican Governor Ridge’s attempts to limit the nation’s wastehaulers.

When Republican Governor Tom Ridge attempted to limit the amount of waste coming to Pennsylvania, Corbett – who Ridge had appointed as chair of PCCD (a post he still held) and as interim-AttorneyGeneral – fought him.


Anonymous said...

September 28th, 2008 | by BGuzzardi

Republican Attorney General and candidate for re-election Tom Corbett has made his choice. “No More Bonusgate charges until after the Election.” and decided not to indict any Republican before November 4 election.

He is being challenged by 12 year Northampton District Attorney John Morganelli.

Morning Call ” Corbett Raised Twice As Much as Morganelli” and there is a reason for that.

There are few who think that some Republicans were not doing what the Democrats were doing in using taxpayer money for private, partisan political campaigns and the decision and not to indict before the election is interpreted by many as Corbett’s willingness not to antagonize the Republican Harrisburg Establishment Insiders in return for their support in 2010 when he intends to run for governor.

There are few that think Republicans (or Democrats) are innocent, unless one applies the criminal courtroom standard of “innocent until proven guilty.”

To me, this decision not to indict Republicans, after 18 months of investigation, demonstrates what many conservative reformers, Republicans, have thought for a long time:

Tom Corbett is a career politician, a Party Hack.

One of AG Corbett’s principal backers in 2004 election and in this campaign is Republican Pennsylvania State National Committeeman, lobbyist and convicted perjurer Bob Asher and of the PAC Pennsylvania Future Fund, a major source of campaign funds.

Tom Corbett was a lobbyist for Waste Management before running for Attorney General as the Republican Harrisburg Establishment choice in 2004.

DA John Morganelli is a career prosecutor with no higher ambitions than being Attorney General of Pennsylvania, who has tried murder cases to verdict and death penalty, and will, I am sure, go where the evidence is and that is what we need, a career prosecutor, not a career politician.


Anonymous said...

Attorney General Tom Corbett's Inauguration Remarks

Forum Building, State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Thank you Senator Santorum, Senator Jubelirer and Speaker Prezel for your support throughout the campaign and for your kind and generous remarks today. I look forward to working with each of you."


Anonymous said...

To the moron who went off about opposition research:

it is COMPLETELY illegal to use taxpayer money to pay for opposition research, because it is a campaign activity. Campaign organizations can research all they want, just NOT with state employees on the clock. Team Casa wants you to think it's ok because everyone does it, but illegal is illegal. Look out Harrisburg, the clean sweep is a'coming!

Signor Ferrari said...

"Team Casa wants you to think it's ok because everyone does it"

We do? Where'd you read that?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...Why did Tom Corbett bring up the fact that he is trying to stop all Operation Researchers in his Press Conference. Especially on Candidates wives and children? Is there something in Tom Corbett's Wife’ Background he is afraid will come out?"

Cut this crap right now! I do not mind any attacks on the Defendants or those being investigated or even the people at the OAG and even Corbett.

It is your right to express your views and others here can commend, condemn, or differ with you.

However, attacks on people's mother's, wives, and children are out of bounds as far as I am concern.

So, no more attacks on Defendant's mothers such as I read in prior Blogs on Ramaley, Veon, and Cott mothers. Someone says it; I am going to defend them.

The same goes for Corbett and his children and any OAG's Staffer.

This is one big mess, but leave family out of it, and this is why my call for ethical violations is appropriate for many of the charges, because many do not have Intentional Criminal Acts.

Furthermore, Tom Corbett can be criticized for highly poor judgment on taking so long, and selective prosecution, and flimsy evidence but he did not bring this upon himself and he could not ignore it.

Therefore, his wife is not and never will be about these prosecutions, do you hear that dear, and is that clear dear, and not here dear, do you understand dear?

We all make mistakes but family is out of bounds unless they play a role, and Susan Corbett has no role here and that is an honest assessment.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
To the moron who went off about opposition research:

it is COMPLETELY illegal to use taxpayer money to pay for opposition research, because it is a campaign activity. Campaign organizations can research all they want, just NOT with state employees on the clock. Team Casa wants you to think it's ok because everyone does it, but illegal is illegal. Look out Harrisburg, the clean sweep is a'coming! December 17, 2009 1:40 PM"

Origins and History of Political Opposition Research:

In the 1st century B.C., Cicero is said to have gathered information that was damaging to opponents and using it in attacks against them. He accused one political opponent, Cataline, of murdering one wife to make room for another. He attacked Mark Antony in speeches known as the Philippics, eventually prompting Antony to chop off his head and right hand and display them at the Roman Forum.

Opposition research also has its origins in military planning, as evident in such ancient texts as The Art of War, published in the 5th century B.C. by Sun Tzu. This manual for warriors describes the necessity for understanding an opponent's weaknesses, for using spies, and for striking in moments of weakness.

In 18th century England, opposition research took the form of scandal mongering pamphlet wars between the Whig and Tory parties. Writers such as Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, and Henry Fielding participated, often writing under assumed names.

This tradition of robust attack was replicated later in the American colonies, when writers such as Thomas Paine or Benjamin Franklin conducted opposition research and published their results.

When Thomas Jefferson's rival incumbent President John Adams accused Jefferson of planning to burn all Bibles and legalize prostitution if elected president in 1800, Jefferson countered that Adams was endowed with a "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman;" and if re-elected he would crown himself king; and was "mentally deranged."

The author of the attacks was a pamphleteer named James Callender funded by Jefferson. Callender spent nine months in prison under the Sedition Act for libeling a sitting president; Jefferson pardoned him immediately after defeating Adams and taking office.

The first appearance of the phrase "opposition research" in the New York Times occurred on December 17, 1971, in an article that describes the infiltration of the Edmund Muskie presidential campaign by a female Republican volunteer: " article appeared in a Washington newspaper describing the 'opposition research' program at Republican headquarters.”

Opposition research became systematized in the 1970s when Ken Khachigian, in the Nixon Administration suggested that the GOP keep files on individuals as insurance against future races, rather than "scramble" in an ad hoc fashion race by race.

Opposition Research is not illegal. However, there are some acts that can make it illegal by violating certain privacy protections.

The OAG did not know the law on Handcuff procedures of people charged, and they are mistaken on many of their guiding the Grand Jury findings against the defendants.

This will come out at Trial, just as Ramaley proved his case was a Witch Hunt by mistake OAG Staffers.

Continued Below.....

Anonymous said...

Continued From above on Opposition Research......

Since the Office of the Attorney general is a tad confused what are crimes regarding Opposition Research lets help them out, they may have fooled a Grand Jury but when it comes to the proving it at Trial they are up against some mighty fine laws that make Opposition research perfectly legal. They will learn it is actually used when Supreme Court Nominations are made as well, and no one goes for jail for finding the truth.

Systems of Opposition Research in the United States:
Opposition Research differs immeasurably depending on the magnitude and financial support of a campaign, the ethics of the candidate, and the era in which it is conducted.

Legal Information collecting can be categorized into groupings:

1.Open-source research enabled by the Freedom of Information Act, totally legal and protected under the First Amendment. Freedom of information legislation known in the as sunshine laws are rules that guarantee access to data held by the state nor government. They establish a "right-to-know" legal process by which requests may be made for government-held information, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions. Governments are bound by a duty to publish and promote openness. These are constitutional guarantees for the right of access to information, all states including Pennsylvania have laws governing access to public documents of state and local taxing entities, and in addition, the Freedom of Information Act governs records management of documents in the possession of the federal government. A related concept is open meetings legislation, which allows access to government meetings, not just to the records of them.. The basic legal principle behind most freedom of information legislation is that the burden of proof falls on the body asked for information, not the person asking for it. The requester does not usually have to give an explanation for their request, but if the information is not disclosed a valid reason has to be given. What is happening today is governments are still responding slowly to giving out this information. In regards to Grand Jury protection of a target individual against witnesses lying to the grand jury, or against the use of unconstitutionally obtained evidence, there are absolutely no protections that exist against such false information. The target's only redress is to challenge the evidence at trial. One of the reasons a witness may assert the Fifth Amendment is that he or she does not know if the prosecutor has presented witnesses who have lied. The witness cannot risk testifying contrary to those witnesses, for fear of being charged with perjury if the prosecutor does not believe his or her testimony.

As Team Casa will prove at Trial the allegations in the Grand Jury are far different from actual violations of the law at Trial.

When the OAG has a wrong view on the laws and still prosecutes it loses at Trial, as seen in the Ramaley case.

Anonymous said...

Continued From Above....

2. Tradecraft Opposition Research, Tradecraft is a general term that denotes a skill acquired through experience in a trade in collecting information including that of professionals from opposing sides and this includes maintenance of human systems of informants. In today’s ever increasingly, data mining of electronic records is used. Information is then stored for future use, and disseminated in a variety of ways. A local election sometimes has a staff member after hours or election volunteers dedicated to reading through all of the opponents' public statements and their voting records. This is perfectly legal and can apply to spouses and children of the candidates. What is legal but can be viewed unethical by some are whisper campaigns that employ techniques of disinformation or "Black Ops" to deliberately mislead the public by advancing a pre-determined "narrative" that will present the opponent in a negative light. This is not illegal because opponents have the ability to respond and it can backfire on the people using such techniques.

3. Gray Propaganda Opposition Research traditions are gray lines and this is where one must be careful on legality. One method is used to infiltrate the opposition's operations and position a paid informant there. This is often used to release damaging information to news media outlets without its source being identified properly. This method has been hereditary from disinformation strategy employed by intelligence agencies such as the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Here depending on the actions of inside agents is where gray lines can cross into black and white lines, but none of that happen with Team Casa once they have their say in court.

Anonymous said...

Continued From Above......

4. Inside Media Opposition Research is when an organization actually position information or personnel within media outlets. Often the information is video footage gathered in campaign-funded "tracker programs" wherein videographers use candidates' itineraries to track them and record as many remarks as possible, since anything they say can and will be used against them, for a campaign moment all legal by the way. The Media constantly call Opposition Research staffers looking for tidbits and trading information for special access all perfectly legal. File sharing between Opposition Research Operatives of political parties is quite common. In the 2008 presidential election, a dossier of opposition research against Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was posted in its entirety on a political blog site, The file was compiled by the staff of her opponent in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial race, Tony Knowles. No one arrested or even charged.

5. Opposition Researchers often use "Oppo Dumps" for political campaigns to methodically supply files of damaging information to press outlets, including matters of the public record, video footage from party archives and private collections, as well as private intelligence gathered by operatives within the law. Many prime time television and radio news commentaries rely on this supply of party-generated material because it is free, and therefore more cost-effective than paying investigative reporters.

6. Opposition Research Political strategies for campaigns often include coaching on preventive measures to avoid providing too much information in public disclosure procedures that can provide ammunition for opponents' opposition researchers, particularly in itemized expenditure reports. Here the problem is when reporting the expenses for Opposition Research. Here is where candidates need to be warning about spending campaign funds on fancy restaurants for 'strategy meetings.' Eating at expensive restaurants the campaign's dime just looks bad. The press may report it and then poke a donors may feel their donation in being; misspent and may never give again, but ain’t illegal.

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Team Casa has a right to point out Where Grand Juries think Political Campaign Tactics may be dirty and are punishing them by Indicting them, but a fair trial will prove Team Casa did nothing Illegal as far as Opposition Research Political strategies for campaigns.

Normal rules of evidence do not apply to a grand jury investigation, and a judge is generally needed only to rule on privilege issues or issues relating to contempt.

For the most part, the subject of a grand jury investigation has no right to testify unless subpoenaed, nor any right to compel the grand jury to hear certain witnesses or evidence. Often, however, if a target requests an opportunity to testify, he or she will be permitted by the prosecutor to do so but without a grant of immunity.

The prosecutor may refuse to present evidence submitted by a target. In federal grand juries, exculpatory evidence need not be presented, although in many states exculpatory evidence must be submitted for the grand jury's consideration. Prosecutors have the right in federal grand juries to introduce hearsay and to otherwise utilize evidence that would not be admissible in a regular trial.

The target's only redress is to challenge such Grand Jury mistakes of evidence at trial.

One of the reasons a witness may assert the Fifth Amendment is that he or she does not know if the prosecutor has presented witnesses who have lied.

The witness cannot risk testifying contrary to those witnesses, for fear of being charged with perjury if the prosecutor does not believe his or her testimony.

In fact, the Prosecutors may actually be admonished sooner or later by Judges at Trial or in the Press as in the case Sean Ramaley.

These Indictments and Trials are being perfectly timed for a political election year, not seeking justice.

The Grand Jury people will know it after it is all over and will be upset with being used and misled.

But the truth crushed into the earth will rise again, count on it.

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"Anonymous said...
To the moron who went off about opposition research: it is COMPLETELY illegal to use taxpayer money to pay for opposition research, because it is a campaign activity. Campaign organizations can research all they want, just NOT with state employees on the clock. Team Casa wants you to think it's ok because everyone does it, but illegal is illegal. Look out Harrisburg, the clean sweep is a'coming! December 17, 2009 1:40 PM"

Sorry, these may be Ethical Violations but not criminal with intent. Actions by US Attorneys prove the OAG has it wrong.

If so, you better arrest the entire US Senate when all staffers did on government time was doing Opposition research on Supreme Court Candidates on Federal Time?

On the other hand, when George W. Bush Administration used 2 former opposition researchers for the RNC appointed to Justice Department posts, Timothy Griffin and Monica Goodling, were implicated in efforts to use data collected on Democratic-appointed federal attorneys as ground for dismissal.

They were dismissed for ethical violations but never investigated, indicted or arrested and later had to be given limited immunity to testify before congress for fear they were doing only what they were asked to do as part of their jobs.

Tell that to the Pennsylvania OAG that have 800 employees and after years have not looked into Tom Corbett's best political friend's campaign abuses in Robert Jubelier Jumblers Staffers alleged to work on commonwealth time???

Or Tom Corbett's own campaign actions with convicted felon Asher when raising money for campaigns during his alleged tenure in public office.

These prosecutions have been perfectly designed and timed, just like Nixon Tactics, and you know the sad thing, just like Watergate, they were unnecessary, when he was going to win anyway.

However, his planned strategy backfired and all his people were arrested in the end.

You can mislead the Grand Jurors, but No Fair Juror in a fair court of law is going to buy any designed plan to go after political opponents with your own Opposition Researchers.

Furthermore, the Media and Press will not ignore your excuses, explanations, and now cries of calling people Morons when Tom Corbett OAG is ignoring the Senate Republicans due to his close ties to being elected by them on State Time.

If the OAG wants to prove my blog wrong, then present Presentments on the Senate Republicans in the next few weeks, you HAD 3 YEARS AND 800 EMPLOYEES TO DO IT.

Or is this an admission Corbett cannot manage 800 employees let alone the entire state employment of millions.

Go ahead make my day, respond, or coward into your hole of Opposition Researchers of your own.

Where is the investigation of Republican Senators using staffers on elections????

Furthermore, if this is all illegal then arrest everyone that did it, not a few.

Start with the US Attorneys in Philadelphia that were found with ethical violations NOT ILLEGAL and still employed.

It was for Meehan the guy that stepped aside for corbett!

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Great history of opposition research. Doesn't change the fact that doing it on taxpayers dime is illegal.

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"Anonymous said...Great history of opposition research. Doesn't change the fact that doing it on taxpayers dime is illegal. December 17, 2009 5:18 PM"

Did you not read Republicans working as justice lawyers on Federal Time doing Opposition Research, not prosecuted? They did it on the Taxpayers time, but not prosecuted.
That's Fact Jack!

Why Corbett's 800 employees have not investigated his bosom buddy Jubelier is another fact jack.

Here some more examples for you to compare how many got ethical violations not criminal.

The situation in Corbett’s office reveals more about the culture of the Capitol, where certain government employees juggle state jobs with political activity for their boss.

Harrisburg activists say it illustrates the gray area that exists throughout state government between state work and campaign work.

Some say that Corbett, a Republican and potential governor’s candidate in 2010, has set a bad example by tapping his chief of staff to run his campaign while pursuing Bonusgate.

Activist Gene Stilp said Corbett could further undermine people’s confidence in state government after controversies such as the 2005 pay raise and scandals such as Bonusgate.

“This is not showing good judgment,” Stilp said. “He has to be squeaky clean, and this isn’t squeaky clean.”

Meanwhile, Nutt and other Corbett aides were helping their boss at political functions from time to time, records show.

Corbett took office in January 2005, and since then Nutt received 14 checks from the campaign reimbursing him for expenses, records show.

Nutt racked up $7,361 for meals, lodging, parking, and other unspecified expenses for the Corbett campaign between January 2005 and February 2008.

Rebekah Myers, an executive assistant to Corbett, was reimbursed by the campaign for buying office supplies and stamps, among other things.

The Lancaster County resident received seven reimbursement checks totaling $1,126 from the campaign during Corbett’s first term.

Like Nutt, Myers has taken unpaid leave from her state job. She has been off the state payroll since April.

Harley, also a Lancaster County resident, received four reimbursement checks from the campaign totaling $4,229 for lodging and unspecified expenses.

He received all four between January 2005 and December 2007.

Annmarie Kaiser of Harrisburg, director of legislative affairs for the attorney general, was reimbursed once this year for campaign travel.

She received a check of $382 in March for lodging.

Andrew Paris of Etters, York County, is a legislative liaison who works under Kaiser and received three checks totaling $402 for unspecified expenses between September 2005 and May 2007.

Karen Mitchell, another executive assistant to the attorney general, received one reimbursement check from the campaign for $17.91.

The Lemoyne resident received a check for unspecified expenses in September 2005. Calls left for Myers, Kaiser, Paris and Mitchell were not returned.



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"Anonymous said...Great history of opposition research. Doesn't change the fact that doing it on taxpayers dime is illegal.
December 17, 2009 5:18 PM"
If you were right, Corbett should have started his investigation with the US Attorneys in Philadelphia that were found with ethical violations NOT ILLEGAL and still employed.

Oh, right they were Republicans on the taxpayer’s time and Pennsylvania Citizens.

Corbett ignored it, especially after Meehan dropped out of the Governors Race????

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous December 17, 2009 5:18 PM, about Taxpayers dimes being used, but I agree with Anonymous December 17, 2009 5:05 PM, too.

Why has it taken so much time and dimes in not investigating Republican Senate Leadership and Staffs during this same period?

Why has no one reported on any investigation of Senate Republicans and Democrats?

Are there even a Grand Jury convened for them before next years Primary?

Corbett is either incompetent, covering for his political friends, or hiding something.

Corbett should announce this week when he will be investigating the Senate Republican Caucus and remove this cloud of confusion over those that helped him become the Attorney General for his and their sake.

Corbett was able to charge Democrats before the 2008 Election, so he can charge Senate Republicans before the 2010 Elections.

Anonymous said...

Deal or No Deal? Corbett charged DeWeese with low level Felonies so he could keep his pension just like he did with LaGrotta. The small letter "deal" is or was to charge, get a plea of guilty, BUT only to a crime befitting to enable DeWeese and LaGrotta to still get their pensions.

Deal or No Deal - I'd say "DEAL"