Thursday, January 7, 2010

CELL PHONE COUNT.... back to two.

On WITF-FM this morning, Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett bragged how technology - "cell phones, BlackBerries" - allows him to simultaneously prosecute members of the legislature while seeking their support for his gubernatorial campaign.

"I carry two, by the way," he said.

Let's take a magical journey through Corbett's ever-changing story about the hundreds of phone calls between his campaign staff and his taxpayer-funded state Office of Attorney General staff on state phones during state time.

In September, Corbett bragged to ABC27 News that he carries two cell phones: "He says he has a separate BlackBerry for his campaign work and one for his 'work' work. Separation of government and campaigning is big with this attorney general."

But a few weeks later, ABC27 News confronted him with cell phone bills that showed hundreds of phone calls between not only Corbett's campaign phone, but campaign workers' phones and his taxpayer-funded state OAG staff - using state phones during state time.

At that time, Corbett dodged the question of what campaign workers were discussing with state workers on state phones during state time, and defended his own calls thusly: "It's easier to keep it on one that the taxpayers are not paying for. That's the most important thing: taxpayers aren't paying for this. Either the campaign or myself are paying for this."

Why, Tom? Why is important that the taxpayers weren't paying for you to call your taxpayer-funded state office staff on their state phones during state time? Was it because you weren't discussing legitimate state business with them on their state phones during state time? Why did you have your campaign reimburse you for these phone calls if they weren't campaign-related? And, not to belabor the point, what was your campaign staff discussing with your taxpayer-funded state staff on their state phones during state time?

Then in November, when Associated Press reporter Mark Scolforo asked him at a press conference about the phone calls, he again dodged the question of what his campaign staff was discussing with his taxpayer-funded state office staff on state phones during state time. This time, though, he claimed he uses his "personal" cell phone for both state and campaign business, (and has his campaign reimburse him for what he claims is state business) and he doesn't even know the number of his state-issued cell phone.

But he must have forgotten this morning that he made that claim. It's so tough keeping his stories straight.


Anonymous said...

When Sen Ward recruited republican candidates against Reps Casorio, Harhai and White (all democrats), which phone did she use?

Anonymous said...

It is going to be ironic, but very revealing and outright true to justice, but Tom Corbett and his OAG Prosecutors and OAG Aides are going to be caught with the same Technology Corbett claimed Perzel and Veon violated on using on State Time for Campaigns.
This is not going away and will follow Corbett to the Governor's Mansion even if he elected. One-way the Democrats are going to reverse Republican gains in 2010 is with prosecutions in 2011 by US Attorneys for violating the laws.

We have seen it before with Former Prosecutors that became Governor in Elliot Spitzer of New York, Illinois, Illinois George Homer Ryan, and Connecticut John Grosvenor Rowland!

The Republicans are known for turning on each other, some of the Old Guard from the Grand Old Party will let Corbett do all the damage, then take him out, and put one of their own in, after Corbett is damaged good.

The Phone Records are a Time Bomb waiting to happen, after all another quote from Frank Fina to the Media has Corbett in the Crosshairs..... "There's no ledger for politics in the crimes code. ... Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Fina said.



Anonymous said...

Senator Ward and Orie are going to be indicted, and sooner than they think, and right at the time, Corbett times his own findings on other House Members.

The NRA out of decency for life should remove any and all guns near some Republicans in the coming months!

Jesus Christ is going to be mighty busy too!

Anonymous said...

I feel we are all on a political abyss!

Will someone put up the Republican Campaign Donations from Republican
US Attorneys, OAG Employees, and Top Corbett Aides?

Anonymous said...

CORBETT'S CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR 2010,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the words of Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina,,,,,," "There's no ledger for politics in the crimes code...."Literally, the direction is: There's the Crimes Code. If someone's violating it, put it before the grand jury and see where it goes,,,,,Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Fina said.

So when is Bob Jubelirer, Jane Orie, Frank Dermody and Tom Corbett going to get it Frank???

All Campaign Directions are pointing bcak at Corbett and Friends?

Anonymous said...

Mark Mustio Mansion built on voting for his Pay Raises does not show for his State job, but does show up for his Insurance job, but lives in a Mansion in a Gated Moon Township Community bigger than the Governors Mansion.

So when is Frank Fina going to investigate and transfer Mark Mustio from his Gated Mansion in Moon Township to a Gated Jail Cell in Lewisburg?

I mean check out Mustio's absentee record with his state time per diem record for this so-called Absentee Reformer.

Hypocrits abound as Team Casa points out!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Moon Township, did anyone check out Frank Dermody close relationship to Mr. Moon?

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Mark Mustio is on the Marty Griffin Show, is he on State Time, his Insurance Business Time, or at home on his free time when he should be Harrisburg doing reforms he cannot perform because he ain't there.

Hell his wife spends more in a month tham most PA Taxpayers earn in a year?

Time to dump the Full-Time Insurance Operator Mark Mustio and Part-Time Legislator never showing up except on Marty Griffin Radio Show to spill out Hot Air!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is what we need State Legislators that do not show up for their State Jobs, picking Judges on Merit over the People's Right to Vote for Elected

They cannot even show up for their jobs and vote for the people, but they know how to select Judges from their homes.

Mark Mustio is in the Insurance Business do you think he wants to choose Judges for the people or for his Business.

Frank Dermody wife works for Reed Smith that wants to choose Judges too.

They call it Reform, we call it Judges chosen from Reform Schools, bought, and paid for by the Big Law Firms, Insurance, and Corporations that have robbed the people blind this entire past decade.

Anonymous said...

Something I never figure out, if KDKA and KYW interview State Lawmakers on State Time and still make Private Money by advertising, why is not the State reimbursed for that time making money for these Radio Shows?

Anonymous said...

Jane Orie basically appointted her sister Joan Orie Melvin to the Supreme Court by cooridinating the Campaigns from Republican Senate State Offices?

But not 1 of 800 Corbett's Employees had anytime to investigate the Complaint?

Frank Fina Said:
"There's no ledger for politics in the crimes code, Literally, the direction is: There's the Crimes Code. If someone's violating it, put it before the grand jury and see where it goes, Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Fina said.

So where was the State Grand Jury Frank when you given a Complaint during the very time elections laws were being violated, Frank?

And these people want to select Judges???

Anonymous said...

I got to tell you, the Jane Orie crying about being accused of working on State Time for State Judge campaigns?


Corbett's Non-Existent Investigation of the Senate that appoints Judges sometimes and Corbett’s Senate Buddies such as Bob Jubelirer and His Wife a State Judge??

And Joan Orie Melvin Campaign on how much she knows to be a Supreme Court Judge but has been silent so far about her Election???

All give a new meaning to the Phrase "Friends of the Court!"

Anonymous said...

Why does Corbett have two phones, if he uses his Private Campaign Phone all of the time?

I think Corbett has two phones because with one phone he is investigating Democrats and his own Republican enemies.

The other one is for telling his Political Buddies to how to avoid Investigations he will not be making anymore.

I wonder if all the Judges that ran, had two phones?

I wonder if Tom Ridge had two phones when he ran for Governor?

I wonder if Jane Orie had two phones?

I wonder if Joan Orie Melvin had two phones?

I mean if you wear Two Phones does that mean you Get Of Out Of An Investigation For Free?

What happens when Corbett's State Business phone goes off about the same time you are talking on your private phone on State Time?

Do you do the State Work you were hired and elected to do, or do you keep on the Private phone and ignore your State Work on Taxpayers Dime.

We really do need to see both his Private and State Phone, Blackberries and Laptops to compare if he was working on his Campaign during State Time.

We need an Auditor Generals Investigation on AG Corbett's Co-Mingling of Phone Time?

After all, Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina is quoted, "There's no ledger for politics in the crimes code...."Literally, the direction is: There's the Crimes Code. If someone's violating it, put it before the grand jury and see where it goes, Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Fina said.

Anonymous said...

Fina's history shows he has not shied away from making tough calls. After several years prosecuting crimes in the U.S. attorney's office in Washington, D.C., Fina and his wife sought a quieter setting and a lower cost-of-living.

He settled in Lewisburg, Union County, splitting time between private practice and part-time work in the district attorney's office. He was the new guy trying to blend into small-town Pennsylvania, working at the firm and mixing with people.

Then, Fina discovered an unsettling truth at his Lewisburg law office: a partner, James Persing, had been skimming money from clients. Persing was something of a "golden boy." He was the solicitor to the Union County commissioners and the son of a family that had been in the area for decades.

The new guy didn't flinch. Fina saw that the information made its way to prosecutors, which would ultimately lead to Persing's conviction in 1999 for embezzling more than $260,000 over several years.

"Other people had been looking the other way on purpose, and Frank did not," Wilson said. "It hurt his relationship with his law partners ... and his kids weren't invited to certain parties any longer."

"But to me it was a very good example ... if someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing, he's not going to look away just because it's going to be ugly," Wilson said.






Anonymous said...

"Why, Tom? Why is important that the taxpayers weren't paying for you to call your taxpayer-funded state office staff on their state phones during state time? Was it because you weren't discussing legitimate state business with them on their state phones during state time? Why did you have your campaign reimburse you for these phone calls if they weren't campaign-related? And, not to belabor the point, what was your campaign staff discussing with your taxpayer-funded state staff on their state phones during state time?"

what is wrong with pennsylvania's Capitol press corps that none will ask Corbett these very legitimate questions???

Anonymous said...

Heck, I am going to get 6 phoens that way I can avoid being investigated by the PAOAG, DAZappla, FBI, US Attorneys, INTERPOL and Acorn.

I heard of Magic Jack but Corbett's Magic Phones to prevent you from Campaigning on State Time may be the a New Wonder in the Criminal World.

Anonymous said...

Find out who owns, advertisers, and works with the Political Republican Elites and you will find out why Newspaper, Radio, TV or Media outlet is not reporting anything on Corbett?

Except the cover uo won't work, the Internet is still free to expose what others are hiding.

Timing is everything, the OAG is going to explode just the like House, Senate and Judiciary!

Anonymous said...

You know ever since Waste Management bought Tom Corbett there is more gargabe being sent to Pennsylvania and hidden in abandon Coal Mines that sooner or later has to start to stink, seap, and turn into bacteria ship.


Anonymous said...

You do know, Tony Krastek told the world on Twitter...."All Politics Is A Dirty Business!"

Does that mean Tony Krastek himself since he works for Tom Corbett that is in Politics?

Or is he calling his Boss Corbett dirty because he worked for Waste Management?

How much Waste Management stock does Tom Corbett and his Wife and Kids own?

Did the Newspaper Owners cut a deal on their Toxic Waste Dumps with Corbett?

Anonymous said...

I always felt the term Blackberry was racists why not Whiteberries?

Tom Corbett has White Hair because like Moses he was near to God and I ain't talking about playing a fiddle on the Titanic.

Goodspeed Tom Corbett.

Anonymous said...

This is why Tom Corbett should resign.

Corbett cannot be the Leading Law Enforcement in Pennsylvania and run for Governor at the same time.

If has to have two phones it is proof he campaigning on state time.

If you have two phones you are cannot be doing your state job all of the time?

Anonymous said...

Forget about his phones; what are state workers discussing on state phones during state time with Corbett's campaign staff??

Anonymous said...

If Corbett's campaign phone rings in his pocket when he is in the OAG's office does it make a sound?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More GOP hypocrisy: CNN,in reporting on today's Michael Steele controversy (the GOP Chairman has said the Republicans will not gain control of Congress in 2010 and they are "not ready" to gain control)notes that there are "daily strategy calls" between House and Senate Capitol GOP staffers and the Republican National Committee. The callers ought to be subpeonaed for the Veon-Cott trial.

Anonymous said...

What's important is not what cell phone he's using to campaign on state time, but that he lies and lies, so blatantly, and no one ever calls him on it!

Anonymous said...

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding."

-- Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis,

Whitney v. California [1927]

Anonymous said...

"Deeds before creeds."

Anonymous said...

DEFCON 5 Normal Defense readiness to begin a proper Defense against unwarranted Attack.

DEFCON 4 Normal, increased intelligence and strengthened security measures through Internet Operations.

DEFCON 3 Increase in Defense Attorneys readiness above normal readiness.

DEFCON 2 Further Increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness for Trial

DEFCON 1 Maximum force readiness for Trial.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Senator Ward used the same phone Hillary used last year at three a.m. to call Bill and find out if there was hostile fire in montenegro? or it might have been a white princess phone that was not connected to. . . but formerly used by Hyacinth Bucket.


Anonymous said...

is there a twelve step program for multiple phone junkies?

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse should heed the words of Justice Brandeis.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


State House Speaker McCall expected to retire
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
By Tom Barnes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG -- State House Democratic Speaker Keith McCall is going to retire and not seek re-election to his House seat this year, House sources said today.

Mr. McCall, who wasn't available for comment, has represented his Carbon County district since 1982.

He's in his first term as House speaker and his decision to leave could complicate what is expected to be an already difficult debate on the 20010-11 budget.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Smoke Screens and the Wizards behind the Curtains at Strawberry Square.

They only have to hold out until the first week of March because this is ACTUALLY WHEN THE ELECTION IS OVER.

Why? I will answer it with Questions First!

When are the Reformers going to take action?

Where are all the Candidates?


Corbett knows Pennsylvania is full of Arm-Chaired Reformers!

Corbett knows by that time, if people are not on the ballot, they cannot win.

Thus, the Democrats need to make sure good Candidates run unafraid of Corbett's Fascism Tactics making fear into every candidate.

If Democrats even those indicted stand up and Run for Office they will upset Corbett and his OAG Minions with sour stomachs.

A Public Campaign needs to be organized to follow AG Corbett everywhere and at all Campaign Stops protesting him and his Lying Grand Jury Violations of ABA and Pennsylvania Professional Ethics.

A Public Campaign needs to wage a campaign on forcing Corbett's Resignation by showing Corbett's own violations of Election Laws on State Time.

Legislation needs to be introduce that future Attorney Generals cannot run for Governor while in Office too.

Corbett's complicity with Asher, Jubelirer and Mike Long need to known throughout Pennsylvania with a Public Campaign for his Resignation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At first the symptoms were minor.
A comment here.
An email there.
A friend would tell me I was going overboard.
Then, all of a sudden, it hit me.
I have the disease!
I have a bona fide case of O.C.D!

Obsessive Corbett Disease.

I have become obsessed with Tom Corbett. Every blog. Every day.

Criticize Tom Corbett. So I stopped. And I thought. And I thought some more.

I asked myself if I was being fair.

I mean, after all, it doesn't take a psychic to figure out that I don't like or respect Tom Corbett. And if you know our history, you know why.

But I want to be objective on this page.

I want to write about things I know about - share my experiences so maybe people who read the blog will get a better understanding of politics.

And I want to be fair. I want to be honest. I want to tell the truth.

What to do?? What to do??

Then, I got the following email from someone I don't know. Someone who reads my page and comments frequently.

It read:

"Hey, where's the Corbett stuff? Don't quit on us now! The sh-t you are writing about him is important and people should know it. This a--hole wants to be governor. People need to know what he's really like!"

So, I went back and re-read "the Corbett stuff" I've written. Stuff like:

-- His using the power of the prosecutor to get publicity for his campaign for governor.

-- His accepting huge, questionable campaign contributions from federal felons.

-- His campaign workers calling his state workers and his state workers calling his campaign workers on state phones, on state time.

-- His alleged deal with former Senate leader Bob Jubelrier to NOT indict for crimes related to bonuses paid with tax money for political work.

-- His work as a former lobbyist and was Legal Counselor for Waste Management, Inc. - the largest importer of trash into Pennsylvania.

-- His lack of experience on every issue that governor's must deal with daily.

-- His willingness to accept a state pay check to be a full-time attorney general while he runs around the state campaigning as a full-time candidate for governor.

(Hmmmm.....getting paid by the taxpayers while campaigning. Sound familiar, Tom?)

-- His willingness to ignore potential crimes committed by Senate Whip Jane Orie (R-Allegheny) because Orie is a Republican and she and her organization support Corbett for governor.

And there's more.

Hey, I can't deny it. Indeed, I must confess: When it comes to Tom Corbett, I have not overdone things.

But there's a reason for that:


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Tom Corbett, things need to be overdone.

After all, this is a guy who wants to be governor of the fifth-largest state in the nation.

And yet:

Tom Corbett has no governing experience.

Tom Corbett has misused the power of the prosecutor by picking and choosing who he charges and who gets a pass.

Tom Corbett spends all his time campaigning for governor, despite being paid by the taxpayers to be a full-time attorney general.

Tom Corbett has people in his state office taking campaign-related phone calls on state phones on state time.

Tom Corbett refuses to even investigate, much less prosecute, his

Republican supporters - like Orie - but he throws the book - hell, he throws the whole library - at Republicans who aren't his friends.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Those are just some of the reasons I have focused much of my time, my words and my blog space on Tom Corbett.

And until he answers the questions about his lack of experience, I will continue to ask them.

And as long as he continues to commit the same "crimes" he's charging others with, I will continue to criticize his hypocrisy.

And unless he stops campaigning full-time while being paid by the state to do a full-time job, I will continue to point out the double standard he sets for himself and others.

Because on most of these issues, the "real media" is pretty much giving Tom Corbett a free ride.

Seriously. Here is a guy with more skeletons in his closet than Count Dracula, and yet the guy can basically say or do what he wants with impunity.

OK, there is the occasional newspaper story - although the Pittsburgh media appears to have let the "Orie vs. the Intern" story languish without follow-up. (I communicated with the intern, by the way. She has a very compelling story to tell.)

And there was the wonderfully insightful report on WHTM-TV in Harrisburg about how Corbett's state workers keep calling Corbett's campaign workers on state phones on state time.

However, beyond that, it appears Corbett can say or do anything he wants and get away with it.

And he knows it.

And THAT is not fair to the people of Pennsylvania.

And the Pennsylvania media OUGHT to know that.

Corbett likes to say that he and his investigators will "go wherever the evidence leads them" to get to the truth.

Well Corbett should be under the same media scrutiny, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Because the people of Pennsylvania has suffered enough from corrupt, incompetent government.

They deserve the truth - wherever the evidence leads.

Anonymous said...

GOP Flexes Recruiting Successes in Keystone State
By Shira Toeplitz, CQ-Roll Call
After losing a total of five House seats in Pennsylvania over the past two cycles, a string of recent recruiting successes has boosted GOP prospects for regaining some of that lost territory in 2010.

According to several sources familiar with their decisions, former U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, former Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick and former U.S. Attorney Thomas Marino are poised to announce campaigns against Democratic Reps. Jason Altmire , Patrick Murphy and Christopher Carney , respectively.

What’s more, state Sen. Dave Argall (R) said Monday that he will challenge Rep. Tim Holden (D) in his conservative central Pennsylvania district, a move that is expected to give the congressman his most competitive race in six years.

Republicans were also buoyed last week when Rep. Jim Gerlach announced that he would drop out of the gubernatorial race and run for re-election instead, thereby increasing GOP chances of holding his competitive suburban Philadelphia seat.

“We could have a half a dozen competitive races in Pennsylvania, which is very rare,” said Pennsylvania-based GOP strategist Charlie Gerow. “I don’t think there are too many states who can have the claim.”

In the last few months of 2009, Republicans could only point to strong recruits in two congressional districts in the Keystone State: former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan’s bid to win the 7th District open seat and Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta’s challenge to longtime Democratic Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski .

But within the next few weeks, Republicans could have strong candidates in six Democratic-held seats.

Jack Hanna, the southwest caucus chairman for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said he’s not surprised Republicans are jumping into campaigns these days because of the favorable political climate, but he added that he was hopeful the national mood would change by November.

“It is cause for concern,” Hanna said. “If the Democratic Party doesn’t pay attention to these kinds of things, they’re making a mistake.”

Part of the reason that many Pennsylvania Republicans are choosing to take the political plunge now is because the GOP’s statewide ticket has become increasingly competitive over the past few months. Just last year, Republicans were facing competitive primary battles in both the Senate and gubernatorial races.

But by the beginning of this year, those races had cleared and two former gubernatorial candidates — Meehan and Gerlach — were running for Congress. Republicans also skirted a bloodbath when Sen. Arlen Specter switched parties, clearing the way for former Rep. Pat Toomey to be the GOP’s Senate standard-bearer.

Now it is Democrats who are facing the most problematic primaries this year, with Specter being challenged by Rep. Joe Sestak and several candidates running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

Republican consultant John Brabender, who works for several GOP candidates running in Pennsylvania, said the strength of the top of the GOP ticket in 2010 was an encouraging factor for many candidates downballot. Attorney General Tom Corbett, now the Republican gubernatorial front-runner, is ahead of all of his four possible Democratic opponents, according to early public polling.

Anonymous said...

Mass. Senate race becoming proxy on health bill

BOSTON (AP) - The race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has turned into a proxy battle over the fate of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

A once-pedestrian contest between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown has coarsened with a week to go, as the two have cast themselves as custodians of the pivotal Senate vote to determine the bill's fate.

"As the 41st senator, I can stop it," Brown said last week during a debate, highlighting his potential to be the breakthrough Senate vote that upholds a GOP filibuster. While he opposes the bill, the state senator voted in 2006 in favor of a Massachusetts universal health care bill that has largely been the model for the Obama legislation.

The stakes are so high Democrats won't rule out taking as long as a month to certify the election results—should Brown win—to prevent a Republican from assuming the seat until the Senate completes its work on Kennedy's hallmark legislation.

While the majority of voters in Massachusetts are unenrolled in either major party, there is little empirical evidence to suggest Coakley will lose the special election. The state has a Democratic House and Senate, a Democratic governor and all six constitutional officers—including Coakley, the attorney general—are Democrats, as well.

In particular, Republicans are hoping a closer-than-expected finish would bolster a claim that Democrats are at risk of losing their congressional majorities. Democrats want to protect the president from embarrassment over health care, his top domestic priority.

"The outcome of this race couldn't be more important," Obama himself wrote in a fundraising e-mail Monday night.

The third candidate, independent Joseph L. Kennedy, has largely been relegated to the sidelines. The Libertarian businessman is not related to the late senator.

Brown is one of 21 Republican lawmakers in the 200-member Legislature. He is perhaps most widely known for once posing nude in Cosmopolitan magazine, but he also has a sterling resume. It includes 30 years of service in the Army National Guard and stature as the service's top defense lawyer in New England.

"In a country like ours, we should have checks and balances," Joyce Pierangelo, 49, of Wilbraham, said as she held a Brown campaign poster outside the debate.

The uncertainty is voter turnout for a midwinter election being held the day after a three-day holiday weekend. That has prompted Democratic concerns about the margin of victory that have reached all the way to the White House.

Former President Bill Clinton has been dispatched to headline a Coakley rally on Friday afternoon, and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts will break away from his recovery from hip replacement surgery to join him.

"If it's a close race, or the near unimaginable happens—she loses—then make no mistake about it, this becomes the holy grail for the Republicans to flog the Democrats about the 2010 election,"

Massachusetts Democratic political consultant Mary Ann Marsh said. "Most people from around the country would say, 'Oh, my God, Ted Kennedy's seat, the bluest state in the country, a Democrat barely won.' And that would become a vehicle to raise money and beat up on Democratic members of Congress and the White House."

A local Republican analyst warned against being overly dismissive of Brown's chances, noting recent Republican victories in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial elections.

"I think people who are concerned with what's going on in Washington have found a great candidate in Scott Brown," GOP strategist Charley Manning said. "Scott's clearly on one side of the issues and Martha's on the other, and the issues that really seem to be resonating with the people who are going to vote out in the primary are the ones who are on the same side as Scott."

Anonymous said...

Did Shira Toeplitz ever read Gideon's Bible?

Anonymous said...

News Flash!! Tom Corbett is not giving out free passes...he is getting one. TOM CORBETT IS GETTING A FREE RIDE STRAIGHT TO THE GOVERNOR'S MANSION AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HDCC. There is one way to stop the train and that is to run candidate;s everywhere. for local committee...state committee...legislators, senators and statewide offices...the reform movement must trudge in the deep snow of Pennsylvania to garner NAMES FOR THE BALLOT!! SO, GET OUT OF THE LAZY BOY AND RUN, BABY, RUN. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE HYPE...AND GENE, REMEMBER: THERE IS NOT REASON TO FLY THE PIG IN MAY IF THERE IS NO BACON TO BRING HOME.

Anonymous said...

twelve clues as to how spitzer and rowland met and the first eleven don't count'.

Anonymous said...



Was a RANSOM involved?

Only the Best and Brightest of the Corrupt will know what this means, but it is coming out soon too?

Anonymous said...

Some friends said I was obbsessed. I realized they were probably right. Then an anonymous emailer said keep going. So I did.

Step one is identifying your OCD.

Step two is doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is time to set up a Campaign now to make Democrats run for Office and be able to by March to stop the crimes Corbett is doing.

We do need a Campaign to follow Corbett like Kenneth Starr was followed when he tried to frame Bill Clinton.

We also need a Federal Investigation on the Corbett Grand Juries and how they were full of errors for political purposes?

I agree with many of the proposals listed here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Legislation needs to be introduce that future Attorney Generals cannot run for Governor while in Office too.
January 12, 2010 1:03 PM

This should be a priority and passed by both Parties and signed by the Governor within Days!

Corbett should resign just to show people he knows the job he did was honest, and if he does not, we know Corbett is hiding something and needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

With Veon on Trial, DeWeese indicted, Eachus in waiting, Dermody being mudded, and now McCall in retiremnet mode, the Democrats are a Ship without Leaders or a Rudder for the 2010 Campaigns.

Just what happen to the Judges going 8 of 9 Republican looks like a banner year for Senate and House Republicans taking over Pennsylvania!

And we all owe it to AG Tom Corbett and good people standing by when bad people mark them with the Mark of Cain!

The Democrats will never hold power in Pennsylvania again.

Come March we the Grand Old Party will be preparing to run everything!


Anonymous said...

Check this out...