Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You can almost hear the horror in Tribune-Review columnist Brad Bumstead's voice as he utters the unthinkable: "Mike Veon could walk."

Clearly such an outcome would be a crushing blow to the Tribune-Review, which idolizes Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett and holds Veon as the embodiment of political evil on earth (AKA: a Democrat). But the "blame" for the direction of the trial thus far does not lie with Veon's defense team, skilled and charismatic though they may be.

We remind Mr. Bumstead that the defense has not yet begun to present its case. We'll wait until we actually see it before we label it, "inventive" or otherwise. This shambling stream of muddy testimony that has eroded the Commonwealth's case for the last two weeks has been brought to you courtesy of the prosecution.

Even though the Office of Attorney General subpoenaed more than 80 witnesses, according to rumors around the Capitol it planned to call fewer than two dozen. So confident were prosecutors in the power of star witnesses Michael Manzo and Jeff Foreman - formerly the highest-ranking staffers in the House Democratic Caucus - that they believed the testimony of underlings would not be needed.

It was not the idea of Veon's defense team to stake the outcome of a multi-million dollar, three-year investigation (and a pillar of Corbett's gubernatorial campaign) on the testimony of a dissembling thief known to colleagues as "the Grim Reaper" and a philanderer who expended as many state resources on arranging trysts with his mistress as on winning elections.

We're sure the time for praise of Veon's capable defense team will arrive when it actually launches a defense. But if you're already fearing (or cheering) the possibility of a Veon acquittal, you have the Keystone Kops at the Office of Attorney General to thank.


Anonymous said...

Bumstead Said:

"He's (Raynak) constantly on the outlook to exploit weaknesses and to push Judge Richard Lewis as far as possible. It's Raynak's over-the-top approach versus the plodding style of Blessington, a blue-collar-type prosecutor with a heavy Philly accent."

Sorry, but Bumstead needs to listen to Blondie more than his observations.

Raynak is being successful not because of some kind of Magic Show.

Raynak and the other Defense Lawyers are pointing out to Jurors that the Investigation, Grand Juries, and Evidence prove these cases should have never been label criminal in the first place by the OAG.

Corbett Campaign Staff overruled his Professional Prosecutors due to Corbett's Ambitions for Governor, not the seeking of Justice.

Now the Prosecutors are stuck in the mud, being surrounded as each blow on Cross-Examination takes their Witnesses and Charges down one by one.

It was a Sloppy and Unfair Investigation from the start, now Bumstead is blaming the Defense Lawyers for doing their jobs.

This America Bumstead and just like the Trib's Owner Dicky Scaife was wrong using Kenneth Starr against a President, Corbett's Clone, is still a replacement of déjà Vu.

The Truth is coming out, and now Bumstead is learning why Blondie left him and hung him out to dry!

Anonymous said...

Team Casa Wrote:

"Even though the Office of Attorney General subpoenaed more than 80 witnesses, according to rumors around the Capitol it planned to call fewer than two dozen. So confident were prosecutors in the power of star witnesses Michael Manzo and Jeff Foreman - formerly the highest-ranking staffers in the House Democratic Caucus - that they believed the testimony of underlings would not be needed."

Well, it only goes to prove that Manzo, Foreman and Brubaker let Veon, DeWeese, and Stetler down, and now they are letting Tom Corbett and the OAG down too.

They are undependable, corruptible, and most of all greedy people caught in crimes and then trying to blame everyone but them.

Along with their Wives that married them and help, cause these problems.

Oh, one other point, Corbett's Campaign Team is also undependable, corruptible, and greedy.

The difference is Zappala Grand Jury are being conducted in the proper manner, and when they catch up to Corbett/Jubelrier/Orie Axis of the misuse Republican Political Power, they will know they have no place to go.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Best Lawyers are in Private Practice earning millions, and the Government Lawyers are taking orders from Tom Corbett's Campaign Staff, that was paid Bonuses too.....But only a few thousand of state money!

Smart Beats Dumb In America!

Anonymous said...

Raynak is willing Houdini back from the grave whispering Rosebud to Citizen Kane, not Rosalie!

Frank Fina is still not doing the right thing, so he thinks he can runaway to become Snyder County District Attorney...but his own heart, conscience and soul will not be silent.

There is still time to do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

"Louis: And what in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca? Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters. Louis: The waters? what waters, we're in the desert! Rick: I was misinformed..."

Corbett, Long, and Krastek to Manzo, Foreman and Brubaker...”I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship!”

The problem is Manzo said it to Rachel, Melissa, and Angie too.

Foreman said it to Clients!

Brubaker said it to anybody that would pay him!

Long said it to Corbett!

Jubelirer said it to Long!

Krastek said it to Dermody!

Run to the Lawyers Boys Run to Get Lawyers!

This ain't Tucson and the OAG ain't Wyatt Earp!

Anonymous said...

John Dean did the right thing and he brags about how good he felt doing it!

Anonymous said...

Orie seeks return of property taken in DA raid
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
By Lillian Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Attorneys for state Sen. Jane Orie filed a motion this morning seeking return of property seized Dec. 11 in connection with an investigation being conducted by the Allegheny County District Attorney.

Agents from the office of District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr., along with state police, raided the office of Ms. Orie, R-McCandless, in connection with an investigation into whether her legislative staff did campaign work during state work hours on behalf of the state Supreme Court campaign of Ms. Orie's sister, Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

This morning attorneys Jerry McDevitt and Mark Rush of the law firm K&L Gates filed a motion in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court seeking return of seized items, including computer hard drives, a network server, campaign signs, memo pads and keys. The attorneys wrote in the filing that the search warrant was overly broad and thus unconstitutional.

They sought return of the items or a hearing to present their case for the return.

This filing follows a Feb. 5 motion seeking to bar Mr. Zappala from conducting the investigation. Ms. Orie's attorneys argue that Mr. Zappala's investigation is political and that he is pursuing the Orie sisters because of their opposition to gambling. Mr. Zappala's father, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen A. Zappala Sr., and sister, Michele Zappala Peck, are associated with the Pennsylvania Casino Association, which has three casinos as members and advocates for casino interests.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10047/1036232-100.stm#ixzz0fjnNqwBG



Anonymous said...

One thing the Veon Defense Team should do is look at the History of Government Bonuses.

For example, PENNDOT and Subcontractors got Bonuses to fix the Fort Pitt Bridge in a hurry.

The Hoover Dam was built with the Chief Engineer getting $300,000 if built on time and under budget.

I am sure other States have paid Bonuses for long-term Public service, it needs to be researched, and bonuses were the norm in the 1990 and 2000s.

Finally, what has to be pointed out to the Jury is how everyone on 2004, 2005, and 2006 were being given Bonuses because the Economy was over heated living off High Mortgages, Cheap Credit, Building Boom, Car Sales, and Corporate Bonuses in the millions, and many governments were doing it too.

The Jury must be told to remember that very important fact based on verifiable history.

Anonymous said...

Upon further review of Mike Manzo, paying out Bonuses as directed by him and Brubaker, to women Manzo slept together.

Why didn't the OAG charge him as a Pimp and the Women with Prostitution, instead of giving them Immunity?

Did any OAG Staffers sleep with these women after they got Immunity? Now that is what I call solicitation with state resources.

Well, I can see now that Manzo was a Male Whore known as a Mimbo, after all he paid for sex using State money, and the OAG now depends on him telling the truth?

If the OAG is now mad at Manzo's Testimony, they can consider these further charges now.

Anonymous said...

The OAG is in trouble and they know it... they are very, very worried... Corbett should be worried too... he will be dead in the water and facing his own set of indictments... so will blessington, reeder, fina and thre rest of them...

Anonymous said...

And now comes the witness, a co-arrestee in this case, here in Court, Scott V. Brubaker and he moves that the jury believe his testimony in an effort to save his daughter from growing up in social services because her parents, Scott Brubaker & Jennifer Brubaker, are felons. One must feel for this child, offspring of admitted thieves, cheats, perverters of the public trust. Hopefully she will throw off the shadow of their influence and grow to be a strong, wise, and honest woman. Perhaps she will then forgive her parents for betraying her and jeopardizing the remainder of her childhood and personal development.

Anonymous said...

It is simply a tragedy that Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink has been a target of Corbett’s OAG Prosecutions at all.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink is without a doubt one of the hardest Public Servant Staffers not just within Pennsylvania but all of America. She was so devoted to her job she was working 18 hours days being there for Mike Veon on anything at anytime.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink is old school; she just helps people when they came to Mike Veon for their needs.

I never knew her personally, but I am proud of her based on what i heard about her.

I am saddened that the PA AG has tried to ruin her, not because she deserves it, but because she was such a formidable staffer for Mike Veon.

The people of Pennsylvania and especially Beaver County cannot begin to understand the sacrifices Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink did for them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

She worked late into night and did not matter on what when a job needed to be completed.

Say what you will, but it is going to be hard to prove Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink was greedy, corrupt, and misused Commonwealth money, resources, and staffs.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink never needed to do such things because she worked so hard and so reliable all the time.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink is standing up for herself because she knows she never intended and did not violate any laws as accused. It is a very hard time for her, her family, and her reputation.

Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink will not be convicted of anything because never broke any laws.

God Bless You Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink And May God Be With You At This Critical Time! We Are Praying For You.

Anonymous said...

Based on the Testimony so far, it is clear Veon and DeWeese gave their Top Staffers wide latitudes to manage their offices as these lawmakers handled political aspects of their jobs.

Nonetheless, the Top Staffers were suppose to handle the details in a law abiding, ethical , and proper way at all times to protect the Office Holders.

This is very appropriate in a Political and even Military Organization, so long as one can depend on the duty, honesty, and fidelity of the Top Staffers.

Once you have liars, cheaters, and simply people with less morals but heavy appetites for money, power and sex, well you end up with betrayal, blame and charges.

It is very interesting from a Behavioral Science view to compare Mike Manzo and his wife Rachel, Scott Brubaker and his Wife, and Foreman being some of the highest paid employees in the House Democratic Caucus, actually creating many crime schemes without their Bosses and other staffers knowing completely what they w re doing for themselves.

Now compare Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink, Brett Cott, and Steve Keefer that have stood tail and walk tall, by how hard they worked for their bosses without concern for increase pay, special benefits, and misusing the staffers and for less compensation than Manzo, Brubakers and Foreman.

Yet, Manzo, Foreman and Brubaker had no problem with lying, paying themselves big bonuses, and misusing Staffers at work and for sex and then blaming DeWeese and Veon and the hardest working Staffers in Cott,, Keefer, and Peretta-Rosepink?

This is the big problem for the Attorney General Prosecutors. Cott,, Keefer, and Peretta-Rosepink are standing tall and defending their actions, reputations, even in the face of bankruptcy, prison and loss of reputations forever.

They were just hard workers and did not know all of the crimes Manzo, Foreman, and Brubaker were doing and neither did DeWeese or Veon.

It is clear from the testimony that Manzo, Foreman, and Brubakers betrayed themselves, their fellow staffers and subordinates, and their Legislators with such management latitude depended on people not high in character as proven by their own testimony, discredited on Cross-Examination.

Anonymous said...

We all know politics is a cutthroat business.

Quite often rumors do start out with some truth.

Anonymous said...

The old school of politics has honour and that is what is lacking in all politics today.

Anonymous said...

honor among thieves maybe. codes of silence, more like it.

crooks calling other crooks liars, then criticizing their "lack" of political courage.

the best is yet to come

Anonymous said...

If Corbett loses the Veon Trials, Corbett is going to be remembered, when he campaigns, for wasting millions of taxpayers dollars on meritless prosecutions, and that sentiment is shared on a bipartisan fashion.

Being an unsuccessful prosecutor is not a good platform to run on.

Anonymous said...

Is Webb an "unindicted co-conspirator"? Is DeWeese? How many "unindicted co-cospirators" are there? Are any "unindicted co-conspirators" still state employees? If so, where and who employs them?

Anonymous said...

Why did defense attorney refer to Webb as an idiot? What idiotic testimony did he give?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Why did defense attorney refer to Webb as an idiot? What idiotic testimony did he give?...February 18, 2010 8:14 AM

The Defense should concentrate on connecting all the Dots that the Bonusgate System was without a doubt created by Mike Manzo for himself and his wife, and other Top Staffers such as Foreman and Brubaker and his wife using it for their own personal needs and political power.

They were responsible in finding answers and accomplishing tasks they knew were part of any job at the Capitol for Veon, DeWeese and the entire HDC.

They were entrusted to do it properly at all times, and that is very clear from all the Testimony to date.

Yet, Manzo's, Foreman and Brubaker's got sloppy, lazy, and quite frankly just greedy in the way they went about setting up the Bonuses and then mixing it with Campaign and Petition Tasks.

Once Manzo, Foreman, and Brubakers saw the results of how they could add to their own incomes, manipulate other HDC Staffers to do Campaign and Political work, and they loved running it as a carrot and stick to employees.

Using that vein of reasoning, Veon Defense is trying to prove by asking Eric Webb to try to make point that Manzo directed the Bonus Operation, not Veon.

Now Eric Webb says he thanks God every night that he got immunity.

Webb went onto say, that Brubaker and both Manzos' (Mike & Rachel) told him to destroy evidence. Cott never did.

Eric Webb was the keeper of the bonus list and director of office of member services, which he says was a de facto campaign office.

However, the big mistake the Defense is making is trying to blame it all on DeWeese when they know very well, Manzo set Bonuses up, and kept many things from DeWeese.

The reason why I say this is because every Witness so far has stated DeWeese MAY have Known, BUT cannot PROVE he did know or ordered it, AND that Manzo, Brubaker, and Foreman all told DeWeese in front of witnesses the day they were fired, they let him and HDC down.

Yet, Veon Defense Lawyers still think they can prove otherwise, when they know it is clear Mike Manzo develop the Bonuses and they were carried out by Foreman, Brubakers.

When Webb got immunity, he put it all back where it started Manzo, not DeWeese, so Veon Defense has made a critical error in my opinion.

Even Defense Attorney Sansone was able to show DeWeese topped the HDC's power chart as Majority Leader, but did not create nor in in charge of the Bonuses.

It is Eric Webb testimony that Mike Veon was the Prime Minister, the real guy in charge, and that has been repeated by Mosely, Brubaker, Foreman, and Manzo!

The Defense has done a great job showing that these Staffers were in charge and created the Bonuses and Rating Systems, and that is enough to get the others off, except when they try to say DeWeese did it all, and the Defense starts to fall apart trying to prove something they know is not provable to the jury.

This is where they are going very wrong, in my opinion. Manzo and Staffers lied to DeWeese but Veon is saying DeWeese is lying too; this is not just a wrong belief but also a deadly wrong fact that under cuts the Defense.

It is clear, that DeWeese did not know, and it is clear Veon did not order all of this either for Illegal Campaigning, but long term service, but that Defense goes away when they try to blame just DeWeese.

The Defense has Manzo’s, Brubaker’s and Foreman dead to rights on why they benefited from the Bonuses and why they created them, and proves they lied about it, but them go on to DeWeese that really take away from what they just proved????

It is clear, Manzo, Foreman, Brubakers all benefited by what they created, and we know Veon and DeWeese did not! But The Defense confuses its position not enhances it.

Thus, Eric Webb, did not do that badly under testimony and calling him an idiot does not make it so before the jury!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, February 18, 2010 4:18 PM , you make a great point.

"Sansone suggested through questioning that Webb was taking his orders from Mike Manzo, former caucus chief of staff." He is not suggesting it, he is proving it!

"Webb acknowledged he never received any e-mails or directives from Veon that bonuses would be paid for campaign work." Once again, Veon did not order it! Even Manzo has stated that too.

"Webb also stated that Veon never ordered opposition research on candidates." Well, once again, OAG Witness helps the Defense.

"From the day he was hired by Veon in 2003, he says he was told by Veon's former Chief of Staff Jeffrey Foreman the job would largely entail campaign fundraising." Again, Veon never said it, Foreman did!

It is clear, Manzos', Foreman, and Brubakers' made these calls to how they were going to operate the offices, both in Harrisburg and Beaver County.

We know how much they gave to themselves and their wives and earned over these operations.

I still see nothing showing mike Veon order all of these operations, and when they confront the Witnesses to name DeWeese as the Ring Leader, well, it just comes back on Mike Veon, nor DeWeese.

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does", my Momma always told me.

The Defense is being brilliant in showing that order such deal making and bonuses and benefited, then goes berserk trying to blame DeWeese and that is not a good thing, when the Witnesses come back and say, "No, It Was Veon!"

Once again, it is time for Veon Lawyers to work with DeWeese Lawyers, before it becomes too late.

If anything, Veon Lawyers have actually helped show DeWeese is innocent, as it should.

But need to show Veon is too, the same way; the Staffers did it for themselves more than for the Lawmakers and under Lawmakers names not orders.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Defense is doing a good job except when it strays to DeWeese, but they are doing great especially on Brett Cott.

Bryan Walk, attorney for co-defendant Brett Cott, later told reporters:

"Brett Cott is charged with doing opposition research and the governor's office is ordering opposition research. It's been going on since the beginning of time."

Clearly, once again, OAG Witness PJ. Lavelle, testified Cott did not do it, so it is the OAG witnesses, proving Cott should not have been charged.

"Patrick J. Lavelle told a Dauphin County jury he sat at his desk in Room 626 on the fifth floor of the state Capitol and planned fundraisers, prepared mail appeals for money, wrote letters, sent e-mails and made phone calls asking people to contribute to Veon, the former No. 2 leader of House Democrats."

Yet, it was testified to by OAG Witnesses Brett Cott was in Beaver county working on leave, not at the Capitol when this was happening.

So, OAG has exonerated Cott again on its own counts with the OAG own witnesses , and proves those charges should never have been brought to trial, and should have been dropped.

Just when the defense Lawyers have the OAG Prosecutors Team on the ropes in exacerbation, they move to DeWeese and they lose the edge and points they just made before the jury.....just weird and unprofessional, in my opinion!

Anonymous said...



Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson
Posted: Today at 5:39 a.m.

Durham, N.C. — Durham police late Wednesday arrested the woman who four years ago falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of raping her.

Crystal Mangum assaulted her boyfriend, set his clothes on fire in a bathtub and threatened to stab him, investigators said.

She was in the Durham County jail under a $1 million bondMangum, 33, has been appointed a public defender and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 22.

Police charged her with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting a public officer.

Mangum – who penned her memoir, "Last Dance for Grace," in 2008 – was a student at North Carolina Central University in 2006and also worked as an exotic dancer when she performed at the now-infamous Duke lacrosse party.

It was there, she claimed, that three white members of the team trapped her inside a bathroom and raped and sexually assaulted her.

The three players were indicted on rape and other charges on the basis of her allegations and were eventually exonerated after North Carolina's attorney general dismissed the charges.

The case ultimately cost former Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong his job and he was later disbarred. He also spent a night in jail for lying to a Superior Court judge.

Several players in the Duke lacrosse case, including Duke Unviersity and the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, declined to comment on the case.

Nifong could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania Attorney General case is not as abusive as Mike Nifong's refusal to admit evidence showing the charges were bogus, based on lying witnesses.

It may actually be worse!