Thursday, May 6, 2010


Quiz time! Who said the following, and about whom did he say it?
"_____ does not seem to understand that it is unethical to allow his office to prosecute his close friends, neighbors and contributors to his campaign ... How can _____ not understand the appearance of impropriety? Maybe he interprets the law differently when it applies to himself. _____ should immediately return the [campaign contributions] and apologize to the voters for his ethical conflict and the appearance that the top law enforcement office in Pennsylvania is for sale in exchange for political and legal favors."
Think it's one of gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett's political adversaries, speaking of Corbett and his "investigations" of his own close friends and contributors? We can see how you might make that mistake.

Actually, it's Corbett's taxpayer-funded campaign manger, Brian Nutt, sputtering with indignation about Corbett's primary opponent Bruce Castor, way back in 2004. (Corbett Campaign Press Release 4/23/04)

In the April 24, 2004 press release, Corbett's mouthpiece howled about Castor's failure to recuse himself from a case involving a campaign contributor.

In case that's not hilarious enough, several Pennsylvania District Attorneys also volunteered to hyperventilate for the press.

Among the pearl-clutchers was Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins, who described how he once found himself in a similar dilemma. "I felt it was necessary to immediately recuse myself to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest."

But Corbett did not recuse himself to avoid a conflict of interest three years later when rape accusations against his close political ally and campaign contributor Higgins were referred to his office. Ever-so-coincidentally, Corbett dropped the case. (Altoona Mirror 2/27/09) Furthermore, Corbett has refused to turn over any documentation of his rape investiation of Higgins so the alleged victim could prepare an appeal. (Johnstown Tribune-Democrat 4/9/10)

Another D.A. aghast at Castor's ethical lapse was York County District Attorney Stan Rebert. "This was an obvious conflict of interest and Mr. Castor should have recused himself."

But Corbett did not recuse himself a year later when called upon to investigate Rebert, a longtime political supporter. Again, not-so-surprisingly, no charges were filed against Rebert. (York Dispatch 1/28/06) When incriminating new information emerged in the form of sworn depositions, Corbett refused to re-open his investigation. (York Daily Record 2/28/06)

Most importantly, Corbett did not recuse himself from investigating the Pennsylvania House and Senate Republican Caucuses, whose members have contributed millions to Corbett's various political campaigns.
“Why would someone give an Attorney General candidate over $500,000? Is it because they are expecting something in return? Or is it in return for a favor already performed? Voters throughout Pennsylvania and the nation are increasingly concerned about the powerful influence of major contributors like ______ and the political – and apparently in this case the legal – favors they expect in return."
AMEN! Oh, wait. That was Nutt talking about Castor and the campaign contributor from whose case Castor failed to recuse himself. (Corbett Campaign Press Release 4/19/04)

Remember when Corbett adamantly maintained he should head up the bonusgate investigation even though many of his ostensible targets in the legislature were prominent supporters? (Tribune Review 1/24/08)

Corbett has yet to indict any significant supporter who serves or has served in the state legislature. In fact, he's completely ignored the Senate Republican Caucus, which awarded the largest bonuses to staff who worked on campaigns. Although John Perzel eventually was sacrificed for the appearance of nonpartisanship, Perzel's refusal to support Corbett's gubernatorial primary campaign, during a private meeting between Perzel, Corbett and Nutt in October of 2007, preceded Perzel's indictment.

"Maybe he interprets the law differently when it applies to himself."

Maybe, Brian. Maybe...


Anonymous said...

Definately the pot calling the kettle black.

By that, I mean THIS WEBSITE.

Sounds like someone is trying to create distractions from the REAL criminals prosecuted and convicted by the Attorney General's office.

Anonymous said...

Pot calling the kettle black??? Give me a break!

How about hypocrite? How about conflicted prosecutor? How about the numerous examples of pay to "not play"? While the media and the party loyalists may be sucked in by the prosecution/persecution of select public figures while others (who "coincidentally" have close ties to the boss) are cleared.

The appropriate action in these cases was to seek an independent prosecutor or refer them to an impartial DA from another part of the state.

Why is it when this site points out the true colors of Tom Corbett, one of his supporters (or aides?) has to try to distract the audience from Corbett's hyporcrisy? Who cares who is behind this site? Truth is the truth; and yes, sometimes the truth hurts.

Now is the time to ask questions. If not now, when? After that dreadful day when this character is (oh, help us all) elected governor?

If someone can abuse power as AG, it is frightening how much they could do as governor, with access to no-bid contracts, unlimited resources, and numerous investigative agencies at their disposal.

Gregorius Mercator said...

I'm calling shenanigans - the first "Anonymous" is probably writing from Corbett's office.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Anonymous #1. Republicans ALWAYS call it a distraction when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In order for consistent justice to be done, Corbett would have to indict everyone giving him money, and that would include most everyone he would need to govern should he tragically get himself elected as governor. Get real!

Anonymous said...

Not only has he botched his "persecutorial investigations", and covered his friends backsides...

...but now this champion of reform and transparency is hiding everything of importance from openess. He ducking a debate with Sam Rohrer, so that he doesn't have to answer tough questions in public. He's the only one of 6 governor candidates not to release his medical information prior to election to probably the most stressful job in state government. Despite being asked, he has never released the amount of his office's budget and resources that have been devoted to the 3 1/2+ year "corbettgate" investigation (which has yielded results probably in the grade range of C- or D+).

And of course, there is his current effort to stop the top dog at the Ethics Commission from testifying to certain issues. He also wants to forbid that same person from testifying as an expert in the upcoming trials of DeWeese, Stetler, Perzel, Feese, et al. However, as Tracy "Twitterbug" Mauriello pointed out, OAG tried to admit that exact same testimony against the defendants in the Veon trial.

How many ways can this guy be a hypocrite? He's got so many duble-standards, it's hard to know what, if anything, he actually stands for.

And, with the exception of the twitter report today, the mainstream media continues to give this guy free pass after free pass. The press even covers his backside on denying an open records request for his official e-mails regarding the nationwide political advice given to Republican AGs prior to filing suit against health care legislation...

Yes, the right-to-know law; you know, the law the media cried over, and fought so hard and for so long to enact. It finally gets passed, and when others fail to comply, the press is all over them. But Corbett the Reformer fails to release these e-mails and hides other information in the shadows, and the media carries his water yet again. Oh yeah, that must be that "liberal news media", huh?

Anonymous said...

When and if Tom Corbett is elected Governor his unfair, bias, and unbalanced investigations, Grand Juries, and prosecutions will dog his administration.

Corbett will come to understand he only hurt himself and his ability to govern will amount to a President Richard Nixon handicap he experiences as Watergate unfolded.

His actions as written fairly by CasablancaPa will be reviewed at sometime by the Media and a Special Prosecutor will be appointed, and his ability to govern will be ineffective until he resigns or is arrested.

I say this, not to be mean, partisan, or promoting spin; I say it because the truth crushed into the earth will only rise again, as Abe Lincoln quoted from the bible.

Brian Nutt will be made scapegoat too.

Anonymous said...

It is important to make sure Darryl Metcalfe is on the ticket with Corbett, it will be a real drawback for the campaign and beset Corbett as Governor.

Corbett will spend most of his time putting out the fires of hate and extremism that Metcalfe starts every week.

More importantly, when the investigation on Corbett begins, Metcalfe and other Republicans will be ready to turn on Corbett and demand his resignation for the same abuses Corbett claims were done by Democrats and 1 sole Republican Elected Official.

Metcalfe will not tolerate any Corbett cover or excuses and conservatives in the Republican "T", will go after Corbett right when he needs critical support.

This would be great help to the Democratic ticket... so ask your Republican friends to vote for Darryl Metcalfe.

Corbett does not know it yet, but Metcalfe is Trojan Horse for Corbett to take a fall and Conservatives take command, and it will all lead back to Bogusgate!

Anonymous said...

Metcalfe is a true public servant and would be salvation to the GOP ticket in the fall. We need more people like him in our party and I am prayerful for him to win the primary and help to return our Party to the rank of Grand Old Party. Prayer and work for a Toomey-Rohrer-Metcalfe victory in Tuesday's Primary to return Pennsylvania to decency and morality.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the attorney for the Bill Higgins the Bedford District Attorney accused of raping a woman, Attorney Gleason from Johnstown whose firm and family are high officials in the Pa Republican Party? Sounds like the perfect attorney to talk Corbett into not doing a full and objective rape investigation in return for possible political favors? But then again, it was just a standing District Attorney with multiple assault convictions already on his record, why take a claim that he raped a woman in his office seriously?

Anonymous said...

I agree this sh*t is whack and the government will be looking into what you are talking about, it is not allowed. Don't you people know the Attorney General is Lord.

Anonymous said...