Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Corbett For Governor spokesman Kevin Harley, August 24, on Capitolwire.com:

"[In Corbett’s] “taxpayer protection pledge, fees are not included in that, just taxes are.”

Tom Corbett, March 8 on KDKA:

Jon Delano: "You're pledging no tax increases of any type? Fees, taxes, state income tax, the sales tax - can you be precise as to what you - "

Corbett: "The pledge as it's written - and I don't have it written here - is no tax increases during the course of the next term. That's exactly what it says. That's what we're gonna aim for. No tax increases whatsoever."

Delano: "And that would include ... "

Corbett: "Those are state. Those are states."

Delano: "...fees on use of services, things like that?"

Corbett: "That's right."

Delano: "Everything?"

Corbett: "That's right."


NixB said...

Come on guys, can Corbett really be expected to keep all of his lies straight? There are so many. Plus remember, he thinks the citizens of Pennsylvania are uneducated, lazy people who aren't capable of seeing him for the immoral dirtbag he has always been.

Anonymous said...

The BEAVER COUNTY TIMES has not follow up properly by not asking the key questions of Corbett's Campaign Manager in Beaver County:

Q1. Who advised Camp it was ok to use Campaign Money for his Private Education?

Q2. Did Camp work on his Master Degree on County Time or/and with County Resources such as phones, computers, copy equipment etc etc?

Q3. What does Corbett think of Camp using Campaign Money for his private tution?

Q4. Why not appoint and Independent Prosecutor?

Q5. Did the Attorney General Office advise Camp to use the Campaign Funds and cite the law that makes it allowable?

Corbett has not been asked any questions whtsoever on this subject and a few more coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

In other words, READ MY LIPS. . .

The Lizard said...

His campaign got caught with another one yesterday. When Onorato's guys found that the only budget he had ever voted for (back as a Shaler Township commissioner) raised property taxes a whopping 20%, Corbett's guys came back with "Well, Onorato raised taxes on alcoholic beverages to pay for public transportation."

Now, I don't know about any of you, but I can choose to take a drink or not, if I can't afford a few cents extra. Comparing that to a hike in property taxes, no matter how long ago, is beyond apples and oranges. It tells me Corbett and the crowd who support the "no taxes of any kind" have very little judgment and absolutely no understanding of how to govern.

And anyway, how is he going to pay for the hiked up budget he submitted for the AG's office this year? Gut ChIP or DEP to pay for his prosecutions? Right.

Anonymous said...


The prosecutor in a criminal case shall:
(a) refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows
is not supported by probable cause;

(b) make reasonable efforts to assure that the accused has been
advised of the right to, and the procedure for obtaining, counsel
and has been given reasonable opportunity to obtain counsel;
(c) not seek to obtain from an unrepresented accused a waiver of
important pretrial rights, such as the right to a preliminary

(d) make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or
information known to the prosecutor that tends to negate the
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(h) When a prosecutor knows of clear and convincing evidence
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Anonymous said...

Tom will win by 20 points. Rot in Jail you criminals.