Tuesday, September 7, 2010


John Burkoff, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, said the prosecution typically needs a very good reason to put trials together, and usually it is only done when the same list of witnesses will be used against both defendants. (Pennsylvania Independent, 9/2/10)

Witnesses cited in the Bill DeWeese Presentment:
Kevin Sidella
Jon Price
Pat Grill
Melissa Frameli
Carol Bohach
Susan Stoy
Debra Konosky
Angel Kirby-Willard
Mike Manzo
Sheilah Novasky
Walter Casper

Witnesses cited in the Steve Stetler Presentment:
Dan Weidemer
Jessica Walls
Erin Madison
John Paul Jones

Well, what do you know: not a single witness in common. (No doubt the Office of Attorney General staff - when they're not chatting it up with campaign staff - are now scrambling to identify a couple of witnesses who can testify in both cases; we shall know them by their weak testimony.)

Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett hopes that by joining the two cases, he can keep the public confused about who's charged with what, and no one will start to wonder why DeWeese isn't charged for his involvement in awarding taxpayer-funded bonuses for campaign work, using a state contractor for campaign work, and directing caucus staff to perform campaign work for candidates other than himself.


SuaSponte said...

For defendants to be tried together, the crimes have to be temporally and logically related. The fact that the AG's office may want the "Guilt by Association" stigma is not legally sufficient to warrant consolidation.

SuaSponte said...

Corbett would know this if he actually paid attention in law school.

Anonymous said...

well, see, that's the problem... corbett's campaign team didn't actually go to law school.

Anonymous said...

Tom wins by 15 points thanks in part to this blogsite run by criminal scum.

Anonymous said...

What about Margaret Tricarico? She drove DeWeese around his district day and night during campaign season(s) and there's no way in hell she had enough leave time for all that campaigning. I'm sure she'll have a story to tell.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard that Mikey V got another payraise…he’s up to 61¢ an hour now!

The Lizard said...

"Anonymous said: Tom wins by 15 points thanks in part to this blogsite run by criminal scum."

Listen, troll, Corbett won't win by 15 IF he wins at all. This website has done a public service that the state's press corps has refused to do. Republicans would like to ignore all of this. Still it would not surprise me if a lot of Republicans come out and vote for someone who doesn't think that the Constitution applies to him. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

Margaret is not the ONLY one with a story to tell... there are many of us with a truthful story to tell about ALL of them... McCall, Eachus, DeWeese, Mann... everyone of them...