Thursday, September 23, 2010


In a stroke of tactical genius, the Republicans in 2004 kept John Kerry out of the White House using campaign judo that turned a Kerry strength into a controversial liability. We're referring, of course, to the infamous "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" ads that called into question Kerry's Vientam War combat record.

Kerry's war record should have been an unassailable positive for the Democratic nominee, yet the Republican establishment funded a series of ads that recounted a different - and false - narrative of Kerry's service that muddied the waters just enough to cost Kerry in closely-fought states like Ohio.

Why aren't the Pennsylvania Democrats and the Dan Onorato campaign doing the same to Attorney General Tom Corbett and his seemingly unassailable strength - his "Bonusgate" investigation? Unlike the Swift Boat Veterans, Pennsylvania Democrats actually have the truth on their side.

Make no mistake: "Bonusgate" is one of the top two campaign issues for Corbett - otherwise he would not have emphasized it over jobs in his very first campaign ad. Polling on the issue was overwhelming enough that he blatantly broke a campaign promise never to mention it.

Given all the well-documented ammunition Onorato has to attack Corbett, it's a mystery why he hasn't.

Imagine, if you will, a Democratic Attorney General running for Governor. Imagine that his campaign centerpiece were a "corruption" investigation.

Imagine that he concluded a two-year reign of investigative intimidation by arresting Republican Senators Robert Jubelirer and David Brigthbill, along with "campaign guru" Mike Long, while leaving Mike Veon, Bill DeWeese and Mike Manzo off the hook.

Imagine that in the immediate wake of these arrests, Democratic campaign operatives used the scandal to unseat five incumbent Republican legislators.

Imagine that the Democratic Attorney General only began even to create the impression of investigating Democrats after prominent editorials accused him of partisanship.

Imagine that former Rep. Matt Wright had been arrested (only after the a newspaper revealed that Democratic A.G. had ignored the evidence against him, of course) while former Rep. Steven Stetler remained unindicted.

Imagine that a whistleblower had approached the Democratic Attorney General to report Democratic malfeasance, but was turned away, leaving a Republican District attorney to make the stunning arrest of a Democratic lawmaker.

Imagine that Republican Rep. Mauree Gingrich had been indicted for forging her nominating petitions, while Democratic Rep. Linda Bebko-Jones got off scot-free.

Imagine that overwhelming evidence of malfeasance against a Democratic legislative leader had been thoroughly documented by the media, yet that leader remained unidicted on that particular malfeasance (oh, wait; that already happened).

Imagine that the Democratic Attorney General had sent law enforcement agents to intimidate a Republican legislator who dared to criticize him publicly.

Finally, imagine that evidence revealed that this Democratic Attorney General and his taxpayer-funded staff were had used state resources for political purposes, all while prosecuting others for the same type of behavior.

Oh, and imagine that a major supporter and chair of the Democratic Attorney General's exploratory committee were a convicted felon.

You can bet that the Republican establishment in Pennsylvania would be peeing its collective pants in its rush to attack. You wouldn't see a campaign ad without the words "partisan hypocrite" delivered in a tone of voice reserved for biblical disasters. And convicted felon Bob Asher's millions would be bankrolling the effort.

In fact, we're sure that's why Corbett was so hell-bent on unmasking the merry pranksters here at CasablancaPA. He and his campaign staff surely saw the politically-damaging potential of the boneheadedness, hypocrisy and underhandedness we so happily document here.


Anonymous said...

And now back to Casablanca: the movie...where they wait...and wait...and wait.

Anonymous said...

Paraphrasing Niemoeller
And when they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak up, and when they came for the gypsies, I did not defend. And when they came for the Jews, I did not speak out... AND WHEN THEY CAME FOR ME...

Where are your minions with fire in their bellies????

Anonymous said...

Where are the activists? Are they arriving November 3rd?

Anonymous said...

This the finest, logical, honest and outright true blof CasablancaPa has ever written.

Tom Corbett's investigation into Bonusgate is Bogusgate in every way he went about it.

From Prosecutors Misconduct to his own Collection Agency Scandal to his allowance of Republicans to destroy their Computers to ignoring Republican Senators such as Jane Orie to his own Habay violations.

Where is the FBI, US Attorneys and OAG Internal Affairs???

This McCarthtyism, Watergate and Irangate combined and it will catch up to Corbett and all Republicans that particiapated!

Only CasablancaPA is telling then truth!

Anonymous said...

FBI to US Attorneys on investigating the bigger scandal Corbettgate, "I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship."

Anonymous said...

Claude Rains(Louis): What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca?

Humphrey Bogart (Rick): My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Captain Claude Rains(Louis):The waters? What waters? We're in the desert.

Humphrey Bogart (Rick): I was misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, OnoRATo worries if you can spell his name right and say it!

What a horrible commercial and what a Buffoon!

It makes me wonder whether Doc Sweitzer Thomas M. "Doc" Sweitzer co-founder of The Campaign Group Onorato Campaign Manager is taking a dive on this campaign?

They may be working for Corbett, no one is this Incompetent.

It looks like they are holding back until the last 15 days then Onorato will lose only by 15 points!

Cats r flyfishn said...

Onorato has so much ammunition to attack Corbett. I hope he blasts Corbett closer to the election. The two weeks before the election are the most crucial.
Here's a video about Corbett protecting his Republican friends.

Anonymous said...

"Drink Tax Dan" Onorato can't Swift Boat or Blast Corbett, he's too busy "Swift Boating" and "Blasting" the Legislature - both the House and Senate!

Anonymous said...

Based on Onorato Campaign for Governor, he will not only lose, but also lose for Re-election as County Executive.

Then he will join Mike Manzo lobby firm!

Just Say NO to oNOrato!

Anonymous said...

I know Tedd Peck personally ... the Swiftboater whose craft John Kerry (briefly) commanded.

The Swiftboaters' criticism of Kerry in "Unfit for Command" was some cases toned down from what they actually said in person.

John Kerry is a pathetically delusional narcissist who would not know the truth if he grounded a swift boat on it.

It's an insult to the swiftboaters to use them as a foil for an argument.

Talk to one of them in person sometime. It will be eyeopening.