Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Dauphin County Work Release Center ... is a Community Corrections facility utilized by the Courts to incarcerated sentenced offenders in order to provide an opportunity for them to maintain previously secured or newly gained employment. (Dauphin County website)

Mr. Foreman was ordered to report to the Dauphin County Work Release Center, which allows inmates to leave daily to go to jobs in the community. Mr. Foreman, 59, is unemployed ...(Post-Gazette)


Anonymous said...

Apparently Foreman is a fulltime "volunteer" at adult education center according to articles, but everyone at that facility has to work. Look for Foreman in his new job asking "want fries with that?"

Anonymous said...

Articles say Foreman's sentencing guideline was probation to 9 months, and his attorney asked for probation. But Judge gave him 11 1/2 to 23 months in spite of cooperation and testimony (more than Annamarie got after taking a trial). Manzo, who admitted bonuses were his idea and that he lied in court; and Brubaker who admitted he and Manzo developed the bonuses, that he administered the bonuses and that he lied to AG, should both be shaking in their boots. Or how about Lavelle who admitted he essentially had no state job, and had no pension to forfeit?

Anonymous said...

Talk about stressed out - this guy must have gained 30 pounds since his arrest! He looks awful in newspaper photo. He must have fainted when he realized he wouldn't get probation. Memo to Mike Manzo - put your affairs in order. Your wife's revenge is on the way!

Signor Ferrari said...

"(more than Annamarie got after taking a trial)"

That's because Annamarie was ACQUITTED of bonus charges (though you'd never know it from the Capitol Stenographers Corps' coverage)

Anonymous said...

It seems awfully strange that Lewis would sentence Foreman to work release when neither his lawyer nor the prosecutors asked for it, and Foreman's lawyer made a point of the fact that Foreman is unemployed. Where did he get the idea, I wonder? Or was there more to the sentencing hearing than was reported in the media?

Anonymous said...

Judge Lewis nephew will change all this if he becomes Attoreny General Marsico. He is a great guy with understanduing and vision for the future.

Along with dropping the case against his Godfather Lee Roy Zimmerman.

Corbett wants to replace Zimmerman with Michele Ridge at all Four Hershey's Boards of Directors.

It is time for Lee Roy to go and younger blodd take over Hershey and merge it with Heinz in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

Get serious - Foreman's standard sentencing range was probation to 9 months. It is almost unheard of for a first time nonviolent offender to get consecutive rather than concurrent sentences. I can't imagine any knowledgeable person thought he'd get 11 1/2 months! Certainly not after pleading guilty (mitigating factor), cooperating w prosecution (mitigation circumstance) and testifying (mitigation). This was an aggravated sentence.

Now imagine what awaits Manzo, rubaker and Lavelle.

Anonymous said...

"It is almost unheard of for a first time nonviolent offender to get consecutive rather than concurrent sentences."

Have you heard of Brett Cott? Who, by the way, was acquitted of all bonus charges?