Tuesday, January 25, 2011


“Crime doesn’t have a notion of whether it’s Democrat or Republican .... we are following the evidence and we will follow it wherever it goes.” -- Tom Corbett (Patriot-News, 1/18/11)

Really? Did you follow it when it led toward:

....Delaware County GOP Operative Paul Summers, who allegedly submitted falsified nominating petitions for Congressional candidate Pat Meehan and state House candidate Maureen Carey?

....State Rep. Mauree Gingrich, also accused of forging signatures on her nominating petitions?

....Philadelphia GOP party officials, also accused of forging signatures on official documents?

....State House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, who (like many, many other legislators) collected full per-diem payments without deducting the cost of meals paid from his committee contingency account?

....Former Senate Republican Whip Jane Orie, accused of running a full-scale campaign operation out of her district office?

....Former Speaker of the House Keith McCall, who allegedly used state staff and resources for campaign work according to evidence in Mike Veon's trial?

....Former House Democratic Leader Todd Eachus, who according to evidence in the Veon trial directed staff to produce political research and perform political work, acquiesced to paying bonuses for campaign work, and coordinated "official" appearances by Cabinet secretaries in the districts of vulnerable incumbents?

....Former Rep. Matt Wright, who "used staff, office space, equipment and materials of his legislative District Office and his Capitol Office to further his re-election campaigns," according to an Ethics Commission ruling?

....York County D.A. Stan Rebert, accused of abusing his office for personal gain?

....Bedford County D.A. Bill Higgins, accused of rape?

....Former state Rep. Eugene McGill, accused of personally profiting from a non-profit he founded that received state funds?

It's long past time for the Capitol Stenographers Corps to wipe off their chins and face the undeniable fact that Corbett used his prosecutorial power to for political gain, while ignoring the misdeeds of his allies and potential allies as long as it was politically feasible.


Anonymous said...

Rumors are flying in a month new information coming out on how Corbett ran on State Time.


Anonymous said...

Interesting point about McCall - who was also the guy who gave huge salary increases to 2 of his top assistants after he proclaimed a caucus wide salary freeze, then explained it was all just a mistake, but they can still keep the raises anyhow. Interesting, because in spite of that and the P J. Lavelle sworn testimony that he did the same political work for McCall as he pled guilty for doing for Veon - that same McCall is rumored to be appointed to state Gaming Board

Anonymous said...

What's up with King Mike and Gov. Corbett? Or should it be “Dictator Mike” and “Deaf, dumb & blind Corbett”? The Republicans claimed that absolute power corrupted absolutely and the Democrats should be put out of power in Washington D.C. and the State house, but yet ignores that same theory when it applies to them in Harrisburg.

Dictator Mike wants to muzzle the Democrats and Corbett won't get involved to try to stop Dictator Mike. Corbett just doesn't get it - he can't be accountable for his actions or his failure to act. Oh yea, remember Dictator Mike is the same person who hired a helicopter to fly over and film Congressman Klink's home but denied it when he was confronted. Dictator Mike can't be accountable for his actions either and is hungry for power – his wife must run things at home so he’s asserting himself in Harrisburg.

And the Republicans say they are for "REFORM" and "OPEN GOVERNMENT." Where are all the reformers that got elected in the last three election cycles? I'll answer that, "Taking their orders from DICTATOR MIKE" and who is surprised by that. The voting public has been lied to again by the smoke and mirrors of the republican leaders who are attempting to blame the democrats for the incompetence of the republicans.