Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Under questioning from Costopoulos, Contino said the commission found that several politicians in the state have violated ethics laws over several years but were not charged criminally. (Tribune-Review, 7/20/10)

"Anybody who violated the law is going to get it." - Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina (Patriot-News, 8/3/08


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many of the Harrisburg elected elite went to the Super Bowl? Rumor is that many went, including some highly paid Republican staffers too - wonder how they got the tickets. So much for reform and trying to live like the "regular" people in the state.

Anonymous said...

Feb. 10, 2011 8:54 PM ET

Ex-Hershey official claims charity wrongdoing

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A former official involved with the multibillion-dollar charitable trust that controls the Hershey candy company is claiming in a court filing that board members used the trust's considerable assets to pad their bank accounts and treat themselves to luxury hotel stays, limousine rides and free golf.

That official, Robert Reese, was fired Thursday by the Hershey Trust Co., the bank that manages the charity's money.

Reese, a former top executive at the Hershey Co. candy company for 25 years, is the grandson of the man who started Reese's candy, which Hershey's bought in the 1960s.

Most recently, Reese had served as a board member and the trust's president.

Reese's allegations come four months after the state attorney general's office said it was investigating transactions by the Hershey Trust, although the office has not specified which transactions.

Reese detailed his accusations of misuse of power in a document he filed Tuesday in Dauphin County Orphans Court.

In a separate filing Thursday, he named 12 current and former Hershey Trust board members, including chairman LeRoy S. Zimmerman, a former attorney general of Pennsylvania and a longtime friend of newly elected Gov. Tom Corbett, who was the attorney general last fall when the office revealed its investigation.

Zimmerman did not immediately return a message left at his Harrisburg law office Thursday evening.


Anonymous said...

More former Orie staffers say they did political work on state time

Two more former staffers of state Sen. Jane Orie this morning told the jury hearing her corruption trial that they did campaign work on state time.

Now if this one Republican Senator was doing wrong, where are the investigations of other Senators as Frank Fina claimed.

CasblancaPA is right on this Topic and the Republicans are now past cover up mode until the Feds will have to step in, the problem is with all Staffers, they are turning on their Task Masters.

Anonymous said...

Fina works for an agency that covers up corruption, according to a Republican Senior Deputy Attorney General. Now that Corbett is gone, Frank should do the right thing and investigate his old boss.....Follow your conscience, Frank! Do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

hey, if you are going to cite sources for the statements you publish, you should make sure that statement actually exists in the citation. What's with the Trib link? Editorialize much?

Signor Ferrari said...

Our apologies; the story we cited has been updated since we posted the link. The link now goes to the appropriate citation.

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina will be up for some Prosecutor's Misconduct when this is all over.

They smile now and panic later especially whne US Supreme Court becomes involves in seeking true justice, not political gain using the courts.

The Republicans will start falling apart with the Prezel and Zimmerman, and Hershey investigations.

Anonymous said...

GOP's dinner not political? Orie judge raises eyebrow
Friday, February 18, 2011
By James O'Toole, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

While much of that testimony echoed statements from earlier witnesses, one intriguing note emerged as Ms. Rasmussen testified that sometime in 2008, fearing that her state computer system had been hacked,

Ms. Orie asked the state attorney general's office to examine her computers. There was not immediate testimony on what may have emerged from that review.

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