Friday, September 23, 2011


As the Feese/Preski/Seaman trial fast approaches, we here at CasablancaPA are reviewing the grand jury presentment from 2009. A few names are popping up that have us scratching our heads.

One in particular is Shannon Royer, the Deputy Secretary for External Affairs and Elections in the Department of State. For those not familiar with the DOS, he's the guy who oversees all the elections in Pennsylvania.

A too-often overlooked, yet substantial aspect of the charges against Feese/Preski/Seaman revolves around the rampant abuse of taxpayer resources through the House Republican Office of District Operations. This is how Corbett's grand jury described it:
"[District Operations] for at least the period from 2001-2006, and to a lesser extent after 2006, was virtually a wholly owned campaign subsidiary of the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC). This arrangement, which included the use of taxpayer money for campaign work performed by [District Operations] staffers, was organized, coordinated, and approved at the highest levels of the House Republican Caucus..." (Page 157, Grand Jury presentment 11/09)
Royer was a Regional Coordinator with the Office of District Operations during this entire period.

 Here's what the grand jury had to say about Royer's position:
"...all but a handful of these staffers actually worked out of their homes across the state, not in the Capitol. The Caucus, in response to a number of Grand Jury subpoenas, has produced little to no documentation about what these coordinators did or how much time they actually spent doing legislative work during the time period which was the focus of the Grand Jury's investigation. That dearth of documentation regarding legislative work became understandable to the Grand Jury once the Grand Jury learned about what most of the Regional Coordinators and other [District Operations] staffers actually did while being paid by the taxpayers." (Page 158)
Royer even is mentioned by name within the grand jury presentment as participating in illegal activities on pages 164 and 165.

Furthermore, in 2006, Royer was a candidate for state representative while working as a Regional Coordinator. Remember when Royer's boss, Tom Corbett, charged someone with six felonies for running for office while employed by the House of Representatives?

Royer's apparent climb up the career ladder - courtesy of Governor Corbett - is particularly galling when you consider that Corbett arrested former State Represenative Sean Ramaley on charges that he used state resources inappropriately while running for state representative as a House Democratic Caucus employee. (Harrisburg Patriot-News 7/18/08)

How ironic that Corbett, the supposed scourge of political chicanery in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Commonwealth's elections generally, would make such an important appointment even though his own investigation found that Royer had blatantly broken the laws governing the process Royer now oversees.

According to Deputy Attorney General Marc Costanzo, General Assembly employees should be "[sent] a loud and clear message that this kind of activity [illegal use of taxpayers funds for political campaigns] will not be tolerated, and people will pay for their crimes." (Post-Gazette 5/21/10)

Clearly, that's a lie.

Throughout the entire investigation, Corbett selectively picked whom to investigate and prosecute from among members and staff of the General Assembly who universally used taxpayer resources for political campaigns.

Instead of being arrested, the vast majority were let off the hook. A select few were given plumb appointments -- just like Deputy Secretary Shannon Royer.


Anonymous said...

Another cover up of crimes, courtesy of the Attorney General Public Corruption Unit.

Frank Fina smiling all day today.

Anonymous said...

Brett Coot deserves a Pardon, Mike Veon too, Frank Fina and Tom Corbett deserve prison time.

Anonymous said...

This is truly disgusting. Wonder if Royer got immunity? Will he be called to testify?

Anonymous said...

The message of the Corbett team is clear: if there are accusations against someone who is a Democrat, no matter how baseless, your charged with crimes. If, however, you are a Republican, even if the grand jury finds you did absolutely nothing to "earn" your taxpayer funded paycheck, you get promoted.

And if you are a Republican who does not support Tommy's campaign, Tommy will get you (right, Perzel???). If, however, you get in line and dare not challenge the almighty Tom (Smith/Turzai/each and every Senate R), you are fine.

This behavior is despicable. It proves what everyone has always known; these were political prosecutions from the get-go, and achieved the result for which they were designed. All hail, his Excellency, Tom!

Anonymous said...

The federal government's four-year investigation of public corruption in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties has snared more than 30 people, including state lawmakers, county officials, school board members and others.

But in spite of given a Target lLetter by the OAG to Todd Eachus, none of these investigations ever included him, even though he was Majority Leaders.

It seems if you lose an election and did wrong doing, Justice lets you escape and permits you to prosper.

This is corruption at the highest levels.

Anonymous said...

The Public:
Careful you don't prosecute him!

Frank Fina:
When I want to prosecute him, I'll hit prosecute! When I want to leave him alone him, I'll leave him alone him!

A man's been known to escape from a close prosecution from misconduct!

Supreme Court View:
This is all very disorganized.

Sam Smith To Frank Fina:
I love you, but I do not like you!

The Truth Everywhere:
A strong people is the only way to freedom!

Anonymous said...

Since when do we have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?

Of all injustice, that is the greatest which goes under the name of law; and of all sorts of tyranny the forcing of the letter of the law against the equity, is the most insupportable.

This is what Frank Fina and his Public Corruption Unit has done, and it will not stand, sooner or later their own dark thoughts that they are doing justice this way will come back upon those that hired them.

Anonymous said...

As for names that should be included, why do Rep. Sam Smith and Rep. Mike Turzai get a free pass? What about Retired Rep. Coleman and his lap dog Rep. Dave Reed – they were part of that political machine back then too. Rep. Reed even hired Rep. Coleman’s wife. Computergate, Bonusgate, call it what you want, but corruption has always been abound in the House Republican Caucus but they seem to stay off the radar screen.

Anonymous said...

When this is truly investigated and over.

The Frank Fina legend lives on from the Halls of Justice on down, it will be said, never gives up his misuse of justice, when the skies of November turn gloomy.

With a boat load of 800 OAG Employees close to a thousand or more Linda Kelly Character weighs empty, when good Prosecutors true and blue are bones to be chewed
at corruption when the "Campaign of Governorshp in November" came too early.

The Attorney General Office was once the pride of Pennsylvania justice ss the big honest public unit prosecutors go, it was bigger than most with good investigators well seasoned.

Until Corbett Campaign concluding some terms with a couple of senate law firms when they left fully loaded campaign funds for Corbett.

And later that year when corruption bells rang, many staffers thought could it be the winds of integrity they'd no longer been feelin'?

The wind in the wire taps made a tattle-tale sound and exculpatory evidence and notes were flung over the railing of boats on the susquenna.

And every investigator knew, as the Corbett, Fina and Kelly did too
'twas the witch of power seeking over justice as November come stealing'.

The dawn is just breaking on Corbett and Fina duplicity and now the cover up is too late has they come to see Conservative Republicans wake and no longer content to wait about the Gales of Corbett Corruption in November came slashing and burning for power.

Anonymous said...

Someday soon one afternoon Frank Fina will office will turn into afreezin' rain in the face of a conservative senators demanding answers in a media free hurricane west winds for the truth.

When Subpoenas time come along the old crooks of Long, Nyquist, and Crompton tongues will come on came on deck saying, to senators.

Fellas, it's too rough for Fina to keep feeding the cover up by prosecuting others like Feese, Preski and Seaman to protect Long, Nyquist, and Crompton.

One day soon, at about seven P.M. the Corbett/Fina/Kelly cover ups will cave in; and will grow dark, in the offices of the Attorney General before the dawn of more Grand Jury Subpoenas.

CMike Long, Todd Nyquist, and Dreww Crompton will hear from Ron Harper Jr. "Fellas, it's bin good t'know ya!"

Then Linda Kelly will wired in to Corbett Governor Mansion she has water coming' in, and Frank Fina's gcover up and crew are in peril.

And later that night Linda Kelly will slip outta sight for a William Ward, Bob Asher, and Sam Smith secret meeting!

Does any one know where the love of God goes when the injustice turn the minutes to hours?

The new senate searchers for the truth will all say they'd have wil not be made to put an investigation into Fina behind them.

Then Frank Fina will no longer lie, and start the split up and capsized; of Corbett Campaigners on state time with state money.

Fina will claim he was misled by the senate aides and they may have broke laws so deep it will shock even criminal creeps.

And all that remains is the faces and the names of the aides, wives, and the sons and the daughters, hiding in shame.

Anonymous said...

Senate Aides Drew Crompton with Mike Long and Todd Nyquist will roll over.

Ron Harper Jr. will sings
in the rooms of his ice-water mansion, made from Immunity Deals that sell his books even bigger from Frank Fina cover ups.

Old Scarnati will try and steam along like a young man's dreams, until the Tea Party islands and bays defeat him.

And farther below Brightbill will send his evidence against Jubeliers Aides that sink them.

New iron clad prosecutors looking for fame will go and all know
expose the Gales of Corbett Corrupt Campaign of November to ever be remembered.

In a musty old halls of a Harrisburg Courtroom, Judge Lewis will prayed, he never knew anything on any days.

In the Criminal Hall Of Fame a Cathedrals church bell will chimed 'til it rang every time
for each person on the Corbett Corrupt Campaign Cover Up.

"Cover Ups," they said, "never gives up their crimes until the gales Campaign Corruption of November come early!

bobguzzardi said...

The Republicans owe The Forgotten Taxpayer $20,000,000 plus reimbursement of legal fees.