Friday, October 7, 2011


With all the talk about what a "powerful" lawmaker former Speaker John Perzel once was, many have forgotten that following the 2006 general election, former Perzel was out...gone....sent off to "Speaker Emeritus" land.

Perzel had absolutely no authority within the House Republican Caucus in 2007. Sam Smith and his staff took the reins in the caucus.  Perzel and his former chief of staff, Brian Preski, were non-entities.

That's why we were very interested in this bit of testimony from Tony Painter that Pete Jackson with the Associated Press reports today from the computergate trial:

"Tony Painter, who served as the caucus' director of information and technology from 1994 to 2007, said Feese - a former state representative from Lycoming County and one of two defendants - approached him about replacing the caucus email system in February 2007, shortly after the GOP lost control of the House and Feese became the caucus' lawyer.  Painter said he was stunned when Feese told him legislative and campaign activities must be kept separate. He said Feese, who had previously served as House GOP whip and head of the House Republican Campaign Committee, knew that tapping public funds for political purpose had become routine among caucus leaders. "It was a phony meeting" designed to make Feese appear innocent, Painter said. "Within three or four days of this meeting, it's business as usual." (Associated Press 10/7/11)

Note that Painter says the use of taxpayer dollars - in early 2007 -  "had become routine among caucus leaders."  That's "leaders," plural.  Not "leader," as in just Perzel.  There's not a soul in Harrisburg, much less within the House Republican Caucus, who would not consider Smith one of the leaders throughout the entire period covered by the "computergate" trial.

Most telling is that this meeting was held in 2007 when Perzel was no longer in charge.  Every decision was Smith's to make. Yet, Painter says that, regardless of what was said at this "phony meeting," within days it was back to "business as usual."

"Business as usual" was the continuation of the House Republicans using taxpayer resources for campaign purposes.  Only now, instead of simply knowing about this illegal activity, Smith was in charge of it, and allowing it to continue under his watch.


Anonymous said...

Quick question for Casa. With Preski pleading guilty, does that mean Smith won't be forced to testify?

Anonymous said...

Frank Fina's key prosecution witness was destroyed on the stand over his personal vendetta against Computergate Defendants.

Attorney Joshua Lock was able to point out that non-job legislative staffer Tony Painter had a settled and fixed hatred for Brett Feese, a Republican representative from Lycoming County who headed the House Republican Campaign Committee and served as the caucus' general counsel after he left office in 2006.

Painter tried to testify as prepared by Frank Fina that he has been angry with Feese in the past.

Painter was the former information and technology director for the House Republicans and was the key culprit or implementing the $20 million state paid for technology that is at issue in the government corruption trial.

Tony Painter said, "My heart doesn't beat on Brett Feese, one way, or another”, he said, but later had his eyes turning red as he got caught in what looks like lying under oath, as prepared by Fina.

Lock challenged Painter to explain why he performed campaign-related work on state time for years even though he knew it was illegal and considered it distasteful.

Painter's demeanor took a turn towards almost crying as testifying under a grant of immunity.

Painter said he twice took his concerns to then-House Speaker Matt Ryan's chief of staff.

Painter said he was rebuffed both times and told that Ryan was "not going to get involved" with the activities of Rep. John Perzel, R-Philadelphia, then the House majority leader.

Painter worked for Perzel, who became speaker after Ryan died in 2003, and for Perzel's former chief of staff, Brian Preski.

Prosecutors have said Perzel masterminded the alleged electioneering scheme involving the computer technology, even though Perzel was known to be a Micro-Manager as learned when he was a Maitre D' in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers.

Both Perzel and Preski have pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft, conspiracy, and conflict of interest, in return to blaming others for what they did, and saving current Republican Leadership from prosecution as alleged designed by Frank Fina under Corbett's orders.

Under questioning by Lock, Painter was forced to tell the truth he also took orders from Perzel's surrogates.

For example, he obtained unspecified election data for then-Sen. Arlen Specter's 2004 re-election campaign at the demand of Perzel's wife.

Sheryl Perzel was forced by her husband to form a PAC with Preski's wife.

Painter admitted under oath he gladly grabbed $5,000 for that task and admitted it was forced upon him by saying, "My supervisor is John Perzel. This is his wife making the request what could I do but obey, Painter said.

Painter said was angered when he learned that the new caucus leadership had renewed GCR's contract and terminated Aristotle's contract at the end of 2008, costing the company $1.4 million, and have not been investigated by Frank Fina to date.

"My life is decimated at this point. ... I'm angry at the House and everybody in the House," he said.

Painter is currently living with his mother, collecting a state pension worth one-third of his former salary but was allow to keep it, in return for his testimony, by Frank Fina.

Along with the state paid for Republicans $20 million Computer Programs that help elect Tom Corbett to the Governorship. Along with majorities in the House and Senate never investigated by Frank Fina for bonuses. Nor the state ever reimbursed due to Frank Fina allowing them to keep their jobs even though they admitted their only jobs were campaigns on state time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Quick question for Casa. With Preski pleading guilty, does that mean Smith won't be forced to testify? October 7, 2011 11:15 AM

It is up to the Defense to call Sammy Slick Smith, now known as the Magician with Frank Fina's protection from a disappearing investigation.

Unfortunately, with alleged approval from Tom Corbett and Attorney General Linda Kelly complicity today.

It will be up to the Defense unless Judge Lewis refuses to allow them put Slick Sammy Smith from being under oath.

So far, under oath, it has been proven when John Perzel was no longer in charge.

Every decision was Slick Sammy Smith's call and he made them, even if Frank Fina never asked him.

Yet, Painter says that, within days it was back to "business as usual. Just like under Perzel now with Slick Sammy Smith in charge.

"Business as usual" was the continuation of the House Republicans using taxpayer resources for campaign purposes, to help Tom Corbett to become Governor, but Frank Fina never investigated this result or aspect of the $20 Million Operation.

Only now, instead of simply knowing about this illegal activity, Smith was in charge of it, and allowing it to continue under his watch.

What it looks like now, is Sammy Smith the Magician is dressed in a Black Tuxedo, with Frank Fina dressed in Black Stockings in a Black Bathing Suit, both waving the Magic Wand that prevents Grand Jurors from never hearing the entire truth by making all other investigations disappear before the Media and Commonwealth Citizens very eyes.

“POOF”…. None Of This Happen Even If Admitted Under Oath?

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is the Democratic Party does not strike back at the Republican Party when it comes to exposing who is telling the truth.

Democrats are for principles and reason.

Republicans are for self-interest and power.

When a far Left Wing advocate makes a statement that Capitalism should be merged with Socialism to create Peopleism, the Republican Spin Masters state these are the opinions, beliefs, and practices of the Democratic Party.

Republican broad brush all Democrats with these types of tactics, when most Democrats would call that silly thinking from a Left Wing Nut.

When a far Right Wing advocate makes statements about gays, immigrants and minorities are racists, lazy, and immoral, the Republican spin master cite that is not the majority of the Republican Party members.

Conservatives will not permit the Democrats to broad brush Republicans with the same inconsistency both Political Parties try to limit within their own ranks.

Yet, when it comes to Democrats standing up for other Democrats, you see them absence and non-support plus inner feuding.

Only Bill DeWeese is standing up to Republicans and Corbett along with CasablancaPA and yet, CasablancaPA is at odds with Bill DeWeese.

Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to prosecute for power, and persecute for self-interests, by misusing Law Enforcement at the OAG, with approval from the Republican Judicial Branches.

As Principles and Reason are thrown out the window because Democrats will not stand together, and point the fingers at each other instead of pointing out the mutual abuses of Republican Political Prosecution Misconduct for power.

Get a clue Democrats, start working together, start telling the truth about Republicans as they keep lying about the Democrats.

Free Mike Veon!

Anonymous said...

"Only Bill DeWeese is standing up to Republicans and Corbett along with CasablancaPA and yet, CasablancaPA is at odds with Bill DeWeese."

Bill DeWeese sold out his Democratic brethren. No need to thank me for clearing that up. U R Welcome.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Only Bill DeWeese is standing up to Republicans and Corbett along with CasablancaPA and yet, CasablancaPA is at odds with Bill DeWeese." Bill DeWeese sold out his Democratic brethren. No need to thank me for clearing that up. U R Welcome. October 10, 2011 7:24 AM

Todd Eachus did not become Majority Leaders by hogus pogus, and to think or say otherwise is not the truth.

Anonymous said...

After reading here how Republican Powers in the Senate and House were never investigated for using State Funds to target Republican reformers running for office, now I see a true Reform Movement with money and future possible prosecutions behind them.

A new Republicans group known as Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania with six figures in their budget is setting up campaigns to go after Republicans.

The group will target Pat Vance and Gene Yaw and is preparing lists of more senators, said Leo Knepper, the group's executive director.

This nonprofit has already built up a formidable history of dirty campaigning against Reformers and will use it in the coming elections demanding investigations by Federal if the current Attorney General keeps refusing to do her job.

A Former Republican Representative John Kennedy, a retired railroad executive, chairs the group, which proclaims its support for limited government, economic freedom, and removal of corruption in the OAG refusing to investigate the senate.

They will start with TV and Radio ads accusing two Republican state senators of squandering state tax dollars and siding with left-wing special-interest groups.

The first six-figure ad campaign will coincide with Republican Governor Tom Corbett education reform plan that includes tuition vouchers for school choice.

Earlier some Republican senators waver on school choice. Although School choice is part of it, Knepper said, it also will target broad liberal agendas among Senate Republicans, which have prevented Pennsylvania from moving ahead with conservative agendas seen in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey, he said.

They also will demand investigations on how the Republican and House and Senate Aides misused state money on state time for campaigns against Republican Reformers running for office.

They have documented evidence from a number of elected officials that both Corbett and Kelly to date have refused to investigate and were Federal Civil Rights violations regarding local nod state elections.

So far, not one senator has been investigated by the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office for misusing state money on state time for campaigns in spite of ample evidence in the public domain, and without explanation from Linda Kelly or Frank Fina?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans keep talking about school choice as a priority - it's merely a scholarship program for their poor little rich kids to get tuition assistance for private schools. Not a single middle or lower class student/kid will benefit from this!

If they really want to talk about helping the taxpayer, the Republican controlled senate and house and Executive branch would be talking about property tax reductions for home owners who do not have any children in school - these folks pay the piper and have no option to take a voucher. What about them????


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."Bill DeWeese sold out his Democratic brethren. No need to thank me for clearing that up. U R Welcome." October 10, 2011 7:24 AM


Is this admission that the Democrats were Guilty, since they were "Sold Out"?

Sounds like you prefer that Bill DeWeese engage in cover up once it was discovered that Mike Manzo, Kevin Sidella, and Tom Foreman were doing illegal acts under Todd Eachus that was running the Sampaigns as Eachus bragged about on his Website?

Cannot sale anyone out unless they did something illegal can you, by the way Manzo, Sidella, and Foreman all admitted they were Guilty and are now employed by the OAG as witnesses.

Looks like instead of clearing that up, you actually know about something that was done illegally?

Just a hunch based on your words in your post.

Signor Ferrari said...

What Bill DeWeese did, as anyone paying attention knows, is turn over hand-selected evidence against his former colleague and staffers in exchange for his own freedom. And while Corbett abided by his agreement not to prosecute DeWeese for the crimes outlined in that particular evidence, public pressure eventually forced him to find other charges on which to indict DeWeese.

The question here is not which legislators (and the staff they directed) were "guilty;" evidence of illegal campaigning was available on nearly every one of them, to anyone who bothered to search.

Mike Veon was not the focus of the investigation because of the magnitude of his alleged crimes - far from it, as the subsequent and belated prosecution of House Republicans proves beyond a doubt. The House Democrats' alleged scheme totaling either $1.4 million or $1.9 million, depending upon which figure Brad Bumsted pulls out of his ass, pales in comparison to the $20 million in illegal campaign spending Corbett pinned on the House Republicans (but somehow decided to prosecute only $10 million of the spending)

No, Veon was the focus of the investigation because

1) He was no longer a member of the legislature, controlled no votes and held no power.

2) The public was predisposed to oppose and vilify Veon based upon his infamous opposition to recinding the 2005 pay raise.

3) Prosecutor Corbett had a valuable ally in DeWeese, who was willing to cut a deal to hand Corbett a ready-made case against Team Veon in exchange for protection (limitedprotection, as it turned out)

By the way, Anonymous 11:22, there is no such person as Tom Foreman involved in the case, and DeWeese would be the last person to admit that Kevin Sidella is guilty of a crime, no matter what Sidella says.

Try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari said...Mike Veon was no longer a member of the legislature, controlled no votes and held no power. Try to keep up.
October 12, 2011 11:24 AM

Mike Manzo did keep somthings quiet, in secret, and from many including his future wife did he not.......but Mike hid his mistress at cigar shop that Veon rentd and Cott and Veon often went to, but never DeWeese?

Try and keep it straight too!

But nothing beats the crimes Corbett did!