Sunday, November 6, 2011


Once again, Tom Corbett lets the people at the top off the hook. Only this time, the world is watching.

"Paterno wasn't charged, but if Sandusky is guilty he would be guilty," writes Mike Wise of the Washington Post. "Joe Pa knew, if the charges are true. They all knew. And they never told police."

"The chief question is this: If Curley, Schultz and Spanier believed it was no longer appropriate to allow Sandusky to bring children onto the Penn State campus – an act that suggests some concern over his behavior – how could they possibly believe his actions didn’t warrant a full police investigation?" Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports asks.

Inquirer columnist Bob Ford: Joe Paterno is done.

The Post-Gazette's Gene Collier: It's truly staggering that these professional academics -- including Paterno -- when faced with an allegation so serious and so sanctimoniously mishandled by the Catholic church almost simultaneously, somehow knew only the wrong thing to do.

Around the country, everyone wants to know: if Athletic Director Tim Curley and Vice President Gary Schultz are charged for failure to report a crime, why aren't Paterno and Spanier?

Welcome to Pennsylvania, and Tom Corbett's Office of Attorney General.

Paterno and Spanier aren't charged for the same reason Speaker Sam Smith  wasn't charged in "Computergate." The same reason Bill DeWeese wasn't charged "Bonusgate."  The same reason LeRoy S. Zimmerman wasn't charged in the Hershey Trust scandals. The list goes on.

The reason is that Tom Corbett's OAG simply doesn't charge the truly powerful and influential. (Until and unless he absolutely has to in order to protect his political career)

Joe Paterno, millionaire, friend of George H.W. Bush and father of Republican congressional candidate Scott Paterno - does anyone really think Corbett's OAG  in a million years was going to charge that guy?

No, Corbett's OAG only charges public figures who are already unpopular, whose guilt the public already is predisposed to believe.

While the sports pundocracy sees heinous crimes in Paterno's and Spanier's failure to act upon their mere knowledge of a crime, no one seems bothered by Smith and DeWeese's actual participation in crimes. Smith signed the checks that paid for illegal software contracts, sat in on meetings about their use, was included on emails about the progress of the illegal scheme. DeWeese authorized the allocation of caucus funds to award bonuses, acknowledged that they were for political work, was implicated in the scandal by both his top aide, and his legislative assistant, and directed a state contractor to perform political work and on and on.

The case against Jerry Sandusky makes it clear that Paterno and Spanier knew about Sandusky's crimes and never reported them, and an outraged public demands to know why they're not arrested.  The Computergate and Bonusgate cases reveal far more culpability from Smith and DeWeese, but no one even notices, much less cares.


Anonymous said...

This is a strategy designed specifically to protect the Paterno name and legacy. The grand jury investigation could be no secret—it went on for three years. There was plenty of time to “put in a game plan” if you will.

Graham Spanier said he has every confidence in Curley and Schultz. He’s too smart to say that unless they all intend to say that the Graduate Assistant in question did not tell them about the sexual activity that he witnessed. That’s designed obviously to place the blame on the GA who was not forthcoming enough.

To believe that, you have to believe that a 75 year old coach, the Athletic Director and one of the most powerful vice presidents on campus would not have thought to press the GA for every detail that he shared with the grand jury. You have to believe that powerful administrators who knew what in loco parentis means, what the Child Protective Services law requires of mandated reporters and who had previously conducted investigations into wrongdoing didn’t know what they had on their hands and didn’t know how to ask the questions that mattered.

You what else is missing? Any evidence those people confronted Sandusky about those allegations at all.

“We were all fooled” is code for “Jerry was a monster” and “the GA didn’t tell me enough.” It’s also likely to be code for “our defense is that we didn’t know.” That may be a good legal defense. It’s likely to be a poor defense in the court of public opinion and it’s a lousy defense in the court of cosmic justice.

If your legacy is built on honesty and forthrightness then the defense of your legacy with this statement says that the legacy may not be what it seems.

Anonymous said...

JOEPA FIRST STATEMENT:"As my grand jury testimony stated, I was informed in 2002 by an assistant coach that he had witnessed an incident in the shower of our locker room facility. It was obvious that the witness was distraught over what he saw, but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the Grand Jury report. Regardless, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate involving Mr. Sandusky. As Coach Sandusky was retired from our coaching staff at that time, I referred the matter to university administrators.

"I understand that people are upset and angry, but let's be fair and let the legal process unfold. In the meantime I would ask all Penn Staters to continue to trust in what that name represents, continue to pursue their lives every day with high ideals and not let these events shake their beliefs nor who they are."


Yeah, like Joe was fooled when one of his recruits sons played for him as his Daddy Ref Guman fixed games for PSU to win, as reported in the New York Times.


When Joe was fooled again when Curtis Enis Agent was in the Penn State Locker rooms after every game, and when it was reported the Agent was buying Enis things like Suits, Joe Denied it happen, until the Store's Security cameras caught Enis on tape, then and only then Joe suspend him, and none of it was investigated by the NCAA??


When Joe knew Phillips his player was Arrested for Alleged Rape in October but Joe played him all year and did not suspend him until after signing day so Penn State Public Relations would not be ruin for recruits signing???


When Joe freely admitted he used to fix criminal cases when his players got into trouble by giving away free tickets in the old days before the Internet came along???

Joe Paterno had a duty to respond to the Police not just to Curley and Schultz and when Curley and Schultz did not report it and keep Sandusky off campus, Joe Paterno had a duty to report it to the Police, but did not, claims he was fooled????

This story will not hold up in the Media and under oath! The Penn State Fix is in and it is not going to work this time the in the world's spotlight!

Joe Paterno is one of dumbest Ivy League Graduate or a great Nittany Liar, you choose?

Anonymous said...

TWO YEARS to investigate allegations of sexual abuse? How much of that was spent figuring out how to protect JoePa?

Anonymous said...

They have been looking at this case for years. It was a slam dunk.

But no charges issued until after Paterno got the record. If PSU would have lost last weekend, there would still be no charges.

Once again, the Feds have cause to start to investigate The Pennsylvania Attorney Generals Office last 8 years of unfair, bias, and cover-up investigations on political power motives, not defending children, and letting the few political enemies of tome Corbett be prosecuted while the many friends of Tom Corbett skate.

Anonymous said...

As Predicted, Governor Corbett will attend PSU Board Of Trustees meeting on Friday per the Patriot News.

Too Big To Ignore & must regain calm and control.

About half were present tonight with the rest participating by speakerphone.

Also Spanier will release an "important statement" Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Notice that they handcuffed Sandusky in the front? What about the AG's reasoning for handcuffing Veon and crew behind their back?

Anonymous said...

Curley and Schultz didn't get cuffed at all. See the photo here:

Here is the OAG saying that ALL felons are to be handcuffed:

Liars? Or just incompetent? Both?

Anonymous said...

In 2002, according to Attorney General Grand Jury Presentments and Joe's own recent media statement saying, Paterno reported to his Superiors on the Sandusky Incident after being informed by McCready, RIGHT!!!!

Paterno's Superiors were Graham Spinier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, RIGHT!!!!

In 2004, when these same Superiors came to him to ask him to resign, he listen and then led them out the door, ignoring them, RIGHT!!!!

Somebody is outright lying, Joe Paterno was in charge of the Penn State Football Program when they wanted him to resign, but he was not in charge when he had to Report a Crime?????

This is not going to pass the smell tests and Jerry Sandusky's Attorney is not going to let this happen under Cross Examination in a Court of Law!

The Facts are Joe Paterno was, has been and is running the Penn State Football Program all those years, and now all of sudden, he is not, but will not resign, or upon request will he resign????

Joe has no choice, he is gone, or he should be charged!

Anonymous said...

I continue to see two falsehoods repeated without question by the media and apologists for Joe Paterno and the Attorney General.

1. Paterno was "praised" by the Grand Jury for his actions. Really? Have you actually read the report.

There is a description of Paterno contacting a superior to report McQueary's eyewitness account of child rape, at which point Paterno either lied about what was seen or watered it down dismissively.

All of this is in dispute. What is not is how the grand jury reacted. The report says several times. "Currey...did not contact the police.

No one from the University did." Is this praise? Or is this condemnation for the crime of inaction in the face of a terrible evil.

No one from the legal community is praising Paterno.

As one of the lead prosecutors said today during the press conference: "There are few heroes in this story. If there are any, it is the prosecutors and investigators."

What he wasn't brave enough to say but what was clear to everyone in the room. "There were many villains, not just one."

2. Joe Paterno "immediately" contacted Curley. He might have called Curley on that fateful Saturday (why not the police, Joe? Why?), but he waited 24 hours to meet with him. And then he washed his hands of it.

Folks, more will come out. Paterno must resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

Who was the AG during the Penn State Coach Child Sex Scam? None other than now Governor Corbett. Corbett didn't dare take the polictical risk of going after the beloved PSU football coach since so many PSU graduates live AND VOTE in Pennsylvania.

This is yet another group of selective prosecutions managed by then AG Tom Corbett. He always seemed to select only the investigations that would result in his best political press. And of course he attended the Penn State University Board of Trustees meeting because it would get him statewide press.

Hopefully he explained to the board of trustees as to why, as AG, he didn't act on this to bring the prosecution. Could it be his campaign for Governor got in the way - bonusgate was getting much more free press.

The lives of children or Corbett's political motivation to become Governor? I guess Corbett choose Governor!

Maybe if Corbett would have spent half of the resources expended on bonusgate to more time prosecuting child sexual predators and not wasting millions of tax dollars on his bonusgate political investigation to get elected gov, these children would not have been violated.

PSU sexual misconduct and computergate seem to be on the same plain with Corbett and certainly not a prosecution priority.

After PSU and its football coaches are investigated, prosecuted and brought to trial for this child crime - maybe the now AG or the Feds will investigate Corbett for his now known and politically motivated selective prosecution history as AG.

Two-Party "System" said...

Wow, Feese going 40/40. Niiiice.

Billy Payjacker, you're up next. As I always say, an incarcerated republicrat career freeloader is a good republicrat career freeloader.

When you look at the Harrisburg sitch in its totality, you've got to conclude that the whole republicrat two-party thing has proved to be a very thin democracy. Two thin to work effectively. Just like if we had to choose between (only) two car companies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Governor Tom Corbitt.

Governor Corbitt you need to resign your office immediately.

You were aware of the allegations of Child Abuse at Penn State University as early as 2005.

You declined to move to prosecute Mr. Sandusky and today you urged your fellow board members to act quickly and fire Mr. Paterno.

I submit that since you also failed to honor your moral obligations you actions require you and all others who did same to also be removed immediately.

Of course you are laughing right now.

How many PSU Alumni are in this state?

You are going to find out. Maybe we can't affect change on Wall Street or Capital Hill, yet, but we can teach this punk a lesson and send them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Yes in 1998 he did the right thing... did not reopen the Ray Gicar cases that had been recently closed and the victims of pedophilia mounted up... in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2020, and through last week.

You did a fine job Corbie!

As for his call to Surma... sure.... otherwise he turned his head at the critical time to perhaps nip this in the bud.

Opportunity was knocking and he was deaf.

The victims throughout those years above are glad he finally made the call.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that Corbett railroads Paterno, while protecting the most NEGLIGENT people in the entire process, the McQuearys (both father and son).

Starting a witch hunt and then offering Paterno to the masses looks to be extremely self-serving for Corbett especially given what he KNEW ABOUT THE INVESTIGATION (it was started by the AG's Office when he was AG!!!).

How does Corbett line-up his "outrage" with his protection of the McQuearys?

They are the only parties over the entire span of time who possess sufficient information to take JS off the street via Law Enforcement but they never went to Law Enforcement to report a crime at any time over the 10 year period despite knowing with certainty that MM had unquestionablly witnessed the rape of a 10 year old boy?

And Corbett's reaction to that is "fire the football coach who actually properly reported what he was told to University Authorities - the same University Authorities who granted JS access to the campus and emeritus status back in 1999 despite the 2nd Mile parent's accusations in 1998....."????

It makes no sense to protect MM and throw Paterno under the bus - none, the two are INTELLECTUALLY INCONSISTENT, but it appears to be what Corbett wanted (i.e., somehow it was self-serving to Corbett).

Corbett thinks he can do that to political enemies is one thing but this don't wash against Paterno!