Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed  yesterday announced he will run for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.  Tricky family connections required him to make an important statement regarding how he would handle any conflicts of interest:

"Attorney General Linda Kelly is in the midst of a civil investigation into actions taken by the board of the Hershey Trust Co., which [Freed's father-in-law Leroy] Zimmerman has chaired since January 2006...the probe is aimed at transactions that occurred under his leadership, creating the potential for a huge conflict for Freed. Freed said Monday that it is a manageable problem....If there are issues pending from the investigation that involve the conduct of Zimmerman, he would recuse himself and hand the case over to a special prosecutor, he said." (Patriot 12/6/11)

Sounds like a good plan!  Oh, wait.

"[Democratic Attorney General candidate John] Morganelli called on attorney general staffers who have handled campaign tasks to resign their state jobs, and he urged Corbett to appoint a special prosecutor in the case accusing House Democrats of campaigning with public resources...As for Morganelli's call for a special prosecutor, [Corbett taxpayer-funded spokesman Kevin] Harley said state law does not allow it, and 'it's obvious John Morganelli doesn't understand the law.'" (York Daily Record 7/22/08)

Will anyone ask Harley, the Office of Attorney General, or Governor Tom Corbett whether Leroy Zimmerman's son-in-law "obviously doesn't understand the law?"  Or, was Harley just spouting nonsense on the taxpayer's dime to protect his boss politically?


Anonymous said...

Running to cover up Leroy Zimmerman misuse of Hershey Trust.

Governor Corbett misuse of the PAOAG going after ethical violations by lawmakers instead of crimes by Penn State Trustees in covering for Tom Corbett's elections.

Senator Rafferty hiring Mike Long will cover the same and both will get away with, since US Attorneys sleep instead of investigating?

Anonymous said...

Now that the revelations are out about Penn State Trustees doing business with a Penn State employee Joe Paterno, it clear the Trustees have no intention of opening up what happen and are looking to continue to run the University in their selfish interest.

Governor Corbett needs to consider and implement new orders to replace the Trustees with a Blue Ribbon Committee of honest citizens for the sake of the Commonwealth.

Paterno, Chairman of Jerry Sandusky’s Charity Were Pursuing $125M Real Estate Deal When Sandusky Was Caught Allegedly Sodomizing Boy.

Pinnacle Development, one-half of the developer team that built The Village at Penn State, included Paterno, Poole, William Schreyer?a Penn State trustee whose daughter is a longtime board member of The Second Mile and local developer Philip Sieg.

Each partner stood to make an estimated $590,000 in fees and 15 percent annual interest on a $125,000 initial investment if the project was successful enough to get funding for a second phase.

It was not the Village's nonprofit owner filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. The filing indicated that Pinnacle was never repaid its initial investment, and that $18.8 million was owed to residents who moved out and demanded refunds on their entrance fees.

Paterno also collaborated up with the same development team on a golf resort and nearby restaurant and inn. Moreover, he had gone into business with other current and former Second Mile board members on a bottled water company, a coaching website and a chain of convenience stores, according to The Daily.

This unethical and certainly creates conflicts of interest. It is pretty common practice ever wonder why the trustees, despite all of them being worth more than a million+ are the ones riding for free on the team plane, receiving free tickets to the games, and frequently crash alumni events without paying?

This needs investigated and Corbett's role in this...who believes he delayed because he wanted more victims to come forward (right) ...and who believes he delayed because he knew breaking this sooner would mean harming his chances for Governor?

Yeah right,....I forgot the New York Times among others could not point out that everyone involved in this scandal is a Republican or Contributor to Tom Corbett, and now that the cash is being traced, this looks like the Watergate of NCAA scandals...now if it were Democrats. Another story?

This is what it is and it is going to be a big embarrassment politicians. Most will Republicans and it is best those politicians get out in front of this scandal before it engulfs them, by holding the Trustees accountable. Looks like plenty of Graff, bribes and sex scandals in both major parties. This is just the latest.

Trustees doing business should be a problem. Nevertheless, potentially conspiring to cover-up alleged sex crimes could certainly be a BIGGER problem.

Motives have to be established. Evidence discovered. However, it seems that there are those investigators that may have picked up a scent and could be on the trail of a situation that may be running in parallel to the Sandusky charges.

Money was flowing unchecked for years there. It makes so much sense that Spanier was pushing for certain exemptions on public disclosure. If I remember correctly, didn't Pitt and the Golden Panthers have some issues? I think we've yet to uncover most of the financial improprieties and all the players.

There needs to be an outside audit of all financial records. I'm sure they're deleting and burning records as we write...........but someone always comes forward.

bobguzzardi said...

another outstanding post.

Do Dave Freed's supporters not think the Democratic opponent will pound them on Dave Freed's close ties to someone who, unarguably, got rich from government. Whether legal or no,

LeRoy Zimmerman got very, very rich from Hershey Trust established for disadvantaged kids not fat cat Republican Establishment Hacks. Tn.

Dave Freed should be publicly embarrassed instead of thinking he is qualified to be Penna. Attorney General.

Of course, his campaign slogan could me "To Catch a Thief...."

Anonymous said...

The money link has now been established between Paterno, Sandusky's 2002 incident and the coverup of the sex abuse incident with McQueary.

The reason for the coverup was to protect 2nd Mile and Paterno's money interests. The sexually abused kids by Sandusky was just collateral.


Now the money link to Corbett's Campaign for Governor from the Trustees and Second Mile need to establish a Timeline.

The comparison of Timelines will expose the links to Corbett and see the delays in the investigation as compared to the election campaigh.

The same for the Hershey Trusts and then Mike Long tied to Rafferty and Leroy Zimmerman tied to Freed could ruin both candidaes campaigns.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Our good Gov. Corbett would never lie about his lack of investigating?

He would never put being elected over the welfare of abused kids.

All of the money he received in political contributions from members of the second mile while running for AG and Gov certainly didn't have any bearing on his lack of actions in this scandal.

You must believe Corbett because he also told us the Million dollars he received from the Gas companies has nothing to due with his refusal to tax the industry.

We must believe this CRAP because he says so.

We must trust this man because he is Gov. To this I say BULLSHIP!

Anonymous said...

NEWTER Gingrich.