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"My whole practice depends on operating ethically and transparently." -- Bill Chadwick

Chadwick markets himself as an investigator above reproach, but he's functioned more as a shadowy "fixer" for two prominent Pennsylvania public officials while paid with taxpayer money.  Rather than impartially investigate, Chadwick has used taxpayer funds essentially to extricate his clients from sticky situations -- former Speaker Bill DeWeese during the "bonusgate" investigation and Chief Justice Ronald Castille in the ongoing Family Court building scandal.

In both cases, Chadwick has followed a nearly playbook-like pattern:

Step 1 -- "White hat" Chadwick hired to impartially investigate

"DeWeese (D., Greene) brought in Chadwick Associates, a Washington-based consulting firm, before State Attorney General Tom Corbett launched a grand jury probe to examine whether government bonuses were handed out to legislative aides from both parties last year as a reward for off-the-books campaign work. Through the end of August, DeWeese has paid the consulting firm $180,000 from a state discretionary account he controls. DeWeese said the effort was aimed at finally ending a 'culture of causality and politics as usual' that has existed in Harrisburg for decades...William Chadwick, who runs the consulting firm, said his mission was to serve as a set of independent eyes focused on 'evaluating the practices, policies and procedures of the caucus, to make recommendations for improving internal controls and to ensure compliance with the law and promote public confidence in the operations of the caucus.'" (Inquirer 10/5/2007)

"Pennsylvania Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille has hired a longtime adviser and colleague to conduct what he said would be an independent investigation of a troubled Family Court project in Center City. William G. Chadwick, a lawyer who worked as Castille's top deputy in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office in the 1980s, was hired to do a 'thorough, independent, and objective' review of the project, now terminated, for construction of a Family Court building at 15th and Arch Streets...Chadwick said Tuesday night he would figure out what went wrong in the deal even if his examination found mistakes by Castille. 'I told him going into it I am not going to pull punches,' Chadwick said. 'My whole practice depends on operating ethically and transparently.' Castille could not be reached for comment. He said in his statement he wanted Chadwick to develop a chronology of events, including an examination of any conflicts of interest and 'misrepresentations by any parties that resulted in losses to the court.'" (Inquirer 6/9/10)

Step 2 -- Chadwick is paid millions to pin wrongdoing on anyone but his clients

"A source close to Mr. DeWeese's office said yesterday the mass ousters [Manzo, Brubaker, Cott, Mosely, Webb, Keefer, McClure] followed an internal report by William G. Chadwick, an attorney whose firm was hired by the Democratic caucus earlier this year." (Post Gazette 11/14/07)

"Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille says he was the victim of fraud and legal malpractice by attorney Jeffrey B. Rotwitt, who was paid by the court to put together a deal for a new Family Court building at 15th and Arch Streets - and ended up as the codeveloper of the project." (Inquirer 11/2/2011)

Step 3 -- Chadwick feigns cooperation with prosecutors

"The caucus also has paid about $800,000 to Chadwick Associates Inc., a Washington, D.C., firm that is helping it respond to the state attorney general's investigation into the bonuses. 'We understand that this is a substantial expenditure of public funds, but we believe strongly that it was entirely appropriate under the circumstances to facilitate the truthful cooperation of the caucus' staff with the attorney general's investigation,' said Bill Chadwick, a lawyer and president of the Washington firm." (Associated Press 7/31/2008)

"'DeWeese is the most-investigated guy on the landscape,' said attorney William Chadwick, a consultant for House Democrats. The grand jury 'turned over every stone' in July and did not implicate DeWeese in any wrongdoing, Chadwick said" (Tribune Review 10/16/2008)

"Castille has hired William G. Chadwick, his former top deputy in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, to conduct a review. Stalberg says that won't be good enough to reassure the public, noting that Chadwick also has been serving as Castille's press spokesman. 'Many of the recent quotes didn't sound like a guy who was objectively investigating the situation,' he said. 'It sounded like a guy who was trying to explain the chief justice.' Chadwick said again that his role is to review the deal and cooperate with the real investigation being conducted by the FBI. (Inquirer 7/2/2010)

Step 4 -- Chadwick keeps taxpayer-funded work product secret

"A former lawyer for state House Democrats who was paid $1.3 million by taxpayers won't give caucus leaders a file on a public corruption investigation. Bill Chadwick, who represented the caucus as a legislative bonus scandal unfolded, said Tuesday that House Majority Whip Bill DeWeese instructed him not to provide the file to the caucus. Chadwick represented the caucus and DeWeese while DeWeese was majority leader through 2007 and 2008." (Tribune Review 3/11/2009)

"When a Family Court deal blew up last year, after the payment of millions in fees, Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille hired an investigative consultant and pledged a 'full public accounting' of what went wrong.  But now, Castille's lawyer says there will be no report released to the public. Instead, the findings of Chadwick Associates, paid $780,540 so far, will be used to support a lawsuit seeking to recover the lost public money. "(Inquirer 11/4/2011)

Sadly, there were big problems with Chadwick's "cooperation" while in DeWeese's employ .... not all the documents in Chadwick's "investigation" were turned over to the Attorney General...

"A state grand jury is poring over the contents of a recently discovered box of files from a Capitol office, a find that has triggered renewed prosecutorial interest in longtime state Rep. Bill De-Weese, D-Greene. The files, described by those who have seen them as a collection of e-mail printouts, discuss political operations apparently from inside Mr. DeWeese's office at the time he served as state House minority leader...The data in the box also include campaign donation spreadsheets that appear to have been assembled on a state computer...The latest round of inquiries into the activities of Mr. DeWeese, who has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing, came as a seeming accident: a newly appointed Democratic caucus employee moving into an empty office earlier this year stumbled across a box of records left by a predecessor. Sources close to the investigation say the documents appear to suggest widespread campaign activity inside Mr. DeWeese's Harrisburg and district offices during state work hours." (Post Gazette 6/28/2009)

...DeWeese turned out to know much more than Chadwick repeatedly asserted...

"A trail of e-mail messages has surfaced suggesting that former House Democratic Leader Bill DeWeese may have known all along that tax dollars were being used to reward aides for work on political campaigns. Mr. DeWeese maintains he knew nothing about the scheme to use state money to reward campaign work, which became the focus of an ongoing grand jury investigation that so far has resulted in 12 arrests. 'I can't thank you enough for the bonus for campaigning. I am speechless as most of us are,' research analyst Karen Steiner wrote in a December 2004 e-mail message to Mr. DeWeese, D-Waynesburg, and former House Whip Mike Veon, D-Beaver Falls. She received a $1,000 bonus that year, according to grand jury documents. A short response, 'UR welcome,' came from Mr. DeWeese's e-mail account." (Post Gazette 3/17/2009)

...DeWeese was eventually found by the Attorney General to have broken campaign and ethics rules while Chadwick repeatedly insisted his "investigation" had cleared DeWeese ...

"A statewide grand jury recommended the prosecution of former state House Speaker Bill DeWeese, one of Pennsylvania's most colorful politicians, for running political campaigns for years out of his Capitol and district offices...'The grand jury showed that DeWeese's legislative staff and campaign staff were virtually one and the same,' said Corbett, a Republican candidate for governor, who oversees the grand jury." (Tribune Review 12/19/2009)

What does this mean for Castille?  Especially when you consider the FACT, that before Castille began to pay Chadwick with taxpayer funds, Castille admitted he was aware of Rotwitt's role as a co-developer on the the Family Court building project:

"When Castille was first asked about Rotwitt's codeveloper role, he didn't seem upset with Rotwitt at all. Instead, he was angry at being questioned about it. With an Inquirer writer pushing court officials for an explanation, Rotwitt met with Castille, then e-mailed him a suggested 'clear statement of the facts': Yes, Rotwitt and Donald Pulver were codevelopers, the statement said, without suggesting it was any sort of problem. Castille ordered it sent to The Inquirer as his own opinion - word for word as Rotwitt had written it, e-mails show. In a Family Court saga filled with twists, there are few more jarring than court officials' shifting response to the revelations about Rotwitt's working on both sides of the courthouse deal. A review of e-mails and other records from April, when Rotwitt's partnership deal first came to light, show that Castille and other court officials reversed themselves on the project within a month. At first, they denied knowing such a partnership existed. Then they acknowledged it, but defended it."  (Inquirer 7/25/10)

Bill DeWeese's corruption trial is scheduled for next month (here at CasablancaPA, we still aren't sure the case will ever make it to trial). Will Bill Chadwick's opaque "investigative" methods be mentioned in the trial? Or, will Attorney General Linda Kelly put Chadwick off-limits to save the Chief Justice (and fellow Republican) from having to answer uncomfortable questions about Chadwick's work for him?


Anonymous said...

These personal attacks on Castille, DeWeese, and Chadwick only show that all three the right thing.

You have provided no evidence whatsoever Chadwick did anything wrong, shame on you.

Chadwick uncovered many violations Manzo and Brubaker did without the knowledge of DeWeese, and Manzo and Brubaker in front of witnesses admitted they did these things and let their Boss down and accepted the firings when DeWeese confronted them.

Yet, you somehow ignore this part of the story, and shame on you for misleading what occurred.

Supreme Court Justice Castille hired Chadwick to find the underlying cause of what he was told by close colleagues.

Chadwick did his job and now Castille is suing Attorneys that misled and misused the money to bring it back to the Commonwealth.

This again is the right thing to do, but you ignore it.

Shame on you, I accept that AG Corbett OAG used selective prosecutions against all of you, and you deserve trials if not outright dismissals.

However, when you go after people, lawmakers, judges, and highly ethical Lawyers like Bill Chadwick, you undermine your own cause for justice.

Public Officials that investigate themselves and turn over evidence to Law Enforcement should be praised not made muddy by articles with half-truths and left out facts.

It is tough to admit mistakes in public by Public Officials but it is the right thing to do to hire people like Chadwick that find out what happen and reports it honestly, with sources, citations, and factual evidence and then recommends solutions that Public Officials must to do make it right.

This is the right thing to do, and Chadwick makes sure they do it, regardless of the ridicule that may occur after finding out what happen.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone make sense of Corbett's spokesperson's double-talk? (link)

See link below.

Let's see, The Second Mile and it's Chairman of the Board didn't know about the investigation and Corbie didn't want to tip them off....

Oh, they've admitted that they did and that statement is absolutely false....well, um, they only thought Sandusky was being investigated.....


Sandusky had been working at CMHS since 2002 under the auspice of The Second Mile and CYS (Sandusky was a co-Founder of the Clinton County Chapter of The Second Mile and the Clinton County CYS maintained a funded position titled "Second Mile Liason"!).

Sandusky had also provided "counseling" under the auspice of The Second Mile at other Clinton County Schools including middle schools.

Sandusky was the founder of the charity and its "highest profile" employee -

patently absurd for Harley (Corbett's spokesperson) to claim that The Second Mile had no idea that an investigator might be interested in Sandusky's involvement with The Second Mile (the only similarity that all 10 victims share is that


The Attorney General alleges that Sandusky used The Second Mile as "hunting and breeding ground" in a classic pattern of child predators -

how absurd is it for the former-AG's (now Governor) spokesperson to say that The Second Mile had no idea that they might be a subject of the investigation?



Anonymous said...


Once this is all said and done, Corbett's dirty involvement, I have a feeling there will be a place in hell for corbett and well deserved.

The insane efforts by Corbetts office to put an arm and a legs length between He, the Second Mile and JS.... while making this a PSU sports scandal are funny at this point.

Do you think Corbet Extorted the contributions from Second Mile folks in a form of hush money? We know he handled the Second Mile mush differently than others during his other investigations?

The conflicting statements are almost laughable but for the tragedies involved.

BTW, given the circumstances of the 2008 Allegations (and the fact that all 10 victims said they met Sandusky via The Second Mile....

...and the AG alleges wihin the GJ Presentment that Sandusky used The Second Mile [and its resources, financial & otherwise] to create a hunting & grooming grounds for his child predation).

How precisely would The Second Mile know about the criminal investigation back in 2008 AND KNOW THAT THEY WEREN'T A SUBJECT OF THAT INVESTIGATION?

It is not possible to have such detailed and specific knowledge without speaking to the party orchestrating the investigation - i.e., the State's AG who at the time was none other than Tom Corbett.

Who else would be capable of telling you that you "are not a subject of the investigation"?

A lot of things are not adding up to me which is making me doubt all and any investigations under Corbett.

Again, Once this is all said and done, Corbett's dirty involvement and that of other locals in the 2nd Mile and JS will be uncovered.

There was so much conflict of interest between the parties ($$ and family relations).

Good news, I think PSU will merely become a sideshow..

Anonymous said...

Impeach the governor and the BOT now!

I'm sorry people but we have been very thorough in our deliberations on this matter and since we don't have all of the facts, we must act now and impeach the governor and the BOT.

More and more questions are arising as to their involvement. At this time there is no evidence that they have legal failings.

Yet we can state as conclusively as they did speaking about Joe that the governor and the BOT had moral failings in this matter.

We must act now and it is time to remove the governor and the BOT due to their involvement and moral failures that enabled this 2nd mile predator to continue to abuse children.

In addition, charges should be brought forth against 2nd mile executives and then we can examine the validity of those charges.

Anonymous said...

am Part of Corbett PR team and im here to Say anyone Defending Corbetts actions or Lack of are looking out for PAs best interest and if you know what is good for you and your beloved state please know Corbett cares .

He was Voted by the majority for a reason because the people knew he was needed to make the change in PA so desperately needs and find out ways to help those in need while not asking much in return with Taxes or putting peoples livilihood into a more state of uncomfortability. We can guarantee one thing is that Corbett will put all his effort and manpower to sacrifice for the State of Pennsylvania and return it to the way it was back then in its Successful Glory Days. He will be a martyr like Joepa was for Penn State everyone grew to Love.

Please for sake of the commonwealth lets support your Governor you all Voted for and let him do the job you voted him in to do.

Godspeed to Corbett

Anonymous said...

Excellent Promotional Advertisement Forthright Admission you are being paid for so answer the questions Corbett never answers for us from Corbett:

Has Corbett ever said why the Child Predator unit he created wasn't involved in the investigation?

Why did you assign just one lone State Trooper instead of the well-experienced and staffed Office of Attorney General Child Protection Unit?

Why did you not investigate Second Mile being managed as an illegal Non-Profit under IRS and Pennsylvania Laws?

How did CEO Poole know about the investigation after he gave you $12,000 in campaign contributions?

Why did Corbett AG Prosecutors ignore Exculpatory Evidence for some Lawmakers and Penn State Employees accept them for others and was that a selective or fair investigation for all?

Did Corbett assign a special task force for the Sandusky case?

Did Corbett have to recues any one in your office for conflict of interest?

The current attorney general has done additional investigating, so Corbett should be able to say what was missing in Corbett case for an indictment?

How much of the resources of Corbett's AG office did Corbett dedicate to the Sandusky investigation?

When did the grand jury looking into Sandusky begin and end?

How many grand juries did Corbett convene in Corbett last two years as attorney general?

How many resulted in criminal indictments?

Did Corbett criminal investigation that involved the Twitter subpoena result in an indictment?

Once Corbett began his campaign for governor, how often did Corbett meet with your prosecutors to discuss the road to an indictment of Jerry Sandusky?

Did Corbett raise money at Penn State Football Games among Trustees and Second Mile Contributors knowing a Grand Jury was convene 5 months earlier?

Why did Corbett hold a fundraiser at Bob Poole's house, Robert Poole is president and CEO of Poole Anderson Construction, when he knew Sandusky was before a Grand Jury?

Hence did Corbett have a motive for shifting blame to PSU instead of his assignment of one trooper over his Child Predator Unit to delay the investigation for election purposes to favor himself?

Does it make sense that the AG's Office had nothing on this case until they generated the MM lead in late-2010 despite the fact that PSU had ZERO to do with the 2008 allegations that the AG was supposedly investigating?

So what exactly was the AG's Office investigating from March 2009 until late-2010????

The AG and his crack investigators never thought to go ask The Second Mile questions and review their files despite the VICTIM and co-principal stating that was the connection to Sandusky?

Odd is it not, or intentional delays to protect Corbett Campaign Donators?

Hard to see how that could be qualified as a "thorough" investigation!!

When Corbett last official conversation about the Sandusky case and what was was discussed?

Had Corbett decided not to bring an indictment against Jerry Sandusky?

What, if any, was Corbett "pass down" advice (on the Sandusky case) to the attorney general who succeeded Corbett?

Corbett and the AG's Office NEVER needed a subpoena to raid the Second Mile's offices - charity's are governed & regulated by the AG's Office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, why did he say he needed a subpoena?

Why has there been no outside investigation on how the computer glitch released a secret Grand Jury Presentment?

Anonymous said...

Why after years of an investigation did Corbett before he left office never look into the Republican Senate Caucus on Bonuses paid for campaign work when he promised to investigate all four caucuses?

Why did Corbett hire Mike Long to run his campaign when Mike Long as a Republican Senate Aide was suppose to be investigated that very time by Corbett’s own admission and promise?

How can Mike Long escape an investigation of using state money on state time to hire Private Detectives to harass fellow Republicans running for the senate over the pay raises when it was reported in the newspapers and newspapers asked for such an investigation?

“Where was then Attorney General Tom Corbett when these allegations of child molestations were first reported to local authorities in Centre County?”

"Why won’t the 1998 police report that detailed a six-week investigation into Sandusky showering with two boys be released?" (Ganim, 2011).

Why did Corbett take Campaign Contributions from Second Mile but allowed it to operate at the same time, even though Experts said it was highly questionable?

A child molester is not much different than a serial killer. Letting an investigation stew for as long is this for such serious charges is disgraceful. Why did Corbett could have put the probability of a conviction at risk, but exposed Sandusky three years earlier as a child molester?

How did Corbett think campaigning in homes of 2nd mile board members while Sandusky was still on the loose is just unbelievable. Is Corbett ashamed of himself or cannot admit a mistake?

Corbett having knowledge of a complaining witness in 2008, what steps, if any, were taken to protect children from Sandusky prior to the filing of charges?

Why did Corbett ignore a history of complaints, especially a number with some "substance" to them regardless of how they were adjudicated, he would instantly know that he was dealing with a child predator using the charity has his hunting grounds?

Is Corbett paying for your services from his pockets or the campaign funds raised by trustees and 2nd mile or from the Governor’s commonwealth budget?

Why does Corbett need a Public Relations Firm if he did just a great job as you described anyway, what is he hiding and why do you need to promote him if he is doing a great job?


Anonymous said...

Gingrich says, and his defenders say, that time, reflection, and religious conversion have conquered his dark side.

If he is the nominee, a campaign that should be about whether the country will continue on the path to social democracy would inevitably become to a large extent a referendum on Gingrich instead.

And there is reason to doubt that he has changed.

Each week we see the same traits that weakened Republicans from 1995 through 1998:

I’d vote for Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform; Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform is radical right-wing social engineering;

I apologize for saying that, and no one should quote what I said because I was wrong; actually, what I said was right all along but nobody understood me.

I helped defeat Communism; anyone who made money in the ’80s and ’90s owes me; I’m like Reagan and Thatcher.

Local community boards should decide what to do with illegal immigrants.

Freddie Mac paid me all that money to tell them how stupid they were. Enough.

Gingrich has always said he wants to transform the country.

He appears unable to transform, or even govern, himself.

He should be an adviser to the Republican party, but not again its head.

We need a Tom Corbett.

Anonymous said...

Can I just request that whomever keeps posting the long, boring, verbatim articles that run for 2 or 3 posts please stop?...if you can read it elsewhere, just post a link.

Anonymous said...

How has the AG served the 2008 Victim and case with this witch hunt?

Quite the opposite is true, the AG has severely weakened the 2008 Victim's case that this entire "investigation" is supposed to be supporting.

It amazes me that nobody gives a hoot about THE VICTIM AND HIS MOTHER WHO ACTUALLY CAME FORWARD AGAINST SANDUSKY - the Victim and Mother were first frustrated by Central Mountain High School and Keystone School District administrators who stonewalled them and refused to report their claims to police or Clinton County CYS!

Finally the Victim and Mother went themselves.

Just when they finally thought they were going to get some justice, two DAs and the State's AG slowplay the investigation.

Now, when the AG finally goes public, the AG's Office MISREPRESENTS how the Victim and Mother were treated by CMHS and the Keystone School District and goes on a witch hunt against the PSU Football program bringing charges that have no prayer of sticking and having their supposed star witness badly discredited???

If I am the Parent of the 2008 Victim that actually had the guts to report Sandusky to the authorities and this is all the AG has done for me 3.5 years later.

I am some kind of pissed-off that my case got basically zero investigation while the AG decided to go off on a witch hunt filing all kinds of over-reaching suits that have nothing to do with the 2008 incident.

Anonymous said...

How has the AG served the 2008 Victim and case with this witch hunt?

Quite the opposite is true, the AG has severely weakened the 2008 Victim's case that this entire "investigation" is supposed to be supporting.

It amazes me that nobody gives a hoot about THE VICTIM AND HIS MOTHER WHO ACTUALLY CAME FORWARD AGAINST SANDUSKY - the Victim and Mother were first frustrated by Central Mountain High School and Keystone School District administrators who stonewalled them and refused to report their claims to police or Clinton County CYS!

Finally the Victim and Mother went themselves.

Just when they finally thought they were going to get some justice, two DAs and the State's AG slowplay the investigation.

Now, when the AG finally goes public, the AG's Office MISREPRESENTS how the Victim and Mother were treated by CMHS and the Keystone School District and goes on a witch hunt against the PSU Football program bringing charges that have no prayer of sticking and having their supposed star witness badly discredited???

If I am the Parent of the 2008 Victim that actually had the guts to report Sandusky to the authorities and this is all the AG has done for me 3.5 years later.

I am some kind of pissed-off that my case got basically zero investigation while the AG decided to go off on a witch hunt filing all kinds of over-reaching suits that have nothing to do with the 2008 incident.

Anonymous said...

Gricar letter surfaces; criticizes Corbett


The Sandusky scandal has also brought back a long running Centre County mystery; what happened to former district attorney Ray Gricar.

Gricar investigated one of the early allegations against Jerry Sandusky. That was several years before Gricar disappeared.

The new link is in this 1998 letter from Gricar to then attorney, now Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

Gricar, in a polite, but clearly with angry tones, questions Corbett's involvement in an ethnic intimidation case on the Penn State campus.

Corbett was an attorney for one of the defendants.

The letter shows Gricar was upset about Corbett being involved in a high profile case, while he also served as the chairman of Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

The Sandusky scandal has raised new theories about what happened to Gricar.

Bellefonte Police Chief Shawn Weaver says the attention on Sandusky has resulted in renewed interest Gricar’s case.

He also admits there's very little new information on Gricar’s disappearance.

NBC’s “Dateline” program plans air an update on the Gricar case on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Truly mind-boggling that the media can't see 2nd Mile cover-up.

Considering these facts:
2002: PSU informed Second Mile of the fact Sandusky showered with a child.

1998: Investigation of Sandusky showering with a child. CYS involved in investigation, so assume Second Mile is informed, based on the fact that CYS immediately banned Sandusky from CMHS when they got wind of 2008 incident.

1997 to 2011: CEO Raykovitz and wife giving themselves big raises every year.

Anonymous said...

Good source in the Harrisburg area that they all knew.

This source was very well connected with all of the PSU people, and he was absolutely positive that they all knew.

They all knew about the 1998 incident, and they all knew about the 2002 incident in the shower.

This includes all of the coaching staff, all of the members of the Board of Trustees, all of the senior PSU administration, and all of the leaders of the Second Mile.

When I say they knew, I am not saying that they knew Jerry was performing sexual acts with young boys, but they certainly did know that he was behaving inappropriately and doing very questionable things with young boys.

They all knew about the 1998 incident, and they all knew about Big Red's encounter with Jerry and the young boy in the shower in 2002.

Therefore, Tom Bradley will not get the job even though I would be quite happy if he did.

Dave Joyner and Ira Luppert will not hire Tom Bradley as the head coach because they know that Bradley knows.

Moreover, Tom Bradley knows that Dave Joyner, Ira Luppert, Dr. Erickson, and all of the other schmucks on the Board of Trustees knew about the 1998 and 2002 incidents, but Tom is too decent a person to blow the whistle on all of them.

You also have to be believe that the campus police knew, that the Centre County DA knew, and that other law enforcement agencies in the Centre County area knew about the 2002 incident - but nothing was ever done!

Oh well, I feel real bad for the coaching staff that was caught up in this mess all while all of the law enforcement people, the senior PSU administration, and the people at the Second Mile stood and watched.

Anonymous said...

Including then Attorney General Tom Corbett and 1998 Governor Tom Ridge...who sat on the BOT as Governor.

I hope they do not get a pass on this.

I hope all this hand-wringing we are engaging in does not provide them the cover they seek.

Yet the 2nd Mile gave $641,000 to Corbetts Governor campaign and Corbett...gave the 2nd Mile 3 million dollars just months ago!!!!!!

No motives?!? And they call me drunk?!?

It's a pure case of negligence. They didn't want kids hurt but they didn't have the courage or desire or smarts to go after JS. I don't know why.

It's going to be a long road to redemption for Corbett.

Anonymous said...

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