Thursday, December 22, 2011


Former Deputy Attorney General, now Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington must have a very vivid imagination.  One that can stretch into some seriously conflicted spaces when asked by his old boss, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett.

Apparently, when an institution that's being investigated pays the legal bills for withesses in the investigation, the investigation can be compromised. But only sometimes.

This week Blessington was wringing his hands over the way the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has inserted itself into the investigation of child molestation involving its priests by asking everyone involved to check in with Church attorneys before communicating with the Philly DA probe:

"Blessington told Common Pleas Court Judge M. Teresa Sarmina that the request posed a conflict because the lawyers, Robert Welsh and Catherine Recker, were being paid by the archdiocese while advising potential witnesses whose testimony could hurt the church and its leaders.  He said the lawyers want to sit in on all meetings between the employees and law enforcement. 'You don't have to stretch your imagination to see the chilling effect that will have,' Blessington said." (Inquirer 12/18/11)

"...Welsh's representation of at least four employees whose testimony could hurt the church and its leaders poses a clear conflict of interest, as the archdiocese is paying his legal bills, Blessington maintained." (Inquirer 12/22/12)

Blessington's and his boss, Seth Williams', position seems to make sense.  Whistle blowers and other witnesses who get their legal bills paid by the Church could have a very large conflict of interest regardless of what the Church says:

"We want these people to cooperate because it's in the archdiocese's benefit," [Archdiocese attorney Robert Welsh] said. "We stand here today eager to bring them in to talk to the D.A. They are going to provide compelling testimony." (Inquirer 12/22/11)

Blessington really had to "stretch his imagination" then, when he was working as a Deputy Attorney General under Tom Corbett's supposed investigation of the Pennsylvania State Senate...another influential organization in Pennsylvania.  The  Senate GOP's response to the "Bonusgate" investigation is exactly the same as the Church's response:

"Senate Republicans 'have done everything possible to cooperate with the Attorney General's office,' said the statement from Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson County, and Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Delaware County...A law firm the caucus hired interviewed 55 current and former caucus employees and provided the information learned in those interviews to the attorney general. The Senate Republicans have paid $2.5 million for outside legal fees in the bonus investigation.No one has been subpoenaed, said Senate GOP spokesman Erik Arneson." (Tribune-Review 9/13/11)

Everyone in Harrisburg knows that the Senate GOP was just as politically active using taxpayer resources as the other caucuses swept up in Corbett's investigation. Yet, there has yet to be a single indictment in the Senate GOP, let alone an aggressive investigation. No subpoenaed witnesses? Not even Mike Long, the man who received the single largest amount of legislative bonus money (Tribune Review 2/1/07) or Drew Crompton, who raised eyebrows after receiving a $20,000 bonus for working months on Lynn Swann's campaign in 2006 (Tribune Review 2/4/07)?

Corbett's alleged four-caucus investigation of the Pennsylvania General Assembly has been a joke.  Very powerful Republican allies (past and present) have been given a complete pass.  If it weren't so disgusting, we would get a chuckle out of Corbett's  banana-republic-level of brazenness. It doesn't take much stretching to see how crooked it's all been.


Anonymous said...

I agree, a Federal Investigation into Corbett and Kelly's management of The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General needs to be investigated so children are not abandon by the Law Enforcement Community when being abused by AG Corbett worrying about his election to higher office than the children.

Additionally, DeWeese has a great Civil Lawsuit against the Corbett and Kelley Prosecutors for Prosecutors Misconduct and the US Supreme Court has been looking for cases to bring under control Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Attorney Generals more interested in Big Headlines instead of going after the truth.

Jerry Spence has an organization that is devoted to going after Prosecutors for Misconduct and holding them liable for damages and after DeWeese is Acquitted, you can bet the PAOAG will be running for the hills trying to prevent covering up their actions.

Based on the evidence the Kelly is very stupid to risk such actions later and the Attorney General Office will look very silly when DeWeese is Acquitted, and it will only grow into more embarrassment as information on how Corbett covered up Sandusky Abuse in return for Campaign Donations from Trustees and second Mile.

This why Prosecutors should never be allow to run for Higher Office until 2 to 4 years after being in AG Offices, they need to go after the truth, and DeWeese did the right thing, but Corbett charged him anyway for the Headlines to become Governor.

The Truth Crushed Into The Earth Will Always Rise Again!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, after the Sandusky Case Revelations and Lazy Attitude AG Corbett took towards slowly investigating Child Abuse along with no investigations of Republican or Democratic Senators as promised; the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office is now under National Embarrassment.

Why AG Linda Kelly thinks she will prosecute Bill DeWeese when he cooperated and turn over all information to the OAG and did the right thing, but has abandon the investigation of others far more culpable is beyond logic, fairness, or good judgment.

Once Bill DeWeese is found “Not Guilty” and the Sandusky Campaign Contributions Scandal to Tom Corbett grows in size and Linda Kelly refuses to go after Republican & Democratic Senators for the same crimes she is prosecuting DeWeese, well, she herself will be complicit and still accountable even after leaving office.

After reading how the Pennsylvania Attorney General Prosecutors committed Prosecution misconduct by changing the Grand Jury transcripts at the Preliminary Hearing that alone should be enough for Bill DeWeese to win on Appeal.

This is an injustice and will catch up with the PAOAG just as the Sandusky Case has to date, bringing shame on all of Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Attorney General (private) Corbett should of been putting the AG personel to a better use by investigating Sandusky or was he afraid of losing political money for his campaign from the Penn State Alumni.

Taking care of PA children have been priority number one by using the manpower in AG office to protect our children or is it that these poor kids do not have a vote or the money.

Anonymous said...

What is the end result of poor Prosecutions is the highly questionable criminal and unethical prosecutorial actions?

Extreme damage to the image and standing of the state's legislature, which I hope is not irreversible.

That damage doesn't just affect the people, it affects every taxpayer in the state, countless employees, hundreds of businesses affiliated with the legislature.

Is it worth it Ms. Kelly?

I hope the national media pick up this assessment and start looking more seriously into the political shenanigans.

I believe investigative bumbling by Corbett and OAG officials working for the citizens of PA and the puppet media are to be blamed.

The cover-up happened in H'burg and at Strawberry Square.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12/25 -

I agree with your comments on Corbett's shady conduct. But I'll bet you a buck that old Payjacker DeWeasel ends up in a cage. Silly old Billy has said and written too much to skate. Karma for the 2005 Payraise - and a lifetime of squirrely republicrat freeloading - in my mind.

Anonymous said...

1. DeWeese will be Acquitted of all charges,

2. Bring Civil Lawsuit against Prosecutors Misconduct and win over a million dollar settlement

3. Be-elected and win the House Majority Leaderrship,

4. Run and win for Governor,

5. Appoint a Special Independent Prosecutor to investigate Corbett/Kelly OAG Years,

6. Pardon Cott, Veon, and Rosepink.

7. As Supreme Court Vacates the Convictions

8. Corbett/Kelly go to jail along with several Prosecutors and Republican Senators and Mike Long, Nyquist, and Crompton.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... January 1, 2012 4:23 PM

Now that is a ""STRETCH YOUR IMAGINATION"" Posts but I hope it happens!