Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In 2008, then-journalist Dennis Roddy, using leaked evidence, exposed the use of state resouces to research political enemies.

In 2012, now-state employee Dennis Roddy is using state resources to research political enemies.

As the American Working Families Action Fund pointed out in a press release:

" employee working inside the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett had researched the backgrounds of people who appeared in our organization's Facebook page. Dennis Roddy, who is a Corbett communications staffer, used some of that research to post political comments on a blog dedicated to politics while apparently working on state time."

In 2008, Roddy quoted a target of the research saying challengers are "already up against the establishment, and now they're using our own tax dollars to investigate us. That's incredible. I pay my tax dollars to have someone investigate me."

In 2012, Roddy is part of the establishment using tax dollars to investigate the opposition.

In 2008, Roddy's boss, Tom Corbett, said researching political enemies on state time is a crime, and indicted the staffers who allegedly did it.

In 2012, Roddy says, "There is nothing inappropriate" about it.


Anonymous said...

The truth is, Pennsylvania law protects Governors and Attorney Generals from virtually anything and everything.

We are serfs at their mercy. Nobody will risk challenging the Governor or investigating him prior to the election in 2014.

A good Democrat candidate will win in a landslide if Corbett decides to ignore Republican Party Leaders and run for a second term.

His legacy has already been documented. Even Harley can't spin that into gold.

Anonymous said...

Today the President announced a new foreign affairs initiative during a campaign stop.

Would Corbett charge him with mixing legislative and campaign activities and send him to jail?

Obama to SCI Somerset? The President sent to jail by Corbett?

Anonymous said...

House Republican spokesman Steve Miskin - investigation they seek is not about successful trial and conviction of Sandusky - it's about how damned slow and lazy the effort was, and why it didn't stop Sandusky as early as '98.

Geez politicians ....... if Joe Paterno should have stopped Jerry in '98 or '01 (alleged imcorrectly) then certainly the law should have - it was their job!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tommy, is that a bead of sweat on your brow there?

Whew, that was a close one. What happens after November when we have a real Attorney General and you don't have a supermajority anymore?

STINNow why are they not investigated. Were they covering something up?

Funny how the brunt of the whole thing was on PSU not on why they all let him run free in 98. What would you call someone who said its fine for a coach to shower with a boy.

Some might say Paterno , PSU administration.

Fact is it was these people. Who is:

Centre County Children and Youth Services,

Centre County DA office, John Miller ,

Assistant DA Karen Arnold, Jerry Lauro,

Investigator Wayne Weaver,

Alycia A Chambers,

John Seasock,

Ralph Ralston,

Office of Children Youth and




Seems far more feasible to meX2BU, bro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree.

This was an obvious collusion between Sandusky and politicians to cover this up for the sake of football.

It was only $640 K from The Second Mile to Corbett.

Obstruction of many years could Corbett get for that? Well, IF you are empolyed by Penn State, 14 years--at a minimum!

The GOP is waiting until after the election to handle that hot topic.

Politics as usual, FORWARD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Corbetts conscience in the windmills of his own mind, "I will answer all future questions with an unrelated question!"

Oh they come!

Yes, we have heard the same thing from a very reliable source within that office.

All will be surprised?, we've heard from those we trust that the US attorney's office already has Corbutt on the radar... but when will the public be surprised????

Talk is cheap.....and what took them so long?????

We do not see this as a political issue, just common sense and a necessity.

If Corbett did everything correctly, then I'd think he would welcome this opportunity to prove to those that believe he did not do his job as AG or had ulterior motives, wrong.

If legislators represent the people then they should listen to them, since there are many constituents who are very interested in this case and want answers.

Well, it seems some are trying to make this a political issue. Politics should be put aside, and there are some important questions that need to be answered.

It may take Corbett being voted out of office to get to the bottom of the nest.

Or somebody singing like a canary. Corbett needs to answer why Jerry roamed free for years, endangering the children in the community.

I know they wanted to build a case, but people are charged and arrested with a few charges every single day, and later charges added to bolster the case.

Soooo many questions everywhere..??

Anonymous said...

why dont you think this is interesting to media.

i dont live in PA but this has to be interesting to one of the big city reporters.

Look at the stupid stuff they go after to fill papers.

this seems like high potential story. not sure why it is not national news.

Anonymous said...

Just called my State Rep. who is a Republican and encouraged her to vote for an investigation of Corbett.