Friday, October 26, 2012


Committee for Justice & Fairness, the political action committee of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, has raised Republican hackles with a new ad pointing out that candidate David Freed defended Tom Corbett's inexcusably lengthy investigation of serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

It also inadvertently shines a light on a forgotten chapter in the career of contentious Corbett spokesman Kevin Harley

The ad begins, "When David Freed refused to prosecute campaign violations, one of  Harrisburg's most corrupt politicians walked."  It accuses Freed of "letting insiders escape accountability."

The campaign violations Freed refused to prosecute are the anonymous "robocalls" former House Speaker John Perzel unleashed against fellow Republicans in 2008. Freed said he would investigate, but never followed through. Perzel "walked," but he didn't get far, as Corbett later incorporated those charges into his 2009 indictment of Perzel. (Capitolwire 12/21/08)

Another "insider" who "walked" on identical charges - using the very same crooked consultant as Perzel - was Kevin Harley.

In 2000, Harley was one of five candidates in the Republican primary for the 37th House District in Lancaster County. On the eve of the election, the district was blanketed with illegal, anonymous robocalls targeting two of Harley's rivals.

Just like Perzel, Harley refused to take responsibility for the calls.  Harley claimed his campaign consultant, Don Raymond, "took it upon himself," to order the calls, and Raymond's lawyer issued an apology on his behalf. (Lancaster New Era 4/14/00 & Intelligencer-Journal 4/27/00)

Just as in the Perzel case, the local district attorney initiated an investigation, and just as in the Perzel case,  he dropped it without filing any charges. (Lancaster New Era 5/13/00 & 5/25/00)

In the aftermath of Raymond's "apology," Intelligencer-Journal columnist Jeff Hawkes wondered, "Does he think he'll work again as a political consultant? What candidate is going to hire a consultant that can't be trusted to consult with the candidate?" (Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal 4/27/00)

Raymond was named executive director of the House Republican Campaign Committee before the ink was dry on his "apology" and he maintained his prosperous relationship with House Republicans right on through the Perzel robocall scheme that now dogs Freed.

Hawkes admitted,
"Boy, was I naive."

The editorial board of the Intelligencer-Journal was not, so much:

"Before everyone believes the only explanation given -- that a political consultant, acting on his own initiative and without a candidate's knowledge, initiated 2,800 smear calls at great expense -- some people might want to ask a few more questions. Among them:
'Even if the courts eventually threw out this case, wouldn't it be worth presenting it simply to determine all facts? Right now, ideas vary about who is ultimately responsible for this dirty deed. Are some innocent people still being smeared?
'Within weeks of the election, why has Don Raymond landed a top political job working for House Republicans?
Raymond served as political consultant for losing candidate Kevin Harley and has taken full responsibility for ordering the calls and has apologized for them through his attorney. But some people believe a consultant does not do such things without authorization.
Some people might think that a consultant who could initiate these negative calls all by himself could not be trusted to work responsibly as executive director of the House Republican Committee, a campaign oversight and coordinating group.
Some people might even think that Raymond received this plum job in exchange for falling on his sword and protecting others in relation to the smear campaign." (Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal 5/31/00)


Anonymous said...

Ask John Barley. He ran the Lancaster County politicos before his trash deal.

Anonymous said...

The problem with an US Attorney Investigation is Sentor Casey.

It was Chris Casey that was active to indict any leadership against Todd Eachus and that would come out in any investigation of Corbett's Investigations.

Notice Senator Casey has not endorsed or requested the Democratic Caucus calls for Eric Holder to investigate the PAOAG?

Anonymous said...

Both caucus and OAG should be investigated - and how about the Senate?

Anonymous said...

Graham Spanier to be indicted on Perjury and Obstructon of Justice and more investigations opening up now on Sandusky and Corbett's request to be investigated is now a given.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Jury system unfortunately become a political tool of Corbett. The Grand Jury can only hear testimony from witnesses selected and prepared by the prosecutors. The Grand Jury reports out a final Presentment written by the AG. The pace of the Grand Jury is controlled by the AG and meets the schedule decided upon by the AG. The AG uses the citizens' jury for political cover. When an AG quotes a Grand Jury, he is actually quoting his own investigation.

Corbett used the Grand Jury for a purpose. He did not assign the proper assets to the Sandusky investigation while collecting campaign contributions from Sandusky's friends.

This is the man in our Governor's Mansion.

Anonymous said...

I have no opinion on Spanier at this time. Let us see what happens in court.

But, he is correct about one thing.

Lame Duck Linda has been Corbett's puppet and has once again acted to divert attention from the Master Magician.

The "leaked" GJ presentment using the inaccurate and possible criminal misrepresentations ....obviously playing to inflame the masses....was a calculated move to make Joe the focus.

Corbett is at best the worst kind of political hack. At worst he should be indicted as well.

Anonymous said...

I will be very interested in how all of this plays out in court.

I would love to hear from Courtney.

I also continue to wonder how The Second Mile has avoided any scrutiny from AG Kelly.

Didn't Courtney also represent The Second Mile?

Spanier may very well be guilty as charged. But anything that keeps the heat on "One-term Tommy" is fine by me.

Whether or not Spanier is guilty, what the lawyer says (and many others have said) about Corbett's foot-dragging needs to be considered and investigated.

Non-profits are used too frequently as covers for white collar "improprieties."

As Vice President of Finance, Schultz should have a lot of knowledge of the history of PSU's dealings with The Second Mile.

He has refused to deal all this time.

Maybe he still has something useful to contribute to the State in exchange for a lighter sentence.

I learned from the GJ presentment against Sandusky that it is OK for the AG to lie in the presentment. Don't trust either the presentment or the response.

Trust the jury who weighs both sides.

Grab your popcorn, better than most B movies showing......This is getting good. Everyone is rolling over on one another. We may actually get some accountability, when the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

The real question Pa. citizens should be asking is........with the exception of Sandusky, who is the bigger criminal?

It seems to me people elected to or "selected" to serve as Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Commonwealth have an obligation to refrain from using the office for political gain.

Tom Corbett is the Master Magician, he has puppets....Lame Duck Linda (who will spin tales of secret files and color "leaks") Noonie, who knows why Tommy stalled... and The Ship of Fools, who gave us The Freeh Fiction (Louis, I never covered up or harmed children).

I'm glad I don't live in Pa. Some PSU Administrators may be found guilty....But the Governor and his cronies...Noonie and Lame Duck Linda are a disgrace to Pa.

I have just one more question, who is going to investigate the AG office for saying that McQuery witnessed anal rape, when he did not say that.

Remember the leaked GJ report that was leaked to Sara.

I think it is time the FBI gets totally involved in this and find out what the H is going on.

And I agree the timing is questionable considering we are less than a week away from the election.

It is a shame that being a registered Republican I have to vote for a Democrat for AG to get to the bottom of all of this. When is someone going to investigate the Second Mile who provided the young men for Sandusky and who knows who else

Anonymous said...

With his exposure as Attorney General, the Board of Trustees and The Second Mile I would like to know why this whole mess did not come to light until after Tom Corbett was elected Gov?

When will Wendell Courtney and Dranov be charged with conspiracy ?

Here's a guy who was known to be able to recount even the most minute bit of detail, but goes blank in regards to having seen/heard about investigative reports of molestation from HIS defensive coordinator all the way back to 1998.

Here's a guy that was a faux President, having succumbed his power to Heir Paterno which culminated when he and Curley were sent by their tails home after "attempting" to fire Paterno.

Here's a guy lying like a goose and continuing to disparage prosecutors and others who have viewed the obvious. This, my friends is a P.O.S.

A sad era for PSU, saddest that such an insitution would have a President in name only, one who bowed at the rear buttocks of a football coach, and one who ultimately showed his utter lack of integrity and conscious.

What's not referenced here is that Linda Kelly wouldn't comment on whether Paterno would have been likewise charged if he was.....I think we all KNOW the answer to that one, in particular by her lack of otherwise exonerating Paterno.

Spanier/Schultz/Curley/Paterno-what's the pecking order NOW?