Saturday, November 3, 2012


"I know Linda Kelly very, very well.  She doesn't do anything political." - Governor Tom Corbett (WHTM 11/2/08)

Sure ... unless you count her more than $9,000 in contributions to Corbett's political campaigns. (PA Department of State Campaign Finance Records)

... unless you count her politically-motivated defense of Pennsylvania's overtly partisan Voter ID law. (Patriot-News, 9/9/12)

... unless you count the politically-motivated legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act. (Patriot-News, 6/28/12)

... unless you count absolving the Senate Republicans in the Bonusgate investigation who gave some of the largest bonuses to staffers who worked on political campaigns - a move that even some GOP State Senators believe was politically motivated. (Tribune-Review 7/12/12)

Speaking of Bonusgate:

"Back in the Bonusgate investigation, the attorneys said pretty much the same thing: it's politically motivated." - Governor Tom Corbett (WHTM 11/2/08)

You know who else said pretty much the same thing? Governor Tom Corbett. He scoffs when others label an investigation politically-motivated, but he was the first to cry "playing politics" when the investigative eye turns on him:

"This [the call for Federal investigation of Sandusky investigation] is all politics being played by the other party." (Patriot-News 10/25/12)

Why does Tom Corbett say such ridiculous things? Because he gets away with it. 


Anonymous said...

Remember, AG Tom Corbett was running for re-election in 2008 when he got the Sandusky case handed to him.

How much time did he spend raising money and doing political events, while ignoring his 24/7 job as AG?

If he was going up against a very popular figure in Sandusky, why put one person from outside the Child Predator Unit against him?

Has the original excuse about the lack of resources for the Sandusky
case been replaced by a lack of leads to justify more investigators? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is their truth to the fact that Corbett disliked Spanier? Why?

Linda Kelly is vulnerable to misconduct. Baldwin had to have announced she was representing Curley and Shultz to the prosecutors and the Grand Jury. There can be no mistake about this.

Looks like the AG threatened Baldwin to testify against her clients. If not, Kelly is in trouble for Baldwin's Grand Jury testimony.

The AG will ignore the law if their actions lead to a conviction.

The case is moving up the food chain. Who will be next?

Anonymous said...

Once under oath many at the OAG will not lie for the leadership, Corbett, Kelly, Fina, and Brown will be running for Immunity finish line.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy, were you watching on Tuesday? Sure, your nominee for president lost PA. And the legendary Casey name carried him to reelect. But then the clean sweep--Treasurer McCord wins reelection; DePasquale takes the Auditor General and will be studying your actions; and Kane will now be another watchdog after crushing your hand-picked AG candidate. CRUSHING! Even the inept state Senate Dems picked up 3 seats. Oh Tommy, you're not looking so hot at the mid-point of your disastrous term as Gov.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Kane so dominantly led the ticket. Campaigning on investigating the Sandusky investigation, and independent of the Corbett admin., she got far greater percentage of the vote, and way more actually votes than any other statewide candidate, by far.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a bunch of Republican Patronage Jobs at Ag Office since 1980 is about to end, Treasurer and Auditor General staying on course for Democrats.

The AG Office is about to learn they got their jobs via patronage too, they certainly did not investigate like professionals, and now they will be investigated.

Anonymous said...

People are putting a lot of faith in Kane to be an activist, courageous and aggressive AG. I'm one of the.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the arrogance of Governor Corbett? He now has said in public that Attorney General Kane has to wind up her investigation of his handling pof the Sandusky case no later than mid-April. Actually, he said, it should be done in 2 or 3 weeks. He does think we're iinutes to clear diots.

Hes the one who took 3 years to investigate the House Ds for using state time and resources to do politics, something any high school drop out could have found in 90% of all House and Senate offices, and almost 3 years to charge a pedophile. Of course it appears it took him like 15 minutes to clear the Senate Rs.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt believe the audacity of Corbett on telling AG-elect Kane how to do her job. Anonymous @ 1:14 said it exactly right.

The last person Kane should be taking advice from is Corbett. What happened to the investigation should go as long as it takes to follow where the evidence leads? ("Bonusgate"--Sound familiar, Tom?) How about 'we needed 3 years to build a solid case'? (Sandusky roaming the streets, while you were "building", Tom)

And now you want to tell Kane how to do the job we elected her to do, when you were clearly so substandard. No thank you, Guv!