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This weekend the Philadelphia Daily News' Chris Brennan broke the explosive revelation that Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams investigated and is now prosecuting State Representative J.P. Miranda even though the two were (are?) rivals in a love triangle that included an unnamed woman:

"Defense Attorney A. Charles Peruto Jr. yesterday accused District Attorney Seth Williams of investigating state Rep. J.P. Miranda and charging him with a crime because they 'were both dating the same girl at the same time...I think it's a vindictive prosecution that singled out J.P. Miranda because J.P. Miranda and Seth Williams were both dating the same girl at the same time,' Peruto said. 'I think this is one way to eliminate your competition.' Peruto declined to identify the woman, saying he did not want to 'besmirch' her in the media." (Daily News 3/2/14)

It speaks volumes that there was no denial from Williams on the claim of a shared romantic interest. Setting aside a debate of Miranda's guilt, this certainly illustrates an incredible degree of poor judgement on the part of the District Attorney. Avoiding the perception of knee-capping a rival suitor is surely the strongest of reasons to refer this case to the US Attorney or Pennsylvania Attorney General. Although, there is reason to believe that Williams doesn't care and has carefully put in place a team of prosecutors to do his bidding for both his personal and political advantage.  

After all, Williams did hire Frank Fina, Patrick Blessington, and Marc Costanzo onto his staff following their stints as Assistant Attorney Generals under now Governor Tom Corbett.

At the time, Williams said it was to crank up  efforts to crack down on political corruption: 

"Earlier this month, Williams received court approval to create a new investigative grand jury, which allows prosecutors to subpoena documents and compel testimony...To help staff the Special Investigations Unit, Williams hired two former state prosecutors, Frank Fina and E. Marc Costanzo. They joined a previous hire, Patrick J. Blessington, who was also a colleague from the Attorney General's Office...Williams is taking a different tack than his predecessor...Abraham repeatedly referred political corruption cases to state or federal prosecutors. She always defended the referrals, arguing that she had a potential conflict of interest if she sought to pursue fellow Democrats." (Inquirer 4/29/13)

However, from what we've seen over the past year, Williams brought these former Corbett cronies on board to do for him what they did very well for Corbett - base prosecutorial decisions on personal and political considerations.

Williams told the Inquirer last April, "Philadelphians think we turn a blind eye to political corruption in Philadelphia. I wanted them to know that we don't - and that we will abdicate our responsibility of prosecuting the appropriate cases in Philadelphia." (Inquirer 4/29/13

That sounds good, but we think otherwise. Williams hired Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo because he could count on them to turn a blind eye to corruption when ordered, especially when personally and politically expedient. Here's just a few examples of how these politically motivated prosecutors put their old boss Corbett's career ahead of justice:
  • Fina, Blessington, and Costanzo were the same team that followed Corbett's instructions to leave his close political allies in the State Senate Republican Caucus untouched in the bonusgate investigations as Charlie Thompson from the Patriot News outlined last year (Patriot News 2/27/13). In fact, these three supposed corruption busters actually turned away the tipster who eventually brought down State Senator Jane Orie and Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin (2/21/13).
  • They  ignored a referal from the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission that found former Republican State Representative Matt Wright from Bucks County guilty of using his taxpayer funded legislative staff for the exact same purposes as the bonusgate defendants. Instead Fina, Costanzo, and Blessington followed Corbett's orders and ignored the referral because of strong connections in the case between Wright and the powerful Deon family (Inquirer 1/30/10).
  • Fina, Costanzo, and Blessington were found by the Patriot News and the ACLU to have no problem helping Tom Corbett's nascent gubernatorial campaign by egregiously abusing the state grand jury system to silence political opponents (Patriot News 5/25/10)
  • Worst of all is the unfolding scandal surrounding Fina's role in slow-walking the Jerry Sandusky investigation to avoid negative repercussions for Corbett's campaign for governor. As post-indictment riots attested the repercussions of the child molestation indictment proved quite harmful to the vaunted Penn State football brand and consequently quite unpopular. In fact, Fina and Costanzo were both still at the OAG when Corbett's replacement made the politically expedient decision to delete millions of emails. Both men stood by and allowed their destruction. (Pittsburgh Tribune Review 2/14/14)
Since starting their work in Philadelphia, Fina, Costanzo, and Blessington haven't lost a step in doing the same kind of political dirty work for Williams - or in some cases, NOT doing any work.

This starts with ignoring a political corruption scandal in Williams' very own office.  The Legal Intelligencer reported on the political macing conducted by Williams on his staff, yet not a peep from the big, tough political corruption buster Patrick Blessington (6/8/12) Of course, that is exactly why Williams hired someone like Blessington...he will turn his head when ordered.

When Williams announced his intentions to dig into public corruption within Philadelphia's borders, we thought perhaps he would have the intestinal fortitude to bring Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille onto to the carpet for initially allowing double dipping by one of the Family Court Building developers - and lying about it.  Yet, nothing. Castille was able to continue lying about his knowledge, feign ignorance, spout some nonsense about the Marine Corps a la Bill Deweese, and not be troubled a bit. (Inquirer 7/25/10). Once again, when you have partisan-hack prosecutors like Fina, Costanzo and Blessington on the clock, they will make sure an influential judge is kept in the clear...especially a Republican.

Then, there is the ongoing Attorney General's investigation of State Senator Leanna Washington for running her campaign operation out of her taxpayer funded district office using her taxpayer funded legislative staff (Inquirer 10/24/13). We shouldn't be surprised that Williams didn't have his crack team of Fina, Costanzo, and Blessington on the case instead of the OAG.  Washington is a strong political ally and one of Williams' campaign allies after all (Friendsofsethwilliams).


bobguzzardi said...

I remember the Matt Wright situation well. There was a detailed letter and email circulating from someone who worked in the office. I forget her name. I recall that it seemed a crystal clear violation of the law. I did not realize it was Pat Deon who squashed it. I did not know then what I know now. CasablancaPA is indispensable reading.

Anonymous said...

Fina and company destroyed witness and proffer notes in the Stetler and
Republican "Computergate" cases. The Superior Court ruled with OAG, against Federal rulings from the US Supreme Court. DA Williams is the tip of the iceberg.

"Houston, we have a problem."

Anonymous said...

FINA is god at picking and choosing who he will find evidence against to prosecute, but much better at who he will not find evidence against depending on his orders from above, Fina can't add when he wants to prosecute only those someone above wants o subtract from Leadership????

Math 101
Based on Freeh’s conclusions we can write the following formulas:

Spanier + Schultz + Paterno + Curley = Cover-Up And Spanier + Schultz + Paterno + Curley = 4.

Based on the transitive property: 4 = Cover-Up

Now take into consideration Frank Fina’s statement.

“I did not find evidence” that Coach Paterno was a part of the conspiracy to conceal -- to cover-up the crimes at Penn State by Jerry Sandusky.

Considering Fina’s statement, the formula now becomes:

Spanier + Schultz + Curley = 3. We already know: 4 = Cover-Up.

Since 3 ≠ 4 then Spanier + Schultz + Curley ≠ Cover-Up.

Anonymous said...

Also, consider this. How can you possibly have a cover-up without Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary? I have previously written how a cover-up is impossible without the key witness, McQueary, being a conspirator. But, now, add the fact that the central Penn State figure, previously accused of covering-up, is no longer a conspirator, and you cannot remotely have a cover-up. It is absolutely impossible. If the key witness, McQueary, is not involved in a cover-up but is free to talk about the incident to anyone he pleases, and if Paterno is not involved in covering up Sandusky’s behavior, then how can a cover-up be plausible with only Spanier, Schultz, and Curley? And oh, by the way, Curley did not keep Sandusky’s behavior quiet and only between the three of them. Curley went outside of Penn State and informed the Director of The Second Mile, who then told two Second Mile board members of Sandusky’s behavior.

Again I ask: How can there logically be a concealment of Sandusky’s behavior by only 3 out of 11 men (i.e., Mike McQueary, John McQueary, Dr. Dranov, Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, Wendell Courtney, Jack Raykovitz, Bruce Heim, & Bob Poole) who all knew about the February 2001 Sandusky incident witnessed by McQueary?

Anonymous said...

I am a Penn State alumnus and huge Nittany Lions sports fan, but I'm terribly disappointed in the university for putting their football program ahead of the safety and well-being of children sexually assaulted by long-time assistant football coach and Paterno's heir apparent Jerry Sandusky -- they simply weren't going to allow some poor, troubled kids from broken homes harm the university, destroy legacies, ruin the career of a loyal and valued friend of Joe
Paterno, and hurt the area financially.

The investigation and arrest of Sandusky was obstructed and oppressed for years by the former Pa. Attorney General and current Governor Tom Corbett who received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Sandusky's Second Mile charity for his gubernatorial bid. Corbett's excuse for the delayed arrest was pathetic, and destroying all notes, and emails by Corbett's Pawn in Prosecutions is evidence they are cover-up Prosecutors.

Anonymous said...


Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a Republican, spoke at a news conference on Nov. 10 about the possibility of an investigation of The Second Mile, a charity founded in 1977 by accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky, a former assistant to Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno, allegedly used the charity's events to meet young boys he later abused, according to a grand jury report released Nov. 5. (This is an excerpt. Source: Bloomberg)

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett and as Attorney General became involved in Victim 1, Aaron Fisher's, Complaint to DPW/CYS via three separate State Mandates that the PAOAG under Corbett is charged with and maintains DISCREET Divisions in regards to:

1.Consumer Protection Division

2. Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations Division (Mandated State Regulator for monitoring NPOs as to financial & social mission fraud -- All NPOs must register and receive approval from OAG before licensing approval is granted; they must also make annual filings and subject themselves to OAG Audit on demand without notice or subpoena.).

3. Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation ("Child Predator Special Investigative Unit")

In March 2009, Tom Corbett and the PAOAG was informed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (The Second Mile's State Licensor and Regulator as to Daily Operations, Policies & Procedures as to Childcare Services & Programs), the Clinton County District Attorney and the Centre County District Attorney that The Second Mile, its founder and most powerful "Control Person" by Charter & By-Law, was using the charity to access children throughout the community.

Including within their schools for the purpose of perpetrating Criminal Sexual Child Abuse thereby also clearly identifying the Charity to be operating and fundraising for FRAUDULENT PURPOSES (it doesn't get much more black & white then the FOUNDER, Primary Fundraiser and most powerful "Control Person" who holds "Founders Status" within the Charity's Founding Charter and By-Laws is found to be using the charity to access children for the purpose of abusing them sexually???

This incontrovertible evidence Is Precisely What The Second Mile's State-Licensor & Childcare Regulator Found In February 2009 In Regards To Victim 1's Complaint That Was Originally Registered Directly With The DPW's County-Level CYS Field Office In Clinton County In Late-November 2008 As Evidenced By DPW's Formal Investigation & Hearing Process And The Founder, Most Powerful Control Person And Primary Public Face & Fundraiser Of The Second Mile Being Listed On The DPW's "Child Abuse Registry" As A Direct Consequence Of DPW's Formal Investigation And Hearing Process Finding In Favor Of Victim 1's Complaint And Against The Charity???


More Below Just For You!

Anonymous said...

How on earth is it acceptable for the Corbett and his Team of PAOAG to simply IGNORE its State Mandate of consumer protection against Charitable Fraud against both DONORS TO and PARTICIPANTS OF The Second Mile for MORE THEN 3 1/2 YEARS?!?!

It is laughable that the citizens of Pennsylvania are supposed to feel safe in the face of this audacious and outright corruption which included former AG Corbett turned Governor not only allowing this clear FRAUD to persist for 3 1/2 years?

But then as Governor in July 2011 with his own personal signature signs over $3 million of State Taxpayer money to be given to this FRAUDULENT CHARITY created by, and run for the benefit of, its KNOWN CRIMINAL PEDOPHILE FOUNDER & MOST POWERFUL "CONTROL PERSON" ???

Yet. Corbett kept saying he was under Grand Jury Secrecy Rules??? Even worst the newspapers especially The Patriot News, bought it!!!

For example, AG Corbett turned Governor gave $3 million to a KNOWN FRAUDULENT CHARITY which was FOUNDED WITH THE INTENT OF COMMITTING NOT JUST FRAUD BUT CRIMINAL CSA????). Huh?

The sheeple of Pennsylvania are comfortable with this type of clear corruption and tyranny out of the most powerful Law Enforcement Entity in the entire Commonwealth and they feel "safe"???

Tom Corbett as Ag & Governor of Pennsylvania KNOWINGLY allowed clear fraud to be perpetrated upon Pennsylvanians in terms of both donations and their children's participation in the Charity's Programs for MORE THEN 3 1/2 YEARS (including the former AG trying to give said Charity $3 million of Taxpayer funds as Governor in July 2011), but the citizenry has no problems with the implications of this criminal oversight???

Unreal, simply unreal on the magnitude of the movie "The Gauntlet" or "Jack Reacher" come to life.....Shame On all In Pennsylvania that allowed this happen, not be investigative, as children were raped for more years by such criminals overseeing the PAOAG under Corbett's Direction and then as Governor remained silent???

Anonymous said...

The was not limited to just "accusation" -- Victim 1's Complaint of Child Sexual Abuse against The Second Mile and CMHS via the Clinton County Children Youth Services Office was not just an "accusation"???




Again, formally INVESTIGATED including a FORMAL HEARING by the charities STATE AGENCY LICENSOR - the State Agency found in FAVOR of Victim 1's Complaint and AGAINST:

1. The Second Mile,

2.Central Mountain High School and both organizations EMPLOYEE,

3. Jerry Sandusky (who was not only the Founder and most powerful Control Person at TSM, but was also a member of CMHS Athletic Department Football Staff and serving as a School Guidance Counselor).

Not only did the charities State Licensor, the DPW, find against the Defendants in the case, but they listed Sandusky on their "Child Abuse Registry" as a result of his being found guilty of being a pedophile in regards to V1's Complaint!

it was NEVER just an "accusation", TSM/Sandusky were found GUILTY AS CHARGED by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, TSM's STATE LICENSOR AND REGULATOR IN REGARDS TO CHILDCARE OPERATIONS & SERVICES!!

The Second Mile's FORMAL RELATiONSHIP with CLINTON COUNTY CYS, which included a full-time, "Second Mile Coordinator" in the Clinton County CYS Office, was also TERMINATED as a direct result of V1's Formal Complaint registered with the Clinton County CYS Office and FORMALLY ADJUDICATED BY the PA DPW, which not only licensed TSM, but governs all the county level CYS Offices!!!

Contrary to Tom Corbett, Frank Fina, Bumsted, and Judge Feudale claims of ignorance on the part of TSM and their outright lies during 2009, 2010 and up to November 2011.....The Second Mile AND ITS EXECUTIVES INCLUDING THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF ITS BOARD were FULLY AWARE of these FORMAL SANCTIONS & ACTIONS by The Second Mile's LICENSOR AND STATE REGULATOR RELATIVE TO ITS CHILDCARE SERVICES.

They fully knew and continued to participate to keep The Second Mile's LICENSOR AND REGULATOR AS TO CHILDCARE SERVICES made a FORMAL FINDING OF GUILT against TSM, CMHS & SANDUSKY in FEBRUARY 2009!!!

Contrary to their now exposed and cannot retract their absurd claims of TSM EXECUTIVES that they knew nothing about these findings of DPW or any investigation related to a TSM Participant Complaint filed by Victim 1, Aaron Fisher, in November 2008 -- those are all COMPLETE LIES AND INTENTIONAL MISREPRESENTATIONS as the TSM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE KNEW ALL ABOUT VICTIM 1'S, Aaron Fisher's, COMPLAINT TO DPW VIA THE CLINTON COUNTY CYS OFFICE!!!

They absolutely knew it was more then an "accusation" and they 100% knew DPW had gone through their FORMAL INVESTIGATION PROCEDURE including a HEARING and found in favor of Victim 1 and against The Second Mile, Central Mountain High Schools & Jerry Sandusky!!!

The first thin that happen is Corbett and Fina and Kelly never investigated The Second Mile and it has been dismantled and all files destroyed and sent out of state to Texas.

This is not just a smoking gun, it is an outright Obstruction of Justice, and Mail Fraud, and when the PAOAG destroyed those records in Emails should be held for those charges alone.

Once one is held accountable he will bring them all down and beating those charges will not require Immunity just a prosecution before a jury showing what they did to cover it all up!

Anonymous said...

When all this began, it has been widely reported that Second Mile will not respond to requests for any information.

There have been varying reports about when Sandusky was ordered out, that were never investigated by Frank Fina and his use of Corbett's "Ryan's PAOAG" Waste Management Email Garbage Disposal Unit.

We do know, Sandusky left Second Mile in 2010 ? the last year this woman's son attended the camp.

Shocking as it is, Sandusky was there.

The camp told her that was okay ? Sandusky was not alone with the boy????

However, there's this tidbit about the Clearfield Second Mile All Sports Banquet scheduled for March 1, 2009 (a month after he was indicated for abuse). It has been ignored Frank Fina's Invetsigative Units, as well as Corbett Appointed, Kelly and Ryan's Regimes Cover Ups and it shows up here below with this piece of evidence not erased by Ryan's PAOAG Email Disposal Unit to protect Tom Corbett, Frank Fina, and Linda Kelly and Ryan himself.

"Clearfield Second Mile to hold annual sports banquet on Sunday
Wednesday, February 25, 2009"

"""Dinner will follow at 5:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria before those in attendance move to the auditorium where The Second Mile founder Jerry Sandusky will speak, and the players will share stories about their journeys to becoming collegiate student-athletes."""


Now check out this Link that confirms everything posted above is direct evidence of why the Emails were erased, and Obstruction of Justice cover ups crimes happen and were committed at the PAOAG.

Mother Claims Second Mile Lied About Sandusky’s Presence At Camp
November 11, 2011 10:20 PM

"PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local mother of a troubled child is angry tonight.

She says she was lied to by camp leaders at The Second Mile, the organization founded by Jerry Sandusky, the man at the center of the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

She says she was told that Sandusky wasn’t at the camp with her son, but he was.

The Second Mile camp is held on the Penn State campus. The kids stay in the dorms. Sandusky was a fixture there."


Anonymous said...

Mother Claims Second Mile Lied About Sandusky’s Presence At Camp
November 11, 2011 10:20 PM


"PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local mother of a troubled child is angry tonight.

She says she was lied to by camp leaders at The Second Mile, the organization founded by Jerry Sandusky, the man at the center of the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

She says she was told that Sandusky wasn’t at the camp with her son, but he was.

The Second Mile camp is held on the Penn State campus. The kids stay in the dorms. Sandusky was a fixture there.

When the mother of a troubled 13-year-old saw the Sandusky arrest, she started asking questions. She says she was lied to by Second Mile organizers.

The camp meant a lot to the young man. The awards were to boost confidence. Turns out Jerry Sandusky was there as well.

“The program lied to me and said he wasn’t there, knowing he was a danger to the children and still had him involved,” the boy’s mother said.

She doesn’t want to be identified because she doesn’t want her son to be identified. She says seeing Sandusky in handcuffs set her off.

“I was really freaked out and I was very upset that he was involved with these children and allegations had gone back to the late 90′s and this camp has been running and he’s been involved and that was a danger to the children.”

Second Mile will not respond to requests for any information. There have been varying reports about when Sandusky was ordered out.

He left Second Mile in 2010 – the last year this woman’s son attended the camp. Sandusky was there. The camp told her that was okay – Sandusky was not alone with the boys.

Marty Griffin: “So they were okay with him being there after they knew about sexual allegations?”

Mother: “Yes, as long as it was in a large group setting.”

Marty Griffin: “That has to strike you as wrong.”

Mother: “Very wrong. It’s not right. They know those children are vulnerable and they know he’s a sexual predator.”

The woman says she does not believe her son was molested."

""""Meantime, The Second Mile states on its website that Sandusky hasn’t been involved since 2008. He retired from the organization in 2010.""""


Anonymous said...

The place to check on the AG Corbett PAOAG delayed investigation is The Second Mile, not just the PAOAG. AG Kane's Independent Prosecutor needs to investigate what happen there and it will unravel and lead back to the PAOAG and Corbett

Under the PA Public Welfare Code, the county agency Children Youth Services (CYS) is to inform the charity (Sandusky's employer) of the abuse INVESTIGATION and together with the charity put a protection plan in place during the investigation.

CYS then sends a determination letter at the end of the investigation as to the result (unfounded, indicated, founded).

Second Mile was notified on November 20, 2008 (IIRC) that Sandusky was under investigation.

Gerald Rosamilia, Clinton County CYS, stated that he did not recall putting a protection plan in place.

He simply told Second Mile that Clinton County CYS was severing its ties with Second Mile.

Rosamilia also stated that Katherine Genovese, who was VP for Development at Second Mile, told him that they had to tell Sandusky to "back off" some kids in the past.

So, no, they didn't get it right in 2008 either and these are not mistakes but intentional non-investigations by the PAOAG.

Which bolsters the arguments that these people never had their act together when it comes to protecting kids and Sandusky was allow to continue since The Second Mile Campaign Contributors had the influence to make sure they would not be investigated.

Jerry appealed the abuse finding in January 2009, however he dropped the appeal in February 2009 and that alone is evidence it all begins at The Second Mile, that Corbett and Fina never investigated.

Anonymous said...

Be aware of another important fact about why the PAOAG did not investigate The Second Mile, and points to a cover-up and Obstruction of Justice.

Gerry Sandusky was more then just an "employee" genius - he was the freaking FOUNDER of the Charity who held "Founder Status" in the Charter and By-laws making him the most POWERFUL single "Control Person" at the Charity!!

The PAOAG has all oversight over Non-Profits Charities in Pennsylvania at all times whether it is 1998, 2001, 2007, 2008, 2011 all years when Sandusky and The Second Mile should have been investigated by Corbett PAOAG.

In fact, via Sandusky "Founder Status" he held 100% power and all other Board Members served at his pleasure (i.e., he could terminate any of them, at any time, for any reason) via the Charity's Charter & By-laws granted powers within his "Founder Status".

The fact that THE SECOND MILE suffered from "Founder's Syndrome", a common malady of NPOs and Charities, was well documented back in November 2011 when the cradles of children rape cover-ups the cradles broke, making their careTAKERS look for cover and what better way than making sure the Attorney General in charge was given Campaign Money to become Governor?

In addition, that Governor would appoint the New Attorney Generals and they never counted on a Democrat to become Attorney General, so all of sudden the Emails were destroyed, The Second Mile was given a pass like the Senate Bonusgate Staffers and Lawmakers?

But for Jerry Sandusky was not an Employee of The Second Mile, Sandusky was The Founder that ran it, recruited the Contributors who gave money to Corbett's Campaign.

This is why The Second Mile was given a pass on all investigations, dismantled, and money and operations sent to Texas Second Mile, and why jurisdiction by any AG Investigated can go bring it back in to be investigated.

It is laughably, disingenuous and ridiculous that it has been ignored by Fina and his crack unit taking it time to investigate the Sandusky Crimes???

The Statutes Of Limitation are still open here too, so why not a Grand Jury bringing them in one by one, and you'll see how it all crumbles.

Here is another article detailing multiple large donors who point blank asked THE SECOND MILE about the Victim 1 Investigation broken by the HPN and reported on March 31,2011.

Notice how Top Executives and administrators lied to them -- not only lied to them, but told them there was nothing to it and asked them for more money!

Given the fact that The Second Mile is a licensed and regulated charity in regards to Childcare Services, I don't believe the article is correct that they are permitted to blatantly lie to donors and participants regarding formal investigations, findings and sanctions of their State Licensor and Regulator..... In any event, here is the article:

Donors say charity lied to them
November 18, 2011 12:00 AM

"""Even as prosecutors closed in around its founder, the charity at the center of the Penn State child abuse scandal told benefactors there was no truth to rumors that former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was under investigation, a group of four donors said Thursday.

The four said they became concerned after reading local newspaper accounts this spring reporting that a grand jury was pursuing allegations that Mr. Sandusky had sexually abused children.

When the donors then approached top administrators for the Second Mile, a charity founded by Mr. Sandusky to help disadvantaged children, they were assured the reports were unfounded, they said, and the charity continued to solicit funds from them."""


Anonymous said...


By early 2010, The Second Mile's records reportedly had already been subpoenaed by the grand jury.

"When the news finally came out, it hit us hard," said Tracy Bell, a store coordinator at Family Clothesline, a Penn State souvenir shop located just off the university's campus, which donated more than $50,000 to the charity last year. "We thought we were a part of The Second Mile family, and they lied to us."

Donor outrage is only the latest setback for the Second Mile, one of Central Pennsylvania's largest charities for at-risk youth, as it struggles to survive in the wake of Mr. Sandusky's arrest.

Earlier this week, the organization's longtime CEO Jack Raykovitz resigned, as did several board members, who said they were concerned over the charity's handling of the unfolding case.

Mr. Sandusky stands accused of molesting at least eight boys he met through the Second Mile between 1994 and 2009. He has denied the charges, but the case has already led to charges against two former Penn State administrators and the ouster of the university's president, Graham B. Spanier, and its legendary football coach, Joe Paterno.

In a statement issued last week, the Second Mile said it first became aware of the allegations against its founder in 2008, when Mr. Sandusky himself informed board members that he had been accused of abuse by a boy in Clinton County. He voluntarily agreed to stop working with children.

"Since then, we have done everything in our power to cooperate with law enforcement officials and will continue to do so," the charity's statement said.

But by early this year, news of a wider probe was well-known. According to a Thursday report in the New York Times, the Second Mile by March had received subpoenas from the attorney general's office for Mr. Sandusky's travel and expense records.

Ms. Bell said her business felt concerned enough by the reports to approach Mr. Raykovitz and others at the charity's annual golf fundraiser in June in State College.

"We specifically asked the Second Mile whether there was a grand jury investigation," she said. "They said it was just gossip and rumors. They asked us to make another pledge."

Peter Varischetti, co-owner of the Brockaway-based commercial real estate firm Varischetti & Sons, said his concerns were also rebuffed. His company donated $5,000 last year.

Even those who never specifically asked Second Mile officials about an investigation said they felt the charity ought to have been more forthcoming.

Major benefactors like Bank of America, health insurer Highmark Blue Shield and State Farm have all announced in recent days that they were pulling their support from the program.

As a nonprofit, the Second Mile faced no legal obligation to inform its donors of any investigations that might affect its future. But several nonprofit sector analysts agreed Thursday that its leaders had a moral duty to inform donors of what they knew when asked.

"What they should have done was be open and up front about it," said Laura Otten, director of the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University. "It would have made them look like they were in control of the situation, as opposed to now, where they look like they were lying."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The Commonwealth's failure to have Children Youth Services and The Second Mile institute a protection plan in 2008 also result in Jerry's continued predation on children!

The Sandusky Trial testimony is on record Victim 9 was abused into the fall of 2009.

This is another example where it appears Tom Corbett was more than happy to let Penn State foot the bill for the Commonwealth's many failures?

Then Corbett Appointee Kelly leaving Former Acting AG Ryan destroying all the Emails to save the Commonwealth Money???

There is no question, The PAOAG under Corbett, Kelly, and Ryan certainly endangered the welfare of that child Victim 9 by not ensuring a protection plan was in place.

I would think that EWOC charges might be in order of the agencies and individuals at The Second Mile.

Probably will pile on EWOC with the other white collar crime charges to The Second Mile inner circle, but Corbett was there to protect hi Campaign Contributors not the Children!

Anonymous said...

Newspaper article says Tim Janocko was leader in that The Second Mile chapter.

The Same Tim Janocko that is/was coach at Clearfield?

And same guy that picked up Matt from juvenile detention?

(Question not meant to be accusatory.)

To be fair, probably Janocko thought was doing good stuff for Jerry and was fooled like everybody else.

Does serve to remind us that prominent people in the area trusted and supported Jerry Sandusky.

The general public doesn't seem to have a grasp of that fact, nor Corbett being given $600,000 to protect a Campaign before protecting children.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Signor Ferrari, I am exhausted. What an incredible post. Would you please provide an Executive Summary of what Corbett and Fina are facing?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...Wow!!!! Signor Ferrari, I am exhausted. What an incredible post. Would you please provide an Executive Summary of what Corbett and Fina are facing? March 15, 2014 at 8:37 PM"

Signor has a done a great job in linking the newspapers that did the stories, up to Federal Prosecutors to follow up!

Anonymous said...

AG Kane laid a beating on Frank Fina's prior mishandling of corruption cases regarding his practice of mishandling targets of the investigation, improper reporting, inadequate resources and inadmissible evidence of his prosecutions.

I am glad I voted for her. People forget that her opponent was some kind of Republican family connection. Yeah, that's what we needed.

The explanation for recent attacks on AG Kane is another attempt to taint her as politically motivated in advance of the issuance of the Sandusky Investigation Report, they botched and can still prosecuted on their lack of Charitable Charges against Second Mile Campaign Contributors to Corbett.

These former lapdog poor prosecutors now KNOW they did an illegal and unethical cover-up of crimes in their political prosecutions other cases.

The big trouble now is the uncovering The matter where it takes them...and some Judges may start to feel uncomfortable now.

Now the world is about to learn why the Emails were destroyed by Acting AG Ryan, the time is ripe now to begin the investigation of the prior PAOAG Prosecutors and watch them run for to be the first to wanting Immunity?

Anonymous said...

There is no longer a question where Frank Fina, Blessington, Costanzo, Ryan and other Corbett's Prosecutors Achilles Heel is The Second Mile charity failed investigation and cover-up.

It is now clear the recent attacks on AG Kane was done to taint her as politically motivated in advance of the issuance of the Sandusky Investigation Report?

Absolutely it is and Frank Fina now knows the evidence is starting to come out how Fina and his Cohorts used deceit, fraud, perjury and other corrupt means to obtain charges from the Grand Jury.

Fina is now becoming an "Anonymous sources" against AG Kane prior to these revelations.

In other words, Fina now knows he has become the target and is going down, HARD. And he knows it. And his Hail Mary pass was just intercepted.

Anonymous said...

Corbett saw certain key people in power as a political rivals instead of political allies.

Corbett as Attorney General abused the power of his office and Fina was his henchman or Sheriff of Nottingham corruption of misusing the Grand Jury System in England.

The other Prosecutors knew exactly what they were doing and suppose to do, and practiced selection prosecution with malicious prosecution illegally.

Some very smart and honest people at the Office of Attorney General made sure the New Attorney General on Kane saved and made sure the has the hard drives were not destroyed, so true justice could be preserved and recorded.

Acting Ryan thought he destroyed he evidence but now AG Kane has found the Truth Crushed Into The Digital Drives Making Sure It rises Again, and they're running scared, and the worse is still to come.

The families of these people will come to be ashamed of them all, and the sham justice will be their legacy.

Anonymous said...

According to this PennLive, August 2012 article, 1
"On Nov. 25, 2008, Jerry Sandusky told Second Mile Director Jack Raykovitz that he had been accused of something inappropriate by a Clinton County boy.

Raykovitz, a well-known and respected child psychologist in central Pennsylvania, immediately removed Sandusky from all events involving children, and strongly urged him to stay away from children outside of charity functions, too.’"

A November 15, 2011, PennLive article2 stated:
"Second Mile executive Katherine Genovese (wife of Jack Raykovitz) told a person in authority that the charity already had concerns about Sandusky and certain boys. That conversation is said to have occurred in late 2008 around the same time that a Clinton County boy came forward with detailed allegations of sexual abuse. He became Victim One in the grand jury investigation."

And finally, this Huffington Post article3 claims that Gerald Rosamilia, the Director of Clinton County's child welfare agency (CYS) where the 2008 investigation began, said Raykovitz's wife told him in November 2008 that Sandusky had been spoken to about getting "too close" to children involved with the charity. Gerald Rosamilia said Raykovitz's wife, Katherine Genovese, who helped run The Second Mile, did not define what was meant by "too close" or give a timeframe.

Raykovitz defended himself in a telephone interview, saying he acted appropriately at all times. "There have always been steps in place to protect kids," he said.’

PennLive Covers For TSM's Failures to Protect Kids
The claims made by PennLive regarding TSM taking steps to remove Sandusky from all events involving children were patently false -- and they knew it.

In the earliest article written about the Sandusky scandal, PennLive wrote that Sandusky retired from the charity in the fall of 2010 and was stepping away from "day-to-day" activities.

Pennsylvania's Public Welfare Code requires that if anyone associated with a child care agency is accused, the agency must be notified and then work with CYS to put a protection plan in place. However, Clinton County child welfare (CYS) director, Rosamilia, told The Patriot-News4 that ‘he did not believe a safety plan was necessary.’

This happened, as well, in 1998 when Sandusky was investigated in Centre County for suspected child abuse. The same article says: ‘In that case, Jerry Lauro, the DPW investigator, said he would have put a safety plan in place if he felt it was necessary.

Sources close to the charity say no safety plan was implemented in either 1998 or 2008.’

While PennLive has made some mention of DPW and CYS's failures in establishing protection plans, they have not reported on the TSM children who were put in harm's way after November 2008.

Anonymous said...

Did TSM Tell Corbett about the 2001 Incident?

It is well documented that TSM board members donated over $200,000 to Corbett’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. It was also reported that Bob Poole, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSM (1995-2012), held a fundraiser in 2010 at his home for Corbett. Given the close relationship between Corbett and TSM officials, it is highly probable that the Sandusky case would have undoubtedly come up in conversation.

However, according to this PennLive article6, ‘Corbett’s press secretary, Kevin Harley, dismisses any suggestion of impropriety regarding the fundraiser Poole held for Corbett.

Furthermore, Harley said, “Nobody was aware, other than the governor and people in the attorney general’s office, of the (2008) investigation.”

Poole, however, said he did know about it.

In his email, Poole said that “to the best of my recollection, I first learned in 2008 or 2009 that authorities were investigating Mr. Sandusky.”’

Anonymous said...

Second Mile Knew About 2001 and Most Likely 1998?

It has been well established that back in 2001 Mike McQueary reported the shower incident to PSU Athletic Director Tim Curley who reported the incident to TSM Executive Director Jack Raykovitz, who in turn relayed the incident to Second Mile Chairman Robert E. Poole and board member Bruce Heim.

Raykovitz recalled meeting with Sandusky about the incident and, astonishingly, told him to consider wearing swim trunks when showering with children.

Although TSM denies knowing about the 1998 investigation, it is highly probable that TSM received a status notification at the end of the investigation, which was required under the Public Welfare Code.

So, are Second Mile leaders lying about their lack of knowledge about 1998 or did CYS fail to not only put a safety plan in place, but make the required notifications?

Anonymous said...

Did Second Mile Alert OAG of 2001 and 1998 Incidents?

It is clear from the articles that TSM’s Raykovitz and Genovese were well aware of the 2008 investigation into Sandusky.

It is likely that they were contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police early in the Sandusky investigation and would have revealed their knowledge of the 2001 incident to investigators.

That information would likely have been turned over to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) when the investigation was transferred to them in March 2009.
Therefore, if and when the OAG spoke with Raykovitz concerning the allegations against Sandusky in 2008, wouldn’t Raykovitz have mentioned the 2001 and 1998 incidents?

After all, this man is in charge of a foundation that cares for the welfare of at-risk children and it would have been his duty to disclose all related information about Sandusky.
In addition, in the article above Raykovitz claims he acted appropriately at all times and that there are ‘steps in place to protect kids.’ So, even if the OAG did not contact him, it would seem to be his legal responsibility and moral obligation to inform the investigators about every inappropriate incident that had come to Second Mile’s attention regarding Sandusky throughout the years.

Given that the Director and Chairman of the Second Mile were well aware of the 2001 incident and that they knew about the 2008 investigation early on, it is difficult to believe that the 2001 incident was not made known to Corbett and the OAG before the ‘big break.’

Perhaps Raykovitz did not inform the OAG in 2008 of the 2001 and 1998 incidents.

If not, therein lies a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes by the Second Mile, a foundation where it seems some have no concern at all to act appropriately or to protect kids.

Anonymous said...

Was OAG Sitting on Information?

We also learned in Aaron Fisher’s book, Silent No More, Senior Deputy Attorney General Jonelle Eshbach told Mike Gillum in June 2009 about the 1998 incident. However, the investigators did not get the 1998 police file from PSU until January 2011.

There certainly seems to be a pattern of the OAG withholding information regarding the 1998 and 2001 incidents during their three year probe of Sandusky.

So again I ask: was the 2010 anonymous email tip about the 2001 incident really the ‘big break’ the OAG needed to arrest Sandusky due to a Second Mile cover-up of 2001?

Or, had the OAG known about the 2001 incident all along, delaying Sandusky’s arrest for years, only to ‘discover’ it after Corbett’s victory?

It appears that the e-mail tip was a "lucky break" that gave Corbett and the OAG "cover" to act on a lead they had been sitting on for over two years.

It also appears that the corruption and deception in this investigation doesn't lie with the PSU officials facing charges -- but rather with the the Governor, his sycophants at PennLive, the former OAG officials, and the inner circles of TSM and the PSU Board of Trustees.

This is what is frighten the Former Staffers of AG Corbett, Kelly, and Acting AG Ryan and especially Frank Fina and his horrible Non-Investigation Team!







Anonymous said...

I'm much more comfortable with the situation as of this morning than I was last week.

The fact that they're doing everything they can to get people back to thinking like they did in 2011/12 shows that people are sweating, feeling uneasy. I like it.

Let's be 100% real here. If the State has a bulletproof case against anyone, it would have been over by now.

They do not and the longer it drags out, the more likely it'll be that we see egg on a certain Governor's face.

This article is the proof positive of what is the real problem.

It is how easy it is today to create propaganda with little factual basis.

Notice the key element and f source of this article's are based on Judge FEUDALE activities! - Feudale is a PROVEN puppet of Corbett.

The REAL ISSUE HERE is it is that the PA COURTS, the PA Legal System and generally Citizen's BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are being compromised (if not hi-jacked).

The ENTIRE Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania has become a victim of the same people who have concocted "Criminality".

Recently, unsealed documents in the cases show possible misconduct by Feudale!

Anonymous said...

They are all, SCARED...from everyday news articles coming out almost weekly now.

They know their "narrative" is about to fall apart so its time to either reconstruct a new one
or go in to the defensive mode.

They are terrified of what is coming.

Anonymous said...

Ray, I disagree that the freeh report has been discredited.

Clearly, over 100 of freeh's recommendations were put in at PSU and with Ncaa watching and reporting how they were required.

This is empirical evidence PSU and its sports programs were not doing everything right and required substantial changes.

Unlike yesterday, PSU is far better in making sure its athletics and employees are accountable, and without the freeh recommendations this would never have happen.

What freeh recommendations do you disgaree with and why do synopis that you felt were not required to fix what happen at PSU.

I enjoy your blogs post twitter every day and read them at work very much.

If PSU never had anything wrong as you say why did many new procedures and positions were put in place?

The required changes at PSU does not discredit the freeh report it actually discredits the prior people in charge taht were not doing what they were suppose to be doing.

Fina said that too.

Anonymous said...

I agree there are many things wrong that happen during the investigation and fina always makes sure someone else is responsible and by removing memos or emails being deleted is an example of it.

Why was there a need to destroy investigative notes and not submit them to defense lawyers?

This is a sign they were afraid of their own investigation and the judges were not right to allow this to happen.

The university had many wrongs they had to make right too, and blaming others does not remove psu and thank goodness they made the changes that shows true integrity, but it shows larger abuses did need changed at psu too.

Anonymous said...

When I read Seth Williams Op-ed I could help but to share this: "I have looked at his record, and I have looked in his eyes. I believe he is telling the truth." Seth Williams op-ed March 23, 2014 ... "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.” George W. Bush 2001 ... what a joke Seth Williams is, he has no idea the snakes he is sleeping with!