Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The "Corbett is a dangerous partisan prosecutor" Tide Rises

A Catain Renualt post: Remember the guy in this picture? Alberto Gonzales has been the poster boy for subverting the justice system with partisan politic action as a prosecutor. Well, AG/SC Tom Corbett is now giving Gonzales a run for his money.

The blogoshere is humming with info about Corbett's outrageous use of partisan politics as our state's top law enforcement official. Corbett's recent announcement that he would not be indicting any Republicans before the election did not surprise me of course since I know about hypocrisy better than anyone and Corbett is, if nothing else, a supreme hypocrite.

But his decision did surprise some and outraged many. There is LOTS more to be posted by me on this part of the Bonusgate story -- including some scathing editorials on Corbett's blatant use of political prosecutions (and non-prosecutions) as a way to advance himself and the cause of his Republican party.

For now I want to give major props and a shout out to one of the best blog sites covering the Corbett fiasco and PA politics. This blogger has plenty to say on this subject and he/she does it well. The site is well written, well researched, and always on top of the Corbett shenanigans and other interesting political stories and tidbits. Check out Checking the Balance and see how the tide is rising against AG/SC Corbett.

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