Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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A Captain Renault post: Check out this video! Obama is a fan of Casablanca! It is one of his favorites! I know my blog has been getting some attention lately but I didn't realize how far we had reached on the national scene. My only disappointment is that Sen. Obama didn't do an imitation of me -- Captain Louis Renault!

Ok. Ok. Umm. So maybe it wasn't an endorsement of my CasablancaPA blog. But hey, that's no more of a stretch than AG/SC Tom Corbett claiming there are no politics involved in his Bonusgate investigation. Anyone who listens to what he says, or who reads his comments and quotes, or who watches him on a news program or a video, knows he is stretching the truth -- at best. Me? I think he is just plain ol' lying through his teeth. But maybe that just me.

But maybe not. As you can see from my previous post where I highlight the Checking the Balance blog, there are more and more people in PA every day who don't buy what Corbett is selling. More and more people, bloggers, voters, editorial writers in PA and even some (but not many) very cynical main stream media reporters are starting to view Corbett and his "investigation" for what it is: a thinly disguised partisan effort to help himself politically and to help his Republican party in this November election. Calling Alberto Gonzales!

Developing...more to come...


Cliff Wilson said...
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Veritas1325 said...

Just another reason to vote for Obama. Casablanca is, without question, the best movie ever made.

Anonymous said...

Who oversees the AG?