Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Day, Another Republican NOT Investigated By Corbett

A Captain Renault post: Checking the Balance is really doing some incredible work over there at his blog. I am very impressed with his reporting and his ability to get to the point clearly and concisely. Of course I also have a soft spot for this blog because he almost daily does an incredible job of reporting and commenting on the partisan antics and incompetence of Attorney General and Space Cadet Tom Corbett.

Checking the Balance has been all over a story barely reported anywhere else about long- time State House Republican Nick Miccozzie and his use or misuse of a non-profit organization in his legislative district. Read his latest two posts on Miccozzie here and here.

This story caught my attention for two reasons. It is (A) another example of a high ranking Republican member of the State House NOT investigated by Corbett and (B) the Miccozzie story seems to have many parallels to some stories I've read about former Democrat State Representative Mike Veon. Veon of course HAS been investigated and indicted by Corbett. I don't know either Veon or Miccozzie and I am just now catching up with the parallels in these stories but it sure looks to me like another example of Corbett's parisan approach to "justice".

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review just had a story in Sunday's edition about an ongoing grand jury investigation of non-profit organizations tied to Veon. The reporters wrote:

"...For months, investigators from the Attorney General's Office have been scouring records from Veon's nonprofit operations."

Intruiged, I did some research and found some other stories that reported on Corbett's use of a grand jury to investigate Veon and some non-profit organizations formed while he was still in office. So it seems pretty clear to me that Corbett is investigating Democrat Veon and using the grand jury system to do it.

The more interesting thing I found is that the allegations against Veon reported in these news stories are very, very similar to the allegations pointed out on Checking the Balance about Nick Miccozzie. So here we find ourselves again -- Corbett and his grand jury investigate a prominent Democrat and ignore the same or similar allegations and evidence against a Republican. Sounds familiar. For Democrat Veon -- another day, another grand jury investigation. For Republican Miccozzie -- ummm, nothing.

I don't know what either Veon or Miccozzie did or did not do with these non-profits. My focus has been and remains that Corbett is a hypocrite who continues to use a double standard of justice while dealing with Republicans and Democrats. I watched as Alberto Gonzales politicized the US Justice Department and made a mockery of "justice for all". Tom Corbett should not be allowed to do the same thing in PA.

How long will the public, the MSM and editorial boards let Corbett get away with this? Will there be a tipping point when Corbett's ban on Republican investigations is just so transparent and so obvious that he is finally exposed?

So many questions...so little time...developing.


Anonymous said...

.Should check you facts and see that both allegations from Nick Miscopied's opponent were unfounded and malicious. The House Ethics Committee with three Democrats rulings that NO WRONG DOING OCCURED, Maybe that's why no credible news has reported any issue with Micozzie

Anonymous said...

So other career slimy politicians in Harrisburg decide Micozzie hasn't done anything wrong? These are the same people that took the illegal pay raise and gave tax payer dollars for campaign work. There needs to be a grand jury investigation. I live in Aldan and we all know about Micozzie's dirty deeds. He has been feathering his own nest at our expense for long enough. If he didn't do anything wrong then what does he have to worry about? Where there is smoke, there is fire folks. With all this smoke we must really have a wildfire here.