Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Interesting Newspaper Endorsement -- Against Corbett

A Captain Renault post: In an interesting endorsement published yesterday in the political T part of the state, the Lancaster Intelligencer has endorsed John Morganelli over Space Cadet and Attorney General Tom Corbett. The most critical points made in the editorial are all about his mishandling of the Bonusgate investigation.

From the Intelligencer editorial:

"But this is a mess Corbett brought upon himself. He has had ample time and
resources to investigate members of all caucuses. Now he has said there is not enough time to bring additional charges before the election. That raises questions about the credibility of the investigation."

At least here at the Intelligencer, Corbett's use of all aspects of Bonusgate to feather his own re-election nest has backfired on him. Unfortunately some editorial writers remain blind and numb to Corbett's partisan use of the justice system -- not unlike the early days of the Alberto Gonzales scandals in the US Justice Department. The main stream media largely ignored the clear use of politics by Gonzales and his staff until it was too late and the damage was done.

Corbett recently picked up the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Philadelphia Inquirer. In a strange twist, both papers which have previously editorialized unfavorably on Corbett's constant and long focus on alleged wrongdoings by Democrats while Republicans roamed free, have now decided to endorse Corbett. The logic in paraphrase: "...sure he screwed up, yes Republicans should be investigated as thoroughly as Democrats, and yes he has understandably invited attacks of partisanship, and yes he should have indicted Republicans before the election to be fair to the voters, but we endorse him anyhow. Maybe/hopefully he will get it right the next time."

Go figure. Congratulations to the Intelligencer for being ahead of the curve. Someday, when the Corbett house of partisan cards crumbles, they will get to say to their sister papers in the big cities -- "We told you so."

Read (download) the entire Intelligencer editorial here.

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