Monday, October 20, 2008

Morganelli Goes West, Lassoes Tom Corbett's Bull****

A Captain Renault post: It looks like John Morganelli made a trip to the Pittsburgh area recently in his campaign to defeat Space Cadet and Attorney General Tom Corbett. Corbett is from Allegheny County and expects to do better there in the general election than your average Republican running statewide. After all, it's in the western part of the state that Corbett has fanned the flames of the hypocritical, partisan Bonusgate investigation the most.

KDKA's political reporter Jon Delano interviewed Morganelli at length and some of the interview ran on their TV news shows for a couple days. Morganelli did an impressive job of pointing out the hypocrisy, double standards, and partisan motivations that have all been part of Corbett's "investigation. He makes a strong case that Corbett has botched the investigation from the start and that Republicans are going to walk away free and clear in the end.

Watch the the news clip here:

Delano sat down with Morganelli for an extensive interview. I don't know Morganelli, nor have I seen him speak outside of a press conference. It's too bad more people won't get to see him make his case against Space Cadet Corbett in a format like this interview. He comes across as credible and believable and makes a strong case for his own election over Corbett based on his experience and his vision for the job of Attorney General.

Of course Morganelli also does a great job of of explaining why Corbett is full of bull in his various explanations for why he has targeted Democrats and "ran out of time" to charge Republicans before the election. Morganelli uses his experience as a 17 plus years as a prosecutor to lay out in a coherent, clear, and easy to understand way why Corbett is wrong and how he has blown this Bonusgate investigation.

Watch the entire interview here:

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