Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corbett Serves Us Swiss Cheese

A Captain Renault Post: AG/SC Corbett sat down recently with reporter Chris Freind of the The Bulletin and this is a must read story for anyone following the AG race and the Bonusgate story. The interview is being published in The Bulletin in 3 parts and today's edition has part 2.

To his credit, Freind asks Corbett many of the tough questions that other MSM reporters have not been willing to ask. And Freind presses Corbet for real answers rather than Corbett's usual swiss cheese explanations and excuses -- full of holes. Unfortunately, despite Freind's best efforts, Corbett sticks to serving us swiss cheese.

As we know, Corbett has set up quite a re-election scheme from the start with his Bonusgate investigation. He has timed everything just right: Democrats investigated for 18 months and then indicted before the election; Republicans "investigated" for a few weeks before Corbett "ran out of time" to indict before the election; a preliminary hearing for the Democrats scheduled one month before Corbett's re-election bid.

And as Freind's interview points out, Corbett knows how to gloat about prosecuting Democrats in every interview. His arm will be in a sling when this election is over from patting himself on the back so much. Corbett easily and readily pats his own back when discussing his indictment of prosecution of the Democrats.

But as you can see when Freind presses Corbett on possible Republican wrongdoings, Corbett's hands go in his pockets. You see, Corbett can't talk about specific allegations about Perzel, or Republican computers, or allegations about the Aristotle computer programs because, ummm, you see, "we have an ongoing grand jury investigation, so I can't comment".

So Corbett chirps away and brags about the Democrat illegalities he discovered all the while using both arms to pat himself on the back and then clams up about the Republicans' activities because he kept those activities inside the secret grand jury process. Quite a scheme to help Republicans, if you can get away with it.

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