Thursday, October 16, 2008

News Tips From Readers

A Captain Renault post: Two news tips early this morning from some of our blog readers:

Mike Manzo, Bill DeWeese's former chief of staff, is testifying in front of the grand jury today. Manzo took the stand last week during the preliminary hearing for two of the defendants in the Bonusgate investigation and implicated Bill DeWeese directly and publicly for the first time in this two year investigation.

A reader with connections to a well know Harrisburg area pollster who polls mostly for Republican candidates tell us that he has seen a Corbett vs. Morganelli poll that has Morganelli down by just 2 points. The reader says there are still a relatively high number of undecideds in this race compared to other statewide races at this point in the campaign.

Developing...more to come.

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