Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Clock Does Corbett's Mouthpiece Harley Use?

A Captain Renault Post: Breaking news: Democratic attorney general candidate held a news conference this morning to accuse Republican Attorney General/Space Cadet Tom Corbett of conflict of interest and mismanagement in the Bonusgate probe. But that’s not the only news that’s breaking. (I will have more on Morganelli's news conference in later posts).

No, with keen eyes and a great sense of the smell of hypocrisy, Captain Renault spotted another breaking story: Corbett’s state office spokesman, Kevin Harley, emerged from the press conference to answer the charges against his boss. He rejected Morganelli’s claims, of course. But what he didn’t clearly answer was whether he --- Harley himself --- took vacation time or compensatory time from his state job to serve as the official spokesman for a campaign-related event. Maybe he was “out to lunch,” like the entire investigative team that’s turned a blind eye to Republican deeds in Bonsugate; but we doubt that, as it was 10 a.m., unless they take very long lunches in Corbett's Space Cadet Academy/AG office.

Here is what blogging reporter Alex Roarty wrote on earlier today about Harley:

"Harley, who told reporters he was not on duty while speaking with them, and Corbett's campaign manager, Brian Nutt, each said Morganelli's accusations were rooted in fantasy, not fact."

So let's see if I have this right: Corbett's taxpayer paid spokesman Kevin Harley stands next to Corbett's current campaign manager and current-but-on-leave Chief of Staff and speaks for Corbett's campaign while telling the reporters he is "not on duty" --whatever that means. Do the reporters buy this nonsense without follow up questions to the mouthpiece of the guy who is setting the legal standard for "leave time" for campaigns? Does Harley punch a clock? Go on paid leave? Ask for a bathroom break? I can not possibly be the only person watching this performance to see the hypocrisy oozing from Harley's pores.

CasablancaPA will be taking a much closer look at the taxpayer paid Harley and the once and future Chief of Staff Brian Nutt and their campaign activities -- on and off the clock -- in the days ahead.

But we do know right now for sure is that Harley has long has been doing double-duty serving as Corbett’s press guy on state and campaign issues, interchangeably. Perhaps there’s a bonus in his future, no?

Developing....more to come.

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